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>multimillionaire from Link
>still depressed af, not even depression anymore, just numb to feeling
>tried psychedelics and every form of therapy
>still hate life and all the retarded faggot pieces of trash classified as “life” that I share this hell hole with
Seriously just gunna end it lol. Life is so meaningless, boring, and retarded. I don’t know why people even bother to live. All you do is exist and take up space. Just go fucking die, your life is fucking retarded. Fuck life, and fuck you. Have a nice day btc 100k eoy

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give link

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Thanks, you too

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>he doesn't lift and inject testosterone

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Kys poorfag you had 3 years
You’re a retarded cretin if you haven’t made it by now, seriously just commit suicide cuz you’re retarded

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Larp more

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What the fuck, you have money which buys you freedom to do whatever you want. Why don't you make something of yourself faggot.

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Im a chad BTC maxi with about 700k rn, keep whining on biz though you lame faggot, dumb enough to think psychedelics would help you out LOL, you will never fuck tight young pussy and have love be reciprocated, it is you who is kys soon, dumb nigger

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there's no way you tried psychedelics and have that opinion


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Checked, thanks fren
it’s not about a state of mind or feeling. it’s the concrete fact that your entire existence is pointless retarded and meaningless. Nothing matters in the universe. Nothing.

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"why isnt everyone a weak ugly souled low caste slave like me"

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>tried psychedelics
Not enough, clearly.

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Lol look at this faggot retard talking about god!!!! Just fucking lol.

Only dumbass faggots believe in god. Why the fuck would god put me here to be tortured? god isn’t real

I’ve tripped a bunch of times to know that, you literally just make your brain release serotonin, which makes you feel good and form new perspectives and whatnot. But in reality no matter how fucked up you get on psychedelics and how stupidly profound your “realizations” are you come back to this base reality, and all the fluffy “god is real and everywhere” bullshit faded away and your back to normal.

God isn’t real, top kek retard believers that can’t see life for what it is even though it’s right in front of them

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>tfw I’m talking to a brain-dead retarded monkey with no understanding of the situation he is currently presented with everyday

Just keep coping by staying alive I guess since your too pussy to take yourself out of this retarded universe full of dipshits like yourself

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Blah blah blah blah

Your coping projection of words mean nothing you’re a fucking loser on 4chan who’s life’s worth about the same as a cows shit. End it already cuck

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do you have a pretty girl?
That can give you purpose

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what’s the point of existence, seems like a complete waste of time when I could just be dead like I’ll be for eternity in a sea of nothingness.
I just don’t see the point of anything. It’s just all meaning bullshit disguised as something that’s not

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cool blogpost retard, life feels the same about you apparently

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I don’t need to derive my purpose from taking care of other retarded creatures cuz I’m not a simp
There is no purpose to anything that’s the point. You’re trapped in a meaningless world of stupid niggers

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Haven’t you seen my TRE (trauma release exercise) threads?

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>still hate life and all the retarded faggot pieces of trash classified as “life” that I share this hell hole with
That part was for you anon ;)

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i sort of understand what you're going through. but i feel like the injection of hope that i got from being able to take this picture with link above 35.65 was enough to give me continued faith in the project.

im barely hanging on too. im only 24 and i made a promise to keep waging for the next two years. im so sick and mentally broken but i know ill be rewarded eventually.

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Also VERY pic relate

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Found the INTJ snowflake.

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damn, you sound like me at 16. read stanley hauerwas and soren kierkegaard.

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try cashing out and living your life dumbass. Stop gambling

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do a flip

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Go to church and find a nice catholic waifu

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why not start small again and work your way up like the old times
you sure made the money with determination and hope, and that makes you feel alive

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Stfu fag. Wahhhh I’m rich wahhhh

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Give me 50 grand so I can change my entire life, then.

You won't, of course, because you covet your wealth as a form of security. You'd somehow be even more miserable if you lost your money.

I have no idea what sort of bizarre entitlement poisoned your thought process, but that sort of obscene wealth should bring you joy. Perhaps you know that you don't deserve it.

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Exactly I’m so glad I have poker. I’d kill myself once I make a few million with link

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I gave a few thousand of my Algo away to some 3rd worlders in an Algo thread. Makes you feel good. He should honestly donate 50k

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>I don’t need to derive my purpose from taking care of other retarded creatures cuz I’m not a simp
this is your problem
You can't get access to hot/ decent girls who give you free love and validation as a chad

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say whatever it takes for you to keep coping and living your retarded life tranny

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Haven't you done the needful yet? Why are you still here talking? Bad bait? Do a flip faggot. Sage.

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spent my life trying to escape this monetary system why would I go back to it for fun kek

I don’t give money to niggers sorry

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Your brain is supposed to provide that "point" for you, by flowing the right chemicals through you.
It's not doing that properly right now, depression is not a logical process of thought, it is your monkey brain not giving you the value in life of feeling good and wanting to live to continue feeling good.
You simply have a medical condition, and you're a multimillionaire, you have the resources to get the best possible treatment for it.
It might mean taking 10x the dose of whatever psych/s you've tried (hopefully) or it might mean getting a script for Xanax (hopefully not)

I'm not going to assume anything here but since you mentioned Psychs, I'll also add that if you have any regular substance use, even if it's just weed, this could be a cause and you should cease regular consumption, if you can't keep it under control then you should abstain completely.

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Give me some money, helping other achieve their goals will make you feel great, i guarantee it. Youll feel like a new man, youll be reborn, reinvigorated with new found energy you thought was not possible, so please donate to me, Ujeem. My village in dire need of new water tower.

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op should just kill himself and stop being such a faggot

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Goodnight sweet prince

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lmao told you
>ugh fuck what do I do with my millions of dollars my life is still miserable
>ok then do something with it

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Funny how you mention psychedelics to be a cure when I’ve tripped balls enough to know they’re not. I just hate the world I think

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these humblebrag threads are so fucking cringe

honestly just off yourself, but before that sell your stack so some other worthy anon can get in cheaper, ungrateful idiot

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literally cash out and live your life. The women come with the sportscar and 2 story house

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>no matter how fucked up you get on psychedelics and how stupidly profound your “realizations” are you come back to this base reality
That base reality being 'nothing matters'? Nice religion you got there, faggot. You exchanged one view for another

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the main lesson with psychedelics is that this reality is such a gift as experience is possible in it without evil there is no good or no satisfaction without suffering. They define each other. People get this through bad trips where they experience infinite nothing or good trips where they experience infinite connection which are really the same thing, the absence of good and evil.
God is the symbolic personification of the characteristics of reality that perpetuate reality, it's self evident. Your suffering is a process in some higher purpose same as you damage a knife to sharpen it.
In any case there is no evidence suicide will help you, it's not deniable you can create a life worth living and that is probably as good a situation you can hope for. Having material resource can also make this easier

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Find a hobby anon, you have money to get into any sort of thing you might enjoy. Take up golf, fishing, hiking or something like that. Enjoy nature. Travel to another country. There's plenty of things you can do if you just make yourself try.

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Bigger question why are you still here?
What the fuck bullshit thoughts are you coping with keeping your worthless body here in this plane?
How have you not killed yourself yet?
you are a waste of space in a meaningless world and I can’t wait till you inevitably die and hopefully rot in hell

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heroic dose said psychs, may as well if you're this fucked up anyway

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so dedicate your life to helping poor retards or something.

>> No.29535159

There's no difference between you and a mcds wagie who smokes weed. kys. I am way more rich than you and always will be. You have nothing and never will.

>> No.29535160

This doesn't seem like a larp, I'm the dying anon from a similar post before, email me as responding here can be tiresome if you want to speak it's [email protected]

I've helped many through your situation including myself and others here, don't do anything stupid friend.

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dissociatives can work better for some people, ket has shown promise in scientific studies and I've had good experiences with dxm. but, you probably won't actually try to find the meaning and satisfaction you're deliberately avoiding, and you're still being a colossal fag, so just neck yourself and give away your crypto to people that don't hate themselves and aren't spiritually bankrupt.

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>Nothing matters in the universe. Nothing.
Exactly. So use your money and make yourself as comfy as possible. What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? If you're a multimillionaire you obviously never have to work again. So pursue your hobbies or interests. If that doesn't cut it, then find some new ones.

>> No.29535270

Or at least save my email, I'm here to try to help people understand a slightly more peaceful of living everyday life, I have nothing to gain besides human interaction on a genuine level, ignore the fools they are there for a reason in their own way.

>> No.29535284

Find some friends who don't know about your wealth. What's your net worth?

