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Comfy morning general

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100 bnt stacklet reporting in.

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in this thread, someone will tell me when the peg will restore today, how fast, by how much, etc

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Being this comfy should be illegal

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>silently outperforms market

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is a 1.2k stack enough to make it if I keep staking over the next few months?

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Give it 2 years and yes

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to all the fucking newfags who will ask the same question 100 times in this thread at least read this first
gas fees are like $200 and rewards are like 100% apy, work it out for yourselves if it's worth it to stake your stacklet

in other news, i am currently reading this
>Bancor Protocol v2.1
>Economic and Quantitative Finance Analysis
this topaze blue company looks like dogshit, their website is terrible etc, but who knows maybe they know what they're talking about

further reading for newfags

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10k stacklet reporting in

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holy cazongas!!! 2 years is a long time

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the gentle hum of my money printer keeps me zen

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>Another 40 bnt a day doing nothing
Cheers bancies

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fuck kikes

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Bought 3,000 BNT at $1. I still don't know defi is.

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stay poor faggot, I WILL fuck cute israelis and swisses

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1.2k probably won’t be enough to make it in the short term. It will be very profitable though

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Hey there guys.

Can you check out Mochimo?

I have seen it posted all over but I need to know can I get in now?

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She's honorary.

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>this topaze blue company looks like dogshit, their website is terrible etc, but who knows maybe they know what they're talking about

this is actually the biggest thing going against them right now, i hope they get their shit together and fix the website

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i literally sent them a mad online email this morning because of the ridiculous typo on the critical core part of their home page

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I was already planning on at least a year. If I'm still comfy in 2022 I will be even comfier in 2023.

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Stop stressing about typos and get comfy

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I also have about 1200

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based and poorpilled. I'm unironically waiting for eip-1559 so I don't get raped trying to stake

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>not staking at least 10k BNT RIGHT THE FUCK NOW

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EIP-1559 won't fix gas prices. ETH2 scaling will and that's months away.

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>In particular, very few have noticed that the current plan for Ethereum 2.0 does not bring any useful scalability on its own.
>Cheap layer 1 transactions are probably gone for good, and Eth2 as currently planned is not going to change that. This will be surprising and disappointing news to many people.

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fuck me then. might as well buy ETH while its on clearance, and yes, I know fucking nothing about eth.

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I could buy around 9500 BNT right now with my shitcoins holdings. Shill me real quick on why this would me a good idea. Also how much do you earn staking 10k (or 9500 in my case) BNT?

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100% APY staking plus you get cool shitcoins as rewards

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Well fuck. that is either some well written FUD or we're stuck with Arbitrum. Time to load up on more BNT and stake, before Gas goes to 300 and stays there until L2 solutions start rolling out.

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You only get BNT as rewards and fees are paid in the token you stake. ie. if you stake LINK in the LINK/BNT pool, you'll get BNT as rewards and LINK as fee payment. But if you stake BNT in the LINK/BNT pool, you'll get BNT for both rewards and fees.

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guess I was interpreting it wrong. bancor.network has pretty minimal information

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Are you kidding? They're extremely well documented.

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Galia has literally been shilling Bancor on /biz/. I woner if she's ITT rn.

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Damn, do you buy a house at a lake, near the mountains, at the beach or in the woods when you make it?

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Bros the ftm chads are making me jealous even though I have 3300 link in the bancor pool.

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>Today Bancor is the 6th largest crypto project by daily protocol revenue

>$334K in 24h fees
>$121M in annualized fees

There was an anon from the past few days threads concerned about how bancor can possibly pay for IL insurance. Hopefully this puts him more at ease since he was looking at swap fees from early Jan (4.5m) when the true number is a liiiittle bit higher.


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we're coming for dat ass, compound

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Checked. This and with everything coming we are still so ridiculously undervalued it almost makes me sad that I'm too poor to buy more.

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yes because the ETH fees are so incredibly high right now, but what will happen when they have a L2 solution? Do you think people will trade so much that it offsets the drop in the fees paid? Might not be unrealistic because you can do many arbitrage trades with vBNT

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>ETH fees are protocol fees

Anon, I...

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I thought they are interconnected..

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When this baby passes $10 USD, you're gonna see some serious shit

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To complete that thought, they'll be among the first if not the first to deploy Arbitrum and people are dying from ETH fees rn. Arbitrum is actually going to launch Bancor into space.

