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most workplaces are just daycares these days

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Holy fuck how do they have jobs

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>Can you make for me what i was hired to do please i dont understand and i dont want to learn, thx sweaty.
Women at work in a nutshell

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My software team only has 1 woman out of 12 people and she keeps to herself mostly. I have heard horror stories from other places and my first internship had a woman "CS major" who didn't know you needed to put braces around a function.

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Found out today I have to work with this demon/woman who hasn't stopped crying about trump and brexit since October for 6 months.... Pray for me bros

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obligatory woman started her own female only business and hated it post

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why does she care about brexit so much? in fact, why does she still care about blumpf??

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Because they make people wacist duhh

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Diversity policies, literally the only reason

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meanwhile it took me 6 months to get my first dev job out of school last year with multiple internships and a personal project that now generates about $1k per month

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Always with the calling.
I had a message from a wage-slave trader earlier today offering me "an exciting job opportunity" what time could she call she asked. I gave her my location and salary red lines. she with held all information replying "Great when can i call to discuss."
Turned out it did not come close to meeting my red lines. Wtf is with these wage-slaver traders they want to recruit on behalf of companies but the jobs are such dogshit that they need to get you on the phone to try and flirt you into decaling interest in an interview.

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Sounds like you incels are just mad at women because they won't sleep with you. WE DON'T OWE YOU SEX. Get it through your thick skull

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i had a phd with work in distributed systems.

took me 1 year to find a government job.

the girl that uses the software i wrote got a full-time at a FAANG before graduating.

I couldn't even get an interview at any of those places (i was a pure academic)

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She is also your superior right?

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Mine is and?

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I have a woman in my team, she plays chess, freelances and codes quite well. Shruug. There are retarded guys who get jobs as programmers as well, and basically never do any PR's and avoid attention or spend all their time in meetings quoting meme tech buzzwords

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Bluepilled simp detected

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I hate that shit too man I already have enough calls I wish people would just say what they want instead of
>call me when you get this

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That’s what office work is. They couldn’t find real jobs for everyone so they invented office work. They are adult gibs for attending your daily task centres. You are rewarded with money to consume which helps the economy and which stops you rioting against the real wealthy elite.

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Bro my software consultant firm has no women in it and its awesome to work for. Total relax.

Though a Woman customer questioned if we had any Women working here a month ago, like that is illegal or something.

I lied and told her one of my colleagues is in the process of transitioning to a female and you could see that noticeably processing on Zoom. What? Is she going to go all TERF on a company conference call? DID NOT THINK SO

She was cute though. Probably vibed herself after the call because she didn't get one on me.

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most workpalces follow the pareto principle. 80% of all employees are worthless deadweight. the real work is performed by the 20%, for no additional pay. kind of like this meme, but the other way around.

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I would imagine the phone call would be so they could address your concerns in real time

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I had not had an argument or seen an argument at work in 23 years as a metal worker and labourer. I have seen some since the Eastern European’s came though, they undercut us and screw us over with their own ‘unions’ basically so we don’t get on sometimes. It was fine before that. Thankfully there are no women beyond a few bull dykes who are more annoying while pretending to be men than anything.

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>might be easier to explain if I call you
God I fucking hate this shit. Then they just keep you on the line for half an hour when you have better shit to do. I fucking hate being on the phone or talking.

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Not an incel. Been with my woman for 18 months almost and planning on getting married ASAP. I can't stand women in tech because they're simply useless

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i watched the first episode of mad men today. back in 60s woman knew their place.

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used car salesman tactic. it's a lot easier to sell you total garbage when they have you on a call or, worse yet, in their shitty call center cubicle office.

i had one recruiter nigger tell me i was unrealistic in trying to leave a big 4 accounting firm for a 20% raise, and that i should be looking at lateral salaries. i hung up on him. ended up finding a job (through a woman recruiter, funnily enough) for a 25% raise.

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Holy based

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most people, even in educated, white collar professions, have poor written communication skills. it really is hilarious.