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I got baptized today, the Holy Spirit lives within me and Christ is my guide. Who can ever hurt me? Im a soldier of God and ill serve him until the end and beyond. Take the Christ pill and be free of earthly pains and worries be free of the grasp of satan be free of the power that sin has over you, Repent and be free.

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I hated the world for years, because of my situation and a lifelong set of bad circumstances but the world is inherently neutral and the only real person driving my misery is myself.

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What the fuck religion is “nothing matters” dumb nigger I’m saying there’s no god

>> No.29535372

I only believe Psychs to be a tool for treatment (not a "cure") because they helped me a great deal personally years ago (life-changing complete pivot from negative despair to optimism, happiness and satisfaction with life) and the fairly recent studies coming out confirming that lots of other people get the same result.
I would certainly be interested to know just how deep you got, how many "bad" trips you've had, if any, but ultimately psych therapy is still very new and I'm far from an expert, so I would only be able to give you wild guesses.
The reality is always that nothing is a foolproof cure for 100% of people, a proper diagnosis and a Benzo script might be the only thing that works for you, hard to say, an expensive health professional would probably give you a better answer than me.

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File: 3.72 MB, 800x8398, kant magee tristan long.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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Nihilism is a form of spiritual maturity, as you realize the only point of life is life itself.

>> No.29535445

try reading for pleasure without worrying about using the knowledge to find a job. I've been reading ancient Egyptian studies about death rites and mythology. Really fills the gap nicely. And I have plenty of time to enjoy the works. Budge is fucking awesome.

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I doubt you've tried every form of therapy.

Are you willing to suspend disbelief and try these forms of therapy?



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Read Aurelius faggot

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You post this everyday.

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I will die, it will end with me in a wheelchair wasting away not being able to move my legs arms or neck, while my brain eats my spine and the cancer eats my organs.

I won't commit suicide because the point of the rest of my existence is to talk to people that's it, it's not complex it's not gloomy it's the best thing I have done in my entire existence on this planet and makes me feel mentally more health than ever before.

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Why aren't we bullying this retarded nigger? I'm losing braincells reading everything. We really going to treat him differently because

I think im about to quit biz.

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>the main lesson with psychedelics
I don’t think there’s a main lesson. They are simply chemicals. Lessons are extrapolated from the individual. Anyways
>reality is a gift
sure feels like one
>without evil there’s no good, or satisfaction without suffering
Why? Why can there not be only good energy with no negative bullshit?

There is no higher purpose. Or god. Just ask yourself how many people are starving to death right now as god witnesses and does nothing to stop it

>> No.29535790

If you want to be happy strip away as much as you can. Not all at once or you will hurt more slowly and eventually you will strip away what was hurting you and you can starting adding shit back correctly.

>> No.29535807

You're affirming negatives, meaning you're imposing a view onto the world like a religious zealot or an ideologue does. If nothing mattered you could live without fear or worry. If you lived without fear or worry, you wouldn't be whinging on a tibetan acupuncture forum

>> No.29535810

I mean believing in the Big Bang is just as illogical as believing in a higher being. We know literally nothing about existence, shits pretty wack, may as well be open to spirituality, try to find something else besides the physical. Sounds like you’ve already proven to yourself that physical things don’t bring happiness, gotta find it within.

Most modern religious groups are pretty fucked today, they make it seem like the only way to have spirituality in your life is if you beg sky daddy to solve all your problems.

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Untermensch please gtfo from my IB and never comeback

>> No.29535858

If you're still alive go buy a cabin in an area with low light pollution. But a giant telescope. Spend your nights staring into the sky above. It's beautiful friend.

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OP, you could really change my life right now. I'm in a pretty awful situation. Nothing seems to be going right no matter how hard I try.


>> No.29535910

that is merely just for some dopamine so your ego can feel good.
you get tired of it eventually.
I think the lack of existentialism of people responding is exactly the issue. NPC simps cope with material shit to make their life better. When in reality your philosophy fucked by definition if you think about it

>> No.29535921

Send money.

But honestly I get it. Give the book the power of now a read. It probably saved my life.

>> No.29535934

reported HaHa

>> No.29535946

Fuck you and your demoralization post. Seriously, what do you think you're sharing with the world with a post like this? If you're depressed, deal with it. You think you're doing something here except acquiring more negative karma? FUCK YOU DEMORALIZING POSTER

>> No.29535983

That is why I am looking forward to making it. I'll have more time to pursue recreational athletics like martial arts and lifting, have my own drawing studio, and learn stuff like instruments and high level cooking.

I recommend poorfags like myself learn to like themselves and get good at something and have a general desire of getting better at more things before you make it.

>> No.29536006

Because I like conquering and ruling over animals. Holding their lives and careers in my hands. Gaining more power and ability to change the world to my liking

>> No.29536017

unironically stop masturbating and find God.

>> No.29536025

Oh and don't buy some computer guided piece of shit. Buy a huge manual scope and challenge yourself to find your targets. You'll forget about everything else on this shitty Earth.

>> No.29536053


money doesn't make you grow up, and taking acid tabs doesn't either.

you're supposed to feel this way at one point in your life, deal with it faggot

>> No.29536063

This shit happens when a man does not have Libido so fuck this Mortido fag

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Also, OP

Just go to Saint Peter's Basilica. Just trust me on this. what do you have to lose? You could be there tomorrow.

>> No.29536123

bro you are a LOSER who cant cope with existence, its over for you, dumb incel

>> No.29536130

I will shape this shithole to my liking or die trying.

>> No.29536156

Trade in your nihilism for stoicism. Live for the final hour of your life; that you may pass from this world in fulfillment

>> No.29536216

Also, OP

start lifting weights

>> No.29536275

please just gift me 1 link? i want to keep it forever.


>> No.29536327

you sound like a junkie nigger.
If God helps them he will forever help them. That's why they can't feed themselves because they're dependent on handouts like children.

>> No.29536384

Satan isn’t real, religion is a lie >>29535298
Cope. Why does god let millions of people suffer? Religion is literal cancer for brain dead monkeys who can’t see an obviousl truth that there’s no magic man in the fucking clouds

>> No.29536450

OP, life is complex. Imagine someone holding a phone up to you and asking you right then and there to explain everything about how it all comes together to make 1 working device. Now imagine a device infinitely more complex.

Such is the complexity of God. Pointing out suffering in this world to say there isn't a God makes no sense.

>> No.29536455

this thread is so fucking retarded, I guess that's what thinking about crypto most of the time does to people.

>> No.29536509

Why do millions of people let themselves suffer?
Why ain't you happy?

>> No.29536560

No motorcycle faggot, imagine NOT at least trying a track day or a cross country trip IF YOU HAVE "DEPRESSION"? Holy shit you are boring OP

>> No.29536612

>if god real why bad thing happen?

THIS IS LARP! BASED! You got me good. If you really not larping you should really consider suicide.

>> No.29536620

>End it already cuck
You should take your own advice fren

>> No.29536631

>I don’t know why people even bother to live.
Because it's fun. Good food, good games, good anime, good women. Although you can also take the family route and build one.

>your entire existence is pointless retarded and meaningless
Midwit cope. Just because you say "it's meaningless" doesn't mean that it is.

>midwit destroyed his mind with drugs
kek. There has to be some metaphysical event. This doesn't confirm any one God, but does prove that something beyond our logical understanding exists. If it's not an intelligent creator then we won the ultimate lottery.

>thinks acid trips are the same as medication

>When in reality your philosophy fucked by definition if you think about it
That's your reality. I know exactly the type of person you are. I doubt you are a multimillionaire and if you are then you will soon not be. You think life owes you meaning. You think you're intelligent by being a nihilist, but you're just a normalfag that uses the internet.

Please go back to /r/atheism as it's more your speed.

>t. actual multimillionaire

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>Why? Why can there not be only good energy with no negative bullshit?
because they are relative you need two colors to draw a line.

if you'd actually properly tripped you can experience a non dual state and then you will return and be thankful for your ability to experience through an ego.

To God existence is good and existence is made of good and evil. listen to this https://youtu.be/jiydhB07yZE

>> No.29536690

based, its all cope at the end of the day

>> No.29536741


finally something that makes sense except the "there has to be a metaphysical event" which is based on ignorance

otherwise you have restored faith in biz

>> No.29536774

What about building a small app or indie kino?
A few wagies shouldn't cost too much and you get to be a terrible boss

>> No.29536921

You suffer because you accept as true things that are not actually true. Things about yourself, the world, the existence or non-existence of God. If you cannot recognize the lies and if you cannot uproot them then you will continue to suffer.