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What even is the purpose of this coin? I bought a shirt, but know nothing else about this project.

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if you have lots of money in crypto, u can use bancor or aave and deposit your money for liquidity mining to earn rewards and apr.

kind of how a boomer would put 1.5mil in dividend stocks and live off the dividends.

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Calm down

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They’re a t shirt retailer

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im still waiting for one of you guys to make a copy of the shirts on redbubble or whatever. i want a shirt and the one on amazon sucks

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why did you buy the shirt anon?

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anyone have a good source to track the vBNT/BNT peg?

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How high eoy

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I have just going going to the Swap tab and plugging in 1vbnt : bnt.

Wish there was a report somewhere instead.

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I've been looking for this for a while

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yeah, but the rate doesn't seem to be changing at all, it's been the same for like an hour.

it's possible that just no one has traded vBNT in the last hour - if you look at https://etherscan.io/token/0x48fb253446873234f2febbf9bdeaa72d9d387f94#tokenTrade, it says the last trade was 1hr30m ago trading 2000 BNT for 2982 vBNT. i'm not sure if this is a complete list of all vBNT trades going on or not though, volume seems low, idk

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If you're actually paying attention...

ETH fees are destroying the "staking" space. If your stack is too small, it makes no sense to stake it.

To allow smaller retailers to participate on massive scale, they need to make staking cheaper.

When that happens, we'll see a massive volume increase. You'll definitely want to be in BNT before that happens.

$10 EoY. I won't consume Uniswap's market share, but it'll definitely siphon the shit out of it.

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>To allow smaller retailers to participate on massive scale, they need to make staking cheaper.
this is real.
if you make it so something with a 100bnt stack can start earning a buck a day or whatever but did it for 2 bucks in gas, this works.

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Hail to the king.

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According to the duneanalytics dashboard there are only 9k unique protected BNT positions. Low vBNT trade volume makes some sense in that position

Uni will always have a position as the defacto shit coin DEX. Bancor should gather enough liquidity on tier1-2 tokens, have low enough fees, and high enough speed to be a viable alternative to CEX trades

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What does BNC do?
It can pump more BNC.
Anything else.
It can pump even more BNC

>> No.29570984

Arbitrum is L2 and is coming in a few weeks...

>> No.29571042

what is BNC anon? are you in the wrong thread?

>> No.29571116

Might take time but realistically bancor could overtake uniswap

>> No.29571137

10 EOY is extremely conservative

>> No.29571262

Arbitrum has been 2 weeks away for a year.

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Your not gonna see that much changing before burning commence. I wanna put my vbnt to work but no way thats profitable at this exchange rate.

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30 cents

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when is that commencement though, that's what i'm trying to be ready for

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Sentiment on bnt across the board seems pretty positive. Also the case they had against them from like years ago finally got thrown out of court

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You are not welcome here bobo

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Sometime in march, they still have to open up more space for staking vbnt first

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bobo please no

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Got 150; tempted to get up to 1k but as a poorfag thats tough almost all my portfolio

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Good decisions are hard to make.

Investing in BNT now is a good idea. It's not going to x100, but it's not going to -x100 either.

BNT, ATOM, ALGO, GRT, and maybe a few others are all really safe bets to actually beat the fuck out of these people who get rug pulled on.

BNT rewards right now slaughter the market, because it has all the upside of smaller cap coins, with none of the slow growth issues that larger cap coins have.

You're in the sweet spot right now.

Hold it for a few weeks, you'll see.

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Depends on the timeframe. Could definitely 100x by 2023 ish

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its my biggest non bitcoin holding too. I have btc bnt and atom as my big 3.

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We are going to be millionaires

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Always were.

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poorfag here with 600bnt
have enough in chainlink to bring myself up to 1000bnt

should i do this

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>market looks like it's about to crash/dip
>buy stable coin with vbnt before dip
>when market including bnt tanked buy back bnt for stable coin

Is this high iq move (according you can time a market crash) or am I missing something

>> No.29573804

I wouldn't be so sure.

The market is STARVING for the next generation of AMM. Bancor is one of the best around on the leading edge.

However, with COSMOS's Osmosis coming out, you'll find new AMM's cropping up everywhere similar to BNC's Swaps popping up.

There is nothing stoping competitors from copying Bancor's strategy and keeping them from growing too fast with innovative offerings.

