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What other hobbies does /biz/ indulge in?

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mostly dragon

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I love lifting weights. It gives me life

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pozzing straight guys

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Look at charts all day and create fud posts.

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What’s dragon?

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Weightlifting. It’s the best part of my day.

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Doing sex to many females, if you know what I mean....

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It's bad. Literally. A bad dragon. Just look it up. Bad Dragon.

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Music, unironically

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Lifting and gunpla.

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psychedelics, prostitutes, lucid dreaming
I am a total degenerate

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I climb, it's pretty rad

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Game Dev and programming in general. Something about solving a problem systematically scratches an existential itch.

I also enjoy(ed) lifting but my area still has gym COVID restrictions, and I'm in contact with high risk individuals. As soon as they get vaccinated I need to get my lazy ass back into it. I've noticed how shit my fitness is atm compared to a year ago and it's worrying.

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dragon his balls on your moms face

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dragon deez nuts across your face

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Can you explain more about your fetish?

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>t math major

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>tfw a cat has a bigger cock then me

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Cooking, art, and fisting (top).

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Other than crypto it's working out, video games, cooking, music and movies. But biz steals more time of mine than I'd like.

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I sort of want to...uh...suck on that.

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sucking my own dick

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glad i could make you laugh anon.

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Imagine her laughing as you desperately try to escape her. She rips off your clothes with ease as you crawl away, broken and bruised as she handles you like a child. you cry out for help as you squirm away, but her strong grip forces you right under her sweaty muscular body.
She breathes heavily as she takes in your lean body, ready for her personal use.
Tears fall from your eyes, watching her slide off her underclothes as she grinds painfully against your crotch, almost crushing your hips using her powerful glutes. your body responds, accepting your fate before your mind can, realizing that there is no escape from her.

She takes your rod, hot and ready to be used, and guides it into her, much to your despair. She grins evilly as you scream in pleasure and pain, her tight snatch robbing you of all your will; she likes your tenacity, enjoying the chase and fight she had to get through to reach her prize. She loves that she and her sisters will birth many strong children from your fertile body. She loves that you will share her bed and take pride in the children that her family will create with your ever-fruitful body.

Accept it or not, your fate will remain the same.

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playing guitar, weight lifting, and jiu jitsu

life is rad

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Mine isn’t great either. No one gives a shit. Keep investing and lift weights. YGMI.

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Was I supposed to coom to this? Because I did. Did I do good, daddy?

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yeah i know. its just be awesome to pull out a hog instead of an average dong

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I masturbate mostly

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i play path of exile, masturbate, smoke weed and plan my suicide since i was 15

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Equestrian. Own, care for, train and ride two horses. Outside of that, vidya and shitposting

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Just got back in the real gym after 8 months of covid bullsiht. The gains are pouring back in.
>Trading Cards

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Weightlifting, kickboxing, hiking, classical guitar, painting, woodworking, and beating my wife honestly.

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Checked and cluster A pilled.

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Based. Particularly the last one.

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Squat, Bench, Deadlift.
Progrooming and vidya.
In that order.

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I make scale models, its comfy.

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Based. Do you have a tomcat or an SR-71?

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Wholesome and comfy, anon

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>hehe, roid "woman" with poor form lifts more than beginner, out of shape man

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Convince young naïve guys to let me dump a load in them bareback

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Long, multi-day milsim events, but I haven’t been able to go to any in over a year because of Covid and I’ve gained like 20 pounds from sitting on my ass :(


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Cooking, hiking, shooting & collecting guns, cinema, film photography, making cocktails

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based asf
which models have you done so far?
F-18? E/A-18? F-16?
F-15????? F-117?
Prowler? Aardvark?
I'm a simp for planes.

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Homosexual belligerence

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I have a career in Cybersecurity so spend some of my spare time fucking with phishing sites for fun, I also do lockpicking, play guitar and play poker.

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weightlifting, reading, and slamming heaux
not much else to say

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fuck /biz/ i miss the gym so fucking much

Weighed 91kg back in dec 2019

>81kg right now


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Based Bob Paris.
I lift

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buy a home gym nigger
or at least some adjustable dumbbells and a pullup bar for gods sake

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Literally nothing. Occasionally I'll boot up a vidya, once every few months I go shooting.

