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>”Dr. Craig Wright has begun legal action against the developers of BTC, BCH, BCH ABC and BSV over 111,000 stolen Bitcoin, according to an announcement by ONTIER.
>The Bitcoin was lost when the private keys to two addresses were stolen in a hack on Dr. Wright’s network in February of 2020. In June, Dr. Wright sent letters informing the BTC and other developers of the theft and of their responsibility to avoid illegitimate transactions being entered onto the blockchain.
>Now, Dr. Wright has taken the next step to get his coins back. His lawyers have sent formal letters before action to the developers of BTC, BCH, BCH ABC and BSV. In a press release from ONTIER, the lawyers advising Dr. Wright in his various legal actions, they announce the ‘ground-breaking’ legal proceedings on behalf of Tulip Trading Limited, a Seychelles company primarily owned by Dr. Wright.


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Why does he fud himself with bsv?

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Satoshi Nakamoto — August 11th, 2011
>Consider the implications of being able to lock up stolen assets
Prepare your buttholes, the Wednesday promise just delivered in a major way.

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>submits several lists of wallet addresses in court again
>gets several signed messages posted from the owners of the actual addresses, calling him a fraud and telling him to fuck off
>he gets asked why he doesn't have access to anything relating to his anonymous pseudonym, and also why he used one since he has publicly said multiple times that he hates anonymity
>starts crying in court about muh silk road
yes, i am fucking ready

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How much longer till he gets minecrafted by the buttcorn mafia?

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I’ll give you a hint. BSV and BCH will be two of the projects that will give in to the request. BTC (core) will refuse to return the 111k BTC to him as it would signal defeat, acknowledge of Craig being Satoshi, and crash the market.

In retaliation Craig will turn 111k BTC (core) to lead as described here:
Are you ready anons? What are the implications of features existing within BSV even the core dev team has not disclosed? What are the implications of massive amounts of stolen BTC being able to be made effectively useless?

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he will lose. he is fag

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Before we have to deal with this:
He’ll have to prove prior ownership of the coins. Which means he'll have to show exactly how he came by them.. putting two and two together yet?

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Great technical and legal analysis fren thanks for the contribution to the discussion

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>on behalf of Tulip Trading Limited, a Seychelles company primarily owned by Dr. Wright.
>Tulip trading
What a fucking retard

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>not understanding Tulip Trading is one of the largest holders of BTC in the world
What the fuck are you even doing in crypto if you aren’t familiar with the Kleiman x Wright case Faggot?

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>h-he'll s-show how he came by them this time sirs, we swear, it's 2+2 = 1, easy math!
KEK, oh yeah for sure you shit-eating imbecile
the only fags on this board dumber than xrpaypigs are bsvjeets, honestly

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Nice emotional response. Got something to lose retard?

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>The Bitcoin was lost when the private keys to two addresses were stolen in a hack on Dr. Wright’s network in February of 2020.
satoshi storing keys on a computer.

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did he sign the genesis block or is this his big plan

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I will use a plumbers vise to hold your mouth open and pour 2 liters of vodka down your throat and then I will cum in to your garbage disposal of a mouth until you puke, you eternal panda of a died up apricot.
I don't care who this Craig idiot is either. He can cup my balls with his wrinkly old hands while I unload them into your mouth.
Get fucked you worthless oxygen filter

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>Are you ready anons? What are the implications of features existing within BSV even the core dev team has not disclosed? What are the implications of massive amounts of stolen BTC being able to be made effectively useless?
are you saying satoshi can lock up btc on a wallet he doesn't have the keys for?
If btc has some kind of kill switch in it like this, its literally worth zero, today, all chains.
isn't btc core code like the most read code in existence?

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why doesn't he just move the fist coins ever mined?

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>did he sign the genesis block or is this his big plan
its always court.
its always an excuse.
its always a nothing.

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why isn't this retard forced to take some neuroleptics again?

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Why doesn't he just get this all ironed out y doing the needful in kleros court sirs?

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>why doesn't he just move the fist coins ever mined?
he makes an argument that having something doesn't identify you.
this is in fact substantially true, if you have the key to your neighbors house, you are not suddenly your neighbor.
The counter factual is, even if he had the key, that does not make him satoshi.
We all see this for what it is, just another fucking dodge.
in legal and logical terms, this is all fine and dandy, but in real life terms on the ground, signing the genesis block would probably sway most people.

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> I'm suing bitcoin to get my bitcoins that I invented, but somehow can't prove I ever had, back after i didn't secure my wallet, that i can't prove i ever had access to, despite being the world's foremost cyber security innovator.
Dismissed with prejudice unless he gets a 107 year judge who still reads a physical newspaper

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>p-pointing out that craig has been btfo every single time in the past and acts like a compulsive liar i-is just an emotional response
no, it's based on his actual history of behavior, how he has performed in the courts, and how he has actually submitted lists of wallet addresses whose owners did sign off calling him a fraud soon after, all over a court case for his failed claim to a pseudonym that he allegedly had for years while also claiming that he hates anonymity at several points, and somehow lost access to every single account associated with the real satoshi
the ad hominem directed at you is in addition to pointing out these facts that you can't really do anything about, and is purely for flavor
but then again you're a bsv bagholder, so of course you're too dumb to figure that out on your own

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its obviously 4D chess
he baited the corecuks into stealing his coins
and now hes suing them and will use the kill switch
tick tock corecucks

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Hey guyZ what’s goin on here

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bsv will (after gret legal struggle) accede to his demands and reassign creg his claimed bsv. Hey! we now have legal precedence. Of a sort. creg goes back before court with everyone who told him to do one - ie, everyone else - assuming they can find a Judge with an even lower IQ than Calvin, which I'm beginning to doubt is even possible. tldr, it'll all go nowhere, as per. One thing tho, he'd need a(nother) definitive list of which BTC he's claiming as his. Which has traditionally been problematic. When its 111k?, its the Usual Suspects, 1Feex (again), etc.