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I'm a grad student currently in the bowels of academia hell. There are competent women in the workplace who've worked hard to achieve their position. Then there are women who got through their education/training by playing the woman/victim/diversity card to get their position. The latter make the former look horrible by association, making all women in science work twice as hard for half the respect of senior faculty. On top of that, deadbeat male faculty don't get half the shit talking female faculty get, and that's because women are twice as mean to other women. It's like women can't give each other a break despite being in the same disadvantage. imo it's fucking bizarre
>tfw my pathologically narcissistic disgusting obese female boss with 2 kids regularly hits on me in forced 1-on-1 weekly meetings
>tfw there's nothing I can do about it because title IX says i'm already guilty until proven innocent
>tfw i just want my phd so i can get out

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>I know that one woman that actually does fine because she had male influence throughout her entire life
oh anon stop being ridiculous, every good aspect in a womans personality came from a man.

Same goes for the empathetic parts in men.

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>I lied and told her one of my colleagues is in the process of transitioning to a female and you could see that noticeably processing on Zoom. What? Is she going to go all TERF on a company conference call? DID NOT THINK SO
obligatory "all SE are scum and simps", but for a cuck you're pretty based

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most jobs where the employer goes out of his way to recruit new workers is garbage.if the job wasnt shit then he wouldnt have to do this in the first place.if they cant find enough slaves then they simply call it "Facharbeitermangel"here.

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>half 2
you aren't american

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what does pic related even mean?

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>one person on the team is doing something odious for months
>wimon scrum coordinator (renamed from 'master' without engagement) calls meeting
>pisses around for 5-10 mins chitchatting
>"ok so to business *nervous laugh*, we're going to be introducing some new working processes to optimise our teamplay!"
>the "new working processes" is just banning that one thing that one person does
why are they like this? why cant they just tell people to pack their shit in 1 on 1?

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She seems based.

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>Big 4 accounting firm

Can you redpill me on the accounting profession? Im in my last semester. Studying to become an accountant

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I had the opposite experience, though I still got cucked in the end
>on phone with recruiter
>she asks how much salary I'd need to consider making a move
>tell her X (it was 25% more than I was currently making)
>she says "Good news, the starting pay for this position is actually X + 35K"
>have several interviews with the company and they tell me once the manager for the department returns from his vacation next week I'll need to interview with him and as long as I don't screw that up I'll be hired
>China virus lockdowns hit and they call me back to tell me about an indefinite hiring freeze

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thats must.
I dont work anywhere where woman work.

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you know when you open a dropdown list on a webpage (eg select your country)? she doesnt know how to make it work for arbitrary data (the list will just work for whatever data you give it). this implies she is hardcoding, or in other words, is a retard tier programmer

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One female developer on team, no CS degree, only qualification is 3 month bootcamp, only been working there 2 years. Everyone else on team CS degrees and 8+ years experience

Complains to HR saying shes paid less because of sexism

>is just banning that one thing that one person does
What thing was it?

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i mean that story has happened to me at least 5 times. whether its people eating at their desks and stinking the place out, talking over people in meetings etc. point is she could just talk to that person about it but is too pussy and scared of confrontation

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My brother was an accountant at a big 4. Plan your exit strategy because it is worse than wage slavery as you're constantly working OT, but are not compensated for it as you're salaried. From what I hear, the work is not really that exciting and the pay is low, especially considering how many hours you'll be working.
If you make it out of your senior position, then you are pretty valuable in the job market. But don't plan on doing your entire career at that big firm, it's just not worth it.

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suffer through 1 year at big 4, or 2 years if you can eat an incredible amount of shit. it gives you clout to step over the shitty entry level accounting jobs. if you do 1-2 years in big 4 audit you should be able to get an interemediate/senior accounting position without much difficulty, even more so if you have your CPA (or significant progress toward it.)

if you still have time to do internships you could try to bypass big 4 entirely. look for FLDP programs (financial leadership development programs) at F500 companies. it's essentially a 2-3 year rotational plan through accounting and finance with a fast track to management. they make more than big 4 every step of the way.

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Roastie got roasted

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100% accurate. i made $57k salary with no bonus eligibility. i did overnight travel for clients 12 weeks out of the year. long commute clients (45-75 minute drive each way) for about 25 weeks out of the year. then local clients with "only" a 20 minute commute the remaining 15 weeks of the year. traveling for business is a meme. they make you fly coach, the meal reimbursements are a fucking joke, and the "muh travel points" your basedjak coworkers bust a nut over are also a total fucking meme when you consider your entire life is nothing but work. fly out sunday night, fly back friday afternoon, get 2 whole days to catch up on laundry and chores.

