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>FTM Finance

>How to Stake Fantom



>Prophet Harry
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMJJ7XZ5ZQ [Embed] [Embed]


>Fantom FDN Recap

>Weiss Crypto Ratings

>Coin Telegraph Hype

>FTM listed on FTX (Perp/Spot)

>"The king will bleed as the merchant smiles. The third law stands true, though all 48 are important. GME gives "power to the player". The waves will crash against the rocks, as the throne lies slick with blood. In the end, three branches will become one, and the master will be replaced."

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fantom? fantom.

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Post ranks

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When did the chat get adjusted to bump the ranks of the poor? I disapprove.

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it's even funnier now that it's literally the only coin that hasn't dumped since bitcoin started pulling everything down

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I don't own any FTM. I don't have really any money to spare right now, but I like the general threads so I hang around. They're pretty cozy.
Thanks Fanties, we're gonna make it.

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fantom a scam sirs! all bhanchod who are invest in this coin will losing his wealth! entire my viIIage destroyed because fantom team make coin dumping onto us.

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Fudders BTFO

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have 500 right now, should I buy 500 more and stake?

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A thread from a few days ago. Most Fantom OGs approved however the old one looked a little better with the same font though.

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Is FTM and GRT the chadfolio?

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FTM is going to rape all the other defi.. I am shocked how undervalued FTM is right now..

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Knight checking in.
I can clean up some of these artifacts so it looks more professional.
Lemme finish up a waifu edit real quick and Ill get on it.

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Thanks fren

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fake chart

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>attempt to mint, some things arent so clear
>get different answers from different guides
>ask ftm threads
>fantie whales bully you and say how horrible newfags are

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Have 60k stack that i accumulated in 2 years and i can't afford sending Fantom from eth wallet to opera cuz no money
>So "rich" and yet so poor
Kek, fucking etherum

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Last chances to get on the ride Anons...

DYOR but I can summarize why FTM is undervalued real quick:

Fantom is solving one of the most talked about problem recently, high transaction fees with ETH, by building a bridge to FTM. With this users of ETH can use all the same dapps they made for ETH without massive fees!
Fantom has also been adopted by many governments for their smart city projects. In which Fantom is a very important part.

With these facts it is clear Fantom is way undervalued right now.

You noticed that huge hit the market just took these last two days? Well look at what happened to Fantom's price during that. Yes indeed. We stayed at the same price, or at many points even went up! If this is not a bullish sign then I don't know what is...
Dear Anons. With the market being shocked due to the there just was. Now is the perfect time to enter. InfactI do believe the window is closing this very week...

"Be fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

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high duke with 450k

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I thought they mentioned about 10 hrs ago about removing the fee? Did I misinterpret the news?

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yes, buy as much as you can or regret later

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according to thsi im clergy now which is pretty cool, gonna go for knight

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What do you want to know my nig

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the filthy bishoprinos have joined muh heckin fancy king's courterino
sterilize the serfs! cut off the tax revenue!

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I would like to do all that but I'm scared of sending my Fanties from Binance to the Opera Wallet... I don't want to fuck up and lose them all, I would literally kms

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Test with a small amount first. Binance added Opera chain today to the Withdrawal, but DYOR & ask around in the Fantom official discord, if you wanna be sure.

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i'm just a little confused
i've had people tell me opposite answers and i feel like i'm just going to fuck it up. i've locked my stack that i'm delegating, i've minted 3,500 (1,425.50 i spent on wFTM) at .43. So now is there any reason I shouldn't just buy more wFTM or is it a good idea to keep what I have and just collect minting rewards and try to stay above 500%?
Also, once we pump it raises the c-ratio which I can just turn into fUSD and pay back, correct? I guess my main concern is if minting fUSD at .44 and just leaving it is a negative. alternatively if you were me what would you do lol.

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Fantom and Holochain

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Do it in bits and pieces senpai

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>Binance added Opera chain today to the Withdrawal
so no more 100 FTM fee?

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I actually followed this guide but I still feel like i'm fucking it up, and since i'm playing with 50k fanties i am being neurotic.

his section
>(D) do nothing with it, just collect your staking + minting rewards i guess confuses me.
if i mint 1000 fUSD and we pump, does that increase the price of fUSD or am i losing buying power? i thought FTM was what increased, hence people saying convert your fUSD to wFTM and then pay back when FTM pumps

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Fuck, looks like they didn't and I'm just being retarded. I dunno, if you go to withdraw FTM on mobile app it says BEP2 ERC20 and FTM, but on desktop it doesn't for some reason.