I'd bet Bancor hits $50 by 2023, not $500.

Crypto moves fast. Luckily voting in Bancors quorum model is fast and easy, but still. They have a long way to go.

>> No.29573828

maybe maybe not

>> No.29573928

This assume vBNT to BNT ratios hasn't changed much, yes. But if a bunch of people do something similar, you could actually lose money as the stablecoin swap back to vBNT which ultimately needs to be closed out back on BNT could be trouble-some.

It's leveraged risk, but totally plausible.

>> No.29574107

Raydium is also killer in the AMM space.

i would strongly encourage you to look at ORN


> t. 3000 BNT and 1000 ORN

>> No.29574115

how fat is your stack

>> No.29574128

Alright makes sense thanks
I guess I will just stake my vbnt though
Too much of a pussy to fuck around with this leverage stuff

>> No.29574611

You can't stake your vBNT. The pool is already completely full by ONE person, who consumed like 90% of the pool within minutes of it launching. Lmao.

>> No.29574668

On staking - I am assuming that the stable coins pools are temp bumps due to BTC retrace - Should I keep it in ETH?

>> No.29574826

I would never discount competitors but BNT has the first mover advantage in a variety of areas. Other AMMs would need to significantly improve on BNTs model without the BNT DAO reacting. If they can successfully deploy on DOT that will be difficult.

>> No.29574939

who is behind that project? The Bancor team has a proven track record, I don´t want to get rug pulled

>> No.29574974

ORN is proposing to aggregate all CEX/DEX into one platform. A trading portal for all of crypto. One terminal -all the liquidity. The staking alone is insanely profitable. I broadly agree, though, hence, weighting BNT.

>> No.29575105


I think this is far from a rug pull. But DYOR.

>> No.29575106

They should have limited the vBNT staking for that pool, the pool would have been filled instantly.

>> No.29575170

If she is I hope she shows us her anus.

>> No.29575243

Are fees really an accurate portrayal of usage? I feel like volume through an exchange is much more important. For example, ETH gas is insane, which makes UNI fees insane.

>> No.29575270

seems far from a rugpull, just a matter of who gets adopted quicker, and I think Bancor currently wins through providing rewards alongside safety with its IL protection

>> No.29575319

>creator of the Waves decentralised exchange (Waves’ DEX)

this looks really promising

>> No.29575671

try $10 in 2 weeks.

>> No.29575687


If this gets adopted, everyone will use it. Why would you not have one spot to log into that allows you to trade everything? No issue with insufficient liquidity etc.. et. al.

Of course, that is a big "if." BNT is a sure thing(as far as that goes, but if this works/gets adopted - it is a moonshot. LIke everything else, the best tech/idea doesn't always win - it is what gets adopted. My money is on BNT, but I am also in this. And no one on Biz talks about it.

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>still down like 20% from last week's high



>> No.29575927

Fuck off samantha

>> No.29575951

Looks a decent hedge

>> No.29575957

>no one biz talks about it

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Relax. We're just ever so slowly crawling into phase 2. Hold onto your asscheeks once it pops.

>> No.29576114


>> No.29576195

yes, good if you bought in early, but the token already mooned and I don´t want to stake there without IL protection, so I pass for the moment.

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>> No.29576590

I used 30% of my vBNT to lever up my position in multiple protocols, lets see how it will play out

>> No.29576743

when are we going to 10

>> No.29577006

Thanks for the insight anon. I do hold an algo stack too. I’ll seriously consider upping my BNT this week when I get some funds

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Exactly. Conservatively I see 20 by end of March and by this November end of bullrun we will push 50

>> No.29577058

I don't think dex fees include gas fees, but could be wrong

>> No.29577675

Gotta love those ROOK whales, they added millions in liquidity as soon as the limit was raised

>> No.29578076

cryptoMessiah back at it again

>> No.29578547

Tbh just stake until your rewards cover the vbnt you leveraged. Printer go brrr

>> No.29578919

well the vBNT value will probably rise, so I have to make enough yield or apy in the other projects to buy the more expensive vBNT. I don´t think I will fail with that, but it´s still something you have to accomplish.