Unfortunately ammo shortage and depression are keeping me from doing both of these things so I shitpost on /biz/, coom, and refresh my portfolio about twice a minute.

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i shoot shit

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fine, db's are expensive as shit though

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>based Janoy Cresva poster

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Me on the right

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playing and producing music, lifting weights, playing football (non yank version) cooking, I wouldn't classify smoking weed or drinking alcohol as hobbies but those are things I also enjoy doing

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beating you to death

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post a finished one, I enjoy these but never want to take the time to make one

t. aerospace engie

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Feeling insecure buddy?

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Based and aids pilled>>29584178

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Pissening bizness tycoon

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don't buy a full set. get those miniature hand sized bars and weight plates that fit onto them that you can take on/off.

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I like to indulge in coming up with clever new ways to create treads for data mining.

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That's me in the corner
That's me in the spotlight

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I've been cycling through a few things. Did music for awhile but couldn't find any passion in it. Now I'm getting into game design, been cooking more. Finally starting to enjoy video games again.

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Stop watching porn

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Call trading

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Bought a few 4/16 $21c. Wish I had the capital to get more but I’m tied in crypto and my SPY is down

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jiu jitsu. builds resilience like nothing else.

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What a cunt

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why are options posts here only ever about CLF?

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music, practicing languages, exercising, hiking
feel like i used to do more with my life but idr what

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first copypasta did i do good

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but I've been cycling less during the cold months

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Attending Seminary. Hoping to get my second Masters in Christian Leadership.

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Oof, that's some gnarly knee valgus.

Checked dubs, checked form

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here is some better material for next time, also funny vid

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Based and scalemodelpilled

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thanks anon, ill probably expand on this original and fix some weird wording. maybe make a series with canon and legends kek

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trying to get into the suicide thing, sounds cool

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What happened to this jew? His channel got deleted right

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Same, I have a lancaster bomber, F14, F18 and a Saab Gripen. Currently working on a 1/24 Hawker Hurricane. There's a lot of skill and patience required to make it look very realistic especially those small parts.

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growing mushrooms, tagging, competitive tf2

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>/fit/ gains. When they can keep the gyms opens for more than a month, I'm hopping back in to get that barn door back gains and Tom Platz legs.
>Penis enlargement. My Dickfolio already increased around 15 % (20,4 cm to 22,1 cm length and 13,5 cm to 14,1 cm girth)
>When I get to monsterdong, I'll make a porn channel and see where that takes me. Have some nasty stuff planned.
>Cooking, baking, desserts

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I lift and draw, lifting has been pretty scattered because of local gyms being retarded due to covid

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>tfw from Sweden and my gym hasn't been closed at all

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HEMA and wushu. I started trading to fund my sword collection.

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Why do cats' junk look so similar to human junk?

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A degenerate with some choice dubs. Check em

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Hiking, reading, lifting, doing psychedelics

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Also politics because I’m involved with a far right party in my country

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I used to rock climb a ton, great way to meet fit babes, but the only gym in my town shut down because of meme flu and I'm too lazy to drive an hour out to the nearest trail to climb.

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Based, there is no better meditiation

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totally sounds like a shill, fucking pajeet scam

> are you thinking we are dump faggots here?
>I bought bot ocean tokens and wait for full project for dex trading launch

clever boy knows what tools to use for top trading

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>Playing guitar
>Game when not locked down by the gubbermint (inb4 degeberate pua. Yes)

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Only two of those things are hobbies you disgusting fucking animal. Holy shit imagine having porn as a hobby you must be a total gone past the point of no return freak.

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I hate lifting weights. I do it, but I hate it. Is it a hobby if you hate it? I don't know how people like it.

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It's literally my favorite thing in the world.

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Like any other sport or physical activity it is a good outlet for emotional pain and neuroses and also sculpts your body, making you fitter and more attractive. For some people they only do it to look better but for others it’s therapy. I know lifting heavy and listening to thrash metal is therapeutic for me.

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Paying people to draw cat people