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Official Thread for BNT holders:
- General discussion
- News
- Charting analysis
- Memes


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all we can do is laugh at these Rubic peasants... just like vultures, they are

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literal money printer

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fav coin, staking in link and eth

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>my $10k position yielded me $0 rewards in fees in 5 days
what the fuck

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I see you are a man with refined taste

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*rewards and fees

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yeah i bought a stack, I hope I make it

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What retarded coin are you staking?

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That's a UI bug. I had the same exact thing happen . Support said it was IL related.

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how do I fix it? I thought the rewards&fees show regardless of IL, my other LINK positions show the fees&rewards from the minute I started staking them

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Show proof.

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Been wanting to get into BNT for a while. But it’s already rank 89 sadly. It’d have to get in the top 20 for it to 10x.

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UI need a overhaul, its slow as a motherfucker and looks ugly. If this is the first dex to implement arbitrum or any other gas killer fuck its gonna explode. Only bad thing about it, except black swan events which no one has conjured up yet, is its a long hold. Also, anyone done anything retarded with their vBNT? Im hoping i get to stake it soon but im getting quite tempted to use it, if gas fees wasnt such a mess and ratio only 0.5 or whatever id probably restake em with BNT. Its like a hedge against lower prices.

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I just switched my browser and cleared cache and it works fine now

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what browser did you switch to? I went from Brave to Mozilla, cleared cache and nothing changed.

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Sucks dude, have you tried contacting the team? They're really responsive. It sounds like others in this thread have already talked to support already and it's only a UI bug.

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>btc is at 10k? Man that's too bad I wanted to get in for while, guess it's too expensive now

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Now look at all the shit in the top 20 and tell me why it won't.

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yeah I went to the support directly and they said they'll contact me back via e-mail. 3 days and nothing has happened yet so I am trying fix it myself

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Even if this shit does a 2x, or even drops 50%, and you hold for a year your gonna have a nice yield. The only time this shit cant be profitable is if you plan on holding for minutes up to atleast 3 months. The more TVL the more DEX usage aswell but im guessing thats the real weak point, no dex use that is.

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This lol. Making 1k a week staking my BNT, just hoping a few k open space of link opens up and I'll chuck some linkies in too. Wish I'd jumped at the chance a few days ago when I saw like 4k link space available

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I wouldn't worry too much bro, I've been hearing about this issue for about a week now, so you're definitely not the only one.

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What's the return like staking 1k LINK?

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I am not worried at all, I am just annoyed. I want to see my gains.

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Figure it out yourself, check the rewards collumn

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We. Are. All. Going. To. Make. It

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Im a big BNT fan but they need a propper exchange info site, like all the other DEXs.
I got no idea what use the current one is for

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what do you mean?

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Yeah overall i feel like theres a lot that needs to be done, especially concerning UI.

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the UI update is imminent

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BNT/BTC chart lookin juicy bros. Just wait until the real alt szn this shit is gonna pump so hard

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They’re updating the UI very soon

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For example I'd like to be able to see a chart showing vBNT/BNT.
Most other DEXs have a portal where you can pull up all swap and price information but I don't believe there is one yet for Bancor

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$55.55 in August

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Was my concern as well but this is the easiest safest short term 5x i could find

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And while it’s on the way you can print money

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What does bancor and the imf have in common?

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Can I get a quick rundown on this coin?
Is it trying to be a stabilising force by linking coin groups together as reserve? Is it trying to be like bank ie safe store of value? What coins does it hold in reserve and by who? How is it linked to other coins?
bancor.network tells me nothing.

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>1inch airdrop
>Swapped to BNT
Thanks fuckers

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What’s the make it stack for BNT?

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Bnt outperformed 1inch by more than 100% this month who gives a fuck about a faggy airdrop

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It's a DEX that has managed to solve the IL problem. Easy money.
I used to hold 10% in USDT for dips but now I leave it on Bancor and it earns decent gains, risk free until I need it. (which I did yesterday)

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Depends, are you staking, how long do you plan on holding? 1 year is 10k bnt, 2 years is 1000bnt.

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The clue is in the name. Literally.

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Forgive my ignorance, IL problem?

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I know this, I want specifics.

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Impermanent Loss

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aaaand we are back

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In the wake of this ever lasting hell week, I'm looking at moving a little of the play money stack around, should i move my XLM to BNT

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any roadmap?

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stop beaing mean
in 2 years the entire crypto market wont be bearish

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Thank you

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Why are you holding XLM? It will never pump, and never has. Literally the only reason to have it is to leave it in the wallet and earn the measly inflation bonuses.

