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>every coin in the top 20 has more than 20% gains in the last 30 days, some even up 100%, 200%
>LINK only up 9%
What's the point...

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Link is the most heavily overpriced project there is

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i. sold. everything.

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Link is the most heavily overpriced project there is

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wasn't shit like $1 last year? when are you niggers going to shut the fuck up this coin already? and you're at about $30 and that's not enough?

sell it or kys. no one cares.

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Link is the most heavily overpriced project there is

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It's fuckin bullshit bro. I feel your pain bro. I fuckin sold all my shit bro. Tired of this non mover scam token

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Link is dying, and rightfully so. The money to made from it is way passed it time now.

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Buy moar is the point

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Link is the most heavily overpriced project there is

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Zoom out.

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Fucking cope. Talking about roi from 2.5 years ago.

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because $UMB is on the fucking rise baby!!!!

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Zoom out. And look at the all graph. Do this with other coins too. Then compare.

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I unironically left link for Rubic and am very happy.

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Erc20 shitcoin, imagine my surprise

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Sold this shitcoin to buy Solana


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I bought in at around .26 and went from 2k to 3.5k in a couple days so I'm happy.

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Never selling. Imagine your surprise

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you sound like that retarded kid who tries to be the cool one by assimilation of memes when i reality it’s just fabricated garbage. terrible marketing strategy.

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ok. I'd rather gamble my $2k on a coin under a dollar and then buy more link than buy link with $2k

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Get a clue

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Look at this bot fud bullshit. Dont make me buy more please im trying to diversify.

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Fuck these Link-shill bots

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this can't be real. this is like some /pol/ shitpost falseflag video or something.

fucking shit maybe those retards were right all along. if all that IS actually happening, then start printing my new liver right fucking now, because im not going to be sober if this is what's left to live for

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Link has pumped the least, and turbodumped the hardest during last Monday's market crash.

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Cry more, lib

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>this can't be real

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im not a lib

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Link is the most heavily overpriced project there is. i sold everything. It's fuckin bullshit bro. I feel your pain bro. I fuckin sold all my shit bro. Tired of this non mover scam token
Link is dying, and rightfully so. The money to made from it is way passed it time now. I unironically left link for Rubic and am very happy.

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>it's a conspiracy

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It's not like it's on the WEF website for years

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There isn't much upside left with Link, unless you have like 20k to throw at it don't bother

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Nothing to see here

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Your turn linkies

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Stop resisting

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1billion new wallets EOY

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Conspiracy confirmed

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>not owning anything because everything is free
I'd like a mansion on a hillside overlooking the sea pls government

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Tfw you run out of meds

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wtf /biz/ told me I’m not too late to get rich from link

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How does a condo in the gulag sound?

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Link is the most heavily overpriced project there is

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Everything in that is objectively right though.

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We outchea

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Link is biz's secret

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>eating bugs is a conspiracy

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I had a dream today that I opened coinmarketcap and link was $2.7. I felt nothing. I don't care anymore

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dis you?

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>it's a pol falseflag

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Have you been living under a rock?

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>it's a Jesuit conspiracy myth

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>rio ferdinand


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Great Reset officially debunked

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>the entire colour blue is a conspiracy against us

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You will live to see the Plug

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Aaaaand back to sleep you go

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>awful colors and highlights

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Gayest fucking future imaginable, I hate Jews

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>unlicensed liver printer
Come with us sir

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Its azure, the sun of morning, darkness over the cosmos, common man.

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>GRT 3 cents a a few months ago
>was already close to $3
this shittoken did pretty much the same as LINK but didn't need 4 years for it

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Thank you for your valuable insights and commentary.

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bet you never thought that camel-faced brainlet was the illuminati

btw Hay guys

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dr;ns we like the stock still voting trump

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Always has been.

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Excellent post, fren

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Is this real? Holy fuck

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it's as real as the google and swift partnerships (it's fake)

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Link is a scam. Dont be suprised when it suddenly goes down to 10$ or less for no reason.

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don't be surprised when you suddenly die for no reason

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lol you think thats bad watch the 2050 one

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ew gtfo gematria fag wish i didnt see that

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wow biz is sad

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>I unironically left link for Rubic

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Damage control

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The fucking cover was way too blatant. People deserve to get taken to the cleaners if they can't see this bullshit. The Jews, Illuminati, Reptoids, whatever. They were right.