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>Because sex
Is this women only defense argument?

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Yea since sex is the only unit of value they comprehend

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A woman. You will never be one.

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i work with plenty women and they are good at their job and pleasant to work with. have you incels tried having sex? maybe it would make you less frustrated about women in general.

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Isn't this about spreadsheets or something? I do web dev and can in fact make a dropdown work for arbitrary data (lmao), but don't even know what "data validation" could even mean in this context. Sure I could learn it in 30 minutes though

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>her genes get passed down regardless
I feel like I'm getting more redpilled every day jfc.

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How's that a thing when you junior devs make $100k?

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which is why older or ugly women are similar to incels in the way they act.always scary to see how one of them can ruin an entire workplace so fast.dont shit where you eat.

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Jesus Christ

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I tried but they told me to not whip it out at meetings and sent me to HR. Teach me to have sex, wise senpai!

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Well one studied accounting and one studied CS. I'd wager the former is easier so there's a lot more people fighting for jobs so firms can exploit that

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Half true. Mothers actually care about the future. That's why (((they))) are trying to get white chicks to shit out as many goblins as possible.

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Women speak 3x as much as women. Imagine how much more work would get done if women stayed at home.

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>go to my wage job in tech
>Have to hold in my giggles anytime I see my tranny co workers

I'm ngmi
One of these days it's going to catch me off guard and I'll be blacklisted

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I work with a few Eastern European women and they're great.

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This is a joke right?

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I'm a doctor and women have always been nice to me ever since I was a student despite the fact that I'm not very charming or funny (I'm tall and fit though).
That said they are demons with each others, student nurses regularly cry and women are nasty in a way men won't even think about.
My only complaints is that they're not very productive, last summer we had 3 male nurses during 2 weeks, all the work was done by 2pm instead of 5pm.
We could probably function with half the number of nurses and aides if we were all male.

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just to say they worked at a big four

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Her you go, thumbnail saver.

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Kys trannie

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I'm in front-end and half the team is women, and are all highly competent. I'm a junior and they make me look bad.
But we're a tiny company that has to hire on merit. It's large companies that can wiggle a bit that quickly fall apart to diversity hires.

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More like insane.

>> No.29586103

Worked with Females in IT. The females of my own ethnicity were quite good cooperative and Non Thots who valued hard work but the others especially the White/SJW Thots god they were a species of their own. Had little Knowledge but used to bitch and moan about how The Patriarchy were hogging their Salaries.

>> No.29586254

There was only one White Girl who was a Russian who really valued Work and was Smart No Nonsense Girl since she was not from a wealthy background like the other Thots.

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There is one woman I work with who is easily the dumbest person in their 40s I have ever met.
She is unfathomably dumb. There is simply no way any work she does in any way contributes to the overall companies bottom line.

She is the worst, but there are a lot nearly at that level, and all they do is message me looking for muh solutions to retarded problems they caused themselves. As much as I'm sick of wfh, remembering this sometimes makes it easier.

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I see. How do these bitches get jobs if they're so retarded? Are they sucking dick?

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>muh call
Call fags need to get fucking shot

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anon, what fucking world did you just slide in from?

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>uni project
>it's a team project
>ask my teacher if I can do it alone because lmao fuck that
>no anon, it's very rewarding to work in a team!
>teammate is a woman
>oh boy here we go
>she's braindead, 0 motivation, 0 sense of innovation or even curiosity
>pretty much a dumb anchor that makes me do everything 50% slower because she has to catch up
>find out she has a scholarship
>while I have to get a part time job, a student loan and live of rice beans amd pasta to survive in a shitty 30m apartment

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RIP lad, enjoy not laughing at her anti trump joke and getting HR after you for racism.
Best move is to start bringing donuts to her as a gift and get on her good side.

>> No.29588895

Which workplaces don't follow this?

>> No.29588908

can someone explain to me what she's trying to do?

