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>son of a billionaire marries a 38 year old divorcee who has 3 kids

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Sometimes that pussy is too fire

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she's beautiful, kids are beautiful, and he's kind of a dork

why not buy into an already god-tier family

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raising another man's kids is humiliating

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Checked. And/or she gives amazing Bjs. If you’re uncut and find a bj queen, you legitimately get visions of marrying her while your warm wet cock is slamming her esophagus

Goddamit I miss you Jen, I should’ve married your fatass

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I doubt he will do much work.

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maybe for you. if you raise them and they love you they're your kids now, and don't give me MUH GENES bullshit kids are impressionable as fuck

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godd the bane of our existence

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yep she fucks him right, isnt needy about it but is ready to go when he wants it.. god dam i miss my wife

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>I can't relax I have a black son

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not everyone in the real world cares about the cuck shit that 4chan does

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ngl kinda based

Fuck you, biological dad, you think you've got shit on me?

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What happened, bro?

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She's fucking me now, Chad

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you know the point becomes moot when your kids outnumber just her kids.

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only fat girls suck windsocks

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we're talking about HIS situation. what color are those kids?

also, who are those kids going to cherish and respect, their deadbeat random biological dad whom mommy had to get rid of or their awesome new billionaire stepdad who buys them everything and gives them the world on a silver platter?

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As a non-White, I sure wouldn't mind raising Aryan kids with a loving Aryan wife.

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A pedophile.

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You even need to ask?
Whites are weak, barely fit to be called men

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jesus even his 2 kids he made with his new wife are good looking. hopefully he popped out a few more from her wow.

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creepy af

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>Lengthy paragraphs of cope
That's an oof from me nigger lover

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>i love my wife's son too

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>if you raise them and they love you they're your kids now

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Yeah but it's not that bad if they're at least white. If you raise a nigger's kids, now *that's* humiliating.

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i can't believe there are people who think this way.

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Might as well raise dogs, at least they won't bite your hand later.

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>cucked out of existence

fucking pajeet

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ya its weird for us because we see the people who do it, they are raising some nigger kids because they are some turbo beta. but this guys is good looking and rich and the kids hes raising look beautiful. Shes a post wall roastie but she still delivered 2+ kids for the new guy as well.
Im sure she agreed to every single one of his conditions to marriage.

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the ultrarich are the ones most cucked by their own propoganda

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>alphafux betabux
a story as old as time

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just look at those children... it's an easy grooming target for a qt 16yo gf in few years.

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Beat me to it

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Sirs, I will no have argument with you
We have to kindly do the needful and secure the existence and a future for White children

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If they're girls they're your second and third wives

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truly sage wisdom anon

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this guy gets it

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Holy mother of simp

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you make me vomit.

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Why it's always men with weak jaw and chin who choose this lifestyle? I never seen a man with chad jawline as betabux.

And you can't blame his muh market value because the dude is literal son of billionaire. Maybe you can judge personality by the way one looks.

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Chad knocked her up and got
To enjoy her in her prime and the simps arrived to clean up the mess

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>much genes
Lmao massive cope

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>thinking your genes are worth passing on
I can tell you assuredly that the very fact you are here means they are not.

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Worth doesnt matter m8. Its just yes or no. Nice seethe tho

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Probly succ that dick so hard it gave a nigga nightmares, sheeeeeit. Yeah yeah, word up.

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whos this fag

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Funny but sadly accurate

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Her ex was royalty. Their kids have claim to serious titles. This isn't some beta cuck shit, this is high level crusader kings shit.

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I cringed
you holding some other man's nutbags or something?

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Built for BBC (Big (son of) Billionaire Cock)

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This loser is dating a single mom with a mutt

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It seems that way but imagine being the real dad. Your kids are calling someone else their dad. Someone richer, more powerful. Now if you decide for whatever reason decide to reconnect with your children, you have to remember that you can’t do so at your discretion but rather whenever their new dad decides it’s safe to do so.