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Classic schwabnigger

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Abandon thread

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if youre not already a millionaire, its too late sorry

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based department checking in

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I will not be selling as you sirs may well have suspected. Good day.

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both are in same group

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vroom vroom linkies

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Underrated comment.

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What's so bad about this nice architectural homogenity, Anon? You don't like (((diversity))), do you?

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$1000 / LINK is not meme anymore

>> No.29554080

On mobile how the fuck do I watch this. Someone give me a quick rundown
FUCK webms

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Link is the most heavily overpriced project there is

>> No.29554733

why you hold link then you retard
how many threads you still want to do about how badly link is performing
just sell for bnb or whatever and stfu

>> No.29554755

link is commitment to an idea. It's not sexy and doesn't carry the volatility that sexiness does. Instead, you've essentially invested in an ETF with great longterm payoffs.

>> No.29554875

guys should i sell my link and buy back in once the bull run is over holding this shit is getting depressing

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Link is the most heavily overpriced project there is

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What was it that stood out back when this coin was sub $1?

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i just dreamt of 15 dollar link and 15 dollar bitcoin
what does this mean

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The point is to swing trade it, it's the most predictable crypto in the market.

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LINK is over
Sergey betrayed
Buy RBC and PNK

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anyone else notice how heavy the FUD was right up until the crash yesterday and then all of a sudden it stopped during the crash? and now it's back as heavy as ever

what's their plan with this? Why did they stop yesterday?

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I have to sleep sometimes. Moron.

>> No.29557432

It will have its moment

>> No.29557443

why do you not want LINK to pump?

>> No.29557610



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at first I bought because of the fud because it made no sense that people who thought it was bad was this invested in telling others how bad it was, then a few comfy threads made me realize I struck gold

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this is the eth chart 1 month before it shot up to 1500usd in 30 days

>> No.29558068

I actually went and sold a little during the dip, feeling a strange relief even now that the price is climbing again. Still 66x profit and now I have a nice amount of cash to do something fun with and holding the rest of the stack for the year will be easy.

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heres link on the same timeframe

>> No.29558344

>3x from here is supposed to be enticing
With vaporware ADA or DOT's marketcap RIGHT NOW, AFTER the (possibly not even over) correction of which LINK was by far the worst preforming top coin, we would already be at $80 LINK. If LINK was really following ETH's run in proportion to this cycle's likely market top, it should be topping out at ~$300.

>> No.29558434

Why won't you show HEX on this chart?
3000% fyi

>> No.29559173

it is if you bought at 20 cents
youre not a newfag, right?

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hope you're right. not sure if we're done correcting, but link is in for a big jump in use cases in the coming year (fundamentally)

excited to see what ocr, vrf, arbitrum, dexes, and a hackathon bring.

>> No.29559572

Not that exciting. Basically commiseration prizes for a sorely shit year.

>> No.29559624

Lmao the fud was exactly the same yesterday you moron.

>> No.29559964

In since 2017. Completely tired of seeing retards (like You) posting completely oblivious shit regarding LINK's position in the bull run and what either expected performance or "realistic" targets are due to complete ignorance of previous cycles. Best chance we have of pulling off even a normal performance is is Arbitrum drops and saves ETH, and it becomes properly known that LINK is what secures it. If not, we could end up going back to $10-15 dollars (or even lower) after this run. Don't forget that LINK experienced an 82% drop in the January 2018 crash, again something that (You) probably weren't even here to experience. LINK had paper-tier support levels during this correction, probably due to purposeful fuckery with bots and whales dropping off stacks to swing, so I am not expecting technicals alone to carry a strong price floor like a lot of people are just expecting as a given. I have some degree of confidence that fully rolled out OCR will put a stop to an element of the continuous sell pressure, but a lot of this rides on Felten at the moment in the short term and whether or not LINK can pull off acting as a hyper startup accelerator with x10 rollout of data feeds (finally including non-price feeds into beginning of Chainlink marketplace maturity, like the parametric weather data) on the timeframe of a few short months .

>> No.29560111

This needs to be addressed, because you're obviously someone still following along and paying attention. Did you even look at the fucking chart this guy posted? You HOPE he's right? That LINK at $28 is like ETH at $500 in 2017? You HOPE he's right about LINK making a 3x at absolute top for this run? Can you clarify that this is what you meant?