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we need fantom photoshopped pepes ASAP to increase the green wojak index by 12 points

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Of course fren, here ya go.

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that small amount test would cost me 100 FTM tho...

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It shows on the mobile app tho. There were several screenshots few threads ago.

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I mean etherum gas, i can afford the 100ftm fee kek I'm poor and not poor at the same time

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>I thought they mentioned about 10 hrs ago about removing the fee?

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serf reporting for duty

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Someone asked about it in the official discord and this is what a mod had to say. Am too lazy myself to test it out.

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fuggg but Binance Desktop isn't showing up the Opera option

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I can smell the vindaloo on this post.

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Yeah, not yet boys. Just a UI update on the mobile app.


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gonna wait on that to transfer my Fanties... 100 FTM is significant to a poorfag like me...

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its 40 fuckin dollars at this point fucking insane. was a few cents when i did it

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>if i mint 1000 fUSD and we pump, does that increase the price of fUSD or am i losing buying power?
you lose buying power. think of fUSD as the stable coin, if you mint that and hold it and the price of wFTM goes up, when you go to buy wFTM you'll only be able to buy less. That's why you should mint fUSD at tops, hold it until things drop a bit, and buy wFTM when we're lower since the fUSD is then worth more wFTM. if that makes sense. I think you understand it better than you're giving yourself credit for, it's logical.

you can also mint fUSD at the bottom and immediately buy wFTM with it, then wait until we're high again and swap some of that wFTM for fUSD to pay back your fUSD debt.

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so its just swinging with debt?

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Same, I lost the 100 FTM transfering few hundred few weeks ago like a retard.

Btw this is what it says rn when you try to use it on mobile. Probably just a random error message & time set, but who knows, maybe it'll actually be there in 17 hours.

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yes, but since there's no liquidation and we're all confident in the price being AT LEAST $1, it's just easy money right now

>> No.29523501

It's just like link how the make it stacks went from 100k to 10k to 1k to 100

>> No.29523506

I'm a clergyman now? Thought I was an artisan, thanks anon

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im too stupid ill just sell when bitcoin is at the top and buy back in after

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should i dump all fantom for HOT sirs?

>> No.29523614

if you dont want to swing, then this is a safer way to go, this is what I did.

>you can also mint fUSD at the bottom and immediately buy wFTM with it, then wait until we're high again and swap some of that wFTM for fUSD to pay back your fUSD debt.

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It was updated a few days ago because of the influx of newfrens and the massive amount of movement behind the scenes... almost like a fantom of the opera if you will heheh.
I just cleaned it up a bit.

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Most certainly not. But get yourself a hefty stack NOW

>> No.29523761

Ah, okay makes sense. I thought that was the case but wording kind of threw me. So I just bought more wFTM with my fUSD (at a slight swing). I now owe 3,504.37 in collateral and I'm okay with my stack size for now. Basically, if FTM pumps to a dollar or more I can just turn some of my fanties into fUSD and pay back what I owe? Just keep'm locked up until a ftm is worth even 10 bucks even? Thanks again, I think I just needed reinforcement I was doing it right, which I seemed to be for the most part

>> No.29524011

what would you say is a safe staking period? i'm thinking until the end of september...

>> No.29524133

>Basically, if FTM pumps to a dollar or more I can just turn some of my fanties into fUSD and pay back what I owe?
exactly, at that point, your fanties be worth $1 each, so you'll need to mint less of them to get the equivalent fUSD needed to clear your debt. once you do that, the leftover fanties are yours to do with as you wish.

>> No.29524177

GoFantoms expires in early September, you could go with that one.

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Just here to cry about selling again. Please dont reply..

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thanks my man, you got met finalized to my goal stack. i should have done this back when it was .15, haha

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yes but don't do it right now if you don't know what you're doing. The price has nothing to do with the FTM price rn, since fUSD isn't pegged yet. The liquidity pool is drained because the providers didn't wanna get fucked by degenerate swingies anymore

>> No.29524450

we should be pumping any moment now... China is waking up...

>> No.29524527

no liquidation means that I can swing with no risk of losing money/Fanties? or am I misunderstanding?

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no problem fren, and same lol I wish i figured this out sooner, but this is my key to escaping wageslavery so I've been doing my best to figure it out and writing it all out with you guys has helped me too, and now we're all finally doing it. wagmi.

>> No.29524586

You are not misunderstanding, that is exactly what that means.

