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So many coins and what problems have they solved?

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Don't care. I'm collecting cute blue cubes and sushi rolls.

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The problem of how to make NPCs absolutely seethe while also making huge amounts of money

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they solve the having to find a job problem

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can't argue with that cause it's 100% truth. Especially Bitcoin, Bitcoin is a fucking failure as a currency. Just make some money and buy real assets like land, gold etc.

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they solve the lambo problem

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transferring wealth from gullible boys to real men

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it didn't solve any problem

but without it, we won't have stuff like BOGGED, pink wojak, etc.

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they solve poverty
number go up

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They're not for solving problems, they're for making me money

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What problems has fiat solved?

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billions upon billions of war and suffering and oppression

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Providing the ability to make fast convenient transfers of wealth for the purpose of buying and selling goods.

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based sushi

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XMR solves the tax problem to some extent and I guess the money laundering problem, ETH makes it easy to build new ponzis

Not sure about the others

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They solved the problem of me being poor

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the coins all do different things you retard

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they solved my problems with money while making others' money problems bigger

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