>> No.29560483

>What was it that stood out back when this coin was sub $1?

Nothing, it was was fudded into oblivion by 4chan anons

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my buy in was on average about 40 cents, so yeah i hope he's right.
you're not a newfag, right?

>> No.29561004

My DCA is right around 0.42, started buying at 0.20 cents in 2017 (you're likely a 2018/19 newfaggot). Try answering the question. You were saying that you HOPE that LINK ends up where ADA and DOT are *RIGHT NOW*? You HOPE that LINK ends up at a place that would put it BELOW BNB, *RIGHT NOW* following a market correction? Answer the question, yes or no? What infuriates me isn't even LINK's performance as much as the degree that the IQ on /biz/ has absolutely plummeted to the point where even posters in LINK threads are bottom of the barrel fucking retards who have absolutely no clue about how crypto market cycles work and have no experience of ever being in one to evaluate LINK objectively.

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File: 3.63 MB, 286x258, 1612792127874.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>reeee no one wants to talk about the link chart
>reeeeeee i'll just completely ignore fundamentals that bring the ecosystem value like vrf and arbitrum
lol calm down brah, just hold and quit sperging

>> No.29561191

it is a fact that link will be above 70$ in may

>> No.29561285

Yep Link is shit. I hope someone will shown up to their HQ to find out what the actual dates of release for staking and other components of this shit project is. They’ve mislead the community every step of the way

>> No.29561360

>I hope someone will shown up to their HQ
lol what? holy fuck where am i right now?

>> No.29561399

we're in it for the tech

>> No.29561403

>t. retard who *dearly hopes and prays* that $28 LINK is equivalent to 2017 $500 ETH, and that we blowoff top at $84 ATH this run

Not unlikely, but in my view it will deserve to be much higher even then. The fact that XRP is still above it by 2x is a disgrace to the entire crypto space. In the meantime like I said, I'm just waiting for Arbitrum to get Chainlink some much needed publicity and to dip into some low gas fee yield farm for lower cost + pool allocation adjustments to hedge risk in real time.

>> No.29561423


>> No.29561601

you are witnessing one of the biggest FUD & REEEE campaigns live and uncensored

>> No.29562306

I think it's all these nulinkers really, people with stacks in the millions already or maybe people who are already living comfy lives so they don't care about LINK only being 40% up since last ATH during a bullrun. If LINK was at let's say $20bn market cap(around $50 per LINK), then it would be underperforming, but still ok enough since we all know LINK is like that. However it peaked at $36 during these past months of insane bullrun. And it's not like it was already pumping insanely before the past months of bullrun, it was dumping for 5 months which means it should have all the pumping power finally ready to unleash. It's just so weird really. I'm thinking 1.5m LINKs a week does have an effect on price since Binance volume might be like 90% fake.

>> No.29562425

Soon literally everything will crab for a few weeks and LNK will go up 40%. Jus a lil patience

>> No.29562485

40% up isn't even rank 7 lol

>> No.29563134

>It's just so weird really. I'm thinking 1.5m LINKs a week does have an effect on price since Binance volume might be like 90% fake.
I really hope this is all it is (beside CZ bots), because it would mean OCR alone even with delayed Arbitrum will finally take the chains off. Looking at the charts during both the run up and the correction has left me just fucking baffled, seeing such persistently high sell pressure on every minor price target and then seeing it eventually drop through every support level like it was nothing, wondering who the fuck could still possibly be selling like this. It simply doesn't make sense for people to be this weak-handed towards LINK when it is still so outside the mainstream consciousness and when most OGs are not swingers or profit-takers, meaning it's either whales suppressing far more aggressively than it ever has been (which is fucking saying something) for some unknown reason, or it's just the cumulative effect of gas prices and the betray dumps.

>> No.29563248

Link already is $30b fully diluted despite having absolutely no adoption beyond price feeds. Not sure what you expect unless you hope for Tether to actually pump it to $1k.

>> No.29563391

There's not a single positive thing in these predictions.
>you will own nothing
>you will have to rent everything
>you won't be able to eat meat you bigot
>like it or not we're gonna fill the country with refugees
Anyway these predictions are absolutely never right.