>> No.29536932
File: 258 KB, 1080x1012, 6B429C70-2119-4917-BFD7-5B215E2E11C2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bro you are a LOSER who cant cope with existence, its over for you, dumb incel

>> No.29536947

there are layers to logic. Upper layers are beyond our comprehension.

There's a Carl Sagan video of him explaining dimensions and how a 3d apple could talk above a 2d square and it would hear the voice inside him.

The plane of the square's world could be a sphere but he could never ever figure out why he can walk in 1 direction and return to where he started because he cannot imagine a 3d shape. We cannot imagine 4d shapes.

There can be a metaphysical entity and layers of logic that interact with us but are above us

>> No.29536985
File: 986 KB, 1125x777, AB6CF342-5ED7-49B9-82A6-851C87CB8B5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, have you ever gone to a church? I’d advise you speak to a priest. If that’s not your style, seek professional attention from a psychiatrist. You can afford it and you will not regret it. Just because you aren’t happy does not mean that others feel the same way as you, nor does it mean they are deluded. In fact, suicide as a concept is directly counter to the very nature of living beings, meaning your perception is by definition warped. You must seek to correct it and find a purpose in your life.

You have the money, so there is nothing preventing you from not being happy but yourself.

>> No.29537029

Top kek but if he’s god he could just make all of the problems disappear in the first place

The logical fallacies are real with religious folks

>> No.29537054

>tried psychedelics
did you inject DMT?

>> No.29537060

Bro you are fucking depressed. I'm sure you suffer from some kind of nutritional deficiency. Go to raypeatforum and start reading everything you can. As you said, when you die there is a bunch of nothing for all eternity. At least try to feel as good as possible the time you are here. Yes, it's all chemicals. Yes, it's a lie from your body but if you do the right things you will thank God you are still alive. I have already walk through that path and I feel fucking good now (chainlink is just the cherry on the cake) Good luck, brother.

>> No.29537080

God you're such a doomer faggot. Money is an empty vessel, of course it didn't fulfill you. Your life is meaningless because you've based the value of your soul on fucking money, and you have the audacity to call everyone else a "retarded faggot"

Your angst and absolute inability to truly articulate yourself beyond a grade-school level betray two things:
A) you have no real life experience and you've latched on to some faceless dissatisfaction to act like a victim
B) you're the very midwit you resent

My advice, pull your head out of your ass and stop acting like you've actually read Nietzsche. Find simple satisfaction in natural beauty and love. Be thankful you have the money to live above wage slavery.

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You sound like an nihilistic edge lord, crybaby faggot militant atheist. It's no wonder you're miserable it sounds like you bring it on yourself. Sage

>> No.29537091 [DELETED] 

I'm the cancer anon on my phone, I don't think your very serious considering you seemed to skim over my posts, the reality is what you make it.

>> No.29537197

Whats the point in getting frustrated and killing yourself when life is so short that it's over as soon as you blink? How impatient are you that you can't wait out your microscopic biological clock?

>> No.29537200


I agree that it's a possibility, however if we are talking about these kinds of absolute superior plans, since they are by definition impossible to grasp, why bother believing, let alone thinking about it ?

Sure it might exist, it might not, but that's like everything absolutely transcendental or abstract, be it the fourth dimension, God, money, as long as we don't pay attention to it or give it existence it doesn't exist and cannot manifest.

>> No.29537227

>Midwit cope. Just because you say "it's meaningless" doesn't mean that it is.

Sick cope bro! Life is totally not meaningless and u r right!!! U did it yay!!!!

>> No.29537324
File: 53 KB, 750x740, kl8yf4frcn531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29537350


if you think life itself is meaningless that's just you saying that your life is.

an individual chooses his own meaning, if you choose that it has none, then it has none indeed

>> No.29537505

Baby's first existential crisis

>> No.29537801

same but im maxxing out my body. going to explore what comes after life if there is anything at all but i need to be in peak fitness just in case its something wack. will also kms wearing custom suit of armour etc

>> No.29537939

>what’s the point of existence
>It’s just all meaning bullshit
thats the beauty of it, there is no reason to get upset, nothing matters.

>> No.29537955


>> No.29538010

then make meaning in life. Start a hobby. Move overseas. learn a language and speak to as many new people as possible. Youre a multi-millionaire now and can afford to travel and live overseas. There is no excuse for you to stay in the same place and rot. Life has no meaning other than for you to seek out your own personal meaning.

Who knows? Maybe you're destined to be a great chess grandmaster or a big wave surfer or an excellent photographer. Whatever it is you must seek it. Spend an hour a day on youtube watching something completely random. Take a journal and write down 3 positive things about the thing youre watching. Keep a notepad on all of the things that caught your eye and try them out in real life. Do not do more than a day's worth of prep for an activity - just do the activity, dont over analyze it.

Start lifting. Yes it doesn't change anything about the cosmos and the lack of meaning. I dont give a fuck. Your mind and soul are both stuck in a meat suit that you need in order to survive. If you ignore your body, your body will punish you through a myriad of methods if you dont maintain it and get fit. Become fit, and your body will supercharge your soul.

>> No.29538240

I’m not even upset really. It’s just seems factual that there’s truly no point to anything and we’re all just coping until we die lol

>> No.29538327

Nigger life has no meaning, that means it can mean what ever you want. My goal is to start alpaca and cannabis farm

>> No.29538410

Maybe it’s the lack of serotonin in my brain but

even tho I used to think all that stuff was just dandy. It just seems like a game of “how do I occupy my time until I get erased from existence”, which in itself seems meaningless, and maybe drains more serotonin out thinking about it. just waiting around for death kek

>> No.29538451

Wrong feggit. Distortions are the reason we are here. We cannot know the good without the bad. Things have no value in abundance.

>> No.29538502

Its called the bojack syndrome
Aka wahhh I have everything I every wanted I'm so depressed waahhhhh

>> No.29538549 [DELETED] 

Send your coins before you kill yourself faggot

>> No.29538569

i skipped the thread, but you don’t feel anything because you achieved your goal. your desire is sated. this is the rarest of emotions, because ultimately no desire is ever truly sated. the biggest meal of your favorite food is only enough for a day— tomorrow you will hunger.

but you broke the chain that binds man to the plow. you found the weakest link, debt slavery, and you broke it with LINK.

you’re in a rare prolonged moment of ennui that few human beings have experienced. i have no advice for you fren, because when you achieve true freedom no word can bind you. i hope you experience joy before your time is up.

>> No.29538723

Ok then do it.

>> No.29538746 [DELETED] 

Do this
1. Make sure your taking vitamin D it's winter shit makes you depressed without it.
2. Think about the spring and the summer like plants we tend to bury our roots in the ground waiting for the soil to warm up enough that we can blossom.

Your depression stems from the last year, and the lack of optimism for simple everyday life, it's literally some of the things I've done to keep myself from turning a gun to my head.

You can wakeup feeling like a new man if you realize this, there a lot of anons who were talking the same way as you did then after a discussion with me days later returned to tell me how they have never been happier in their life, It's all perception and your in control of of you want to feel.

>> No.29538802 [DELETED] 

Of how you want to feel*

>> No.29538840


>seems factual
it's not, it's just your interpretation of people's intentions based on your intentions

>lack of serotonin
go on SSRIs then and feel even more empty

stop blaming life, the world, your serotonin

if you really believed you have no meaning, you would've already killed yourself.

But you're here, on 4chan, telling complete strangers how miserable you are.

That's because you actually think that there may be an alternative to this emptiness.
Cultivate this thought.

>> No.29538944

>>tried psychedelics and every form of therapy
It cures my Bipolar

>> No.29539010
File: 70 KB, 615x555, 1614001310058.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.29539036 [DELETED] 

Ultimately you are afraid to die, you are blaming the past for your feeling now.
I could blame my parents but if everyone went to my parents and asked them "why did you do it"
They would respond "Well my parent's didn't raise me right"
See where I'm going, stop the cycle remember you are a product of your past and your future but you completely forget about the present.

Change your thinking and you will change your mind, any excuse you may have I could amplify to infinity and I could take the route of making you feel so guilty about being healthy that works as well but instead you should just be.

It's simply complex.

>> No.29539068

>your entire existence is pointless retarded and meaningless
speak for yourself sirs

>> No.29539127

wow I can't believe someone like you is a depressed piece of shit. just end it all and send me your link you fucking faggot.

>> No.29539199

this. op is not an aristocrat of the soul. only worthless people feel worthless.

