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In the red corner, ETH is decentralized and can't be rugpulled, but gas fees have drastically reduced its efficacy for trading and sending money.

In the blue corner, BNB has negligible gas fees and transaction times, but is entirely owned by some Chinese guy who can shut down the entire network on a whim.

Ladies and gentlemen...... llllleett's get reaaddyy to rrruuumbbbleeee!!!!

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>but is entirely owned by some Chinese guy who can shut down the entire network on a whim.

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yes please all-in on a dead cat bounce lmao

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Doesn't make it not true

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see pic related
rollups are unironically here and people are finally starting to use them. you can trade trustlessly for practically zero costs
>sending money
you can send $1b for $20 trustlessly, that's a deal
>but is entirely owned by some Chinese guy who can shut down the entire network on a whim
ding ding ding
you can't live off pancakes

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>but is entirely owned by some Chinese guy who can shut down the entire network on a whim.
Cope, seeth and dilate more
Newfags tip: buy bnb/eth instead of bnb/usdt
Give you a huge bonus when eth got replaced by some lower tier coin like ADA GRT or LINK while BNB become the 2nd most powerful coin

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Cope, seethe, and dilate doesn't change the fact that CZ literally owns your entire network. Just wait till your ass gets Robinhooded. You'll be begging to chug $300 gas just to get back on the real deal.

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Also, cheggem

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ETH will always be the right choice. Layer 2 with Matic / QuickSwap is the play.

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Anyone who unironically buys BNB for a reason other than to make a quick buck is a certified retard.

>ETH fork
>Owned by megalomaniac Chinese man who can hold your funds hostage
>Has zero innovative developments from ETH aside from transaction costs

It's literally bootleg ETH.

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>It's literally bootleg ETH.
This has been the chinese motif for the last 50 years or so. They literally haven't invented or developed anything new in probably hundreds of years, and they're greatest accomplishments are just blatant, cheaply made rip-offs of western technology

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Oh I forgot the best part. They think they're the smarter ones, and they dismissively call western ingenuity "creativity" as if they're the grown ups meticulously crafting their stolen rip-offs, and were the children just playing with lego

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>Has zero innovative developments from ETH aside from transaction costs
Aside from a fix for this giant problem

You really are a retard

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ITT salty burgertards unable to BNB/BSC
Freshly minted tears.

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BNB makes me happy! BNB is all I need!

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you have no idea how blockchain works, do you?
no he can't shut down bsc, educate yourself ethnigger

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Can someone explain how tron did not win this battle? Don’t say chink shitcoin. I’ve used the platform for years and never had a single issue. It’s been scalable for years. Fees to swap and trade are pennies or fractions of a penny. It has a highly secure network infrastructure and a committed CEO, although he was a bit of a newfag and a retard and a pumper.

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This post made me laugh
Still not selling my bnb desu

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BNB is pets dotcom

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Burgers can buy BNB and trade on Pancakeswap w/ a VPN

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I want to invest in Polygon but the team is pajeets.

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All BNB and the entire ecosystem consists of datacenters and servers that are entirely under CZ's control. You can't just download the miner software and mine BNB, unlike with ETH.

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chink shitcoin

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I'd say Tron, but it also owned by a chinese guy who will probably rugpull.

Therefore LGCY dyor

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don't get filtered by the curry bro. their product works and that's all that matters. it's actually faster and cheaper than BSC.

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Literally a fork of ethereum "not decentralized" but somehow ethereum is. Notice they never explain the discrepancy in their thoughts. You need to stop confusing the CEX with the smart chain. Fucking midwits.

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Tron is backed by the true god CZ and largest exchange. Thats like saying apple is going to rugpull everyone. Why the fuck would they do that?

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Nobody can take that left

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Tron was mean't to be a better decentralized eth, but that greedy chink moved voting rights to the whales, so the network is centralized based on wallet size, and therefore useless to the concept of decentralized finance.

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this is the equivalent of saying cope to people who said trump won’t be president. kek.