>> No.29588922

Voted as most boring news you can get each day by /pol/
I do feel sorry...just say you agree with her and be done with it

>> No.29588924

>half the team is women
>they make me look bad
that just means you're an absolute brainlet and most likely a faggot

>> No.29588959

you deserve it for your white privilege

>> No.29589055

No cause i wouldnt be able to get my creep shots

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I genuinely believe that america’s economic and technological progress has taken a nosedive because lf how much money is spent paying women to pretend to code or engineer.
Think about how many women are employer by google. Now think about how many of those female “developers” can actually write code or understand software development.
The answer is closer to 0% than 1%

>> No.29589092


Easily my software team. There are 3 guys that do 80% of the cumulative work. I would do more but I'm on salary, what's the point? It just increases expectations for me permanently.

>> No.29589098

lmao. historically, men of conquered tribes are exterminated

>> No.29589171

You should always be on the lookout for a better opportunity. Moment's like this are the universe's way of telling you it's time to move on.

>> No.29589212

elite professional services firms (biglaw, MBB consulting, etc.), high end sales, trading firms, investing banking firms, etc.

>> No.29589237

yes you do bitch

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why not just pretend to be a tranny and get hired easily

it's really that simple

companies need to check off "female" on a diversity quota, they don't give a fuck how they do it

>> No.29589318

Funny enough, that's how the military is. Both the work and killing are done by an incredibly small percentage of people in actuality—a study showed that most killing was done by officers who were typically the oldest son in their family, viewing their men as younger brothers to protect and keep alive through the war.

>> No.29589334

See >>29589171

>> No.29589376

Women bring chaos and disorder everywhere they go. As soon as the women in my family come around it's like a fucking tornado is sweeping through the house. The moment they leave, there is peace and I can actually focus properly.

There's a reason that traditionally men go off to work and leave women at home with the kids.

>> No.29589377

>Work for both an Engineering company and an Architecture company
>The only women in the office are the payroll accountants
feels pretty damn good not gonna lie

>> No.29589431

>3 women in team of 10
>constant drama
>they all leave over the years
>no more drama


>> No.29589540

same at my company, only one woman works here and she does the payroll. Except I have to deal with female clients sometimes, and every time has been complete hell

>> No.29589571

What the fuck is half 2

>> No.29589581

>dumbass students make it to 4th year
>still not interested in the course or project
It's the Universities' fault for not filtering out these retards. At the end of the day all they care about is if they're paying tuition. Unfortunately you end up with assholes who've scraped their way through the first several years.
>mfw my GPA drops because only 2 out of 5 people in my group project actually did anything

>> No.29589719

My name sounds kind of black, but it is actually Scottish in origin. A FAANG recruiter literally told me I'm not the type of person he is looking for about 30 seconds into an interview. They flew me to SF from Portland for the interview because they thought my name sounded black.

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>> No.29589735

Al Shafar seems like a good girl.

>> No.29589753

tyrone? kek

>> No.29589818

Tyrone. Darius. There's so many more Iris/Scot/French/British names that blacks have taken lmao

>> No.29589916

Half past 2.

>> No.29590015

I can relate. I am not political at all and I don't care. But holy shit do people get super butthurt if you don't chime in on the Drumpf 2 minutes of hate. I actually got called in for having possible extremist views because some bitch thought I was a secret nazi. I told HR I haven't voted in ten years. This was almost worse. Fuck you I just want to mind my own business.

>> No.29590139

just start lying. tell them you're a mulatto, your lightskin nigger father named you after his father. business ethics are for good goys.

>> No.29590287

Not that anon, but a solid idea. Revenge for the theft of your culture is the way.

>> No.29590292

Damn bro you're literally worse to have in the workplace than a woman. Think about that

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File: 1.49 MB, 1357x1281, 1611842179302.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Women in IT

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God I fucking hate normies jesus christ. Let the system burn

>> No.29590655

what do you mean? in my country women don't do serious jobs, only childlike jobs like teacher or nurse. how do women get serious jobs in america?

>> No.29590721

All ships in my company, cause its run by muslims. pretty comfy. on the other hand i cannot imagine a ship run completly by women

>> No.29590842

it's a valid question that most people wouldn't know. probably why it wasn't answered in this thread.