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YOU DONT USE THE DAPP. I use trust wallet and their browser.

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Most undervalued bluechip DeFi

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Bancor + Chainlink = Power Couple of the GBR. Lots of love, anons.

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Hey, I have 40k, and I want to stake in Bancor. What advice can you give me Bancorbros?

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if you have weak hands, don't stake.

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40k of money to spend, or 40k or bnt? Buy bnt and stake it in one of the pools on the bancor site. The rewards and apr should all be listed.

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40000 usd

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Got 40k from selling of a property. Staking seems like a great investment for that money.

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Same fag? Buy bnt and stake for a year to double that money

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>$10k position is 300 link

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>If this is the first dex to implement arbitrum
Is there anything (official news, discord screengrabs, telegram audio message, LARP) about an actual date when this would happen? Chainlink never gives dates, but maybe Bancor has given an estimate.

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We're back up to $6 lads. Wahay

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That's on offchain labs who have zero professionalism. It may come some time this half of the year, though im no longer confident in the impact of its launch.

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>zero professionalism
Why's that? I'm out of the loop, did I miss some drama?

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Frequent missed targets and running their social media like a coked up bipolar teenager.

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Why are you not thinking it will have a huge impact?

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>im no longer confident in the impact of its launch.
If they deliver 50x gas fee reduction as promised what the fuck is there not to be confident about

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Arbitrum is pure hopium. And that's coming from someone with 60% of his crypto in BNT.

L2 solutions are unproven and untested so it will take at least 6 months until projects start to roll out. Long term it doesn't matter. ETH2 will be released gradually and tx pressure will go down over time. In the meanwhile all DeFi projects suffer from congestion the same.

Bancor has the tokenomics and monetary policy to be the most successful DEX in the DeFi space. Nothing else comes close.

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Staking 10k link and 1k BNT. Am I gonna make it?

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Thanks for the update, last time I checked in gas price were high but still "okay". Now it's just balls to the wall insane. I wanted to restake some BNT but at these prices that's just not very profitable to do.

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whats the minimum amount of bnt to make staking worth it?

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1000 I think. Gas fees are rough with less

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Depends on gas price and your time horizon. If you stake for 5 years, it literally doesn't matter.

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say i staked 1000 for 3 months, would that be profitable?

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I wonder if they'll get any market capture and how seamlessly integrated it is. L2 solutions already exist and go unadopted so are useless. Arbitrum looks to have attention but as they've acted so embarrassingly for a year now im sceptical if they'll succeed.

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your digits say yes

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Jesus Christ do the math yourself you lazy fuck.


If that number is positive, then yes.

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not really. If you're too much of a poorfag that you can't leave that for 1 year, perhaps restaking rewards twice, i wouldn't bother. long term, yes.

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>I wonder if they'll get any market capture
This is a binary outcome. If the AMM that is already absolutely devouring TVL with the best LP incentives around ALSO gets a 50x gas fee reduction before the competition, then we've fucking made it.

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oh shit right thanks man

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Exactly this, who the fuck is using L2? No one, and there's not really a reason.

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is it too late to fomo into bancor ?
whats the suicide stack for that coin ?

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not too late at all, I've been accumulating all the way up and will continue doing so as long as Bancor market share keeps growing

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I only just started paying attention to this shitcoin. What happens if I stake 1k link?

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got in with 1.5k link recently feels extremely comfy. generating ~70 BNT a month, never going to sell them.

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No, not too late. My exit target is $50-$100 staggered.

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Ofc I’d be staking for as long as the bull market continues. I have around $55k worth of shitcoins that I could put into BNT so short of 10k bnt unfortunately. But I also have 52k link that I could stake on bancor so that should perhaps lower the make it amount?

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Yeah, but word of warning - it can be tricky to get the link staked. That pool fills very quickly. I think there’ll be a vote on expanding the pool tho.
I have seen it open but you need to be sharp

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Sorry to hear that anon

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1k bnt

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too dumb and poor for this
no one will spoon feed you this hard you all caps faggot

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The amount of retard newfags on this board nowadays is filthy

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lmao you're right. every thread we have 10 faggots like this. makes you wonder if bull market is even sustainable when we're already at "completely hopeless retards need to be spoonfed absolutely everything" stage.
he was obviously being facetious you irredeemable retard

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Completely hopeless retards = biz

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All i want is fuckin humane gas so restaking is profitable under 1000 bnt if arbitrum can make that happen i dont care if no one else think thats any good.