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Jfc this worthless trash is worthless and going to 0

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>the absolute state of Bitcoin Scammer Version

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It’s completely against the ethos of Bitcoin’s white paper for a guy to be roaming around going “HEY EVERYONE IM SATOSHI” over and over again. He’s anonymous for a reason.

Guy doesn’t want people out to kill him for losing their wallet to shitty “FREE BITCOIN” scams or their kid overdosing after buying fentanyl off the dark web. How many dumb people have been burned by Bitcoin we will never know.

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>claims he invented BTC
>somehow forgets the fact that BTC is fucking awful and useless
is he a retard?

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Your samefagging your own worthless thread that was supposed to do something to make BSV moon but instead it’s another piece of shit day for this piece of shit coin. That’s what’s going on in here.

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>"Welcome to law" --CSW

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Craig Wright has to be the biggest faggot there is in crypto

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he is, but you're on par with him if you think btc is either awful or useless

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Craig is the second most retarded person in the planet.

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So he kept his keys on a computer connected to the internet.

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oh, he's lapped the competition, its a non-contest at this stage. This is a man who got publicly rekt by Richard Heart.

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>forced reddit tier vernacular
>homo erotic fantasy
where did CW touch you?

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>tulip trading
he looks like a fucking tulip. At least I have a company to short now

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>"I want everyone to believe I'm Satoshi so bad. I can prove it!"
>OK no problem, go ahead.
>"N-no I don't want to."
How many YEARS can retards fall for this? You're worse than the Qanon crowd. Trust the plan lmao.

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i dont remember asking

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Thats what happens we get invaded by polnpcs
they're the most gulliable niggers there is

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you make no sense retard

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>The theft is the subject of an on-going investigation bythe Cyber Crime division of the South East England Regional Organised Crime Unit.
What? Why?

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About a foot father in than my prostate. Life has been rough

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ok but who asked

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Nothing good come out of BTC: mcaffee, craig, ver, pedo pierce... the list goes on.

We flee the ETHEREUM and cut our losses.

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Tldr faggot.
Craig Wright isnt Satoshi, cope.

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>Yes, pay the fees goy!
Fuck off ethkike

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Calvin is starting to ask for it

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my entire post was about how craig is a fraud, you fucking idiot

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the vishnu in the blockchain is killswitch , real Sanjay will render you coins to lead if not delivering to him the 111,000 stolen funds........

>> No.29571855

somebody wants to inform them, exactly how reliable the Good Doctors claims normally prove. Falsely filing theft claims is a criminal offense.

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The amount of cognitive dissonance in this thread is quite telling. Thank you for seeing with your eyes open frens

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So this means BSV is going to moon?

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>muh tulip
>muh PSOs
>muh secretly mining btc
>muh kill switch
Whats gonna be next months larp?

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CSW will get 111k BSV, and he'll dump it on his fellow schizos. I can't wait to see BSV below $100. He might also get 15 BTC from mt. gox. Adding all of that he might actually "make it".

>> No.29572409

Goodness gracious we’re back to 2017 aren’t we. This fucking clown just can’t quit, more frivolous lawsuits more endless stalling more vague and impossible threats. Just go away creg you drunk cunt.

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>>only fags on this board dumber than xrpaypigs

Looks like someone didn't get in early enough! Don't worry, there's plenty of XRP to go round - just buy some, you won't regret it :o)

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Poo ID confirms.
Life has two certainties: Craig will kill Bitcoin and Sirgay betray.

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The sheer stupidity of this move cannot even be full expressed.

>> No.29572502

If he somehow wins this ludicrous suit, they will fork a chain, hand him his coins on the new chain, and then everyone will just ignore that chain.

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>when you're so clearly satoshi you need to sue everyone and hire jewish lawyers to regain control of your own creation
I would call this guy the 90s bill gates of crypto if he wasn't a massive charlatan fraud
There is killswitch in bitcoin core. It's open source, you can literally see that it doesn't exist.

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Someone should tell Satoshi he shouldn't have left his burcorns on an exchange! Not your keys not your coins gosh.

>> No.29572606

>Sues BCH
>Essentially suing himself
>Suing people that don't have established identities

Craig is such a fuckstick

>> No.29572619

Wouldn't they just steal that killswitch password or key as well? I suppose it could help against some forms of attack.

>> No.29572672

>if he wasn't a massive charlatan fraud

Charlatan fraud.. that means he's pretending to be a fraud but he's not?

>> No.29572742

you're just seething because you got affinity scammed like the bsvishnus
ODL is never going to be turned on because xrapid is a pile of garbage made by a fucking moron
but you're gonna come up with an excuse for why ODL isn't turned on by the end of 2021
and 2022
and every year after until your scam gets disbanded

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>leaving $5.5 BILLION worth of coins on a publicly accessible network

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>What are the implications of massive amounts of stolen BTC being able to be made effectively useless?
Nothing because this lawsuit just like all of his others will fail and this is by far the dumbest one yet. >>29569533
>largest holders of BTC in the world
Apparently not. Their coins were "stolen".