Option 1) Creating a dynamic named range with something like the following, and then using the named range as your data validation. =OFFSET(Lookup!$A$2,0,0,COUNTA(Lookup!$A$2:$A$100),1)

Option 2) use a table, and use for the data validation do =INDIRECT("table_name")

>> No.29590874


>> No.29591055

You should have sued them. Thats pretty open and shut racial discrimination

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I used to think niggers could only steal things that existed. Now I realize they will steal literally everything, including your history, culture, and identity, and claim WE WUZ

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My company is more than half women and not one of them is incompetent, some of them are pretty great. It's nice working with women and more fun..
Get out more.

>> No.29592222

email them back and let them know it's all a hoax, you aren't sick and are excited about starting soon.

>> No.29592369

I work for a fagman company in a tech role. 30%+ in my department are women and they're as good as the men. Sure you guys aren't just working somewhere with low hiring standards?

>> No.29592459

I started getting significantly more interviews when I decided to start marking myself as Hispanic and put an accent on one of the vowels in my last name.

>> No.29592571
File: 2.21 MB, 1236x1238, 1607974030707.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

boomers were convinced that not only is there no difference, but that women are actually better because they've been forced to hold back all their potential

>> No.29592668

every american born in america is a Native American.
we should put up flyers

>> No.29592863


kek. Can you really say you're surprised.

>> No.29592877

Genuinely curious what Scottish name sounds black to Americans.
t. Scot

>> No.29592896

> nurse
> teacher
> childlike
You have never worked in your life, have you?

>> No.29593050

this image is like 6-7 years old isn't it? Prophetic.

>> No.29593076

only two women at my work are both qts who love me, actually makes my work experience much better

>> No.29593585

My brain is frazzled, I associate data validation with machine learning, so I have no idea what the fuck this screenshot means at all.

>> No.29593889

You do owe your husband sex.
What's that, you don't have a husband? Then most likely you produce nothing of value and will have a very hard time when our decadent society destabilizes and there's nobody to protect you or take care of you and you have nothing to trade but sex.

>> No.29594115

most of the women i work with are actually great at their jobs and hardworking
but they're also all asian
t. data scientist

>> No.29594184

i am sorry are you a man with a woman's job?

>> No.29594360

Male nurses and teachers are blessings desu. Females fuck up those jobs too. Explains why there are so many healthcare accidents and our youth being taught shit.

>> No.29594443

Praying for you lad. Jesus help us.
I've seen how first hand how certain "workers" will just try and make a work day like an episode of the office lmao. You can sometimes see them and it looks like they're plotting how they can make up some goofy stuff to drag other people into.
I never wanted any part in that.
Thankfully I'm trying to move into cyber security. Hope all the theatrics of wagies fades away.

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File: 1.02 MB, 1282x404, we_wuz_kangs.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You thought that was just a meme?
Checked, looks like I need to see if their hiring freeze is still in place.

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>> No.29595579

Sue them

>> No.29595586

how are you getting into cyber sec, Senior in uni and the dev jobs I've had are lame. And sec and os courses were fun. How can I go into that field.

>> No.29595768

I knew a white man named Tyrone. Most brexit bloke going

>> No.29595866

You are not and never will be a woman

>> No.29595944

>no sex
Men can do everything already, why even have women then?

>> No.29597930

You are correct. Goes for the entire Western world. The Chinese don't play that shit and look at the results.

>> No.29597952


>> No.29598009

>Same goes for the empathetic parts in men.
wrong, men have a base level of empathy regardless of any female influence on them. Thats why they have a protective instinct for women and children and have a biological response to female tears. Men also posses more empathy towards his fellow man meanwhile women's empathy and sympathy is entirely directed towards women like her and sometimes children. Although the amount of misery men face in todays society is 10x that women face, women as a group show no sympathy or even a second thought to all of that and simply blame men for existing. When was the last time you've seen women dedicate any time or resources to solving high male suicide rates, drug overdoses, work place fatalities or even homelessness? Not a single fucking thought. Dont fall for egalitarianism meme or the perfect half meme. We fucking built this world alone while women just fucked the winners for 10 thousand years.

>> No.29598241

Would changing my name to a more black sounding name actually net me more interviews?

t. Black with a white sounding name.