>> No.29579237


crypto youtuber start to shill the project

>> No.29579488

Assuming that the value of vbnt<bnt then it’s only a matter of time to recoup your initial vbnt

>> No.29579673

Convince me not to ape all my BNT into BTC or GRT

>> No.29579769

lol someone says he's faking a pump thats fine with me i'll take out my initial investment at 3x

>> No.29579797

I've made 30 BNT in 4 days staking

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File: 1.35 MB, 2946x3114, 1_HLSOoIcYJSdmRkv8W_8ODg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you are considering this then you could never have been saved anyway

>> No.29580347

>already mooned

Much like BNB already mooned by the time it hit 5 dollars.

>> No.29580613
File: 3.63 MB, 286x258, 1613564790139.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like the way you think

>> No.29581211

I won't but you should consider waiting until satuday when most alts like BNT will have recovered from the BTC dump, because BTC will usually dip again on sunday/money which provides a buy-in point. You'd be stupid to try it right now.

>> No.29581253
File: 140 KB, 673x789, 1613664702484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Fuck this get in $CLF for earnings tomorrow

>> No.29581293

2500 bancor stack homo reporting in

anyone can give me a quick rundown on stacking ?
how does it work ?
are the fund "locked" ?

>> No.29581418

That is my take. Wait for a retrace (if come) but ORN, like BNT, is a 40- 50$ coin (IMO) at a minimum. If UNI goes to 200 - is 30 too expensive?. A risk, but a calculated one. I bet heavily on BNT, but I am hedging. And the staking with ORN is wildly profitable, potentially.

>> No.29581488

you put bnt's in a liquidity pool for the DEX. So you might suffer some impermanent loss if you withdraw before the 100 day mark, but after that it will all be covered.

>> No.29581619


are the fund "secure" in the pool?
is the process of stacking complex?

thanks for helping !

>> No.29581659

BNT goes up as the value of the exchange itself goes up, besides being a medium of exchange on the exchange. It has a lot more room to run.

>> No.29581828

I can't talk about the security of the pools, but there is already $1B of various cryptos staked, so people trust it I guess. The staking is easy anyway just go to bancor.network and pick a liquidity pool with high Rewards + APR. You earn both of these.

>> No.29581857

I agree, hence weighing my exposure (in this "area" heavily in favor of BNT. I, personally, don't go all-in on something. If I did, it would be BNT.

>> No.29582087

Well you've successfully made me wait. Honestly might just leave it, my theory is I've missed BTC this cycle so I'm hoping I can get in early on some alts before alt season starts.

Only really interested in BNT and GRT, any other alts I should look at?

>> No.29582686

Ok guys I want to get into bancor. I have 2k QNT, 1MM Akro, 45k XSN, 70k HBAR and 400 Uni. How would you redistribute this portfolio with respect to BNT?

>> No.29582763
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all in

>> No.29583031
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Sell all that shit and buy BNT. Simple as.

>> No.29583093

I sold every single UNI for BNT and it’s doing well

>> No.29583277

I know this is going to sound stupid to you, and I'll only say it once.

Sell all of those, 100% all-in BNT, and pay the gas fee to stake it and forget it.

I know, that's crazy. But if you can't take doing that, then BNT is NOT the crypto for you.

We're not playing the "NEXT x100 FOOD TOKEN" here. We're playing the "Easy x3-x5 gain this year, guaranteed".

This is the patient person's coin.

Liquidity Mining rewards won't last forever, friend. Being in BNT BEFORE that happens is best.

>> No.29583645

checked. except were going 10x no sweat

>> No.29583980

> Liquidity Mining rewards won't last forever, friend.
What? Why not? What’s the point of this shitcoin then

>> No.29584002
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>> No.29584051

send me some gas and I will

>> No.29584161

why? Will it remove rewards from other pools?

>> No.29584169

Governance tokens and projects are such shit, they obviously just lead to endless self-rewarding at the expense of the project. Random retards online should not direct a tech project.

>> No.29584225

What is

>> No.29584271

rewards will still be around, just not as high. dont forget about the high apr and the easy 10x from here

>> No.29584335

this but also the APR is going to rise as the trade volume increases

>> No.29584535

Done. Not much, but I voted against with 6750 vBNT.

>> No.29584598

why? What´s the purpose of voting against it?

