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What will you do once you finally make it?
I will build a house. All by myself. I will lay brick after brick, sweat rolling down my back, and time won't matter as i won't be in a hurry. Where? The spanish countryside. Mountains and fields all around me. Then I will take up gardening, living off my own land. I will get a doggo with whom i will wander around for hours and watch as the sun sets.

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quit my job,
i dont know i would learn to code or learn game dev as a hobby.
fuck a hooker maybe once 1 month.
have a chill relax day for the rest of my live,
because i fucking hate being a wagie

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I'll break down your house. All by myself. I will smash brick after brick, piss and shit rolling down my legs. Time won't matter I won't be in a hurry. Where? The spanish countryside. Mountains and fields all around me. I will forcefully fuck your dead doggo for hours and watch as the sun sets. The pleasant sounds of you whimpering and crying in the background.

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I've already bought a house, and I'm renting out two of the rooms, so I can put most of my earnings at work towards crypto if I want to. You could say I've already made it, but that was before I really started with crypto. I think if I end up making millions, which I honestly doubt, I'll buy a large plot of land and build a gated neighborhood on it. It's hugely unrealistic I know, but I would work towards building a family compound. My dad has 10 siblings, my mom has 3, and my brother has 5 kids. So having so many uncles and aunts, nieces and nephews, cousins, grandparents, and siblings living together would honestly be a dream come true for me.

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I want a house with two bedroom, and a deck to sip on a beer on evenings. I'd like to take up writing as a hobby. And possibly get a motorcycle license and renovate some old bike. I cash out at 4MM.

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I literally already do that. Still cant sleep worrying if ill get a gf and kids, at the end of the day you are empty without those things

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Build a nice big house on rural land along the coastline somewhere, buy one nice but modest car, workout every day, and start my own business

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pay out family loan and kill myself.
literally no reason to live but i might at least leave while doing something good

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lol jesus

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I'm trying to get a house for my mom. It's my mid term goal.

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I won't make it. Things like that don't happen to me.

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Probably won't make but, but if I do I'd just buy a house for my family, and one in the countryside, I would raise some animals and just drive around and go hiking/camping.. It would be a dream man

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I am not gonna make it, after this bull run I am quite sure, the profits I was able to make are not enough compared to size of green dildos we have seen

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Each to their own but that’s my idea of hell

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>wishes he was healthy enough to even consider making it

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I'll be waiting

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I'm too fast you won't get me

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I’m sorry to hear you do not have good relations to your family, anon. Hope you will do well and live a healthy live.

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The legendary nocoiner salt

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I just want to live off a meagre allowance and get rid of all of my technology

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Bro I really hope you will know what you're doing and not have it crash on top of your head.

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Exceedingly based

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Live in a niggerproof bunker underground with enough tendies to last me a lifetime.

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I would die a happy man. Killed by my own creation.

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We all know you won't do any such thing, anon
Building an actual house nowadays is impossible by yourself, unless you want to live in a shitty log cabin

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Based and Lawrencepilled.

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Really don't have glamorous plans. I plan to marry my girlfriend, start a family, and give them a better home than I had.
I'll probably even wagecuck remotely for a while to keep stacking and saving for my children.

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Amass more power and have my enemies driven before me.

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Fund the police,
Fund the cartel,
Fund the niggers,
Fund the maga boomers,
Then sit back and watch.

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Nook not the doggo u ssick bastard

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Based OP

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Take care of my parents. Start living my life finally. I spent my 20s floundering and not amounting to much. This feels like my ticket to making things better for once.

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Can you post proof?

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I'll buy a sailboat and travel around the world with my gf and a few crypto friends that are also close to making it

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All I've ever wanted is my own house in Duluth by the edge of Lake Superior. One small house for me, one house to rent. Live off rent payments and dividends. Spend my days hiking the Superior Trail. I don't ask for much, I just want this.

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Extra vinegar for that salt

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>Building an actual house nowadays is impossible by yourself

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Change the world. Make it a better place.

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Checked and same, would like to take a year out and get my sci-fi novel self published.

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It's true, fren
Sometimes just doing the heavy lifting and getting stuff into place is a job for 2 people
Btw I'm not thinking of the flimsy wooden A-frame crap that passes for a house in the US, I mean a proper concrete or LSF structure with a proper foundation underneath. Do you even construct

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Do what I am doing now but with less worries

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I have 5 business ideas I want to complete
I want to have a couple houses
Travel the world
Maybe move to Wyoming long term
Become the pillar of my family, help those around me make it themselves
Find a a woman, or a couple to love and breed
Write a couple books
You know, change the world, leave my mark, be the best person I can be , leave a legacy, be someone who will live in the memory of people to inspire them, that ancestor role model that changed the financial future of the family.
Also philanthropy

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I hated school. Racist teachers, slow pace, topics I knew I wouldn't use, few opportunities for growth outside of classes and generally students dragging each other down.
I'd like to send my future kdis to a good private school. Which means a house in a nice area and extra income to support that, both of which are expensive.

