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There are people on this board who unironically sold the bottom yesterday

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>implying we're finished dumping

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>golden cross forming
>this isn't the bottom
What did anon mean by this? Is this how you people don't make money in a bull run?

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>ta in crypto

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By default TA is more accurate the more stupid money there is, it's more effective to read crypto than stocks. With smarter money its self fulfilling tendencies are a huge flaw.
Last golden cross was the start of the pump in 2020 but you can decide to stay poor if you'd like.
No more spoonfeeding after this, newfag.

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shhh, it's okay not to know your technicals
why don't you just buy more - I'm sure it's going to pump : )

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>the bottom
cope more

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The amount of dunning Kruger midwits in nu biz who unironically think TA is only meme lines and formation is astounding
When will you faggots go back to pol and reddit

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Shit I forgot it's still mutt hours, no wonders the IQ itt is so low
Welp, not everyone is meant to make it gl at your wagie jobs

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I bought at 45k

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>meme line is useful
>every published and established research shows that most traders lose money

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>he thinks that was the bottom

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>Dunning Kruger midwit
>acts like a dunning Kruger midwit
Mutts being mutts I guess

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I was tempted after only being down 10%

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In a few days you'll be thankful you re smarter than the niggers in this thread

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Any other low iq poorfaggot wanna share their thoughts

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How is the text on-screen in her eyes when she is looking away from the screen?

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Shut up retard is that your first 10% income ?
don’t be a tard who trashtalks here
share what bot u use for it
I am clever enough to realize how it works
Bot Ocean - that what you need

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I buyed more.

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You seem to be learning English slowly bot ocean anon
Proud of you

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Retard. Show wallet. Let me guess, you're underage summerfag

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I can smell the leaf through the screen. You're not fooling anybody

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this right here

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Why are 9 from 10 of your investments profitable? We have to search for long-term investments that can't blow up like a soap bubble. That’s why you should follow Crop Finance:

> Easy and profitable farming without risks
> Passive income for the Crop token customer
> Top gas savings on rebalance and lending system
I won’t ask you to join, but when they will get x4, don’t say I didn’t warn you hahaha

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I'm up 1300% since Jan and you retarded mutt? Low iq niggeroid from jewnited states should know their place.

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Another bag holder after initial pnd of a shit coin trying to get back up? Let me give you an advice mutt so you stop getting outsmarted by pajeets.
Track new bsc contacts and invest directly, this way you ll be the one dumping not the dumped on.

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/biz/ told me to

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prepare for dead cat bounce

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God I almost forgot about this image. Time to re-save it even though I already have it.

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fren do you daytrade/swing trade? could you give me some resources where I can learn from? I haven't had much success trading but I really want to learn more and get better at it

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I day trade about 10% of my stack yeah
As for ressources I think the og books like Wyckoff are perfect.
At the core of it TA is reading the emotions in the market and crypto is perfect for it since much less algos and actual traders using TA to reverse positions and trap
Do keep in mind though practice is the best
As for a tldr of TA here's what I can give you
Look for 3 things
The overall trend, mid term and short term (always go top to bottom like 1d>4h>1h... Not the other way around)
Your zone of value, Aka resistances and how the volume fares against it. If volume is surging as you approach a resistance you might miss gains by selling the resistance
And an entry trigger, could be one of the more reliable patterns (cup and handle, double bots and tops ...) as In a reversal pattern.
If you mix these ideas with BBs, MACD, RSI and most importantly of all the volume, you should be able to make some money. Oh and don't forget candles, shooting stars, hammers and encompassing candles can be reliable.
Practice that with a small part of your folio you don't mind losing.

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I'm willing to bet 100k you didn't even 4x this bullrun so far
Come on show your PNL and not a larp folio
Also I'm not a leaf pol faggot

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I bought the bottom

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Nice Trips of truth sir.

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I definitely made more than you.

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I want Nene to make that face while staring at my dick

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Stop posting anime you fucking trannies

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Only beta virgins sell when the market is down. Chads hold and giga-chads buy more.

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thank you very much fren I will keep these tips in mind

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i doubt many of those posters actually sold, they're just fudding the market.

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>he didn't change Google file name
The absolute state of mutts.

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Guaranteed VD hahahahaha

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>golden cross
>caused by a literal 50% crash and recovery in a day

ok dumbfuck

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>he doesn't know
Out of all the midwits itt you re the lowest on the bell curve
Seethe more, buy high and sell low faggot who couldn't tell most obvious bottom in years

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>implying i ever sell
sorry, i'm not a NEET

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