>> No.29584644

185 stacklet here, waiting for Arbitrum and maybe some more buy-in to STAKE

>> No.29584902

Fellow 158 stacklet here. Doing the same, accumulating then staking after Arbitrum

>> No.29585029

>missed BTC

The bull theory is that it goes to 360k, bears pushing for "60k is the top" are out of their league based on the amount of inflation going on. However of the exchange tokens, BNT has the best tokenomics right now as it grows and the need for low-fees without getting fugged by AVAX's wonkiness or ADA's never-deliveringness grows.

>> No.29585054

Check the discussion. It dilutes BNT for the profit of people in those communities and it's likely not to add much value to Bancor. They are proposing adding rewards for an LP token that no one trades and the argument for is that by adding LM, it'll create an incentive for people to make a liquid market for the token and have volume come from arbitraging. It's basically an experiment and I think it'll be bad for everyone except the ones in those tokens. They're likely just winning the vote because the people in that community are all voting, while the rest don't understand/don't give a shit, or are simply getting cucked by the high gas fees.

Thank you.

>> No.29585365

well not much we can do than, this is initiated by the CryptoMessiah group, try competing against the crypto whales

>> No.29585603

I'm just going off of the Stock to Flow which says 140k in late 2021 before settling at 100k at by mid 2022 when alt season begins. That's the only reason I say I missed it, still good gains to be made in BTC but I'm looking for better returns this cycle. Next cycle I'll hopefully be early enough to buy BTC with my alt gains and go from there.
But yeah I'll just comfy hold and stack a few select alt coins

>> No.29585895

So what future does this shitcoin have exactly

>> No.29585898

Does it stake my vbnt to vota against?

>> No.29586363

I added 300k votes. Some whale now added fucking 800k votes. I think it'll be close, actually.

L2 voting is important so that everyone can participate, not just mostly whales. After that it's just a matter of informing people of the importance of governance and remind them to actively participate (given they understand what they're voting on of course).

>> No.29586461

Yeah, they'll be locked in for 72h.

>> No.29586552
File: 11 KB, 236x253, 12435453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you pay gas fees to get them back too?

>> No.29586686

Unfortunately, yeah. If I'm not mistaken, once you stake X amount into the voting system, you can vote with that X on as many proposals as you can, not just one. However, once you want them out of the voting system, you need to call a contract again to unstake them. Really unfortunately that people have to spend so much gas to vote.

>> No.29586690

what's the quorum requirement on that vote?

>> No.29586741

I read on Twitter that you need over 40% of the Quorum to pass the vote

>> No.29586831
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kek I answered this question with an answer to another post

>> No.29586859

Thought it was 20%, but I hope >>29586741 is correct. kek, maybe it was better not to vote in the first place so that they don't reach quorum.

>> No.29587015
File: 47 KB, 752x512, 6FCAC6BA-FFC4-472C-8324-BFE51B8B16AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cup and handle on the all time chart, shit is going parabolic after 10

>> No.29587133
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I don´t see it as a problem like you do, I would just invest more in the other projects and play the game.

BNT whales are against it, other whales are for it

>> No.29587150

Is there any way to arb the gas fees for staking outside of increasing your stake or extending your hold period? I started with 140 in gas and now I am seeing as high a 600, at times.

>> No.29587151

Guys any anyone anti fud this? Is defi just a ponzi?

>> No.29587168

Just checked - LM rewards is 40% quorum. Also, I agree. Providing LM rewards to a random shitcoin doesn't help the purple of BNT. There simply isn't enough trading volume in the entire crypto space for ROOK to make it worthwhile. We already have rewards on wNXM and renBTC and they barely have volume.

I'd rather see a good long-term solution for stable coin rewards, because these pools are critical for getting volume from aggregators.

>> No.29587305

BNT isn't just a governance token. Google Bancor Vortex and educate yourself you lazy git.

>> No.29587482

look at the chart when the rewards started or any basic metric you can find.

>> No.29587688
File: 77 KB, 415x368, 1613956239113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bancor is run by jews so they will just make it win out bancor will be at least 500 dollars because kikes

>> No.29587809

Alright, good to hear it's 40% for LM. Maybe it was impossible for them to get it regardless, but it's probably better not to get complacent and just vote against.
>I'd rather see a good long-term solution for stable coin rewards, because these pools are critical for getting volume from aggregators.
Yep, couldn't agree more.

>> No.29588620

I am only staking 1650BNT right now. Is it worth it to stay in? I have only been staking for a few days.
If you have less than 1000 BNT I cannot see any reason to stake, which is a shame.