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microstrat now owns 0.4% of all bitcoin
arguably millions of btc might be lost
meaning they own possibly way, way fucking more of the supply

i know these dips and crashes and pink wojaks hurt for the time being, but we are unironically so fucking early
when this shit is going to be offered as a part of a high risk portfolio allocation on retirement accounts? if you don't think this is in the mix for fidelity and prudential you're a fucking retard

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fuck that retard saylor

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yeah this isn't a good thing. Saylor is a naive cuck buying chinese bags and will get dumped on by the same chinks so he sells them back for cheaper.

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BTC ETFs this year will literally be a whole new world. Stop panicking like retards at every correction on the way up. Ffs institutions don't spend billions on assets they think are literally going to crash weeks later. They have REASON to know itll keep trending up

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weird flex but ok

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Sometimes I think we're getting too much big news too quickly. A few weeks ago an announcement like this would have caused an instant $1000+ candle. Today it doesn't even register because we've had so much news like this and everyone's so spooked by the dumping that they don't even care.

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>hey have REASON
that reason is exactly what you said
to believe there's not already a regulatory framework in place for defi and bitcoin you'd have to be retarded
jerome powell's hearing yesterday explicitly praised bitcoin and blockchain three fucking times and almost explicitly said a cbdc is going to happen with blockchain

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>drug addict scammer bought
>you know what better buy too
i pray to god every day that this nigger gets justed and leaves us alone

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Or maybe they have far more diverse assets and bitcoin is only a fragment of their holdings, so they don't care much.
When we are throwing our whole net worth at it.

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These guys knew that bitcoin would pump like crazy if they bought that much. They also knew that it would drop after they were done buying.
And they didn't care! We are unironically going to hit 300k this run

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he is gonna become the richest man on earth

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Don’t the winklechads already own like 1% of total supply?

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Absolute madman!

$288k EOY