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>cognitive dissonance
And EXACTLY to what are you referring now, you fucking halfwit, or, are you just bumping your gums in vain hope you somehow come across as intelligent?
The posts to which you were replying state, creg has made a criminal complaint over this theft. And this would appear unwise, given the wallet which he is claiming as his appears undoubtedly the result of another theft, 1Feex. So, either he is making false claims - as noted, a criminal offense. Or he was involved in Mt Gox theft. Which is somewhat unlikely, given he was desperately trying to claim his 13 BTC back from the Trustees. The only one suffering from cognitive dissonance here is the fat fraudulent one.

>> No.29572871

hrm interesting. i don't see how far this lawsuit would go against the 'developers' since they don't have ownership of the blockchain and is not responsible for it. i could see wright suing the exchanges that handled the 'stolen' goods, but the developers? good luck with that.

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OG Bitcoin Dev Calvin Ayre announced today he’s dedicating “100% of his time” to working on the BSV network as it’s the “only blockchain technology that has the ability to fundamentally change the future”:
The boys are back in town

>> No.29572875

This is huge. Finally the truth is revealed

>> No.29572913

Calvin is going to take over coding?
>and why not

>> No.29572983

So 100k+ btc were stolen and not a single one was moved, lol? This is "unfortunate boating accident"-tier

>> No.29573002

He's a fucking fraud. Just watch any video with him on YouTube where the guy interviewing him is sucking his penis and just going with whatever he says. Craig acts like a fucking child too the way he lounges around and heavily sighs and other mannerisms, dudes a narcissist for sure. Oh and don't forget the comments have to be disabled else he'll get called out on his bullshit. All his arguments just build down to BUT THE LAW BUT THE TAXES OH NO THEY CAN'T RUN A CHARITY! Or whatever else he can grasp at. Satoshi was building a p2p payment system, the fuck would he do all this for? Adam back is probably Satoshi. Craig's a fraud and you have to be one huge retard to fall for it, truly.

>> No.29573257

How fucking stupid do you have to be to stork over 100k BTC in hot wallets? He deserves the loss for that alone.

>> No.29573312

>9 posts by this ID
Got something to lose retard?
Fuck off this dude is fucking cringe and its just like midwit idiots like you who thinks that suing is fucking news as if suing isn't the lowest braindead thing that any faggot can do.

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What did he mean by this?

And nobody dare post that video where he says "I remember reading the bitcoin paper and thinking... I mean I thought it when I wrote it."

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This crazy fucker says he’s going to prove in court it’s possible to revoke stolen BTC on behalf of law enforcement
>RIP the market

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I’m literally the OP you insufferable faggot

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People are really sinking low now if they are trying to imply that Craig slipped up here? Do not fall for all the lies you have a huge opportunity here to get involved with Bitcoin early don't waste it because you have been emotionally manipulated. He was using Sarcasm.
the use of irony to mock or convey contempt

>> No.29573540

This is the equivalent getting locked out of your house and suing the company that manufactured your door knob. Guys an attention whoring retard that's eventually going to be barred from bringing cases.

>> No.29573572

not a developer but this kind of move would require consensus from the miners and nodes to modify the exist blockchain to allow selected reversible transactions no?

>> No.29573619

He wanted to get hacked. You think 100k is a lot for satoshi?
Hes gonna prove in court that code isnt law and that bitcoin is confiscatable


>> No.29573626

>in fucking 2021

Unironically kys for polluting this board with your stupid scammer bullshit you smelly, revolting fucking pajeet

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File: 52 KB, 950x534, 2014%2F03%2F07%2Fac%2FAP407286670.05998.jpg%2F950x534__filters%3Aquality%2880%29.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The problem is that in order to achieve this, he'll need to create a hardfork. If all the miners don't run that fork then it doesn't matter anyways. That's not even mentioning the fact that most minors are in countries that don't give a shit about his English lawsuits.

>> No.29573872

Yeah people are retarded. Hes obviously trying to be funny but hes just too autistic to do it naturally

>> No.29574021

>xrp isn't a scam, it's going to the moon any day now - because it's not a security, jeb just said they run it exactly like securities sales
>isn't it bullish how he keeps dumping millions upon millions of this allegedly $2k-any-day-now shitcoin just like the banks that he gives them to for free on the side?
fuck off back to your containment thread, fuckwit

>> No.29574047

looks like he is just fucking retarded. Oh right, he is.

>> No.29574097

XRP is going to fucking moon you imbecile.

>> No.29574162

>satoshi storing keys on a computer

Not only that they were stored on a computer with unencrypted private addresses. Who the fuck actually believes this shit.

I wanted BSV to win. Fuck Craig, seriously this faggot ruins everything.

>> No.29574253

>I wanted BSV to win
You stick out like a sore thumb Faggot

>> No.29574271

>Satoshi was building a p2p payment system
> Adam back is probably Satoshi.

Kys immediately

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>pays 100 million for company
>oh vey, that was almost all of my shekels!
>turns your money into fucking lead
>goy, if you return 80 million I will turn 20 million of the lead back into gold
yeah fuck this gay ass system, this shit deserves to go to zero.

>> No.29574460

>I'm going to prove...

Sure he will. Just like every other case hes been involved in, right?

>> No.29574519

fucking based, im so tired of this SAME shit all over again, again, and again..

>> No.29574541

>b-but it WILL moon
damn, that's totally not the same hot take that niggers and karens on twitter have held for 3 years back when it was like $3+
you gonna post some gematria screenshots now? maybe post a twitter larper or some literal who speaking a riddle or whatever childish shit that compelled you to resurrect an old shitcoin on biz instead of keeping it on twitter where it's gonna go out with a whimper
as i said, fuck off back to your containment thread

>> No.29574605

he doesn't have to prove a negative you moron. CSW doesn't have access to the coins. If he did, he wouldn't be suing for the coins - he'd just spend them lol

>> No.29574681

>this kind of move would require consensus from the miners
Technically it only requires the guns of the government to miners heads, which CSW is attempting to do. Which he fail in.