>> No.29563536

This is what make you a liberal by the way: ignorance. How can anyone go back to the left after knowing what the Jews have done and what to do?

>> No.29563831

What does Cardano, XRP, DOT have? Lmao.

>> No.29563863

could just be whales taking profits
doesn't have to fit into a schizo narrative
everything link has done also fits into a non-schizo narrative

>> No.29564070

I don't get it as well. It bled in sats for 6 months. From 160k sats all the way down to 30k sats. And then after all that there are people willing to sell this after the first pump at 60k sats. Meanwhile shit like ADA keeps pumping up with no sell pressure while it doesn't even have a mainnet or anything. How could you sit on hundreds of thousands of USD profits in ADA while it doesn't do shit? How is there not an intense sell pressure on shit like ADA? It just doesn't make sense.
I'm sure the swinger whales dump on 60k sats while it was at 160k sats in August. That's how they got to their whale statuses. By selling low.

>> No.29564411

>Meanwhile shit like ADA keeps pumping up with no sell pressure while it doesn't even have a mainnet or anything.
I have noticed that at least on /biz/, projects other than Chainlink which offer nothing of value are shilled freely with no criticism. Compare that to the constant FUD that goes after Link from all angles. ADA, to me is where this discrepancy is most apparent.

>> No.29564746

This. ADA and DOT get almost no FUD. And I'm not talking about biz even. Twitter, media outlets, YouTube channels. Everyone is shilling ADA. Meanwhile LINK does a 10% recovery pump and we already get massive FUD from everywhere. The slow run to $20 which took all Summer was riddled with FUD. I mean the guys behind the fud created Zeus Capital and a 66 page document with absolutely god tier detailed fud(of course baseless, but nonetheless very well written). What crypto has such kind of fud? A 66 page fucking document. They presented themselves as another company and nothing happened. Media outlets picked up on the Zeus Capital to spread the fud. It's all so bullshit really.

>> No.29564772

one thing is true, as of today, LINK would be forced to pull a truly epic climb in order to redeem itself from the devastating sat crushing of the last few months, kek

>> No.29564840

this is a FUD board with issues, deal with it, kek

>> No.29564902

It's not even few months. It's half a year already. March has to be one crazy fucking pumping month for LINK otherwise it's pretty much over. The only hope left is that it keeps following 2017 ETH chart. So far so good.

>> No.29565047

It's even to the point where Link 'competitors' (quotes because they're jokes in comparison) rarely get FUD even though they're barely functional, if that. Band, API3, etc, Tellor only gets shat on (rightfully) because it had a major breakdown last week or so.
This trend of comparing an ideal perfect system to what Chainlink has up and running now gets so old.

>> No.29565063

The fact TRON has a 3.5B mkt cap is also a disgrace, especially after MKBHD out of all people outed it, but you don’t hear me whine about it. Crypto is weird.

>> No.29565156

>Crypto is weird.
Never thought I'd say this but I'm starting to prefer bear markets, all this hype-based investment is so tiresome.

>> No.29565632

Yeah these "competitors" of Chainlink that have no users or even proper network up and running get compared to Chainlink all the time in the media and shilled relentlessly. It's all so tiring really. I just need LINK at $50 so I can cash out 10% and live comfily for 2 years which should be more than enough to see LINK at $300+. I still trust Sergey since he is the most calculated guy I have seen. He has already established Chainlink as THE oracle network and he seems to be setting up Chainlink to become THE place to create smartcontracts. Basically you go to chainlink, select the contract, select nodes etc, select layer 1, layer 2. He has it all planned. I think ETH gas fees is what really fucked his plans, although he most likely saw it coming which is why he focused on scaling from early on as well. Ethereum devs seem so incompetent and childish. Sergey has to do everything.

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>I just need LINK at $50 so I can cash out 10% and live comfily for 2 years
I get passive income off of part of my Link stash which almost covers my living expenses right now, you should consider that instead of selling.
> I think ETH gas fees is what really fucked his plans, although he most likely saw it coming which is why he focused on scaling from early on as well. Ethereum devs seem so incompetent and childish. Sergey has to do everything.
Yeah, although as I said in another thread, ETH dev incompetence really just helps Link in the longrun with Off Chain Reporting. Makes the barrier to entry for an oracle network that much higher. There's also the blockchain agnostic feature too. This nigga has thought of everything.