>> No.29539260

I saw threads like this daily when I started coming here a few years ago, so I recognized the fud of money not changing anything / still being unhappy after getting rich. So I started working on that. I told as many of you as I could too. You gotta figure out what it is and change it now, cause we're all gonna be filthy fucking rich before we know it, and you don't wanna be that guy that got rich before realizing he wasn't happy

I wish I could give advice but if you've "tried every form of therapy" then it is what it is. I can give you some of my copes that get me through the toughest of times, but it would seem you've probably heard it all. Just do me a favor and give me some money before you kill yourself

>> No.29539327

>Nothing matters in the universe. Nothing.
matter matters

>> No.29539416

hey naru cheer up bro

>> No.29539429

Bro, why don't you try something creative.. like painting for something. You have just as much a chance of being the next andy warhol as you do elon musk. Don't give up tho.

>> No.29539478

just pull the trigger. no one will miss you.

>> No.29539504

Kill yourself then faggot.
daily reminder that the only way to argue with a nihilist is to kill then.

>> No.29539723 [DELETED] 

I think it's interesting I've been the only one engaging him intellectually and he has avoided every single one of my posts, he is ultimately afraid of death it's why he came to say "Ah Ah fellas I'm about to end my life don't you see!"

I have embraced death for over 15 years and my journey will end within 5, yet I do not post any threads here for sympathy, I do not ever say I'm going to kill myself.

Because If I were to think about doing such an act nobody would have ever known, that part of life completely unphases me, Do we remember when we were born?!?

Do we "fear that moment of waking up into the universe"
Why should be fear leaving the universe, it's as natural as a sun setting.

>> No.29540149

Why don’t you buy your own link you retarded poorfag kys kek

>> No.29540382

a) aerobic exercise. Daily. Even if you don't feel like it.
b) go outside. It's really good for your psyche
c) start reading novels
d) pick up some activity that involves other people in the community

You're rich now so you have time

>> No.29540912

I hope you find some meaning one day op

>> No.29541794

Then strive for something that inspires others. You must understand that the vast majority of humans NEVER HAVE and NEVER WILL have a legacy after they die. If you wish to break the curse of "buying time until I die" then you must do something that will leave a legacy. You have no time to waste. You must find out what it is you love to do and then you must be the best at it.

What if you're the world's best photographer? Think about the classic photos you see on a daily basis. That leaves a legacy. What if you're the worlds best chess player? You will forever have a legendary game and an opening named for you that millions of players will dream of pulling off. What if you are the world's best climber? Your name will be carved in stone for all eternity.

I would suggest the religious aspect of it - there's also a cyclical spiritual path you can take. But you seem to not care about religion so whatever. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE. YOU MUST STRIVE FOR GREATNESS. IF YOU CANNOT ACHIEVE A LEGACY, YOU WILL BE KNOWN FOR YOUR JOURNEY

>> No.29542027
File: 2 KB, 125x125, 1611885878613s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your arrogance is Luciferian. You reject God's crookedness because you believe your ability to logic and reason is straight. You submit yourself to nothing and exist only for the fleeting pleasures of the flesh. Your story is not new despite your probable ideation of it being so. Read Ecclesiastes if you want to see that God knows you and submit to him if you're brave enough to live in alignment with what's righteous.

>> No.29542220

Still waiting on you to do it pussy.

>> No.29542228 [DELETED] 
File: 107 KB, 1152x2048, CEAB833F-A3F4-428C-8100-124E08218216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If nothing matters then send every last one of your LINK to this address and be a biz hero forever.


>> No.29542578

Gonna tell you to do something I know you won’t do, but here goes. You have fried your brain coming to this site. It’s likely you go to other boards that have completely fucked with your head. My advice to you is to get off this fucking website. You got more than you’ll ever need out of this website by finding out about LINK. Detox yourself from technology, go outside and just live and focus on yourself. Stop worrying about why the world sucks. You (presumably) have an able body, a decent intellect. Take some time to reflect on what you want to do with your life. You are unironically blessed to have things like your health and a brilliant investment in your life. Not everyone is a scumbag. Maybe you can focus on something to leave your mark to improve the lives of others who need help.

Overall I think if you get to this state of mind you need to get the fuck away from 4chan (and the internet in general).

>> No.29542673

>thinks acid trips are the same as medication
Acid trips can literally be "medication", shrooms are already fast-tracked by the TGA for use in therapy.

>> No.29544030

At least spend all your money on ketamine.

>> No.29544103

Fucking kill yourself already then you useless faggot. Don't even donate your crypto before you do it either, send it to the wrong address and destroy it.

Either get on meds and figure it out or just do it. Nobody wants to hear you whine about it.

>> No.29544413

> make something of yourself
As if you have to be something to be happy
He just needs to try things that feel fulfilling to him
For me that would be to live in nature and be cut off from society
If I had the money I’d be gone.

>> No.29544485

You're such an attention whore.

You probably don't even have that much link, stacklet. Post pics with timestamp or get fucked.

You're just some moody teenager who is at stage 2 of 7 in the "figuring out my life" exercise.

You sound like you read the first few pages of a book on nihism and then put it down. If you'd read to the end of the book you'd realize that the end point of a successful person is to live a self actualized life DESPITE the meaninglessness of life, and indeed FREED from the shackles and PRISON of life HAVING to mean something.

Imagine if life was as you wished and everything had some pre-proscribed meaning? How bored and utterly trapped you would feel? You are BLESSED with meaninglessness. Meaninglessness has graced you with its presence. Meaning is a pathetic human construct. It is a tool to achieve your objectives, nothing more.

Become strong enough to give yourself the meaning you feel is appropriate to your life, and to follow that meaning even with the knowledge that it is objectively a figment of your imagination.

That is strength.

A man who acts with the promise of heaven is a dog on a leash, dragged along by a master. A man who does good works with nothing but the promise of oblivion and irrelevance is truly a transcendent being and someone to be admired.

>> No.29544514

You need to do some soul searching. Spend some time alone and get clean.

>> No.29544556

Read 40 pages a day

>> No.29544648 [DELETED] 

Thank you absolutely spot on, it's why I spend my days here even though I shouldn't be, I would love to help the fellow man for the sake of leaving behind a better place, not because it would "entitle" me access to a "superior" existence that in itself is the ultimate ego.

>> No.29544811

God isn't your personal genie, faggot.

>> No.29544840

Travel, do things.
You can literally do anything.
Don't placate yourself with videos games and fake experience.
I do suggest getting a job or going to school because despite how cucked both those options are they give you something to do.

>> No.29544928

We warned you for years but you decided to be a Linker

>> No.29544947

struck a nerve there didn't he seething faggot? ngmi

>> No.29544978
File: 382 KB, 881x826, 518A0E42-B3F3-49E9-8D62-FDC5A46C25B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

End this fragile dream of flesh and return me to the abyss from which I came.

>> No.29545072 [DELETED] 

Your an attention seeker and are pathetic at that, many people here tried helping you but it's evident there was a deep waste of time in this thread from a very immature man child.

Goodluck try Godlikeproductions it's more schizo tier for your liking.

>> No.29545218

Kys you piece of shit. No wonder you re depressed, you re fucking trash.

>> No.29545252
File: 134 KB, 1653x949, Salvation message.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Matthew 9:11-13 KJV
11 And when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto his disciples, Why eateth your Master with publicans and sinners?

12 But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.

13 But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and not sacrifice: for I am not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.

Jesus Christ can heal you and give you new life through his Gospel. Repent, I.E realize you're a sinner that has sinned against God. Don't harden your heart against God, let him convict you of your sin. Don't resist the Holy Spirit

You HAVE sinned AGAINST God, does that not give you sorrow towards him? In his eyes you are worthy of heal.

But there is a way friend The Gospel.

the Lord Jesus Christ died for you a sinner and ressurected the third day. Lean on this, trust this. This is the only way. Trust Christ as your saviour.

Read pic related for more in depth.

>> No.29545375

Honestly OP , no need to rope don’t do it bro. Now for some advice - shit the fuck up and enjoy - you made it and you’re complaining life is meaningless and existence is futile, no one gives a fuck. Hit the gym, get a hobby, learn guitar , learn a language , start a podcast complaining , it doesn’t matter what it is - you sound right now to be a miserable sack of shit. There are suicidal wagies on this board right now and yet you fucking complain.