>and nodes
Lmao stfu faggot

>> No.29574707

Your loss. Remember this in 5 years.

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>> No.29574894

He loses every court case because he's a schizophrenic scammer.

>> No.29574901

BSV is literally the only blockchain that fucking scales you absolute faggot. Yes, I want it to win. CSW is a pretty good educator on Bitcoin, but these Satoshi stunts he pulls poisons the fucking well. Fuck him for doing this to BSV and fuck you for plan trusting.

>> No.29574987

my loss? what am i going to lose out on? the opportunity to watch you fags kill yourselves in 2 years? come on, don't be that pessimistic - i'm sure some bagholders will hang themselves before they realize they can't pay the net bill

>> No.29575162

Tell me what Verbiti, Handcash, and Moneybutton are and maybe I’ll believe you aren’t a LARPing faggot

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Yeah, this time if will be over without a doubt. Couldn't give a fuck whether he's satoshi (evidence suggests he is), after learning everything about the history of BTC over the last week, I'm getting out. I'll prob throw 20-30k into BSV and enjoy the eventual x300.

>> No.29575320

>exchange and two wallets

Seriously kys faggot. I've never criticized BSV tech. I fucking hope you die of dick cancer.

>> No.29575386

the best part of this story is the address he's claiming as his was involved in the mtgox hack that stole 80k btc....so he's admitting to that crime?!? kek

>> No.29575445

5% of my of portfolio is 15k XRP which I bought at 0.27cents. I am far away from killing myself but XRP isn't what everybody thinks it is.

>> No.29575451
File: 307 KB, 480x320, 78423BBD-1683-4DFC-BB01-7A5E155761EF.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You wish Faggot see you on the other side I’ll be the first to shit in your mouth

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File: 9 KB, 250x250, 1612655432551.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of this is very autistic but I wish craig would either do or die instead of keeping people in suspense.

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Jesus Christ it never fucking ends

>> No.29575610

He sounds like that kid on middle school everyone picks on who talks about his fantasy of bringing a gun to school out loud on the bus ride home.

>> No.29575701

>He sounds like that kid on middle school everyone picks on who talks about his fantasy of bringing a gun to school out loud on the bus ride home.
Does that really happen in mutmerica?

>> No.29575741

the more that I think about it.... this is probably the reason he's claiming this address as his. it's not an address that anyone else is going to come forward and claim as their own. he's playing some weird game here for sure

>> No.29575757
File: 60 KB, 589x459, 46512A51-4D1D-426D-A155-6CF95FF59E61.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He claims Mt Gox sold the coins at market value which is why they never pursued a criminal investigation

>> No.29575789

XRP is a premined shitchain run by kikes. Fuck you for shilling it in my BSV thread. Go back to your schizo xrp containment threads. Also go buy CZ's shitchain since you love scams so much.

>> No.29575835


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File: 42 KB, 587x412, 262D7741-8E4B-4340-A213-468883EE712F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He also claims he bought some of the Exchange-sold “stolen” Mt. Gox coins

>> No.29575945

weird. too bad we don't have a record of transactions to see what happened

>> No.29575990

Yeah XRP is a scam in the same way the federal reserve and fiat is a scam. XRP is a hedge against people being delivered their freedom on a golden platter in the form of cryptocurrency and then not caring and letting the people who always ran the show continue to ran the show.

>> No.29576031

>I'm saoshi
>But I lost the keys to my wallets
>In February 2020
>Sue bitcoin core
>Even though I know it's impossible because I wrote the whitepaper because
>I'm satosi

What's this radioactive level retard end game? Does he hates himself so much he wants to be raped in jail?

>> No.29576083

wait, what?!? I don't even understand what he's saying.

>> No.29576143

Found the Blockstream/Mastercard shill.

>> No.29576212

The Fed would make Fed Coin that they control entirely. They wouldn't adopt and issue xrp even under the pretense of absolute control of it. It is beyond the pale retarded.

>> No.29576215

he's saying that the 80k hack never happened and that he bought those coins...but mt gox staged the hack? is that what he's saying?

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File: 392 KB, 700x730, scamming_fucking_abbo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.29576469

>Mt. Gox “stole” their users coins and sold them on secondary exchanges
>Mt. Gox lied to their users about the hack to provide cover for the theft
>Mt. Gox dumped BTC on a few OTC funds and on public exchanges
>Craig purchased some of these “stolen” coins and is presenting them as evidence in his case against BTC, BCH, et al
Hope this helps

>> No.29576518

I didn't say that but you saw Federal reserve and went on a spiel about the Fed Coin. You are not only dumb and arrogant you also have no reading comprehension.

>> No.29576586

Is this the only gif you have?

>> No.29576895

>Boomer sues blockchain

>> No.29576912

I sure hope his documentary proof of all this is more convincing than his usual efforts. Because knowingly filing fraudulent reports of $3.5B thefts to Serious Crime Divisions is literal 'play stupid games', Big League Version.

>> No.29576915

Because xrp adoption would be the exact fucking same as the current system, you absolute faggot. There is no path that exists in which xrp is forced on the population over a Fed coin. None. It doesn't exist, you dumb fucker.

>> No.29576933

is there a single person who actually believes him?

>> No.29576950

dude creg and calvin are just forcing their way to steal satoshis coins.

