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How much money did you lose today anon?

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larp amounts

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$600-700 poorfag newfag here.

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that tweet can't be real

I dropped from 56K to 51K

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>10 fucking dollars to 9.03 makes it worth tweeting about
Jesus christ its amazing to think there's autistic NEETs on this board who barely even blink when they lose 100k

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10 dollars to 9 dollars is the difference between a pack of newports and a 40oz to just a pack of newports.

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Jesus, how do these people even buy such small amounts? I thought $20 was the minimum pretty much everywhere. Also I've made about $450usd today

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you don't lose if you don't sell


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good i hope they all get shaken out

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Kek I didn’t even notice that. No wonder he’s only got 1.93 to spare

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i lost 40k last two days and niggers make me want to puke

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First thing I noticed too lmao

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>Also I've made about $450usd today

fucking how?

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More than I make in a year as a wagie

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$17 net loss

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People actually only have $10 worth? These are the people calling other "nocoiners" lmao

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was down around 500k earlier today

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Nice 1 figure portfolio. Very well diversified.

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hmmm shanice I lost .50 cents, when i dun had 2.00 guallas yesterday

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>9 dollar darts
I fucking wish. 21 bucks a pack here in leafland

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losted $2000

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>Jesus christ its amazing to think there's autistic NEETs on this board who barely even blink when they lose 100k
Autustic people don't function like normalfags anon you should know this. If the niggy wiggys in OP's pic lost 100k entire cities would be burnt to the ground

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I didn't check on purpose until this thread but I would be down $917.53 from yesterday if I were dumb enough to have sold today

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I cashed out all my crypto in January, to put into real estate which I intend to refinance back into crypto after the dump that I think is still coming sometime in the future (maybe next month, maybe next year, idk). I think real estate will remain resilient to crashing stock/crypto markets (they'll most likely go down together). It may have been the wrong decision, but whatever it's my decision and I've made it so I can't unmake it.

Now I just make degen futures bets with like $300-500usd, went 50x long on ADA at $0.91 this morning, and exited at $0.95. Shorted BNB from like 235 to 215, doge from .045-0.044 and I could have made like twice as much or more if I was paying attention this afternoon and bought the 2nd ada dip.

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I wonder how this guy is doing now...

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My folio is down 50k in a day.

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what the fuck is this? theyre investing one dollar and saying theyre mad aboout it going down?

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Real estate is rarely a bad investment and it certainly holds value better than crypto. My entire endgame for crypto is to cash out for guns and farmland near a river

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None because I am in fucking Eulerbeats and the motherfuckers are mooning. Sell everything and get the fuck in while they are still affordable! We are going to 700 ETH per beat!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

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my retarded portfolio is immune to market crashes 8)

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i dont look at it I just DCA and buy extra when the flash sales happen

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How much do you cashout at?

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like 300k or so, didn't calculate it precisely

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5 dollars for the average american negro is like 50k for a white person.

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holding FTM of course

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I moved to Japan with $6k in my pocket last year and lost $6k in the past two hours

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Between today and yesterday close to over 400k

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I think I'm bad sometimes for getting salty over losing a few hundred but this shit's something else

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1.7k from the donut rugpull

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About 15k. Largest drop since I started investing 11 months ago. You know what I did?

I bought more.

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You mean the POO pnd

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I like dumps. It's easier to stop coming to this shithole board when it's full of pink wojaks.

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Forgot image

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panic selling

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I lost $300k over the past day. Slightly painful but certainly wasn’t thinking of selling

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Around 600-800k. I want to have the full amount for land + improvements available to me and I am unironically prepping for some degree of societal collapse in my lifetime.

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Can't help but notice the people who lose the most money have the most emotional control over their situation, while the people who have barely anything to lose flip shit.

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remember that these are the people you are dumping on when you sell your scam coins.

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I lost $850000 in unrealized gains from not selling the top
Oh well its just a little number on the screen it goes up and down

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Was thinking about selling and getting out of this bullrun at 109k. Was emotionless when it dipped to 84k
Holy shit, normies wouldn't make it at these numbers
After the corona crash, dios no longer phase me

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Sold all my stocks at a loss today. I'll write it off on taxes. Moving it all my funds now to coins this week once the money is available on Thursday. Too much corruption and insider trading.

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Pretty based. I was planning on buying land here on one of the westcoast islands in BC (Canada) but I think an island surrounded by water with a climate that rarely goes below freezing all year would be a good, safe place to be during a collapse. But I'm realizing that the government here is probably going to raise the fuck out of property/land tax this year, so Im thinking maybe Canada won't be a great place to own land/property.

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I am still down about $11000 from the silver top in 2011

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thats a man

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Gonna stack these
amen brother

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Are there not autistic niggers or am I missing sumthin

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I’m up 50% because I invested in a pajeet token.

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quarter mil

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so you were probably up to around 4m give or take? i'd bet you'll be up to at least 16m by eoy. should also clarify my >>29532205 was also unrealized gains going down, not actual loses.

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w-what game is this?

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