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Is it too late to buy brehs?

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at this point its obviously going to atleast a dollar, even when btc fucking died it still made a new ATH.

who really knows where the lid is on this thing

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Currently got a market cap of over a billion. So it might go 3x maximum from here imo.

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This is how it will go chads

Next stop is $.66
Then back down to $.51
From $.51 to $.80
Dip again to $.69
Retest $.80 and then to $.71
From $.71 to $.99 will go fast
At $1 there will be a big dump to $.75
Back up to $1.1 and dump again to $.80
From $.80 to $1.5 will go as fast as $.71 to $.99.
At $1.5 we will be slowly going to $2, but at $2 we will get the biggest dump yet, 50% dip very very fast all the way down to $1
From here we will get an insane run to $2.9 and then back down to $2.1
At this point we will go sideways for a while
And after that get the biggest moon yet.
At $6 things will slow down, and most will think it cant go any higher.
Then some major news will bring us to $11
From here we will dip a few times, and then slowly move to $15
At this point ($50b~ mc) we will stay for quite some time. The road to $30 will be the hardest 2x we will ever have.
When we get there, we will never be under $100b mc again

There will be dips at almost every major milestone ($1, $2 etc)
People will FOMO and a lot will dump their bags
Only very very few will hold all the way
Hang in there chads, you will make it

>$40 eoy

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never too late, just don't fomo

at least 20Bil

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No. Don't be a faggot like me and be scared to buy. I put in $250 and only got 5,000 fanties back in september. But then I look retards that had 2 mil fanties that sold it all. All I have now is a modest stack of $11k fanties with an average buy in price at $0.18, so fucking buy anon. I believe in this project so hard, I just wish I had the balls when I needed them. $1 EOM.

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nah, it'll overtake Cardano

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its never too late

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I was the same as you and only put in 500 around the same time. I stopped being a pussy sold my stack and went long 130k ftm at 0.13cents and haven't looked back since.

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Close but not quite
>2021 eoy $10 - $20
>2022 eoy $40 - $60
>2023 eoy $90 - $150
>2024 eoy $200 - $600
>2025 eoy $400
>2030 eoy $1000+


Sell at whenever your comfortable with anons, just remember this. I'm gay. Thank you.

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>Not really, it's never to late to fuck something up
Is it smart tho? Fuck no
Dyor on AAVE if you want a good long term hold.

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FTM is a better Ethereum, Aave and SNX in one combined.

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Best fud so far.

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ANTsy, you know like ANT Shares

Good times

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gross coin name but I'm in

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its going to dump at $1 anons, whales incoming

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i am one of the retards that sold hundreds of thousands of fanties for mere cents because i held them for 2 years and they did nothing. im close to necking myself but I have to try to make it this year somehow so im gonna stick around i guess. try to find the new ftm of this year

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say thanks to all the faggots who tried to hold you away from this gem. To many fudd on biz. I tired to shill it to you guys everyday

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It will certainly go to 1 USD.
It will very likely go to 3 to 4 USD.
It will hopefully go to 8 USD.

At the current global market cap for all cryptos. So it will likely go higher than that as the market grows.

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Yeah but this was a 2018 PnD, that's not FUD, it actually happened and was widely documented

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A lot of whales are keeping it until 5-10 and will only sell less than half.

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yes it was 2018
you had no eyes to see what has been accomplished in the 2020 and in the present which is why you didnt' see the price going up and still think it is a scam

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>tfw only put 1k in because the fudders put me off going in harder
>tfw that was at 4c
Cant complain too much but man, I could have had so much more money right now

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Where are the scamtom fantom fuds now? You cost me an easy 40x you ass holes.

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It's falling again

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Reevaluate how others effect your opinion and from now on listen to yourself. I spent years in these threads since ftm was half a cent, would even question it sometimes myself. Then just stuck with my conviction. Have to remember how crappy gains were for awhile.

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it's got an 80x left in this run

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100% anon, well said

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I'm hoping it crashes down to 45c so I can buy more. perhaps patience is the right move here if you want to accumulate

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locked in locked on

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one more Cronje project that's very likely to suffer an "exploit", kek.

