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Invested Chainlink 1 year ago at $3 thinking it will outperform Bitcoin.

>> Bitcoin is still outperforming it

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BTC did a 10x in one year?

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from the absolute bottom where it was for like 1 hour yea

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when you guys more more

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>from the absolute bottom where it was for like 1 hour yea
Actually more than a 10x because it hit like 4k.

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link was at $1.33 during the covid dump. btc was at 3800. link hit $36.90 the other day and bitcoin hit 59k. link went up 28x since the bottom and bitcoin went up about 15x since then

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I'm not sure what happened last night I was staring at my crypto shitcoins all night finger on the sell button as it was all crashing. watched for hours as stacks went down. Never cashed out. I woke up middle of the night saw everything low as fuck and paniced. Had a whole list of shitcoins I planned to buy. Instead I immediately instinctually just bought $1k of Chainlink without knowing anything about it at $25.50.

I guess I'm one of you guys now.

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Kek I feel you fren

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>be me
>go online
>invest life savings in some weird frog themed cube and number cult
>become rich
everything went better than expected desu

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Chink's been good to me, but yeah I'm about to jump ship for greener pastures.

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by that logic link hit 1.58 and is at 20x

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Wise guys sold the link top to load up on band

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Actually link hit 0.001

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I have been in crypto since the very first BTC bullrun.

Most people who started investing with Chainlink think they had the ultimate perfect coin but that's not true.

From a cost opportunity perspective Chainlink was only good in 2019 from 40 cents to 4 dollars and that's it. Anything after that, most coins have already outperformed chainlink, even considering its peak to $20 in August 2020.

BNB has outperformed Link even if you bought Link at 0.12 cents

Most DeFi have already 10x'd more than Chainlink in the past year

My point is:
Most Link Holders live in the past and overglorify the 10x they did in the bear market. Its 2021 now and things have changed, new coins have outperformed.

Its like a boomer who cannot accept his 60's Mustang is worse in performance than a new Tesla

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Fucking this. I've tried to explain this to delusional link cultists and mention the concept of opportunity cost but I always get told I'm an idiot while they continue to bring up former glory days like fucking uncle rico in napoleon dynamite. Most defi projects have absolutely shit on LINK in terms of gains for the last year now. Even higher cap coins like DOT/ADA have been outperforming LINk for awhile now. Link faggots can't grasp the fact that the market has changed and that they're no longer the special golden boy of the bear market where they were the only one pumping. All the copium they spew while they circle jerk each other off talking about past gains is honestly just pathetic

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most OG linkers also missed out of a dozen 100x during 2017.

linkers like to think their they are smart, but they are literally retarded and missed out on insane gains from holding a scam during all of the 2017 and 2020 bullrun

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There are better options. Why the fuck would you invest link

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It flashed to $4400 last March so essentially it did.

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All of this is literally false you dumb retard. Link has been outperforming the market for years

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Come on anon, it only takes a minute to check Link/ETH Link/Btc , Defi against Link in the past year..

You only prove his point

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I could explain to you what made you do that but it isn’t worth the effort.

Now buy as many LINK you can afford while you’re allowed to buy them.

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LINK flashed to 0.0001 so I guess its the best ever

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Based beyond belief. There will come a day when people are asking if their 5.832 LINK is enough to make it. Remember last night when that day arrives.

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link is astroturfed

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thank you for proving that the chainlink fud campaign is being paid out in bnb. A guy from your discord told me that the other day, but you just confirmed it.

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I am invested in other shitcoins rn but I do have about 500 USD to throw around every two weeks. Should I honestly buy 500 USD of link or is a waste of time now. I know I won't get rich but what is the realistic expectation in 15 years

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yeah but unlike shitcoin variant #213451 link is a safe hold with a cultish backing and good memes

so more people made bank on it

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oh no fren

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Are you saying that I can make it with 100 linkies?

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i swear i did this same fucking thing today at 26. so glad i did this because i was about to go to BSC and the project i was going for...RUGGED. never invest in shitcoins, only invest in LINK.

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You will become very rich in a few years if you put 500 burgers into LINK every couple weeks for the rest of 2021.
If you hodl long enough, yes.

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Well shit anon that's all you had to say. I'm going balls deep in link.

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you can also LOSE money on swing trading
holding and getting big returns has the upside of less risk, take that into consideration

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pls no buy link sirs

no I am not shill sirs. Please do needful

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I just read an article about link. They made a deal with Google in 2019. Ever since then they price has been going up.

I think I will go all in on link and just ignore the potential quick x2 or x4. I’ve got 27.8 link so far (I’m poor)

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>bitcoin went from 10k to 60k
>link went from 3 to 35
lol bitcoin outperformed it?

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>mfw I'm a sub-10 linklet

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mfw 22 link chad

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based autistic response

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52 link MEGASTACK holder checking in. WAGMI

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i think all this LINK fud comes from people with short term gratification.
the long term vision of the project is actually amazing.plus, they're a market leader for oracles and people want to throw it away because it crabs for a few weeks? get real

that being said, i don't have many linkies and don't have that much capital but i will absolutely double down on this over the upcoming weeks, months, and years

i hope to join you linkmarines in the sun

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Sergey has sold 58 million Links and BTC has barely outperformed Link. Let that sink in

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a lot of it is actually coordinated campaigns to. There are discord groups manipulating a lot of projects and if you think that's a schizo take then you are a little too innocent for this. The other issue is that we're in the bull market now. It's like how the 2016 election destroyed /pol/ and made it useless. Now that there action happening all the fucking degenerate gamblers and retards are here making noise. It's the bear market where the real research happens here.

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weird, i did the same thing

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Any resources on Saturn worship?

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We tried to tell you

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I remember this. Cz fucked over a lot of people that day.

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BTC is still better, faucets used to give out hundreds of BTC back in the day

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Alright, ignoring LINK fud, what do you think its price can reach in the long term? Is 81,000 a meme or an actual reachable possibility?

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At least a billion perlink once it becomes global reserve currency

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In the not too distant future, people will not believe you when you tell them that you own a multiple link.

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I'm sorry Sir Gay has you in this current state.
But you have to wake up anon. Its okay, we're all here for you. You can let go of your LINK and live your life.

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Man back in the day I bought link just to get my link army rank higher. I was so fucking dumb but stumbled into the best project in crypto. If you have iron hands you’ll be on the journey of a lifetime

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I kinda don’t know how to read this

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You’ll fit right in

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>December 2021
>Bobo posts a new thread how BTC will dump to $275k ANY DAY NOW
>linkies are huddled around a garbage can fire talking about how if link can get to $50 next year the wall will be broken and it will moon instantly
>Retard dog coin just broke $.06 for the 17,000th time this year

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