>> No.29545445
File: 8 KB, 246x205, mmmmMMMMMmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pursuing dopamine is the meaning of life. Cigarettes, drugs, sugar, cooming, it's all good. I will never stop

>> No.29546075
File: 289 KB, 1000x1500, photo-1488426862026-3ee34a7d66df.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get away from this trash website, find a good shrink, do something nice for yourself with your fuck you gains. You're going to die eventually anyway, just be good to yourself until then and you'll be fine.

>> No.29546102
File: 27 KB, 469x469, 3E2EE6F0-A41F-45F5-BF9A-07FCCDCD9EC3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still here awaiting merciful oblivion. I read and appreciate the responses project as you will

>> No.29546142

join the rubic telegram for a chat anytime anon.

>> No.29546541

just do something you faggot. What are you going to do? Just sit in a room all day waiting for your body to decay? I know you're not going to kill yourself, because you wouldve already done it and not whined on an anonymous image board. Shut up and just do something already. You have nothing better to do so why not try.

>> No.29546799 [DELETED] 

You can try practicing Altruism I don't know if you have before but I would be a good start I could seriously use a hand up but I honestly don't believe that exists in people anymore.
Prove me and everyone else wrong about you.

>> No.29547043

Hey richfag op i know I could get banned from this but i need 1k or my debts will kill me. It's not much money for you and it's a lot for me..

>> No.29547073

hang around ghetto supermarkets and pay for peoples shopping

>> No.29547127

OP is so fucking cringe lmao. Yeah life is meaningless but when I put my dick is some fine pussy I don’t give a fuck about that. You don’t know what it feels like because you are a selfhating cuck. Stay retarded

>> No.29547184

>chad BTC maxi
another way to say you're a retard who simply got in early and would be a multi-millionaire if you actually invested in alts earlier.

>> No.29547214

You accomplished a huge feat and you're crashing hard from that endorphin high. This is temporary, just wait it out. Seriously, just leave Netflix running for the next 24 hours and don't leave the couch.

>> No.29547239

Fren, you're probably just stressed out seeing your net worth fluctuate by millions of dollars downward during a dip.

>> No.29547344

Nobody cares. Don't symp to us, you (((You))) fishing beta. KYS and send LINK to the fag below me.

>> No.29547386 [DELETED] 

>BTC: 34FE65ataW4JTiqc82yrmKxkqVpjCdqRgh
>ETH: 0x7d79f8171065fAe4Dab64689218f544ac54bFCBc

>> No.29547448


>> No.29547451

Create something. Buils something with your hands. Make pieces of art, music etc. Learn something new. Build a business that interests you. Start to do sports. Go on a hike and see the beauty of the world. Your problem is lazyness and procastrination. With doing somethingcomes joy

>> No.29547594


>> No.29547657

>You’re a retarded cretin if you haven’t made it by now
you're rich and cant figure out how to be content. You're the retard. If you're in california i can show you how to spend money not like a retard. We can start by renting jet skis after church on sunday.

>> No.29547659

I can tell you won't do it because you're talking about it here and for some reason you care enough about finding meaning to come to the conclusion that there is none. SO when you inevitably DON'T rope, learn to cook, read 1 book a week, exercise, and abandon your search for meaning. There is none. Enjoy your money (or don't) and treat your body and mind with care. Health is wealth. Also you're a faggot.

>> No.29547702


>> No.29547715


Probs need to get a better sleep pattern.

>> No.29547728

you literally deserve to lose all your "millions" of dollars. Go lift or just kys

>> No.29547759
File: 276 KB, 500x375, Suspicious-Cat.85fb333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Says he is going to kill himself


>> No.29547763

God isn't real faggot

>> No.29547782

The point of humanity is to make things from other things and eventually colonize whatever galaxies we can over the next million years (this will happen btw).

The only way your life will has meaning is if you glean that meaning from other people or create your own.

>> No.29547783 [DELETED] 

Ty sir!

>> No.29547784

Hahahah btc maxi and only with 700k hahahahaa.

>> No.29547851

Learn to live off the grid. Try to live out on your own with 10 items. test your will.

>> No.29547893

Funnily enough I don't think I would change much about my life, I'm frugal and like simple things, I'd still make frivolous bets the stock market for the thrill, I'd just be BANGIN 10/10 MODELS IN MY LAMBO YOU FUCKING NERD GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS

>> No.29547920

Op.. Please..

>> No.29547924

If you do decide to kys please raffle your fortune here.

>> No.29547931
File: 789 KB, 750x902, COOM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based retard coomer, keep going

>just fuk sum pu55Y BrO lMao
you are an example of the meaningless lifeforms i was referring to earlier

>> No.29547985

Dude just quit your job and go live by the beach somewhere for a while. Stop being a whiny faggot.

>> No.29547992
File: 3.28 MB, 635x640, 1600339444843.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>multimillionaire from Link
>still depressed af, not even depression anymore, just numb to feeling
>tried psychedelics and every form of therapy
>still hate life and all the retarded faggot pieces of trash classified as “life” that I share this hell hole with
And he still posts on /biz/ don't forget you're here forever faggot.

>> No.29548055

I will start off saying I don’t believe in god
But you should study a little bit of religion to understand it in a metaphorical sense
Feeling happy is simply the healing from struggle, and sacrifice
Have a goal

>> No.29548094

Why would he test you? Because imagine you were in control of a magic kingdom where people can have and do whatever they want. You have to go above and beyond and demonstrate you have self control and you are not a piece of shit otherwise you would fuck everything up and then hes gotta deal with another satan

>> No.29548147

Being in love is pretty nice though.

>> No.29548157
File: 225 KB, 1311x529, 1607372801379.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29548205

and now missing another opportunity with DHT?

>> No.29548220

Op please i need your help. Maybe helping me will make you feel something

>> No.29548283

god is real. infact he's the ultimate reality and nothing is as real as "he"

consciousness never ends. if you think you're ever going to get the sweet release of an eternal dreamless sleep, you are mistaken. your consciousness has and will continue to exist for eternity. the sooner you come to grips with that fact, the better.

better start realizing your beliefs are solely under your control, and also realize the benefit of adopting strictly beliefs that will lead to an enjoyable existence regardless of circumstance.

good luck

>> No.29548292

im unironically building a cabin in the mountains ma dude
i try and live as minimalistic as possible
the void really fucks with my head it think top kek

>> No.29548334

sure i'll help you.
quit being a loser and get money.
there, problem solved! ur welcome

>> No.29548381

Im trying OP. I just need 1k. Please

>> No.29548383

kek god bro

if my consciousness is eternal, and i am god. then this is all a simulation and nothing is real.

>> No.29548422

have you tried sucking 1000 dicks for 1$ each?
have you tried not being a bum on 4chan?

>> No.29548439

lmao enjoy hell worthless faggot

>> No.29548441 [DELETED] 

Ha fucking ha, simulation theory wait till illness hits you, you will stop believing in that shit instantly, you had had a pampered life in one way or another I don't believe you have more than 6k maximum and are most likely bipolar or NPD and you create attention seeking threads.

This is why you are the way you are.

>> No.29548468

fund the game im working on bitch

>> No.29548487


just give him 1k op is literally nothing to you and he is asking for help don't be faggot

>> No.29548510

hell isn't real, dumb fuck.
seriously why do you believe in god? have you seen even 1 proof that it exists?
you just hope there is a higher power to make sense of this shitty ass world

>> No.29548587

help others

>> No.29548590

He actually believes this faggy larp, all linkies are poor

>> No.29548616

>wait till illness hits you, you will stop believing in that shit instantly,
honestly no clue what you're even trying to say. i didn't say i believed in anything you mong.
>you had had a pampered life in one way or another I don't believe you have more than 6k maximum
top kek, had the same typical life as everyone else and bought link early.

really great empath skills u got there m9

>> No.29548643

exorcise that demon out of you you worthless good for nothing, you are lower than a worm living a meaningless purposeless existence, humble yourself or die, you're as good as dead anyway the way you are now

>> No.29548657 [DELETED] 

Hell is very much real we are in it currently, why do you think people such as yourself exist?
To torment others do you think a neutral world would create someone such as yourself?

>> No.29548661

why would i help someone who had the same opportunity as me? they could've bought link and got rich, they didn't that's there own fault lol
i don't owe this hobo jackshit

>> No.29548709

simulation training has value. astronauts train in simulations to get them accustomed to other realities with different laws they are accustomed to.

this is no different. we are training for realities larger and incomprehensibly more complex. you don't get to ride a bike until you've mastered a tricycle. And you don't get to drive a car until you've mastered the bike(it's an analogy...)

whining gets you nowhere. master yourself and your reality or you will never progress. the good news is you literally have eternity to get it right, and there's no other game in town.


