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traits of a professional:

> boring
> no sense of humour
> super strict
> demanding
> oppressive
> integrity
> no mercy
> hard working
> cold, distant
> no emotion, robot-like
> honest

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Boring check
Super strict check
Demanding check
Integrity check
No mercy check
Hard working check
Cold, distant check
No emotion, robot-like check
Honest check
How fuck am I?

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I guess you don't work with many professionals. They're all different. But I'd say you're approx 40% correct.

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you would be a good friend

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>you would be a good friend

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Not even joking, you sound like an ideal friend for me

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> integrity
> honest
remove these two lol

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agreed except for boring

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I like to talk a lot so that's a plus for me

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Can you be my friend to?

I don't have any

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we're all friends here you miserable faggots

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for real though, you can find friends in the most unusual places, this one time I met a guy who changed my life completely in a student hostel while hitchhiking

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Professionals just know what to do and can troubleshoot problems within their field. Plus some fundamental extrapolation / experience.

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Only traits I got here are integrity and honesty.

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that's better than 90% of people anon, you should be proud

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No that's us anon

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Found the tranny

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I don't meet much new peoples these days desu. Not going out much, and spending way too much time on this shithole.

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Good. Just don't let snakes fuck you over and take advantage of your good nature.

One day, you will also be
>cold, distant
>no mercy

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I met one good friend here last month, just gotta try I guess.

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A lot of us might be related, possibly through bloodlines. Anyone else wonder why there's a clone of them called Justin Timberlake?

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>One day, you will also be
> no sense of humour
> cold, distant
> no emotion, robot-like
I gained this traits by being a supervisor in construction for years. You beome emotionally dull when you constantly have to take responsibility for the actions of your retarded lemmings even if its out of your authoritan reach. like this one time when mayor and architect catched one smoking weed in an kindergarten during an sighting.

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