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wow maybe we will get a 5% pump, epic

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*sniff sniff *

uhhh guys do you smell that?
*sniff sniff what the devil is that smell?

*sniff sniff*

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Thanks. Just sold 100k

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And the price dips, this is a bad joke

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Oh wooow linkie to the moooooon

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You just win

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That, good sir, would be my linkies. They have a tendency to remain stinky. And yes, I am replying to my own post.

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except its literally dumping right now

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and of course it dumps

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I don't care.

Sold half my stack so far (2100 link) and going to sell the rest fuck this.

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Didn't do shit to the price. Selling.

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>has nothing to do with chainlink
Stinkers getting desperate.

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holy shit this is bullish. nodes no longer need to dump linkies on us to pay for gas. holy FUCK man im about ready to cum

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Because of Bitcoin, retard. This has nothing to do with Chainlink itself. Once Bitcoin stops having its tantrum we will see some very impressive green candles.

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Its literally dumping on the news

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$DRNK ride the wave boys... these next few days !!!!!

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The twitter post was 4 minutes old when I bought and now it's down almost 1,5$ already.

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holy shit it's real!

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Fuck this shitcoin. I'm going to reinvest my money in a real project like XRP.

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Thanks just sold the news. In the future if they are going to push useful upgrades to the tech they need to NOT ANNOUNCE IT so the price can go up instead of down. Stupid fucking cunts. SELL THE NEWS

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Have fun with that kike scamcoin

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>ctrl f
>0 results

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I bought at 34 united states dollars

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i bought one stinky at 34. then i put in a random buy order for 24 and it filled when btc shit itself the other day

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Does that mean that for the first time in history nodes are making profits and not just running on subsidies?

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Then why is is dumping against BTC too you dunce

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and you'll sell at $3400 now shut the fuck up cunt

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they still run on subsidies but now they make money with the subsidies instead of breaking even

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Time to dump.

Maybe if they'd stop throwing leftist politics in everyone's face they'd stop losing money.

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Source on this actually?

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2 weeks

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New financial overlords

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>gas prices just became 1000% cheaper
>1000% more nodes can be created now
Holy fucking shit a single Link's gonna be bought for 50k, they'll be so thirsty for fuel for their nodes its insane. FUD autists absolutely BTFO.

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what do you mean? the nodes are still incentivized (paid) by CL, that part hasn’t changed

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gas prices are 90% cheaper, which effectively takes us back to may levels, ceteris parabis

the problem is that customers need lower latency, and ETH price can 10x and take us right back here. It's a bandaid solution, albeit a much needed one

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we need to broaden our horizons if we're going to find any breadcrumbs.. they won't be fed to us like they were before
here, look what I found clicking around on robinhood today
and you thought the mcdonalds connection was a joke

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This anon has been posting pure seethe in multiple threads. Linkies absolutely broken lmao.

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ohhhhh fuckkkkkk we're gonna pumppp

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retard, sergey was dumping link to subsidize the gas prices this whole time

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i laughed

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How much do you want to bet literally nothing will change with the weekly dumps.

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Likely won't but some desperate linksluts will rush to formulate a new defence. They'll seethe at this truth.

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Guys I don't want us to go parabolic anymore. I thought I wanted money
But really I don't. Want to part with a single linkie

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They wont stop though because the old reporting method is still running in parallel with OCR.

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How much do you wanna bet you're sub100 linkies

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I’ll bet my 70k stack.

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do you even understand the marketcap required for a single link to be worth 50K usd? fucking newfags I swear

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Which I'm sure will now stop. Want me to screencap this and make fun of you on Friday, or do you just want to do it yourself and save me the time?

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it's literally dumping right now

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So what is the point of OCR then?

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What is staking FAGGOT

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Thank you Sergey!

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Literally staking brainlet

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Sergey slept through the bullrun as nearly every shitcoin made x5+ profits. Now with BTC dumping and Sergey's 1000 team it probably dawned on him that he needs to manufacture news to keep LINK from dumping back into single digits and making his entire operation financially unviable.

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Nothing. It just went back to when Eth didn't have retarded gas fees from it going up and the network being congested. Sergey is still going to dump on everyone every week. Sergey slept through the entire bullrun because he ate so many big macs he fell into a multi week food coma.

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this, it's the same fomo that link holders feel except he can pump the price whenever he wants.

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lol, the thing that’s not even close to being ready? niiiiiiice

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Does this mean it's a good time to buy Mcdonald's stocks?

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What's the next step in his roadmap?

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Do you even understand what Chainlink does you immense retard?

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>Chainlink announces partnership with Jesus Christ
>dumps 10%

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Chainlink has never had a roadmap.

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>launches first major feature in years
>pivotal tracker exactly the same

Idk why I still check it. It's just an ocd ritual at this point

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>3.5 years
>still waiting for roadmap 1.0 alpha which gives an outline on who writes which chapter in the whitepaper

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Who cares about a pump dude. This is way bigger than money. That is the joy in being a linkie.

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I missed Monday and Tuesday and have been waiting for at least ~25 to get a bag. Am I fucked?

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we are going to 81k and if you don't have this number ingrained in your positive mind you are the newfag

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I might've gotten part of my borrowed stack liquidated on aave during the dump and I'm too scared to check

>> No.29574954

leveragies get the rope

>> No.29574993

incoming btc dump

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Get in now.

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Yes. I expect McDonalds to do very well in their quarter pounder reports.

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I exited my aave loans at $35, been smiling for days.

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This is some classic OG Delfi FUD thanks for the lol

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I am calm.

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no one really cares, sergey still has to sell links to prop up the network

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wait arent the FA and OCR contracts running conncurrently on pairs that have them? doesn't that increase total gas expenditure?

>> No.29577486

why would you buy all at once?

>> No.29577497

chain link is designed to be the price of a coffee? its never gonna moon. By design it will go back to 1-2$

>> No.29577696

It will be the price of a japanese coffee


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Thanks just bought your 100K

>> No.29578032

Arbitrum will be released in the next 24 hours

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Dude yes pls cap I guarantee is 150k again in 500k batches on Friday. In fact I’ll bet 100 link, put your mouth where your money is let’s go

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Wait wait. OCR will be what allows staking? I don’t get it eth gas fees would have been needed for every transaction to take place for staking? I guess that makes sense indirectly every transaction needed eth gas and now it doesn’t thanks to ocr. Hmmmm

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