>> No.29577139
File: 130 KB, 485x1149, 61D96FDD-041B-4224-BA53-0B1F7327E2B2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How can you steal something without the private key, fren? If possible doesn’t that undermine the entire alleged immutable selling point of Core?

If not possible, wouldn’t they need the private key to “steal” satoshi’s coins?

>> No.29577191

Holy shit, this guy is annoying as fuck. I don't know anything about the pros and cons of his chosen version of Bitcoin, but this is the least Satoshi like thing he could possibly do.

>> No.29577219
File: 132 KB, 483x1060, 40BB344E-7E4B-40FB-BD2E-44EDA6FD369B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29577223

Once again not what implied or said. I really don't understand how you can be this stupid.

>> No.29577265

Daily reminder that, according to creg, creg is
>a concert level piano player
>Michelin guide level chef
>a religious leadee
>secret agent for a government org
>spy a la James bond for a clandestine org
>injured by two bullets while saving a woman in Venezuela
>single handedly responsible for the arrest of Paul leroux
>best pal of assange
>Pro anonimity
>Pro gold
>Worst enemy of assange
>anti anonimity
>anti gold
>Thrice PhD in 2015
>twice PhD in 2018
>once PhD in 2020

>> No.29577291

Do you even know what you're implying?

>> No.29577315

>Tulip Trading Limited
Lol so he thinks it will all go to 0

>> No.29577349

How the FUCK does your private key get stolen from "hack" on his network? Was he keeping them in the cloud like a retard?

>> No.29577395

dude this is all just theatrics and a distraction. not sure what his aim is but PREVAILING sentiment MATTERS. and in no fucking timeframe will people EVER buy BSV so FUCK OFF

>> No.29577454

His network is btc you fucking retard please go back.

>> No.29577509
File: 48 KB, 904x531, 1614069675194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wow impressive. To be expected from Mr Nakamoto

>> No.29577551

Maybe he should get rudy and Sidney powell to be his lawyers

>> No.29577559

No you are reading into something because you want me to be a low IQ simpleton so you are projecting your own views onto my statements. You are dumb as shit but also arrogant.

>> No.29577587

It has to be done by consensus and via the blockchain. They ‘update’ the next block to be mined to remove the ability to move those coins in future and it can be undone at any point. This was always the situation.

>> No.29577732

Coming from the guy who has an actual stake in xrp. Shills in it BSV threads and poisons the well with his schizoid ramblings.

>> No.29577782

this^. if there's any kind of 'killswitch' for bitcoins then it's going to zero overnight.

>> No.29577822

You brought XRP up first you incredibly dumb fuck.

>> No.29577916

This guy is a comical autist and pathological liar. Like a Chris chan of the blockchain

>> No.29578002
File: 255 KB, 828x977, 5C9B0A86-B0CD-41F3-A212-0492DAED167B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sound upset Faggot. What are the odds Michael J Burry tweets about NFT’s within 10 minutes of BSV launching its first hat-backed NFT?

>> No.29578055

>Your loss. Remember this in 5 years.

In response to a guy who was responding to a guy who was shilling it and then you rushed to defend it again when I told him to fuck off. So fuck you xrp schizo.

>> No.29578146

Knew the story was framed by their personal shitbird coingeek outlet run by a bunch of bsv mutants

>> No.29578179

Thank you for admitting it. Not everyday a person has the insight to admit they are dumb.

>> No.29578265

You were discussing before me, you absolute fucking shill faggot.

>> No.29578332


>> No.29578475

I fucking love this guy. All news is good news. A boomer claiming to be me is perfect. Let him keep up with the antics. Eventually, someone will take care of him. LOL

>> No.29578548

He's saying that he's going to try to make a legal claim on the stolen coins since the thief obviously can't take him to court over it.

>> No.29578696

See.. this here is the problem. Not an attack on you but people don't have the slightest idea behind the tech. No idea what crypto really is..

What Craig is asking for here is absolutely possible but requires pushing a code change to the block chain.. If the courts enforce this, or even if it's publicly determined that it's possible, a huge portion of general public are going to be mind blown at the thought that BTC can in fact be compromised/destroyed/owned by a key group of developers. Additionally, enforcing this request would basically destroy the existing BTC as anyone else who's lost finds (and can prove they indeed purchased them) can now follow suit..

Keep in mind bros.. this has always been the case. The BTC blockchain is software.. code.. compiled and running on servers (nodes). Publicity during this case alone could very much ruin the reputation of BTC as absolute normies (95% of the public) learn basic facts about crypto currencies.

>> No.29578898

Thanks, I just sold my BTC and bought AVAX

>> No.29579044
File: 20 KB, 598x554, 1613580533704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ahhhahaha we have our first case of a BTC patent troll basically. What an idiot

>> No.29579310
File: 195 KB, 798x770, 4ki23k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Creg, this thread , bsv, this is too much for one man

>> No.29579328
File: 87 KB, 815x449, signal-2021-02-25-040827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here it is, straight from the horses mouth.
> https://www.ontier.net/ia/bitcoin-recovery-ontier-press-release.pdf

I wouldn't be surprised if devs attempt to simply comply and settle this to avoid absolutely and publicity.

>> No.29579354

>y-you admitted t.t...
no, all he did was point out how you're a complete fucking retard in regards to your childish nigger fantasies about how xrp will magically be adopted by everyone despite its business model and how it works, and how a federal-issued cryptocurrency completely nullifies xrp, and this is what would be used if it was deemed necessary
but of course its all very hard for you to understand and now all you can do is backpedal
the only retards interested in your shitcoin are the copers in the containment thread, as well as niggers and karens from twitter - so just stay in your lane and fuck off

>> No.29579398

then that's that, then. ethereum is going to moon and bitcoin is going to zero.

