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Can't wait until that centralized chink chain teaches you brainlets a lesson on why decentralization took off.

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best recent lowcap rug


get in get out

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>why decentralization took off

Have you lookd at a $STINK chart recently bro?

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Was pumping all of my wage
And I was doing just fine
But now it's going down
Because I longed it all
It started out with a dip
How did it end up like this?
(It was only a dip), it was only a dip
Now the red candles steep
And she's shorting my stack
While he's having a smoke
And she's posting wojack
Now they're going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And it's all in my graph
But she's rolling for dubs now
He just rolled a quads now
Letting me know
'Cause I just can't look, theyre shilling bnb
And taking control

Jealousy, market cap all for CZ
Swimming through my liquidity
Choking on your all time high
But it's just the price I pay
Bogdanoff is calling me
Open up my dumping sneed
'Bogdanoff liquidated me

I never
I never
I never
I never

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wtf I love china now

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>why yes I do own BNB, how did you notice?

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seething eth kike detected

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Die ethkikes

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>sold at 300
>bought back in at 220
I'm thinking we're back

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300 EOW
350 EOM
600 EOY

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Should i sell at a loss and buy a coin that will moon? desu

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If it wasn't for BTC and the decentralization idea, Binance and Binance Shit Chain would literally not exist. All that chink does is copy legit projects and centralize them to make money off of retards anyway, he's a leech and he will also learn why decentralization took off when he gets raped by authorities for all the scams on a centralized chain that he has complete control over.

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This newfag wants to sell the next BTC and buy MCFUCK instead.
Pic related. It's you in 2 days time.

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My dubs confirm

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Each time we make a thread
I have a heart attack
'Cause I'm so afraid
That I will lose my stack

Each night I ask
The bulls up above
Why must I be
Susceptible to the FUD

One day I feel so happy
Next day I tie the noose
I guess, I'll learn to swing
My stack getting loose

'Cause each night I ask
The cz up above
Why must I be
Susceptible to the FUD

I cried a tear
For nobody but bnb
I'll be a lonely one
If you should mention ccp

Well, if you want to make me cry
That won't be so hard to do
If you should say good buy
I'll still go on holding you

Each night I ask
The bulls up above
Why must I be
Susceptible to the fud

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at least $1500 EOY

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We're all gonna make it, fellow BNBbros.

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I hope you're right

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If it dips again just buy more we're all going to make it bros

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I went all in way higher than this

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Dude, I've bought at $40, $60, $70, $140, $306 and $220.
When this shit is $20K a coin, I'm not going to be too bothered about what I paid for it.

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>When this shit is $20K a coin
Anon, dont give me hope.

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If you think BTC and ETH are any more decentralized than this shit you're severely misguided.

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BNB to $150 if BTC shits the bed again.

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binance chain is THE chain
change my mind

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>Imagining my life at $20k BNB
Why you hurting me bro.

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BNB is new paradigm. All original code.

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It won't be 20k, but 2k like eth easily

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>65% of hashing power is in China and controlled by 4-5 miners
You're so dumb you cant even see the hypocrisy. ETH was a fun experiment, the greedy miners and devs is what will kill it. You really think people are gonna stick with ETH no matter what? Ah let me guess, Vitalik has a nice unicorn shirt so I guess yay ETH!

Kys faggot, this is competition, CZ saw an opportunity and went for it, not my fault you're too blind with ETH and didnt buy BNB <100$

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Its everything but original. But its cheaper and makes you money. China in a nutshell.

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Oof you sound mad, is it because ETH actually has competition now? Theyve been sitting on their asses and jerking off and you are here defending them like a cuck that still pays giant gas fees. Pls kys

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Oops we are unback again

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w-we got too cocky my bronances

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Why do these chinks have to be such niggers just make us money already

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back to what? it's literally still dumping

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>Dips $2 for a couple of minutes
>The ETHkikes are poised by their keyboards waiting to pounce

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feelin down bros, i actually thought we'd hit $1000

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it just follows bitcoin chart like 99% of coins.
and bitcoin is gonna keep sharting the bed for days if we're lucky

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insect hivemind. if one dumps they all dump.

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>$20K a coin
Anon, I...

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kek, i'm hopeful for bnb, but no delusional

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Hurry up and hit 250 so I can dump this shit coin already.

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You ll to come back in 3years

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Thanks for that i needed to hear that i went all in on bnb at 250

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Remember when Link was $4 and been bleeding to $2 for months? Look at it now

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>>The ETHkikes are poised by their keyboards waiting to pounce
This it's the eth jew niggers

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BTC will have one more day of dumpcrabbing, but stabilize. Then a bounce up and enter into a bearish consolidation phase for a few weeks. This is the end of BTC season and we are entering into what would normally be ETH season, but now other L1's have been entering the fray and BNB will pump nicely. Then alt season.
High ETH gas fees are bullish for both Binance CEX and BSC. ETH can't scale and they won't get ETH2.0 this year probably. BNB is going to do quite well this year.

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I want in for $199.600 will we get it?

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Thanks for filling my copium bags this is the last thing I'm going to read here today going to /tv see you guys at 1k

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Chinks are awake and we are green with a little upward crabbing...

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How low do you think BNB will go in the near future?

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would you swap CAKE for BNB? the way I see it they follow each other but CAKE enables staking

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We are bouncing back and forth

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cake is a rug

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ill meet you there in a bit fren

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Also this. Great idea, I’m going there, too.

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damn, was waiting for it to hit the 180$ mark to buy again, in less than a week trading BNB i've made my poorfolio go up 30%

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You stupid fucking niggers only talk about nigger faggot coins after they pump, stupid fucker. No one gave a fuck about BnB 3 months ago (except the slant eye boomers and other boomerish retards) now you act like it’s some awesome fucking coin. Fuck you and your chink monkey shit.

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This was an obvious golden ticket for years

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BAKE for a fast 5x
Thank me later

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CZ makes money by charging me $0.10 per tx.
Ethkikes make money by charging me between $100 and $700 per tx.
You tell me the latter is on my side?

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Chinks are trying to save their shitty scamcoin

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I have less than 12 hours until I get 7k to drop into this. Please stay down please

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ETHkikes in a nutshell
>pay extra for muh decentralization
good, they are like those wannabe hackers V for vendetta fedora wearing faggots.
/biz/ is all about money, the more you get to keep in your pocket, the better, the rest is shit

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I hope both of you Chink dick licking faggots never sell BNB. Both that unregulated, centralized exchange and their copy and paste centralized garbage "blockchains" are going to fail long term and I want you both holding on when it all falls apart.

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I just got a nice bag of BAKE and it's pumping... thanks anon

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How do I short this?

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Why are you replying to yourself?

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$800 waiting room

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the poomp is on

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$1200 EOY

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