>> No.29548765

i asked you for proof of god and you tell me the inherent meaningless purposeless existence which is the whole thread topic kek

you have no evidence god is real its literally cope
>humble yourself or die
who cares about your meme persona fag

>> No.29548804 [DELETED] 

This man is currently on drugs and is getting off on tormenting others he doesn't own anything besides a partly amount and whatever substance he is consuming, I will wish this upon him I hope you are inflicted with the worse kind of natural diseases this earth can produce, I hope you spend years trying to cure it and are shamed and ridiculed by those around you, I hope the doctors take your money and ignore your problems, I hope the next woman you sleep with gives you an std that isn't noticed until it's done irreversible damage to your brain and CNS.
I hope every person you mocked and laughed at befores health issues replicate inside your body until your a husk of a man begging and pleading for anyone to give you an ounce of sympathy yet nobody even notices you exist.

>> No.29548842

don't care if larp or not, just off yourself faggot. you sound annoying to be around with

>> No.29548845

>we are training for realities larger and incomprehensibly more complex.
im going to go ahead and assume that this is based off of absolutely nothing but hopes and dreams
what if we were sent here to die and there's nothing after, you don't know thats not the case

>> No.29548857 [DELETED] 

Enjoy that simulation because I 100% will it to exist in mine for you.

>> No.29548882

Its not about owning me op, but I don't have the same opportunities as you. I didn't had money to spend other than in rent services and food. Im just asking for help to someone that 1k is nothing but to me is A LOT.

If you change your mind here's the Link address you would be saving my life


>> No.29548958

you choose what you believe. most people are ignorant of this, they believe they have no choice but to believe the things they do. but everyone has choice in this matter, they just make it unconsciously and leave it at that. why would you choose beliefs you don't enjoy? I love my beliefs and constantly seek what I see as the optimal beliefs for an enjoyable existence. your beliefs directly influence your experience of reality, choose wisely.

>> No.29548981

You need god, brother.

>> No.29549015

you think you're in hell right now? you're delusional.
hell would obviously be much worse than this.

>To torment others
i didn't torment anyone i just expressed some views. if you can't handle it idgaf

>I will wish this upon him I hope you are inflicted with the worse kind of natural diseases this earth can produce, I hope you spend years trying to cure it and are shamed and ridiculed by those around you, I hope the doctors take your money and ignore your problems, I hope the next woman you sleep with gives you an std that isn't noticed until it's done irreversible damage to your brain and CNS.
I hope every person you mocked and laughed at befores health issues replicate inside your body until your a husk of a man begging and pleading for anyone to give you an ounce of sympathy yet nobody even notices you exist.
>getting off on tormenting others

sounds like you're trying to get off with that retarded paragraph of faggotry.

>> No.29549081

>I didn't had money to spend other than in rent services and food.

you know why you didn't have any extra money? because you created nothing of value. money is just energy. common bro stacies are making 300k of etsy its 2021.

>> No.29549126

top kek bro i've been suffering for so long. just like many other people here.
fuck god.

>> No.29549177

okay so you're fundamentally just saying to "believe" that
>>we are training for realities larger and incomprehensibly more complex.

which i simply don't believe sorry. feels like a bunch of bullshit to me anyways

>> No.29549186

I live in Latin America op.. I have shit for opportunities here. I'm sorry for asking you

>> No.29549205

Larp and you will never make it poorfag.

>> No.29549228

spirits are real but you're gonna have to search for evidence yourself I'm not gonna spoon feed you. Do you really think all our knowledge now is all that there is to life? Or that you're put on earth for nothing? An animal isn't depressed when its life conditions are good, for a human being it goes beyond that because we're sentient and our mind tortures us until we go out and try to find what god is. You don't have to subscribe to any one religion but I don't think you can exist in fullness or be happy until you've put your convictions together. You're well off now you should see the good in that, recognize that it wasn't just skill but also luck that led you here. Dig at your own pain it'll tell you just what you need to fix to feel fulfilled, it's possible.

>> No.29549259

Fuck off, sage goes in all fields

>> No.29549265

>Anonymous (ID: bcklzXh2) 02/23/21(Tue)23:48:04 No.29549186▶
>>>29549081 (You)
>I live in Latin America op.. I have shit for opportunities here. I'm sorry for asking you

sell shit on the internet you're not limited to latin america

>> No.29549350

This. You gain nothing from a casual trip. A breakthrough dose will change your life. Maybe for the worse though. I actually stopped caring about anything at all after a hero dose because nothing matters at all. But at least I absolutely didn't want to kms.

>> No.29549382
File: 423 KB, 556x420, 1531036448751.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

seethe and cope nolinker

>> No.29549521


>> No.29549522

whoever you are, give your friends in discord link

>> No.29549594

Based and existentialism pilled.

>> No.29549655

have kids, live forever

>> No.29549714
File: 39 KB, 480x556, 1585423249022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Choose your own meaning faggot. Death will find you soon enough, and whatever comes next is probably gonna suck a whole lot more than what you've got now. No rush. Make the most of your freedom while you can.

A man chooses. A slave obeys.

>> No.29549716

psychs are pretty dangerous. more so then they are credited. the most fucked up states of being will occur on bad experiences, some which you will never come back from. they can permanently fuck you up for life and every time you take a big dose you roll the dice.
anyone preaching psychedelics hasn't had things go bad. they will ruin your life 100x more then they will heal you if shit hits the fan. even with my insanely good trips i still hate them for that reason. also they highlight the meaningless of it all which can be good/bad depending on the person

>> No.29549748

Here is the answer to your troubles:


send me some link if that was helpful to you:

>> No.29549816

See you tomorrow

>> No.29549820

Fuck all these faggots Keep your Link infact put it in a hardware wallet and make all these fools look for it.

I hate everyone as well dude.

>> No.29549851
File: 1.84 MB, 1454x1083, comfyuniversepepe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29549915

Start reading bible and find jesus. Then you will find meaning of your life. Just try. You dont lose anything.

>> No.29549932
File: 50 KB, 696x476, 1503888685351.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Take St. John's Wort or SAM-E.
Both are all natural. I took 2 pills in the morning of St. John's Wort when I was doing a weekend camps with my church's youth group and it was like taking the limitless pill.
>Good mood
>Mind was sharp
>No crashing bad feelings all day nor the next
When all the other volunteers were getting tired or cranky I was still doing perfect. I'm not kidding when I say this works. I've even gone to 6 day camps where it work perfect the whole time. And it doesn't give you some senseless high feeling or anything. It just genuinely puts you at the top of your game.
I recommend taking 1 a day and seeing if you feel better. When I took two I would feel the effects literally within the first few hours and then everyday after the first day was basically constant. If you take it for three days in a row and then get off of it cold you will feel funky two days after you stop. Most of you anons will likely like you're in a bad mood for 3-4 days. That's how it was for me after my week long camps or long weekend camps. So be aware of that. You will feel like you're in a bad mood for 4 days after stopping.

I know several people who have been taking two pills a day for years though and they're perfectly fine. Which is why I recommend it to you or any other anon who has debilitating depression.
If you wanted, I guess you could just take two on any day you feel particularly bad or want to go limitless mode. I did that quite a bit on random days were I needed to wake up early and be completely present all day. Always worked and never had any negative effects even when taking two in one day.

SAM-E takes about a week to build up for the effect but the effect appears to be great as well. It's a mood stabilizer, it doesn't give you a lot of energy like St. John's Wort. Also if you stop taking it, it doesn't make you feel funky like St John does. I know someone else who's taking it right now like this.

>> No.29549947

Take some ketamine sweetie pie

>> No.29550096

In addition to what I said here >>29549932, I just want to say that what this anon says here >>29549915 is absolutely correct.
Knowing Jesus as Lord and Savior is the most important thing. There is empirical evidence that there's a God and that it's Jesus. Just look up the shroud of Turin (burial cloth of Jesus), the beginning of the universe, and our own biological design/defense systems that have been so thoughtfully designed (ear wax, white blood cells, etc).
The 1980s studies have been debunked in regards to the shroud of Turin, if any skeptics out there—here's a video on it:
Praying for you anons.

>> No.29550440
File: 120 KB, 533x800, Aquinas-two-books.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Proof of God you say? You won't find physical evidence of God as a fish won't find physical evidence of water, what you're looking for is Metaphysics, seriously dive into Aristotle or the works of St thomas aquinas, God is a LOGICAL NECESSITY, not a feels good cope, or a tale for retards, it's a reality that the day you understand the implications of such a perfect being (omnipotent, omniscient, everlasting, absolute raw LOVE) you will understand why there's such thing as Fools for God (ex. St Francis of Assisi). Meanwhile, give the philosophers (real ones, not Nietchze) a chance.