>> No.29598375

Kek someone post those karlie kloss coding screencaps, I know one of you anons have them - where she's saying John mccarmacks fast inverse square root code sucks and trying to navigate through a Linux terminal

>> No.29598420

meanwhile men have pretty much given women everything they have right now. Even fucking tampons to help them with their OWN fucking hygiene. They made house chores automated and gave them birth control. And while all of it was a mistake in hindsight, they cannot claim that it wasn't for their benefit. Not to mention the thousand saftey nets a woman has in society to the point where not only does she never compete on the same level as men, she's also fully subsidized by them too. They take more from the system than they put on and the burden is always on us, the bachelor men to keep propping up this marxist ponzi.

>> No.29599610
File: 22 KB, 500x342, 1444439641600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>half 2?
so 1pm?

>> No.29599611

no they're just shit and coping by blaming it on their race.

>> No.29600271

You are absolutely correct, they have through history only had their tongues to harm other women so they've evolved to have especially sharp ones, with venom unending. You absolutely could work better as an all male team year round because men don't bitch at each other as much or as hard, and they are more work motivated.

>> No.29600348
File: 604 KB, 680x869, 0a7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29600990
File: 1.06 MB, 677x737, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.29601075

lmfao can we just make cooking and cleaning trendy again? that'll get em back in the kitchen

>> No.29601186


>Kooking with Karlie

>> No.29601508

>t. Tyrone McLaughlin

>> No.29602477

lmao i'm serious it could work. we could just spin the trendy narrative back to natural law and they won't know what hit them

>> No.29603139

it's creating a combobox in excel

>> No.29603371
File: 102 KB, 674x667, 1612899946668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are not from here.

>> No.29603634

Maybe it was just straight up "Scott Black"

>> No.29605128

I work in the oil field and have an extremely physically demanding job. We get the occasional dyke diversity hire but they never last more than a month. The women who work for my company bring me coffee and answer the phone, as it should be.

>> No.29605265

what retarded country is that? male nurses are way more objective and thorough than their female counterparts. passionate male teachers are godsend for many reasons one of them being that they leave their politics at home and put the technical information on the plate.

>> No.29605268

Nice power move

>> No.29605944

i work at an Exxon plant. similar experience

>> No.29607092

Go back or this is bait

>> No.29607201

And blockchain will reduce accountants and payroll staff by more than half.

>> No.29607511

I had an accounting professor that was writing a research papers on Block chain and he pretty much said the same thing

>> No.29607639

I was blessed with decent looks and being quick with my words. I also have a decent income - and work remotely in turd world countries, so i fuck all the time. Try again

>> No.29608043
File: 377 KB, 645x773, EGfM0dDXoAM_p5Y.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am currently in a trade school with no girls and I kinda miss them desu. It's been years since I casually talked to a girl

>> No.29608192


>> No.29608280

if this is legal i'm doing it

>> No.29608937


>> No.29608991

Most asian women in IT in Australia are hard working.

>> No.29609075

nigger wat duh fuk iz uh ywnbaw

>> No.29609444

>TQQQ already dumping and AH trading isn't even closed yet
probably will open at 90 and crab all day again

>> No.29610189
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"Can I call you? It's quicker than typing"
>takes 20 minutes on voice call to explain issue with website, talks about her cat, problems with husband

I have this every day on Teams.

>> No.29611214

every single fucking day.

>> No.29611390

This never happened.

>> No.29611531

isn't it funny how the "progressive" view of gender not existing is identical to the past 40 years of corporate culture?
"protestors" get funded by Fortune 500 companies, take to the streets to yell that we're all interchangeable cogs with no identity and anyone who disagrees needs to get beaten with sticks

>> No.29612585

kek. My guys vape at their desks. idc, noone else cares. The owners wife (who does.. stuff?) sent around an email saying that vaping is dangerous etc. Ok fair enough, we read it. However apparently this was intended to get them to stop doing it in the office.. and we were meant to infer this from copy pasting an article (fairly reasonable one as well) about the badness of vape. Women.

>> No.29612781

same exact thing happened at my office

>> No.29613948
File: 511 KB, 1200x1024, ievhoisydsdjcllvasoo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is no benefit for me to work harder than the top guys. I'm comfortable being no. 3 or 4. Fuck being a tryhard wagie.

>> No.29615198

me & ur mum we follow the pereto principel
i give her the dick 80% of the time LOL

>> No.29615321

Just keep a micro on you during these meetings.
You could squeeze a decent amount out of the whale and the company.

>> No.29615553

white men date out more than any other demographic

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