>> No.29579445

>He’ll have to prove prior ownership of the coins
he could already prove ownership by signing a message with them...but he can't do that
put two and two together yet?

>> No.29579501

it's going to zero if he wins this, unironically, zero. that's good for ethereum and altcoins, lol, we'll do a 1000x.

>> No.29579529

The developers of BSV. Lmao.

>> No.29579569

>I wouldn't be surprised if devs attempt to simply comply and settle this to avoid absolutely and publicity.
dream on.
I equally would be even less surprised if the rotund and somewhat economical with the truth Australian chap finds, involving UK srs crime here may prove a srsly Bad Idea.

>> No.29579682

>Thinking creg won't be humiliated in court, once again


>> No.29579703

>requires pushing a code change to the block chain
it also requires the majority of mining power to agree to support the new blockchain, which they absolutely won't do
that's the benefit DECENTRALIZED ledger

Wrightcels are currently proving they haven't even read the first fucking page of the whitepaper. Sad!

>> No.29579720

Let's stick to this case, which has nothing to do with keys. FYI signing with a key does NOT prove ownership.. if your m8 comes over and copies your wallet and keys to a USB.. is he now the owner? What if you can prove you purchased the coins through an exchange?

You need to think about how a court of law will see this case.

>> No.29579862

>how a court of law will see this case.
By laughing at the face of Dr. Wright.

>> No.29579949

This retard admitted to being the MtGox hacker

>> No.29580248

>is he now the owner
no I don't
governments sucks, that's why Bitcoin exists
anyone trying to appeal to daddy government to fix a decentralized ledger is a dumb greedy cunt who fundamentally doesn't understand the purpose or function of a blockchain
This guy is a retarded scammer, sorry you fell for it

>> No.29580249

>What if you can prove you purchased the coins through an exchange?
yes, I'm sure creg still has his receipt for 80,000 Bitcoin, the purchase of, from Gox/Mr Karpeles. Maybe he'll even speel the names correct and get the dates wright on it and everything? I wouldn't bet on it however.

>> No.29580410

What does this faggot even have a doctorate in?

>> No.29580419

>requires the majority of mining power to agree to support
No, it requires craig to get the governments of the world to force miners to do it. Which he also won't be able to do.

>> No.29580586


>> No.29580721

hes certainly doctored many a doc, if that helps

>> No.29580725

the fact that BSV threads seem to be the most divided and hostile environments on biz and its only getting worse tells me this might be something. i bought bsv after we firgured out elon didnt buy btc

>> No.29580756
File: 50 KB, 800x679, 1604456156085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't fucking stand BSVfags, actually more delusional than XRP holders.

>> No.29580846

There might really be something to BSV
You aren't a true /biz/ tard if you ignore all these threads and don't even put $10 bucks in them..

>> No.29581077

Nope. Not if it's enforced by a court order. That's the whole cruz of the issue. Then you also have the removal of the alert key, which could have been used (but wasn't) in the past to remedy similar situations.
> https://coingeek.com/bitcoin-alert-key-still-pressing-legal-issue/

I somehow think the courts won't see it like that. Very low IQ lmao "my m8 came over and stole my spare car key... he is now the rightful owner".. do you see how stupid you sound now?

>> No.29581112
File: 34 KB, 321x340, 1498128959363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're in the process of forking coins they don't own into Craig's hands. They also said that any idle coins can get mined back into circulation. No point in holding it.

>> No.29581267
File: 121 KB, 220x220, 141E8BA8-E20C-4A04-B140-AD685589B332.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stay mad fag my tendies stay moist

>> No.29581433

> They also said that any idle coins can get mined back into circulation. No point in holding it.

Sounds like absolute bullshit. no.

>> No.29581645

CSW has talked about idle wallets being mineable after 100 years of not moving of some shit.

>> No.29581690

>BSV threads seem to be the most divided and hostile environments on biz
McDonalds Coin threads were also quite divided and hostile
> we firgured out elon didnt buy btc
yes Elon made a false SEC filing, and you have proved this by the fact he didn't just market-buy it on an exchange. excellent work

>> No.29581902

Idle coins being at risk of seizure by miners would effectively render it into a rotting currency. The whole point of rotting currencies is that they are not meant to be "hodled". So there is no reason to own any bsv.

>> No.29581942

courts have no ability to enforce this, what part are you not getting? that's the entire point of a decentralized ledger

>> No.29582130

Actually Craig is claiming there is a function within the Bitcoin (Core) protocol to allow for seizing of stolen assets. Originally built with intent to meet global Currency regulation.
>read the goddamn thread

>> No.29582146
File: 23 KB, 519x521, 04211025-EED8-4902-B1B9-60EFEC7049E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Adam back is probably Satoshi.

>> No.29582160

>governments can't seize hashpower


>> No.29582198
File: 35 KB, 600x457, astral laughter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm satoshi
>Prove it.
>I uhhhh uhhhh I uhhhh I can't
>Why not?
>The keys were uhhhhhh STOLEN! yeah that's it haha they were all stolen!