>> No.29550463

ket is the one psych i haven't done since its a horse tranquilizer

There is empirical evidence that there's no God as well

>> No.29550502
File: 546 KB, 629x454, 6OO2XW3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're as big of a fag as everyone else here, I reclaim my time.

>> No.29550575

prove it

>> No.29550591
File: 177 KB, 1920x1079, hard days work.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon, if its more than 3 million its enough to retire, is the money worth the stress? if you cash in for 3 million you can move to japan where inflation is 1% per year, buy divivdent paying stockiness in power companies that pay 4% a year and you are guaranteed 90k/yr for the rest of you life after taxes and inflation. that is wayyyyy enough to live on and wayyy enough to travel the world and start a family with your waifu tradwife. is it wort the stress and despair anon?

do you want to keep suffering or do you want a happy life with tradwife and travel?

>> No.29550828
File: 21 KB, 1213x91, s5ybgh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the biggest tell tale sign you're haunted is the moment you reject your evil your life will get worse, you'll be spiritually attacked, the parasite eating at your life force won't let go that easily

>> No.29550833

money ain't the issue

its more like "hey im trapped in this meaningless world and am basically forced to kill time until i die"

>> No.29550868

Go travel when you can. Zoom out large portions of an early shitcoin like Kleros and let that be your dopamine over the next year. Punch a cop.

>> No.29550977

if you don't want it I'll take it

the meaning of life by the way is simple. Think about what life is. The universe moves torwards entropy, decay and death. Life is the opposite of entropy. Universe moves from order to disorder, life takes disorder and creates order. Life attempts to survive, reproduce and become more organized and example. The meaning of life is simple. Humanity must continue to climb to greater heights and fight against entropy, rage against the dying of the light. The meaning of life is transcend.

The reason you feel that life is meaningless is because there is no meaning to your life. My goal is to help spread and ideally engage in ideals of transhumanism, so that all humans can be smarter stronger and better than they were. That way we can actually solve our problems and reach the next stage of the game.

To greater heights. That's the meaning of life. And maybe someday we will even be able to solve overcome or escape from entropy.

>> No.29550996
File: 8 KB, 224x225, 1613969394723.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ya know what, your right, how about op just dumps all his link into my bianace and kills himself if he is gonna whine like this, he was literally given a key to exit normie hell and decided to stay

>> No.29551013

Literally all of us dude at least your fucking healthy stop complaining sick of seeing your thread pop up.

>> No.29551092

Your personality is absolutely one of the most insufferable I've ever read in my 33 years of life, we are all a bit dumber for having witnessed it.

>> No.29551105

i think there's truth in religion like don't be evil and whatnot.
with religion you basically give away your own power to something beyond you.
that's fine and all, but with my experiences from psychedelics, i have come to my own conclusion that,
it's just me, my consciousness, and nothing else.
my consciousness is not directly tied to god, or anything. its just me.

>> No.29551145
File: 120 KB, 208x280, Captureaaaaaa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lil bit of this lil bit of everything else life has to offer if you really are that financially secure, try to venture into charity work. even just spending your time on people that actually need it can be very rewarding, dont go to nigger filled cities tho youll end up killing your self first day

>> No.29551164

Shut your stupid fucking mouth your a waste of oxygen you think you're smart because you what tripped on some coin with your daddy's dick?

Fuck off you're not deep, your not clever, your a mid tier burnout with zero future and the worst fucking personality do two flips for all of us that had to suffer your shit fucking mind.

>> No.29551171

Tried psychs and still hates life


yo before you go shoot the heroine and off yourself, you might just send the stinkies to me

>> No.29551199

I don't know on what scope you're talking about that disproves God's intervention in creation. What exactly do you believe is the empirical evidence against there being a God?
>origin of life evolving from organic molecules?
>in the beginning there was nothing and the nothing created something or there was always something?
>our inanimate bodies with no awareness of themselves accidently creating an array of defenses that address both threats internally (self-regulation, intruders) and external threats (ear wax to fight against insects getting in our ears, bones for providing reach/mobility, eyes for interpreting data from an undetectable light, pain receptors).
Really the Shroud of Turin, the second point about the origins of the beginning of energy in the universe, and the hidden data within the Bible are the empirical pieces of evidence I'd highlight the most for now.
I just mentioned the developmental organs of human life and the idea that organisms accidently created insanely targeted systems of defense, regulation, and created hardware for threats and forces they had no ability to be aware of to add context that there are physical things we can observe that would reasonably show us design.

>> No.29551209

too late i already claimed the stinkies

>> No.29551211

what we have here?
oh it’s a doomer

>> No.29551231

kill yourself you depressed niggerfaggot

>> No.29551237

Yeah you don't sound like you really believe what your saying

>> No.29551255
File: 130 KB, 1600x990, PatrickBateman_BusinessCard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the subtle off white coloring

>> No.29551257
File: 164 KB, 946x946, 1599080231957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ill complain all i want about this meaningless shithole of existence, thanks

>> No.29551268

He's a worthless junkie and a waste of human skin.

>> No.29551295

what are you gonna do with your linkies?

>> No.29551309
File: 53 KB, 1024x634, 1550642917572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

checking on Biblical proportions

>> No.29551314

No you won't because you sit here and damage your psyche to the point where an entire crowd literally would piss on your corpse, enjoy maybe 6 months tops before your mental breakdown.

>> No.29551339
File: 9 KB, 250x243, 1613004951880.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

op, you have two choices, decide to start appreciating life and the beauties found in the smaller things, or off yourself and give me your stinkies, any other way and your a huge faggot

>> No.29551348
File: 70 KB, 480x608, 1604237089764.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29551413

This sort of thread makes me sad. There's literally thousands of people dying everyday of hunger and thirst, yet they probably have more faith in life than OP.

What or who is to blame here? Is the West doomed to live in sadness, in amongst the endless sea of opportunities?

>> No.29551421


you seem like fun, wanna come back to my place and make some Beef Cheek Barbacoa Enchiladas ?

>> No.29551438

6 motherfucking hours these junkie has bumped this thread, this is the same fucking piece of garbage attention whore who made the Brendan Frazier post and dragged it TF out for 10 hours this morning, go to sleep you fucking psycho.

>> No.29551477

Yeah why not, we probably would be like two Bateman's axing eachother.

>> No.29551493

then know thyself
if you are nothing the world is nothing

>> No.29551515

I feel you anon. Poor fags would never understand. My family is filthy rich but hobbies get boring very fast. I like sleeping more than doing anything during the day. Non existence is a gift

>> No.29551572

>>our inanimate bodies with no awareness of themselves accidently creating an array of defenses that address both threats internally (self-regulation, intruders) and external threats (ear wax to fight against insects getting in our ears, bones for providing reach/mobility, eyes for interpreting data from an undetectable light, pain receptors).
evolution and biology?

>in the beginning there was nothing and the nothing created something or there was always something?
it seems less likely to me that there is some "creator" behind all this. a creator with an identity? yeah right.
if there is a force that created the universe, i don't believe it is a consciousness, just a insane energetic force

>> No.29551582

Are you the schizo faggit who got released from some mental hospital and made it with link?

>> No.29551624

Try exercise anon.
Hire some whores too.

If you do rope, take your stinkies to the grave. We'll appreciate the token burn.

>> No.29551679

I get annoyed because I don't think your larping I've been in your position and it's literally a waste of your time, 10 fucking years I spent kicking stones with your same mentality and all I do is regret that time lost and try making up for it.

I've watched your thread you need help but not like "drugs therapy" help you need a reality check, not many can actually give that because they haven't experienced stacking trauma to the point that 99% of humans would have ate the bullet long before I ever tried.

I know the only way to get your attention is by being myself which is closer to how you act, it's not worth it yes it's all meaningless then let's find a god damn meaning huh?

This is a fucking ride, start enjoying it get off the god damn drugs I had to sober up to get my happiness back.

>> No.29551799

life is about growth, if you are stagnating too much, it's no fun

>> No.29551824

someone who isn't asleep behind the wheel! what a pleasant surprise


>> No.29551880

Dont fucking do it man, You dont like every retard you share room with on earth? Then change them, teach them, show them the correct way, why would you punish yourself by anheroing?
Nah just kidding, fuck off this board faggot, you made it economically, go to other boards and reach illumination. YOU MASSIVE FAGGOT

>> No.29551907

take a break and do something where you live in the moment. Hitchhike around the country or another country. Buy a camper van and travel around living out of it for 6 months. Do something memorable that you can look back on.

