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Surprising lack of pink wojaks here today. How do you remain so calm and collected anon? I personally think of all my money as gone already, so I'm just waiting for the roller coaster to plunge :^)

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good strat. I just buy comfy holds

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There's a dud that has a bot that scrapes the page for pink wojaks and buys and sells accoridngly, so I sometimes post them for no reason to fuck with his trading bot.

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My ADA stack is so comfy, watching Charle's livestream just makes me want to buy more

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if true that's based as fuck. where did you learn of this?

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i already spent the better part of 2 hours screaming nigger at my ceiling so i'm pretty much tapped out with rage and frustration

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98% of my portfolio is ADA, and I would certainly agree fren :)

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I think the people who were at minimum here from 2017 already know what to expect. No point in pink wojak posting unless you fall for some bitconnect tier ponzi, in which they were retarded newfags anyways

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It's because all the traders with actual bank rolls already sold.

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Lol interesting. Having that weeb is responsible for my money would not be comfy to me I trust my money to the jews.

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good goy

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It's the detachment from reality, really. Could go to $0 and wouldnt care.

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He posts threads occasionally.
It's the same dude that scrapes for mentions of shitcoins. I think he posts daytime in Euro Power Hour.

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Dude, I am down $50k+ today..so far. Not really sweating it. This is market manipulation and will be over soon and back on course. It happened last month too when we dropped from 40+k to 30K..remember a month ago? The strat that works is to hold or sure gamble swing trading but you take on risk with that.

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but what if the ride is only just beginning?

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I'm so early on my investments that its nigh impossible to lose money. If they drop near where i bought them, I'll just buy even more.

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Watch this vid. He explains what why and how this is happening. He is dead right too.


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I remember 2017. I am disapointed, but I also know that it can recover.

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I’m in the fucking green today. ORNchads where you at?

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I was wondering this too when I woke up and my portfolio was down 30%. pink wojaks are fun even if you're not actually freaking out

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Shut the fuck up Chris you lanky streak of piss

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based shekel jew id

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A 30% dip is simply not worth losing sleep over in crypto.

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even with the dips today i'm still up overall from when i started (january of this year)

and historically the market always recovers no matter how bad things may seem

investing in crypto (and in general) is a good way to teach yourself patience

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you were sleeping before the dip, retard.

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Went from 280k to 50k at end of 2017 into 2018, doesn't phase me anymore. Fun to watch the new cryptofags crying like babies to be honest.

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Invested so little to start with that I could basically lose everything and still be coming out without much loss, just lost potential profits

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Don't really care about money beyond basic necessities. Just put all my savings in crypto because it is more exciting than keeping it in bank account.

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I sold a bunch of my crypto at a high before everything started dumping and used my gains to pay off the last debt I had. Now I've been buying back all the stuff I sold at the same or less than I initially bought it for. It's pretty comfy ngl.