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Hey Parsiqheads, I know you're kind doesn't like to explain shit, but please. Give me a reason to go all in on this bitch. I understand the applications, not AT ALL as complicated as Anatoly makes it out to be. Please tell me why this would moon? It's already out for so long and has done fairly well, why would this be the next link? What more is there coming up for parsiq? Inb4 bnc listing inb4 kevin said its good.
But for real tho, where do YOU personally see the potential? Thank you!

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Too long, didn’t read.

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checked and pls sir

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For me it's gut feeling

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>low marketcap
>great shillable use-case
>not awful token release schedule
>binance listing will pump it
It really looks like a free 10x, and if it isn't oh well. This coin is for people who don't want to buy a $3b mcap project and hope it goes to $30b. Disclaimer: I am all-in on this for 80k PRQ

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I researched it and it looks very promising. Ony now I got into crypto (after years of only holding bitcoin), and I'm a poorfag, so I spread my portfolio over a bunch of coins I'm feeling good about. Only bought 800 of these. Feel free to mock me.

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Reverse oracles

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Can I become your butler, anon?
By the way, is there any competition to Parsiq?

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I have 7k and I'm a stacklet
also none as of right now

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ayo wut dis lil coin do