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I lost out selling before today's NEO dump because it started at around 4AM PST. This keeps happening particularly around the times when americans are asleep, which is a pretty intelligent move by the chinamen.

I'm getting tired of this so I want to now accommodate my sleep schedule based around their peak selling/buying times but still maintain the ability to somewhat day trade in the US.

Anyone have experience doing something like this and have any recommendations on what time to sleep to avoid high volume activity? I'm fine with sleeping for only 4 hrs a day as I am used to it, as well as sleeping during the day.

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7 200mg caffeine pills and a spank on the ass will keep you up pretty much all week. try that

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I already have a lot of those and can totally do that but if I stay awake for more than 24 hrs straight I will need to sleep at least 8-10hrs after which can lead to more opportunity lost, not to mention effects of sleep deprivation. Just want to know the best times to sleep for a bit.

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>tfw live in singapore
it's easy

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polyphasic sleep

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Yeah man I hate getting dumped on when I sleep...if only there was a way to set a sell order so you sell before getting dumped on...nah it probably doesn't exist let's blow all our profits on caffeine pills and OD trying to daytrade antshares 24 hours in a row.

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Thanks, going to research this.
Retard, im trying to be apart of the dump to accumulate more. And if I wanted to blow my profits I would have to buy a couple hundred bottles of caffeine pills, which I won't cause one is enough.

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I safely sleep around 6am PST (3-4 hours) I also take a nap around 9-10pm PST (2-3 hours). This has worked well for me when dealing with gooks and chinks.

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This seems pretty reasonable but I've noticed a lot of activity around 8am in July, even today the volume high for NEO was around 6-7am pst. Do you ever get burned by this or is it just transient for the time being?

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Yeah fuck there is no way to set a buy at a price lower than what the market is now. Better stay up all night and not sleep and feel like shit

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Fuck doing that, especially for a coin like NEO. If I followed this advice yesterday, I would be down heavy since I sold my stack at 330k at around 1am. I waited until 4am to buy back again at 329k, which was about the lowest it went that night. The ATH for the day was about 398k.

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you can make a script that buys currency x if price goes down with x percent or to x target, then sell if it goes up with x percent or to x target. i can make it for you for 0.2 if u want. just tell.

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