>> No.29551935

i dont get the point of what you are saying, why does anything HAVE to have meaning??? why is meaningless a bad thing ??? i think its wonderful that this is all useless and meaningless its wayy worse to be a slave to some higher function for some purpose or w/e.

>> No.29551971


OP is clearly an NPC that accidentally got rich when his programming dictates he should have just been a wagie

>> No.29551976

>seriously just commit suicide cuz you’re retarded
Says the person committing suicide because they’re retarded (and very likely a tranny)

>> No.29552011

I would serious look into the Shroud of Turin. I linked a video in the post you replied to here (>>29550096). That video is the best explanation I've seen of it so far. Father Spitzer's and anything by Gary Habermos. But start with the one I linked
I can see no explanation for it that naturalism can supply. In the very least, I guarantee you that you'll come away from that video thinking that something is afoot that is beyond what the current state of naturalism can apply to it

I should also say that I have a background in cyber security. Attacks and exploits require intelligent thought to be implemented and protect systems. I'm going to use my own experience here ancetodatally, but I believe the logic still applies the same—the complex defense systems of the human body implies that it is either hyper aware on its or there was intelligent intervention. The body as we know it is essentially inanimate. In it's most basic evolutionary state, it had no senses at all. Nothing to detect that there was anything around it and no thought.
Without senses, it would have no knowledge that there was a ground it sat on, no sense that there was warmth, no sense that there was light it could interpret, no sense that there was depth, no sense that there was taste, no sense of balance, no sense of smell, and no sense of love or sadness

Yet senses came about without organisms even being cognizant. How did something adapt to an environment or factor that it had no idea existed and no ability to know it existed? Which leads to another question; which evolved first, the software to interpret the senses? Or the complex hardware to interpret the data it was never aware of to begin with?
How could a computer self program itself to understand or capture data that it's not aware exists? It can't. Self programming implies a great amount of intelligence that had to come from somewhere and had to start somewhere

What we observe reveals circumstantial evidence for God

>> No.29552017

The only way to feel happy and meaningful is to help the truly needy

Not on biz

Go to thirdworld
See piss poor people smiling and living happy with what little they have

Become a surprise angel
Build them something a group of them can use

Feed a bunch of them

Also in third world your millions will have a trillionaire impact

So you would need to part with a little of yiur wealth to get that feeling reason purpose happiness you lack

You got to do charity first without questioning about how it will or not change you

Do it a couple of times like doing exercise or doing a chore

The result comes a little later but it will enrich your being

>> No.29552037

>see this
>understand all those feels
>see anon's responses
>is a piece of shit

At least do something good and donate to caritative organisms, your family or promising young people when you're going to end it. You have more power and opportunities to change what surround you and you don't seem to have the will to do it.

>> No.29552068

Material success means nothing when we have already tore out the soul of humanity. We all know that the route we are going down will only end in more misery

>> No.29552101
File: 253 KB, 335x506, 1613151908893.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

based i will try not to be such a doomer and think about this shit too much and enjoy the ride

>> No.29552112
File: 184 KB, 659x609, 455646454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Audie Murphy the most decorated man in WW2 history with a kill count of 240, enlisted as I believe a 15 year old and lied, every single year he would call his best friend with a gun to his own head saying he was going to kill himself.

Every year his friend would talk him down, finally one year his friend got sick of it and told him "Do it you son of a bitch dishonor all those who died in your wake"

Audie stopped calling after that and died of old age.

Point is people have had it way worse than you and we suffer our trials because that is the point of life, to carry our pain and tell our story through being alive, stop searching so hard and start flowing instead, ignore what people say about you, nobody knows you but you.

There I'm done, poo on it.

>> No.29552131

you're worrying about the danger of it when the thread you made was all "woe is me im gonna kill myself"? id say shooting yourself is pretty dangerous as well

>> No.29552321

>it seems less likely to me that there is some "creator" behind all this. a creator with an identity
God exists outside of our universe. His existence, as the source, wouldn't be dependent on his creation existing.
>evolution and biology?
You say those words, but really reflect more on the processes and what those processes entail. Refer to my post here fren (>>29552011). Evolution itself doesn't disprove God, biology only reinforces reasons for God.

>> No.29552405

if you kys the lost linkies will pump the price right?

>> No.29552608

That's really the ultimate answer, I myself spent many years searching and it was always infront of me, my brother is still very much tortured by too much thinking and not enough enjoying.

That doesn't mean drugs that means getting so sober that you can relax again, get that child like happiness back it's still there but it takes a sober mind and then your intellect will kick back in, it took me years to get clean fully but once enough time passed I got more intense feelings from a fucking gust of wind than a 40mg oxycontin.

You're searching we all are, I've gotten closer to a more relaxing mentality in life, but it took many years of retraining my brain.

Point being even I still have weak moments where I want out, but sticking around is the harder choice ultimately and that will make you more dynamic.

I've done some philosophy threads on here that had spectacular results of genuine conversation I think you would have enjoyed.

We are all the same person, we are all god, we are all nothing, I think your clearly smart you avoided my pit traps earlier in the day when I was trying to get you to engage in deeper conversation and you completely skipped over me which I found fascinating since most don't.

>> No.29552777

kek anon, you're alright after all, thanks

i guess ur right but i'd rather not be tortured by demons and delusions from schizophrenia, with no touch to reality. psychs still dangerous regardless if suicidal as shit

i totally understand the argument for god in the context of creation. yes, everything was designed miraculously flawless.

its more so the "suffering" on this earth that exists that makes me not believe. maybe god created freewill for us all and thats the best they could do idk

>> No.29552901

theres like one of these gay threads every fucking day
low grade jewish demoralization

>> No.29552921
File: 171 KB, 403x396, 1497948776784s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if life was meaningless and you were going to kill yourself you would be posting on this fucking shithole board, you would be dead
either kill yourself or shut the fuck up you collosal fucking faggot

>> No.29553020

Those digits,

You're a good guy as well, I came in early into your thread probably being the only genuine one wanting to talk but you get flooded with pseudo beggars and disbelievers, but I could tell that you weren't completely being untruthful.

Music man, being sober, good coffee, the right quality weed.

You will learn it doesn't take a lot to enjoy every single moment of every day, and when you relax you will find everyone will want to be around you because you emit a certain aura of safety in a way, and that's the real point of life is to enjoy eachother and every moment but we all get trapped in the past or the future, I'm guilty of it we all get trapped but once you really realize it's all perception you can switch your thinking like a light switch.

I'll get moments where I'm so fucking depressed for a multitude of reasons but now I can literally snap it back into a normal state like that instead of suffering days of being crippled by my own self.

>> No.29553233

the normie motivational replies and christposts are cringier than OP

>> No.29553452

You're a good lad m8. Checked.
This life is full of suffering. No doubt. There is evil in the world and people can freely choose between evil and good. We can have some good times here though and plus there wont be any suffering in Heaven with Jesus fren. Also, I guess we're not suffering as much as our ancestors did, but in other ways we suffer more I think.
Evil will always be the source of suffering. Never forget that. Just another reason to hate what's evil and pursue true good, God.

>> No.29553467

You don’t deserve your weslth

>> No.29553644
File: 78 KB, 692x687, 1602063555182.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What did you expect? This place is literally death anxiety management: the board.

>> No.29553663

I should also say that the free will to choose between good and evil creates real meaning. It's what makes our actions real. So don't let suffering, largely a side effect of free will, make you reject God. Our own circumstances of suffering will one day end when we die—what good would that reasoning be then? We have too much to lose and so much reason to believe.

>> No.29553820

>nothing matters
>pursue hobbies and interests
>if you don't perceiver through said hobbies, find more meaningless hobbies
this can't be the state of /biz/

>> No.29553821

Save my email incase you want to just rant, I do it with randoms here all the time about any subject, I enjoy expanding my mind and experiences and that's what I really get out of it, and knowing I might have helped someone not fall into the same despair I festered in for years.

[email protected] It's something I made for this forum so I could keep some form of consistent communication with those I enjoy talking to, You can do with it what you wish.

Be good man and don't take this shit too seriously it's what the world wants us to do.

>> No.29553963


Money is just one part of happiness. You still need good health, good friends, good romance, good family, and a cause greater than yourself. Money can enhance the ease at which these are acquired but can never replace. Consider step one done. Now move on to the next.

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