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is it finally /ourtime/ batbros?

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own like 740 BAT, and use Brave Browser. redpill me on BAT.

>where does the BAT collected in my browser come from?
>what gives BAT value?

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$4000 EOY

The green dildo tomorrow is about to be massive and take us to $1.50

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Aaaand we're back in the flag. Wonder what comes next?
Bitcoin have mercy. If BTC manages to do even just another dead cat bounce on the 20-day MA, that could be great for alts like BAT in the short term. Then if BTC kicks the bucket, we accumulate yet again.

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sui stack?
gmi stack?
>tfw only have 10000 bat

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Just bought 22000 bats. I am not missing this fucking run.

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I think you're good bro. I only have like 4k.

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Link since OP is a dumb faggot. Shits huge bros.

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>22k bat
B-Bro. With that amount you'll have made it very quickly.

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What did they mean by this?

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There are already like 100 Dexs, what makes theirs special?

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just bought ten million bat

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thanks for the hopium, OP
accumulated 25k batties in 2 years of holding. i regret every occasion i missed or fucked up where i could've got much more but whatever. i just want some financial ataraxy.

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We all gonna make it bro.

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Brainlet here, pls no bully. How will this pump BAT? Historically it dumps on good news.

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25 millions active users of brave, hopefully an even smoother integration of the bat ecosystem / wallet into it, discounted bat fees.

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I can...use the dex to swap my BAT for something? I don't get it. This seems like worse news for uphold than good news for BAT lol

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If they add actually useful rewards for holding X amount of bat ~ say X% off transaction fees if you're holding Y amount of bat then I'm fucking sold. This is why $VGX is one of the best performing assets in the last 90 days bro.

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If anyone doubts the future of Brave and BAT I highly suggest listening to this podcast with the founder.

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I can imagine it'll be like BNB for Binance: you swap and you pay discounted fees with it. Lots of batties will be on the move in addition to the ad market.

frankly speaking, good riddance.

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I have 11k BAT here. I've seen 10k called the suicide stack, but it seems different from the LINK suicide stack. Instead of "It'll make you want to KYS because you should have got a make-it-stack," it's "You won't KYS."
Personally, my portfolio is 30-40% BAT, 30% ETH, LINK, BTC... Then 15% cash.
>1.50 USD
Idk if I'd want it right by tomorrow. I'm finally getting cozy in this bear/crab market...

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so am i basically just selling all my user data for BAT?

So instead of (((google chrome))) and friends just stealing my data, I sell it to advertisers in exchange for BAT?

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I've been afraid to log in
What's bat at rn?

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No you're selling your attention. They show you ad, you get BAT.

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>so am i basically just selling all my user data for BAT?
Your data never leaves the browser to any third party. This is one of the first things I researched when looking into the Brave browser.

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I use brave for a long time and have 5k bat, know nothing about crypto

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Enjoy your future $2,000,000

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The ads are stored locally. It's genius nigga

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No Brave blocks all the sketchy tracking stuff adverts use along with all ads with built in ad blocker. You retards really need to be spoonfed huh? >>29539661 skip to the important parts in this podcast cause I know your feeble little mind wont care about how baller the time he spent with netscape was.

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Never even heard of that token. That's a cool premise, I like it. Now if they are doing a layer 2 solution....mmm that would be nice.

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BAT is fucking amazing, as long as they can ditch ERC-20 we're golden.

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Suicide stack never made sense to me. Maybe thats the joke. But obviously if I couldve bought a make it stack I would've. I will be celebrating any amount bat goes up with my 1.2k bat and if it moons I did the best with what I have.

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but if brave blocks all ads, then why do I get bat

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Spoonfed and you still don't get it. Are you trolling? I don't understand how someone can be so stupid

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no im just retarded and dont understand. where can i learn about this

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Hahahahaa. BAT. Hilarious.

AAVE it fren. thank me later.

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Brave is so based.

I set my ads to 5 per hour and have made $100 of BAT in the last month from Brave (I'm a neet who's online a lot)

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>where does the BAT collected in my browser come from?
>what gives BAT value?
People want it to get ad space. What gives fiat value? At least bat has a fixed cap. Meanwhile money printer goes brrr

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>African American Vernacular English

yeah no thanks nigger, think I'll keep my BAT.

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Why tomorrow and not right now? I'd love for this, but ...

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How many Robins to make it?

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I believe Brave/BAT they want to be taken really seriously outside of just the crypto realm. Their target market in terms of customers is advertisers. Which currently no other crypto is competing with.And because of this they are really building out their product and making sure its going to be good and ready when a ton of advertisers want to onboard. BAT will be a token used by a lot of people. A fuck ton of normies use Brave, and more everyday. Not to mention it is global, see Japan and even pajeetaland.
Think, of where the first place theyre going make a DEX trade is. Right in their browser with the BAT they earned. You will get paid BAT for being LP for these trades.

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Thanks for the dip jews without them I will never able to buy BAT at cheap price

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Probably the biggest newsn for a crypto all year, and ofc the price doesn't do shit in response lol.

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