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fomoing in now seems like a really bad idea, but im so tempted to do it

goddamn, I have been following FTM since like $.10 and still havent gotten any

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bitcoin will shit the bed again so get some buy orders set

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If you fomo in now and hold you'll still be okay.

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as long as you're ok with watching it drop to 50c, which is quite possible when it spikes this hard

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Yes, I'm like a gepard right now, waiting for the herd to start the stampede again, to then catch a sick and weak antilope and swallow it

MACDs look really really nice. This dump will be scary and I love it.

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Ah yes, an infinite bullrun. Come on, anon, I am bullish but this is impossible. You are already in euphoria mode.

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on one hand it's undervalued at a 1b market cap and on the other many people are 100x on this coin

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My poor brother wanted in on crypto, I shilled him FTM and he put $5k into the market. It's all locked in on coinbase though for a few more days. They do that shitty 10 business days hold on your funds so you can't move it off the exchange. He bought into the market when FTM was $.14..... and still hasn't been able to buy any. Only now do I realize that Kucoin has a credit card option to buy BTC, he could've just gone through there.

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that's weird. I use coinbase and I can transfer straight away.

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Fuck. This was half a cent 11 months ago. Why why why can't I see this shift sooner?

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He did a bank transfer, if you do credit card I think it's a bit faster? Also above a certain dollar threshold they lock it. Have you done buys that big?

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can't get anymore bullish than this

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no always <$400 a week

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God this coin is so fucking based. What the fuck.

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>buy $100 in ftm
.60*100 = $60 withdrawal fee.
nope, I bitches when it was $14 not fucking paying 60% in fucking FEES

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What does this mean?

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That fee will be gone tomorrow retard.

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binance withdrawal on opera is tomorrow

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Are you a writer? You should write fiction, you have quite the imagination.

I hope you're right though. What I thought was a meager investment in FTM "just in case" is now one of my biggest holdings.

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absolute state of retards

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Alameda Research invests $35m into Fantom Foundation

Alameda Research enters the Fantom ecosystem, collaborating with the Fantom Core teamintegrating Solana, Serum, Raydium, and other cross-chain products.

In addition to that, Alameda Research will run avalidator nodeon top of the Fantom Opera mainnet to help boost network security.

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150k reporting

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Sell the news

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If you're fomoing, it's too late

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fanties constantly mooning even when other stuff was shitting the bed yesterday... how is this not #1 altcoin of 2021 yet

keep accumulating more fantie frens before 1$

>> No.29563489

Checked. I went X5 long on this news, is this is a bad idea ?

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never sell your entire bag tho~ swingers get the rope...

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Not a bad idea to go long on FTM, but definitely not after big news comes out; you always have to count on that news already being priced in and the reason why a coin hit an ATH the day it's revealed

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it means moon my son

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unironically going to $100 Billion mcap. Fantom has already made me rich, but it will make me even richer. Haha it will kill cardano, eth and dot and that avax shitcoin. Fantom is superior to all of them, I have done the reseacrh.

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fuck off like I knew that

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Love this coin

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big news is coinbase on thursday

>> No.29563959

Alamada research puring $30 million into Fantom research. Very bullish

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This pretty much. If you got in over 10 cents the space for exponential gains reduces significantly.

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Damn it feels good to be a Fantie, bros.

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Obviously, but gains are gains, I'll take what I can get
t. 1k stack at 0.4

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Checked satan trips
Priced in? We couldnt knew this announcement was coming.

>> No.29564151

Checked. I dont know, even with this btc dumping ftm doesnt seem to want to go down too much. I should definitely close my long on thursday though ?

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yes I am feeling this would be bullish and make price up because its not known information. However you all seem to know about coinbase tomorrow so I will definitely close my long and sell the news there, if I dont get liquidated before at 0.5... :(

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>We couldnt knew this announcement was coming.

Is the point. Insiders will have known already though. It's why it's "buy the rumor, sell the news." Crypto is a different space, yes, but the rule still applies in most cases. This isn't FTM fud, just short term speculation of a correction to the low .50's high .40's before the next run up.

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wouldnt it already be sold by now though ? All I see is the price resisting pretty well despite the btc price drop

>> No.29564496

Idk about coinbase tomorrow, heard about listing back in January but dont know about the date.
Understood, but "rumor" part bugged me. I thought because crypto is a different space we all have twitter and online news and all that shit, not secret clubs.