>> No.29565982

I've been thinking about putting maybe half of my stack to some place to earn the APY, but I don't really trust any of them. Nexo is definitely a big no for me. Where do you stake them and why do you trust your staker?

>> No.29566472

I have half of my stack on Celsius since September which earns me 4.51% APY which is paid out each Monday. Yes it's a centralised system but other than that it's as legit as it can be. Helps that they actually use Chainlink in their platform. The only downside to me is that the platform is mobile only, but I think they're working on a desktop version. They have good security, if you change your withdrawal address your coins are locked for 24 hours and they have an optional 'no withdrawal' mode which serves as an extra warning if someone did get into your account somehow (they have 2FA as well). If that sounds good I have a signup link which gets us both $30 in BTC once you start using it, think the minimum is about $200 deposit. Affiliate code is: 12459111c3

I wouldn't go with Nexo after the shit last year
Alternatively curve.fi has put out a Link/sLink pool which get 1.64%, but it's risky if you're not familiar with lending pools.

>> No.29567360

I don't really trust anything "decentralised" currently unless it's Aave or Uniswap. I think I need to look into Celsius I heard they also hold Chainlink's crypto assets as well so yea I guess I have to do my due diligence on that.

>> No.29567625

As far as I can tell Celsius is currently the best bet, even if their interest rates aren't the highest. If it helps their customer service is good, my account got locked once (preventing withdrawals) because I logged in using a different VPN setting. I contacted the customer support line, proved who I was and got it unlocked within a day.

>> No.29567736

My main issue with Celcius and Gemini is that it's unclear if their portfolios are set to remain solvent once this run is finally over. You would think this is the main thing they would look out for, but a huge proportion of their income on the assets is probably coming from DeFi, and we still have no idea how lending pools are going to hold up in a complete marketwide meltdown. Will probably move a small portion onto both once LINK does a little better in order to get some modest returns, but this is the main thing holding me back from just putting my whole stack or even a large proportion of it into any of these services.

>> No.29567864

>My main issue with Celcius and Gemini is that it's unclear if their portfolios are set to remain solvent once this run is finally over.
Yeah that's a concern, but isn't it mitigated by the requirement of Celsius that anyone taking a loan has to put at least 100% of the loan's worth down as collateral? I'm not familiar with Gemini.

>> No.29568534

I don't like the fact that they can't offer insurance at all or if shit hits the fan, will they at least try to recompensate people or not? It really boils down to doing your own full research on them and making sure a worst case scenario is very very unlikely. Although if a worst case scenario were to happen, I think the CEOs would probably get killed unless they recompensate.

>> No.29568543

While you can argue about some points (ownership for example), it is quite spot on. Just read up on climate change and its impacts and you'll get an idea about what's to come.
Also, don't listen to the "solar minimum" and "climate has always changed" retards - we are at a crossroads. Business as usual is not an option.

>> No.29568644

For Celcius I'm less sure, but almost certain that the borrow fees they are collecting from their public-facing retail "Borrow" service in total is not even close enough to cover the APY payouts they're making. I am guessing that they're using a combination of loans to larger accredited investor companies and speculative use and management of the funds, as per an article going into detail about their investment practices:
"But Celsius has also at times invested deposits in perpetual swaps, futures-like contracts with no expiry date, people familiar with Celsius’ business said. "
As for Gemini, they're very upfront about it:
"Gemini is partnering with accredited third party borrowers including Genesis, who are vetted through our risk management framework which reviews our partners’ collateralization management process. On a periodic basis we will conduct an analysis of our partners’ cash flow, balance sheet, and financial statements to ensure the appropriate risk ratios and healthy financial condition of our partners.
Cryptocurrency, like many assets, can be volatile and subject to price swings. There is always a risk in investing, and each customer needs to assess their own risk tolerance before making any investment decisions. Our partners in Gemini Earn have an obligation to return funds according to the terms of their loan agreement. However, Gemini Earn customers (the lenders) always assume some level of risk when they decide to lend their funds. We believe Gemini Earn gives our retail investors another way to stay long-term in the asset class and have the option to invest and earn interest, all on the Gemini platform."

>> No.29568917

So, what you are saying, is that Rchain is due for a major upward correction. I'm all in, how do I buy?

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