>There’s nothing more chad than stealing another mans kids and having them call you daddy.

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I often wonder how that would work on the psyche of a person, knowing your family was divinely destined to govern.
Knowing the blood flowing through your veins is more special than most. Must be a mind fuck

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This guy gets it. These people arent raising tyrones kids. Theyre making power moves with royalty and billionaires. Its whole other ball game. Unironically 4D chess.

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alot of cuck cope in this thread, if you are perpetuating a rival males DNA while he is out slaying new puss you the literal definition of the word cuckold

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my sides

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To fuck the mom, and the kids.

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I’m pretty impressed by this cope

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>she will never groom you a harem of teen girls

Why do I even bother

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This is based. We're not animals anymore. If you love them and they love you then its as good as it can really get.

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>We're not animals anymore

Religious type?

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around blacks, never relax

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Why the fuck are my fellow librights so fucking retarded?

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Drydick pls no need to advertise that you're owned by juden

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I'd rather do that than pass on my asperger's

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>The way he's rubbing her shoulders
Must've been true love.

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>this image triggers reddit front page

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So not only are you socially retarded, you're also an idiot. Aspies already have a hard time getting & maintaining a job, imagine having to raise a mutt

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Let me guess your raising another man's seed right now

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This is true but what purpose does it serve to let people know?

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A bit of peace and quiet when he's retired

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good goyim

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literally the top 3 billionaire women of this decade have become rich by getting half of their exes wealth during their divorce.

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>Post pubescent girls

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Thanks Natalia for saving the white race.

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never triggered this many people before lmao

this guy gets it

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Literally who?

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>he thinks even if you raise a chads kid who becomes a prince youll ever be accepted by royalty
No fag. That guy will always be a cuckold

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Nigga he left his kids and you get his leftovers and the baggage of his brokenass family
LMAO the cope on these single mom loving cucks

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I guess he has enough money to move on when bored, he doesn't have to be stuck with her forever.

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Don't need a job. I got into crypto in 2015

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Billionaires are not free. They have to do what their masters tell them. It’s all about power and connections.

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>this guy gets it
You are still raising another person's offspring. They will grow to eventually resent you.

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Im the anon screaming fuck off and fag boy normally. That said
I live in Los angeles.
My 2 sons and 4 nephews was born around the same time from 1996-2000.
All at Cedars. Have all been to the same clinic all life. All are married now and trying to have families. All of em have fertility issues. It’s gut wrenching. A family is a blessing.
We are currently seeing a lawyer about state vaccines or practices that would of caused fertility issues. Id give anything to see my son a dad. And if it means accepting another mans sperm so be it.

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Who are the masters

>> No.29539686

in some cases an older woman with children can show herself to be both wall proof and an excellent mother

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>and if it means accepting another mans sperm so be it.
time to step up pops. we all know yours works.

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>all these seething (You)‘s
It’s 100% cucked to raise your wife’s children.

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>I live in Los angeles


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Keep trying to cope cuck

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So biz is full of happy cucks all along? Who knew

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Those just are the shiddit holdovers who won't leave

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Came here to post this

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>“I told her that I wanted to have children with her,” Arnault says. It didn’t take long, though Vodianova hesitated at first. “I mean, I already had three gorgeous children,” she recalls. “Maybe initially I was doing it more for him than myself, but, at the same time, when you’re in love with a man, you want to reproduce him as many times as possible.”
Goddamn why cant American white women think like this. Instead it's MUH CAREER MUH FEMINISM MUH DONT NEED NO CHILDREN.

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>so detached from reality that human concerns like reproduction have been unlearned

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I fucking HATE cuckolds.

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No, white. Lived in Brentwood our last 4 generations. Only time I see Mexicans is when I go to Santa Monica or Westwood.
Fair to assume though.
L.A is beaner town and slant eye nation

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where's jen now? call her

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