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>girlfriend has begun referring to my crypto as “our” crypto

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why would you ever tell your girl about your money ever?

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just say you got hacked and lost it

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You know what to do anon.

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you know what must be done

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She doesn’t know about my whole stack. Just that I have a little bitcoin.

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you know what you must do.

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Im not sure if im more angry by her assumption or that you told her. You two retard awfuls deserve each other. Is she asian btw?

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make her sign a prenup. Your money, your stuff. simple as

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cool larp

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you know what you must do anon

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Everyone always says this but wtf do you do if you get married? If you want to protect the assets you already have going into the marriage you need to disclose them

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Oh no no no no

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What does it matter poorfag? Give her half of your $200 stack

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my dad gives my mom an allowance.

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She's entitled to it, you asshole. If it was the other way around you would think you owned half of it.

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>calls my car ‘our’ car
>calls my money ‘our’ money

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At marriage you disclose in a prenup obviously, as a man is probably too stupid to hide assets.

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Monero in cold storage

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Based but only if she's deepthroating every night

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no, she isn't, especially if he had it before they began dating. If you made 5 million dollars killing chickens, and then got a gf, did she kill those 5 million chickens?

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I've heard cases of judges throwing prenups right out the window. And your girlfriend can be entitled to your shit after a few years.
I think the only way to escape a -50% portfolio is to use monero or get rid of your partner when you inevitably part ways.

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Fuck off, roastie.

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t.roast beef

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>he didnt set that bitch up up with her own memetoken exchange membership
>he didnt set her up with a stonk broker either
Shes much better off banging some boomer with cash or selling herself than eating tendies in the basement with you for the next 40 years.

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Back in early 2019 I bought 5080 LINK

My gf at the time jokingly said that the 80 LINK was hers, like she's doing me a favor taking the 80 to give me a nice round number of 5000. We ended up breaking up later that summer.

Two weeks ago she calls me out of the blue, acting all friendly, saying things have been hard for her etc... then comes
>remember anon you said those 80 LINK were mine?
>remember? :-)
>can you send them to me? its been really tough

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Pump n dump her

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>if it was the other way around

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Women would never call it that

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Tell her you invested into into some DeFi you know will rugpull

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Leave a huge stinking log in the toilet and tell her she needs to go to the bathroom and flush "our" shit.

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>tfw my state doesn't have common law marriage
comfy because i kinda panicked when i first found out about it. wisconsin btw

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Shes been sucking other mens penises. If you send her that for any reason but to kick start a cuckdom relationship youre retarded.

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this is not funny anon, crypto is inherently & purposefully misogynistic and predominantly white cis male owned due to its confusing nature. you owe her at least half of your crypto, and should donate at least 25% of it to to diverse charities.

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This. Having a scary chart to show her how you lost your money is a good plan.

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Yeah, better make sure pic related isn't your future.

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is there a backstory to that?

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>entitled to it
he's not married to her yet, why should she be entitled to it?

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Western women are atrocious

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It’s fake
Come on guys...

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I don't have the proper reaction for this. This cat is the best I have. Hopefully the message gets across.

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Some anon posted it, made a thread a few days ago. Pretty much self-explanatory, though.

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>i'll think about it

Guy is a fucking retard if real. Why would anybody say that?

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Yea so remember as youre driving us all away who will still be most powerful. You cuck the old system when we take over in the 4ir we will make sure never to trust the woman or nonland owner vote again

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Western women are still atrocious though, he's right.

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Play this whenever she starts getting clingy.

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that's only like 2400 bucks lmao. tell her you'll trade 10 link for a blowjob or something

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What would you say? Especially when lawyers already got mentioned? Yes or no is out of the question, best to say nothing at all...

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>move coins to physical wallet
What coins?

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i live in a small apartment with her

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If you're not comfortable.or trusting enough to share all your assets with her then you shouldn't be together to begin with

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What the fuck? We’re just dating, not married. Why is she entitled to my assets?

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make a prenup agreement, and put your coins on something she won't find or access.

