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>stock market drops
>Bitcoin drops

Can you tell me what the fuck the point of this shit is again? Boomers control the market now.

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damn bitch you live like this?

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Honestly can't believe that women's asses smell as bad as mine. They look so nice. I just don't buy it. I want my face in there

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my gf is built just like this and I oil her ass up every night

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describe the smell of her unwashed ass

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Wtf girls are suppose to be neat

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lol boy are you in for a surprise

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Sickening in many ways. No homo

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bitcoin dropped first nigga. Once apple buys in we own the boomer market

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Mate, they're worse than blokes. Our bear pits, whilst often untidy, are generally hygienic. Cat pits are often just disgusting, with crusty knickers lying about and dog hairs everywhere.

Same with men's toilets - always cleaner than women's. Why? Because they are used to having to sit down to piss or shit whereas we only sit to shit, and so like to keep our toilets cleaner for such occasions.

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>mmmmmmm imagine the smell

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imagine just having to take a few pics of bobs and vagane and posting them to your onlyfans and you rake in stacks

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Oh it'd stink the room out for hours, bliss. Then you could rim her a bit to try and stimulate another fart.

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Conceptualize the fragrance

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dont hate the player hate the simps

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Patience is a virtue. If you don't have any, sell your stock and live a normal life doing something else.

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Ahh fellow men of culture and refined palates I see.

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BTC dropped first as it was pumped far too much and too early. It should still be at $40k with a slow steady profitable climb. It hit $50k when everyone thought it was a good idea. Now it correcting even though a ton of people tossed money into it.
Basically bots dropped the alt coins to match, causing the BTC to drop further. Which caused the bots to drop more of the alt coins, causing the BTC to drop further.
It's not boomers causing the issues at the moment.

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imagine that lard waving while getting pounded

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Just like how girls don't fart, right?

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Bitcoin hedge against dollar
Gold hedge against stocks

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