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Bros is fomoing at 0.50 worth it, is 1$ eom very likely?

>> No.29564598


I have an inherent bias against margin trading at this point, and am just giving you my internal logic as to why I wouldn't place a long at this high. I'd wait for the inevitable dip after a 70%+ increase overnight. I've lost $80,000 on a liquidation after putting a long on good Stellar news back in 2016.

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1$ is likely tomorrow after coinbase listing

>> No.29564718

haha 1 USD EOW, 3 USD in 20 days from now.
im going in on leverage!

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I get it you are right, Ive mostly been liquidated shorting bad news and longing good news... Wheras when there isnt any big price movement caused by an event I usually manage to close on a profit sooner or later.
Still hoping i can close on a profit but after this I will follow your advice and wait on a big dip to long again, its pumped too much today already ggreat coin or not. Im not playing with 80k though im super poor and just x5 on my last 60 crypto dollars.

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ITT: Euphoria. Sell signal.

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Patience in this market is better than greed. It moves too fast to try and cut the line as it were. I have posted my ETH story in many a thread. I bought 1200 ETH at $1.40. I swing traded it at $18. Lost my position when I bought back later so I only have 900 ETH. Over the years it went down to 25 ETH, and now I hold no ETH. I made good money, yes; but had I never sold my initial buy I would've made millions instead of thousands.

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devs selling

its over

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bro this fud is 2017 tier. rope yourself niglet

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I know but the big paradox is the poorer you are, the greedier you are. Youre a poor noob and end up using futures and derivatives and complex tools made for professionnals that dont even use them themselves and can just sit back and relax on their 5 or 6 figure stacks. I only have 60 dollars to play with atm, that story with 50 ETH doesnt sound as great as 1200. I'll just gamble like a degenerate on this small stack, and will invest more patiently in spot without much swinging or active trading when I am able to throw more money in (1k at least).

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FUD on 4chan doesn't affect the price, stop wasting your time faggot

>> No.29565325

Sounds pretty based to me, no greed in his message.

>> No.29565371

Unironically positive, anti-FUD even

>> No.29565399

So people who own Fantom do in fact fuck. I should have listened

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t. fomo retard

>> No.29565483

Based. I put in $80 and now it’s worth nearly $1.5k WTF

>> No.29565498

I fucked before
t. 12k stacklet bought at 0.05-0.15

>> No.29565512

yeah I get fucked like this a lot. refusing to take a 10k profit because it's "not enough", even though it's 30% of my poorfag stack. Then it dips and gets uncapitulated.

>> No.29565514

>that story with 50 ETH doesnt sound as great as 1200

50 ETH would've cost you $70 at that price.
50 ETH is now worth $82050

I think in any rational traders mind, turning $70 into $80000 is a great story. The root lesson being that there would've been no greed in that trade, since you would've held and made 1000x.

>> No.29565637

In same boat as you.

>> No.29565795

I put 12k FTM into BNB and BAKE last week when FTM wast at 16 cents.
BAKE did a 3x, but at the same time FTM did a 4x. FML

>> No.29565807

the new FTM is unironically FTM

>> No.29565839

>already back above .6
that's it? that's the big dump?

>> No.29565840

No if you're waiting for the 2025 run.

>> No.29565920



SBF/Alameda investing in Fantom. This is so bullish.

>> No.29566056

For reals?

>> No.29566568

Have 500 bucks worth of ethereum, all in on FTM or BNF?

>> No.29567041

Literally THE best picture ever made

>> No.29567142

How about stop selling like a beta and hold to 2$

>> No.29567648

dont look at it
do nothing

>> No.29567957

>However you all seem to know about coinbase tomorrow so I will definitely close my long and sell the news there, if I dont get liquidated before at 0.5... :(

Coinbase not tomorrow, not next few weeks

>> No.29568354

Connor isnt a dev you fucking retard, hes just a salty jewish early adopter who thought because he whaled early he was the team lead.

>> No.29568410

someone make a new general this thread has a notable absence of 240IQ schizos and far too many retards who don’t even hold FTM

>> No.29568563

sorry i cant read thought you were asking how to stop

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why the fuck not? It blasted its way to #53

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