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Did you buy this niggerlover's vaporware shitcoin?

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1072 of them

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yes and we're going to the fucking moon!

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With this I'm gonna be building a mansion off the backs of uncivilised 3rd world negros, just like my forefathers

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>30B market cap
please don't tell me that's only Reddit normies keeping this at the specified valuation, cause I don't believe you.

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crypto market caps are largely fake a couple million sell off would bring it to its knees

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>coin that aims to keep niggers in africa
>nigger lover

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only 150 of them but hoping for short-medium term success here. a quick flip and then put it in my more professional shitcoin/memecoin portfolio

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Yeah but only 620 of them. I wish I had 5000 though

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Yes, 10k stacklet reporting in

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I dont support fat people so no

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Have you looked into it at all? No one has built anything on it. Ever. In more than 4 years. You have to ask yourself why that is.

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As of right now it is vaporware. It's got nothing going for it and even the fucking Turks got their smart contract platform going. In the AAVE Telegram they are somewhat excited about Cardano though, so I hope something's coming soon

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>coin that aims to keep niggers in africa

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Tell me one product/dapp/stablecoin on Cardano

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10 billion in volume retard.

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smart contracts are coming in April. how stupid are you?

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He's also a pedo.

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How is this the Africans coin when hbar just struck a deal with Standard bank, the largest bank in Africa?

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you are actually retarded

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no, that's vitalik. kep coping

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it has given me 2200% returns. yes i did buy , and iof you didnt you are a retard.

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I am waiting for BTC to take a bigger shit to throw 7k at ada. Pray for the dump, niggers

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of course not. It´s extremely overvalued and smart money will sell the news. It cannot live up to the hype

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5 years of development and no smart contracts?

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>singularity net

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No, never.

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way too late. Tezos has private smart contracts now and all bussinesses are already starting to build on it. Cardano is way too late to the party, and haven´t even been tested. A lot could go wrong

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In a few weeks people are going to see they can develop on Cardano just like they can on ETH without paying the insane tx fees. This is going to be huge.

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I am all in on cardano. It'll be my ticket out of wagedom.

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yeah well theres a bunch of other projects where you can already do that.

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fuck you just said faggot

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but working POS and scaling solution. and ETH is still on that shit POW??? but vitalik said in 2016 that they will get POS, and still dont have it?

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different anon here
please list those

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Wow, compelling argument.

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You're very convincing at mimicking retardation. Shit's not ready, neither Eth2.

Having a state of the art consensus algo, one the best staking mechanics, high level of decentralization, polished wallet and normie friendliness still counts for something. And no "bonus" blocks, like in that turkish delight turd lel.

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no money left after all in YAX

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tezos guy reached out to charles and wants to work on something, he mentioned it in his vid last night

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Why is it so easy to tell when Charles himself is posting lmao

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No because I’m not a retard. Even if Cardano does end up coming into existence (it won’t), it is already too late. Hashgraph has already won and nothing Cardano could possibly come up with could be superior.

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The absolute state

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You will remember this thread and regret.

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You can't be a nigger lover when you shit on a zimbabwean asking a question on a livestream by saying "it will always be rhodesia to me"

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I wanted to, but I had bigger gains elsewhere to make. But it's still on my wishlist.

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A low powered brain incapable of the deep investigation and critical thinking is required to be genuinely racist. Without these abilities, you would never be able to understand what cardano is about to do until a NYT headline slaps you in the face with it. Funnily enough, Darwinism will weed out racists from this wealth transfer.

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loling at the fact you don't know chris hoskinson said that zimbabwe will always be rhodesia to him

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I own a ton of ADA but even I realize black people (or as I like to call them niggers) are genetically flawed

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nobody is going to use a coin that one man can revoke at any moment. just use a database hosted on AWS.

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>A low powered brain
Ironic since you lack the brainpower to understand that there is a hierarchy of races you midwit retard.

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Nope what was that?

I an checking Mochimo