>> No.29582349
File: 76 KB, 220x210, EB892F86-6701-413B-9F46-19C06F42FFD8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29582437

Craig Wright claims a lot of things
Let's say UK courts force every single miner in Britain to use their blockchain
the UK makes up 0.1% of the total hashrate
so that leaves 99.9% of the world supporting another blockchain
the change will not take effect

please look up what "decentralized" means

>> No.29582469


None of this is true, lol

"rotting currency" lmao, what the fuck is wrong with you

>> No.29582472

Once again.. absolutely no idea of the underlying technology. All miner nodes are servers.. which have IP addresses.. which are hosted by a provider.. in a datacentre. There is nothing anonymous about it, all IP addresses for all nodes are known (simply by running a node you can get this information).. there is no requirement to know the person running the node in any capacity. You keep shouting Decentralized like it's some type of black magic, when the reality is that a few key miner nodes with the majority of compute resources can absolutely be seized or shut down very easily, via a court-enforced order.

>> No.29582510

That still means nothing. The devs are not the miners and even if devs pushed this rule change, the miners would just airdrop a new coin and move on to the new chain.

>> No.29582718

a court ruling in the UK will not cause the Chinese or Russian governments to go around the country beating people up just to hand some British faggot 5 billion dollars
not sure how this is hard to understand

>> No.29582753

It’s called bancor

>> No.29582803

It is true and rotting currency is a concept. It's also known as demurrage. The point is to strip the store of value function from currency without massive inflation. Craig already stated such. You idiots can hodl that shit if you want but he told you it's not for hodling, it's for spending and using.

>> No.29582838
File: 221 KB, 680x680, clown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Mt. Gox
>Mount Gox
It's fucking Magic the Gathering Online Exchange

>> No.29582857

ok, cool, seize every mining node in the UK. smash them into pieces, I don't care.
that still leaves 99.9% of the global hashrate unaffected

>> No.29583133

>Seize all the biggest servers in your jurisdiction
>Still don't have the relevant keys, so you can't make any of the transactions you want to happen happen anyway
>The rest of the network forks off without you and your isolated island of out-of-date ledgers sits idle in your "custody"
wow good job

>> No.29583250

>that pic
That was the true purpose of crypto all along. They sold it to normies as a way to skirt around government regulations, as freedom. It was just part of the agenda all along. Only criminals that get cash flow at all will be government-sanctioned ones.

>> No.29583346

>Magic the. Gathering Online Exchange

>> No.29583470

how the fuck is that crackpot still getting attention?

>> No.29583734

>everything about the history of BTC over the last week
What books did you read? I've only recently been up to speed about what Craig's been doing, but I wanna see if there are any holes in my knowledge that need patching.

>> No.29583779

yes, they can, you have to be dumb enough to store it all in one place. like if you print out the private key recovery phrases and then leave that piece of paper next to your computer with your wallet on it -- or, if you have any online wallet you don't actually own, and it can simply be confiscated with a warrant without you even knowing it.

>> No.29583976

>guns of the government to miners heads
wow good thing you guys all have bitcoin instead of gold, that was close!
oh, wait

>> No.29584001

Think about the most zealous community of crackpot conspiracy theorists you've ever heard of, and then imagine what their commitment would look like if they all had actual money on the line that would all go up in smoke if they ever collectively admitted to being wrong.

That's the Craig Cult.

>> No.29584006
File: 114 KB, 1920x270, Magic: the Gathering Online eXchange.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You would have known if you traded on MtGox, newfag.

>> No.29584193

this is all entirely possible considering the circumstances of that alleged hack and where there's no evidence any faggot might try his shot at fabricating some
if he pulls it off he can sell the coins he's "getting back"

>> No.29584552

except the government can just physically take the gold, whereas they still need the info in your head to access the crypto
if you can come up with a store of value that isn't susceptible to violence then please let us know because I will invest

>> No.29584630

Craig Wright is an obvious schizo, why even make threads about him honestly.

>> No.29584814

227 replies

>> No.29584930

I agree craig will not get the governments of the world to do this. I've said as much already, but that doesn't mean governments couldn't seize hash.

>> No.29585269

Upon further review this seems like if QAnon got kicked in the head by a mule who happened to be holding XRP. Fuck me, this is too schizo even for here.

>> No.29586517


>> No.29586611

literally nothing, this clown has no weight anymore

>> No.29586750

Yeah. You could definitively prove to me that BSV is technologically superior to all of its competition in every way and I still wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole tbdesu. The World is tentatively dipping its toes into the crypto waters as the future of Finance struggles through a chaotic infancy, trust in the tech is hard enough to come by as it is, and we're supposed to believe that a project mired in lawsuits and conspiracy theories and crack-smoking ramblings about seizures of assets by governments is going to be The One that everyone decides to treat as money moving forward and trust with their transactions and savings?

It's just stupid. BSV could be technologically perfect, and the World would still settle happily on something that's halfway there instead.

>> No.29586880

>>private keys to two addresses were stolen in a hack on Dr. Wright’s network in February of 2020
Get better Network Security, maybe not use Old Windows fucker!

>> No.29587028

>Craig admits to being behind the Mtgox hack in legal filings
>he's still not Satoshi

>> No.29587056

Or maybe he's just lying??

>> No.29587115

>seizures of assets by governments
But nothing in crypto is actually immune to that technically speaking. Monero is probably the best suited in evading seizures, but even that has commercial miners.

>> No.29587351

It's called a hard fork and nobody gives a shit

>> No.29587612
File: 6 KB, 240x240, 1613244372603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Like the Chinese BTC miners are gonna obey American court orders

>> No.29587650

>he's going to prove in court that stolen BTC can be reclaimed

Lmaooooooooooo nice decentralization you've got there!

>> No.29587802

>Claims he invented Bitcoin
>Claims his coins were "hacked"
>Wants lawyers to get his coins back
Who is this Boomer trying to fool?