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Unexpectedly wholesome thread.

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I’ll do literally nothing different

I’ll still live with my parents browsing 4chan all day, the only difference is I will hoard gold and silver to buy a harem during the crash

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a family living all together in a compound is cringe desu
you want your kids to play and hang around other families.

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Fortress in the wilderness. High walls, moat, underground rooms, everything.
I just want to be left alone, not wage and not have to worry about whether I should eat or not today to save some money.

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Based and Tedpilled

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Based af. Live the dream anon.

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similar but in a more northern part of EU
don't trust spanish people

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>move to spain
>not painting a self portrait

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Someone need make movie about this

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unironically continue investing and invest primarily in projects that I really like and want to support.

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pay me mums debts, get her nice car and thats it, maybe i will travel some but i don't need much maybe new pc

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I'm going to start a small homestead, learn an instrument, learn how to sing decently, and then study philosophy/religion/history etc for the rest of my life and hopefully start some sort of educational platform. That is going to be my life.

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Buy a nice lakeview villa in Italy and spend the rest of my days relaxing on the porch with my beautiful future Italian wife.

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One of my gramps country neighbors built his own house a few years ago. I also personally know a carpenter who built his.

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I will buy 100 acres of forested land an hours walk out of a small town/village
I will build a small cabin, I will chop my own wood, I will dig my own well
I'll buy groceries and supplement with gardening and hunting
I will have my dog, perhaps I will have a wife, preferably from a small eastern european village, the type of woman who foraged with her family as a child in forests that had always been there
I will read shakespeare, the english romantics, Ill read the ancients in greek and latin, Ill read the German romantic and idealist traditions. I will write poetry, I will write metaphysics, I will drink tea and wine as I watch my children frolic in the garden. I will paint (the only thing I have natural talent for). I will make love to my wife. I will live the beautiful life.

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If I ever made it I’d pack up my stuff and move to either japan or a Spanish speaking country and dedicate my time to learning the language there. Then when I accomplish go accomplish another feat.

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Isn't it hard to get permanent visa in Japan? Don't they hate foreigners?

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Man you guys are fucking lying, most of you are gonna jack off all day in front of expensive ass computers

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I'm moving to the philippines. I already have 4 babies with 4 different Filipino women, each on a different island.

Whenever I fly back to flip land I set my tinder and online dating profile as "bareback with creampie ONLY", and message anybody who matches with me "Let me cum inside of you". It takes like 30 minutes of swiping to find a fuckable date for that night.

Flip women are the sluttiest, most cum addicted, willing single mothers on the planet earth. They live to be bred, and the opportunity to have a white baby fucked into them is like a dream come true.

I get them into the bed, make them come, and get them to agree to bear my child before I nut inside of them. I have never had any of them ever get mad at me for coming inside, since that is the entire premise of our hookup. That they will walk away with a creampie from a white man.

You may not believe me, and you definitely won't believe this next part: I have even had several woman promise to meet me on the days they are ovulating, with their fertility cycle schedule all planned out and everything. Because they WANT to get pregnant by a white foreigner. I have even had an older white guy with a filipino wife message me and ask me to breed her, since he had a vasectomy and she was pestering him for a child. I did it.

The philippines is a shithole, but for a white man who wants to COLONIZE brown asian cunt, it is the holy land and paradise.

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I'm gonna pay lobbyists in my country to make sure there's laws in place to deal with faggots who play music extremely loudly
some people think it's a good idea to put a super powerful sound system in their tiny ass hollow house and blast music so loud that it vibrates everything around them and the cops can't do anything about it since there's no laws to stop it

fuck that shit, I'll make sure it comes to an end

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buy back my family farm and become self sufficient

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so based

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same, I hope that I will make it anons

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building a house is also something I'd love to do
it's the only big expense I can see myself liquidiating a decent chunk of crypto for

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Checkd and wholesome homesteadpilled

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Buy a house far away from other people and get a goat.

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I can't take wage slavery for much longer so I plan to buy a modest home in full then live off passive income until the next bull market.

How much does one need, to earn £30-40k per year?

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Buy myself my dream car and my dream house. Keep some money in safe long term investments, help my family and donate.

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Based goodluck to you buddy

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Possibly contact my ex and see if things are still fucked between us. She's wealthy so it wouldnt be a case of exposing myself to gold diggery. But I miss her.