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This is rubic board now.

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100k stack and never selling

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what the shit, memes are not supposed to be this ugly
well, except that cigar biz pepe, but this is abominable

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KEK! Rubi had here 19k rubis.. will I make it?

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I love RBC and hate that I was too poor to get more than 5K. I really think it will x10 from here but to think what another $1K could have afforded me...

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How does $190,000 sound?

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>only x10
He doesn't know..

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always has been

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Oh ok so the just like link we might see some profits in 4-5 years while everything else around us moons

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if dubs its 20 dollars eoy

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its up 360% in the span of a month

nigger what

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120k stacklet here. NGMI from this coin as I didn’t get in early enough. Hopefully gonna at least make it from a couple others while this one moons up.

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I know you're probably being an intentional shithead but if they follow through on what they've claimed they're going to do a price above $5 a token will easily happen before eoy. Just think of how well uniswap did in the span of 6 weeks and then look at what Rubic plans to do plus the tokenomics and supply vs what uni or sushi has.

Pack your bags, fucko.

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always has been

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>This is rubic board now.
When wasn't it?

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It's the 24th, isn't today the big dump shill bullshit? Or has it moved back to march 25th? These shills are worse than doomsday soothsayers.
Not nearly as clever though.

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That was never happening. It was some idiot trying to scare people off the day before limit orders get implemented (25th feb)

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Bros I'm so fuggin comfy. We're building some seriously strong supports now.

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Checked and I agree, but I still hold my 350k rubic back with diamond hands since 2 cents. Never selling till AT LEAST $10. Pic related to make up for OP's shitty meme

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