>> No.29587808

But I'm not even talking about technicalities and nitty-gritty details. I'm talking about a PR dumpster fire that makes the whole project positively DOA forever with regard to any prospect of being significant in a mature market.

>> No.29587963

think so. I'm not sure how this fuck expects most nodes to do that, since literally anyone can just make new nodes that don't follow the rules.

>> No.29588091

So now you can just sue to get btc. Defeats the purpose doesn't it

>> No.29588262

Bsvfags are the most retarded schizos

>> No.29588415

>now you can just sue to get btc.
no, you can sue to get bsv.
>if it was worth the bother
and bsv is not Bitcoin.
and this nonsense should prove the final nail in the coffin of this credibility-free carcrash of a shitcoin

>> No.29588658

What a fucking retard, this is the chainlink dude right? R.i.p. in peace linkies

>> No.29588665

when people say money doesn't matter this clown is exactly the kind of guy i start thinking about

dude must be rich af, but he's the biggest cringelord of the entire bitcoin ecosystem

>> No.29588781

I didn't say they would. I've been arguing against Craig's case the entire thread, just that governments COULD seize hash if they wanted to regardless of Craig. Ffs

That would be beneficial to governments that issue their own currency and keep their citizens as debt slaves, which is most of them.

>> No.29589147

But is that the case that BSV qoomers make for the coin? That we're all going to get rich investing in the true Satoshi's true vision of a world of digital debt-slavery? Do BSV qoomers claim it's the coin of choice for banks and governments?

>> No.29589190

Code isn't law? Do you mean it's not property? But courts have already proved code can be legally protected

>> No.29589477

If this regard were truly going to kill btc, someone else would just kill him lol. Must be a nothing burger considering he’s still alive

>> No.29589844

How could they seize anything when they would be declared a hard fork

>> No.29589903

>Satoshi's true vision of a world of digital debt-slavery?
Nigger, you what?

>Do BSV qoomers claim it's the coin of choice for banks and governments?
They claim that BSV is legal and regulatory compliant. Clearly banks as a principal hate Bitcoin, hence the subversion of BTC to limit scale and functionality. Governments are subservient to banks.

>> No.29589939


>> No.29590027

craig suing bsv devs now?

>> No.29590091


>> No.29590201

In the legal documents he submitted he claimex/admitted to being the owner of the 1Feex wallet

>> No.29590205

how do you sue someone that noone knows who is ?

>> No.29590265

You said Craig was pointing out features of BSV that would be beneficial to Government's to achieve further debt-slavery. I asked: Is that what BSV-posters say about the coin as one of the reasons they believe in its future?

I'm asking how this set of claims from Craig fits into the story that BSV-posters tell about how he's the real Satoshi and BSV is the future and we should all buy into it.

>> No.29590347

I seriously will minecraft Craig if I see him IRL. The shamelessness disgusts me. Crypto is already easy money. Why you gotta be an open Fraudster too only showing that nobody fucking cares you're a fucking Fraud if nobody can prove it. Fuck this guy I'll kill him. Unironically, not in Minecraft.

>> No.29590497

>Satoshi Nakamoto called to the bar
>Craig advances
>uses this to claim he is Satoshi according to court documents

>> No.29590791

Dude idk. I'm just stating as a fact that if governments worked together enough so to capture 51% hash they could do w/e the fuck they wanted to the code. This is undeniable.

They don't really even need to though because they've already made BTC completely unusable and convinced users that this how Bitcoin is supposed to work. That people are suppose to use banks to spend Bitcoin, etc

The disruptive potential of this tech has been effectively put back in the bottle. BSV is a hail Mary attempt to get things back on track. As for Craig, idk what his strategy or motives really are. I do know he pisses me off.

>> No.29590852

You won't do anything, nigger.

>> No.29591006

tech illiterate mongrels and assorted mouth-breathers.

>> No.29591165

I will fucking bash your skull in Craig

>> No.29591176

yeah, hadn't read the filing at that point.
he's wisely limiting himself to just two addresses now, 1Feex and a.n. other with 31k, after his Tulip Trust fiasco, where his multiple claims on dormant wallets were getting BTFO by actual owners. That no-one else is in any hurry to claim 80k BTC from Gox hack, there's doubtless good reason for that. Cunts clear off his fucking rocker desu.

>> No.29591404

It's be funny if Mtgox and their "victims" went after him using those claims.

>> No.29591411

>The disruptive potential of this tech has been effectively put back in the bottle. BSV is a hail Mary attempt to get things back on track.
If only there were some competition in the space, other coins without batshit qoomer baggage who were also solving the technical problems with BTC in a way that would be useful into the future.

>> No.29591546

funny thing is craig hinted something big gonna be happening today.
and then the fucking fed is down.
it's of course a hilarious coincidence but we will be hearing about this from sv cucks for years to come. they take credit for absolutely everything including solar storms.

>> No.29592174

China alone controls a very large portion of the hash (there's debate over whether its the majority)
If the Communist Party invested in more ASICs, and put a gun to the head of every major miner, they could probably force their own version of the blockchain
Now imagine USA and Russia also did this, would be hard to get around when they have most global hash power on their side. they could just go around compromising every competing chain

Of course, the US cooperating with China to "seize" the blockchain just for Craig Wright's benefit is not going to happen and all BSV holders are retarded faggots

>> No.29592977

he's only doing this to try and set precedent so he can make a claim to steal satoshi's coins. wright's a fucking bum and a scammer

>> No.29594511
File: 109 KB, 289x321, satoshivision.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So he's going to sue the blockchain, lol.