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Imagine it actually outperforms your portfolio 100x

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let her sue you for it LOL

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Nice larp retard

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Back to r*ddit, fictionfag

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judges throw them out

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yeah lots of this is occurring after several years of marriage

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this post was written by a woman.

From now on, just don't talk to her about your money EVER. Your ego might want you to brag but always ALWAYS be vague and change the topic.

And drop the word "my" in there.

>how are our investments doing?
>my stuff is doing alright.

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gains like tears, in the rain

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If you fags are gonna keep this shit up you will need to provide pic evidence of said GF. Timestamped boobs, ass or fe... boobs or ass.

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Because she's supporting you with her love, you moron. Without her support you would not be making that much money and you know it.

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The lawyers are an obvious bluff. Either say it was lost/stolen or, like you said, nothing at all(which is probably the best option)

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"Oh no i accidentally sent it to the wrong address and lost it all, oh well"

and never speak of it again. problem solved

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Sorry, put it all into GME and lost it

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Because you love her. Well I'm not saying share your shit with every whore you fuck but if you find a girl you want to be with for life and marry her, at that point it shouldn't be an issue, unless you picked a shitty wife

My parents shared everything. They never had any fights about money because they had a common goal for their future

No I was just raised in a good household

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get gay

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This is bad BAD BAAAD advice.

love doesn't magically make some lady you're JUST DATING and NOT MARRIED TO not become psycho and want your money

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it is hers.

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Or i guess i should say a woman can only vote if she owns the land independently. Our current system is basically a stake based system that went from 1 land 1 vote, to 1 land owned through debt 1 vote, to 1 land 2 votes, to all votes. The analogy would be in a PoS just arbitrarily giving societal members an equal vote as a full node, such as for having a christian bond within your node now your wife may also vote. This is how you end up with people voting only for their interests rather than maintaining minimal friction.

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what if I wasn't a dumb fuck like OP and never told my imaginary girlfriend about my crypto? probably won't even marry or stay with for long anyways

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It’s become impossible for me to hide due to this bull season and covid.

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Literally do this. Do this "I'm sort rent this month and had to use it all for rent" she won't understand the math or values or how any of that shit works. Just say you had to use it all the the rest got eaten by fees and you're done.

Then watch her interest in you suddenly vanish. You won't even have to break up with her she'll just leave. Win, win win. Because then you'll know that bullshit advice like:
is indeed bullshit.

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Get a job, cunt.

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Well I agree, don't disclose anything until you know for sure you can trust her. If you suspect she doesn't see you in her future then end it now before she steals your shit

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think of taking my advice of being vague, not talking about it, and changing the subject as your main objective from now on. People forget things and change with time based on the info they are given.

If, from now on, your normal reaction is what I told you, it'll fade.

If it doesn't, you have to go nuclear and sit down with her and tell her it's yours.

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It’s a shit test. Put her in her place. Next time she mentions tell her it’s yours. She gets nothing, she is only a servant of yours that you own that tags along for the ride. If she annoys you or tries to pull shit you beat her. Women beg to be dominated. Your relationship will get much better.

This is the alpha mindset.

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Why are all women like this bros?

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My roommates girlfriend does this with their stocks and crpyto

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what would happen if she were to never learn about it and you divorced? If she learns about your crypto in 1-2 years can she sue you?

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tell her
>sorry but our little bitcoin got lost in a small boating accident

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My bitch asked how I make money and I punched her in the stomach and then fucked her. Simple as.

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>wife sees portfolio over my shoulder
>"wooowwww omg its went up alot omg"
>its cuz i bought more and didnt tell her
heh what a dummy

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"Oh no i accidentally sent it to the wrong address and lost it all, oh well"

problem solved

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If you're killing chickens for a meager $1 each yngmi

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did you pay money for a hooker or something? kek

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I made the biggest leaps and bounds in my life from the pain of being alone wtf are you talking about

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Is that about a year of work or 10 years of work? I need banana for scale.

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Just tell her you lost all of your profits and got out of the game. She can't be mad by your not sharing if she thinks it doesn't exist anymore

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kekd and checked

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