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We're here

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How many times do I have to say, the bulltrap lasts longer than 2 days.

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and it's doing one more small bump andddd.....

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It will likely stay in a dowtrend for 5-10 days, and then we have the return to "normal".

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also no trap, no major market change or corrections takes place in just 8 hours.

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Bounces off support ~$52k then doomps. screen cap this

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Can we please ban this stupid fucking image from ever being posted again?

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>Can we please ban this stupid fucking image from ever being posted again?

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You might be right but then it would be the shortest post halving run ever, breaking all historical precedent. Its hard to take these threads seriously. God they were everywhere in January

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Fixed for you, OP

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Multi billion dollar companies are buying the top you’re right op, they’re happy to look stupid

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yes anyone can buy the top

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literally brainlet pic that OP always uses wrong

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>every green after the dip is "Return to normal"
Welcome to biz

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You said this during the January dump

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I didn't, but this time it feels different

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>this time it feels different

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You’re actually retarded

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Because it's so obviously true that it doesn't need posting?

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Finally someone gets it.

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>this time it feels different

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>posting the tranny plushie

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>just erases OP's circle

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Cope and seethe

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stop fudding anon

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is it yiddish?

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How old is the textbook this is from?

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>GME kikes are desperately trying to recoup 10% of their losses while fucking retail puts as hedgies laugh
Anyone who bought GME after the initial crash needs gassed.

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Fudder, we are at "Media Attention" now lol. Stay poor

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>Madara hits you with four meteors

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I'm buying at blow off phase.

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again? no you're mistaken we were here in january, remember?

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how anyone could compare the 2017 chart to today and get bearish is beyond me. LOOK AT THAT FUCKING BLOW OFF TOP IN 2017. We haven't had anything near that yet. Even the Elon pump looks more like the October-17 green dildo than it is anything during the winter bull run. If you sell now you are effectively applying to post sad wojak and rope memes in six months time kek
dont give a shit about short term TA opinions, you are all gambling and the only people who win are brian armstrong/cz

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why 2 days? serious question

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not possible to ask a serious question about TA you will get told what they want to tell you and hear what you want to hear

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it gets harder to push up the price the higher it goes
there's definitely a case for the last month being their bull run for 2021 and now we're back to sleeping

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We’ve had media attention for a while now. You’re retarded

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No we're not there yet the media attention isn't ACTUAL media attention

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I do not agree. You assume the change in flows do not compensate. At every stage you have speculators holding or selling, winning or losing.

> Educated techies/NEETs who made it from tech mining and sending BTC to each other.

> Person in country A wants to send a few hundred bucks to country B cheaply.

> Drug users told to use BTC on their darknet marketplaces of choice by sellers.

> Chinaman/Argentine/etc. etc. wants to get money out of countries banking system/currency.

> Corporations dipping their toe in as an alternative to cash and buy billions.

> Sovereign wealth, HNWI/family-offices allocating a considerable % of portfolio to bitcoin.

> Retail banking offering crypto wallets as part of their package, expanding adoption and acceptance as a reserve asset.


It does require sustained higher levels of capital to keep the price high, but that's just what will keep happening.

You've gone from basement dwellers and drug users using it as internet funny money, to the biggest entities in the world with the most cash looking at it seriously.

Do you think Saudi Arabia etc. sovereign wealth funds aren't looking at it?
Apple with their cash reserves bigger than most countries in the world? "Oh no they would never, AAPL is not a meme!" Bullshit. 1% of their cash would be ~2bn dollars. 99% USD and 1% BTC wouldn't take them close to whatever you think meme status is, it would be a decent decision.

Microstrategy is a meme because they are the first listed techie to do it publically, Tesla is a meme because Elon is fantastic at marketing. Anyone at all involved in anything big in capital markets can tell you there is SO MUCH FUCKING MONEY out there in so many different entities. Labeling those yet to arrive as 'institutions' like most anons here does it a disservice.

> muh new paridigm

It's not a new paradigm, it's the same one as last time, just with bigger players - but the biggest ones haven't even showed up yet.

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kek is that why Square and Microstrategy bought a shit ton of BTC during the current dip. This is the first sell off.


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If you would have bought at any of these prices you would have banked market selling right now during muh dip

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> but i might be -50% for two years on my money :( :(

this place is so full of poor idiots its unbelievable.

If you invest 1000, it goes to 500 for two years and then it goes to 3000, you have a rate of return greater than anything else available.

>> but i want to make it overnight!!!

and that is why you are poor

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This. I bought an altcoin in 2018 and was down since then but I held on, right now I am up 400% on it and I expect it go way higher than that.

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