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yes but you could get fucked really hard if you're not careful

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for now, the worst that can happen is your collateral becomes locked if your c-ratio falls below 300%, the site says they'll give ample warning before they turn on liquidation

>> No.29524706

well i mean, bitcoin COULD crash, dragging fanties with it, and who knows how a bear market would work, and then your fanties are locked until you pay off your debt, and what if they implement liquidation while they are at somepoint if I understand everything lol. I mean, I'm extremely bullish, but there is risk potentially. I'm still going for it though because this feels like something special that will take off soon

>> No.29524776

this is why you need to reassess once we hit $1, people holding out huge long positions till $10 is just retarded

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>i could get gamestopped

>> No.29524884

>connors jewish roots come out in full force
>literally threatening devs with his "big boy" stack
Thanks Connor, never staking on your node.

>> No.29524911

i never touched minting. would much rather sell according to the btc rainbow chart and buy back in

worst case scenario is i walk away with a ton of cash

>> No.29524926

longing has infinite loss pontential same as shorting? sorry i'm a total noob i only trade spot

>> No.29525069

not, the loss potential would theoretically stop once the value of fantom becomes $0, shorting is infinite because people can drive the price up pretty much forever as long as theres enough public interest in doing so

>> No.29525087

no, it's a collateralized loan. The most you can lose is 100% of your fanties, or whatever they decide the liquidiation ratio is in the future.

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>> No.29525206

where did he lie though? its thousands of dollars in loans

>> No.29525232

how do I mine this??

>> No.29525358

In regards to my staked collateral. Will they be taking my entire fucking stack if I am liquidated or just snaking out whatever is owed?

>> No.29525378

>thousands in loans on an extremely undervalued, revolutionary technology worth far more than 0.40

I wouldn't do anything like this if A) there was liquidation in place or B) the project wasn't this robust and legitimized. the multiple gov partnerships and chainlink as well as many other defi projects porting over to the opera chain is more than enough reason for me to make this long from an informed place - again, AT LEAST until it hits $1.

>> No.29525399

Hes concern trolling them.
This reeks of
>oy vey only ME should make money, not YOU, im the CHOSEN
>oh really GOYS if you thinks its so perfect watch me do THIS
Hes literally seething that devs arent catering to his every whim and thought.
If hes so confident FTM is going to the top, why is he screeching so hard?
Sounds like a rug-puller to me from his passive aggressive attitude.

>> No.29525464

you can't, not yet anyway

>> No.29525479

I don't see why they'd take more than what is owed anon, but no one knows that answer now anyway because they're still deciding on how to tackle that particular part of things, and are looking at options that remove the possibility of liquidation altogether (like locking your collateral)

>> No.29525598

i just dont understand any of this shit im a newfag i just know fantom is going to the moon and i bought early

if this gets a stable high price ill look more into staking and minting. can you mint for the rewards? but not for the actual loan and swinging?

>> No.29525796

can you mint for the rewards? but not for the actual loan and swinging?

yes, actually, that's a major part of the system that involves zero risk.

when you stake you fanties, you can mint them as sFTM (staked FTM), thus locking them as your collateral. this will then up your C-Ratio. If your C-Ratio is over 500%, you'll earn rewards in wFTM, and CONTINUE to earn your staking rewards.

Best part, you don't have to borrow or lend or anything. You can keep it locked as collateral just for the rewards, and never enter a long/short position.


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It's not enough for me to succeed. I want you to fail.

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>nufantlets changed the rankings to cope with their stacklets
you had 2 years

>> No.29525880

Tell me bros - I need $50 FTM am I retarded?

>> No.29525901

so do i just set the c-ratio at 700% to be safe or what?

>> No.29525912

A liquidation reclaims the inverse of your collateral level. if the liquidation point is for example 300% of your loan, it takes 1/3 of your fanties.

>> No.29525932

shut up, we need the newfrens as much as they need us

>> No.29525967

Whats up discordtrannie?

>> No.29526023

yeah their 25k stacks are making a huge difference

nice projection but i never used that cesspool in my life

>> No.29526035

anything above 500% is safe. many people recommend 600%+ so you can ride out dips and not pause your rewards earnings. the C-Ratio will change as the price of fantom fluctuates, so its good to have a buffer if you're just interested in the rewards.

>> No.29526125

i tried it before and set it at 545% and it fell under 500 by the time i refreshed it and rewards were gone.

i almost sold after that but it did a 3x

>> No.29526240

when the image was first made i said fantom OGs wont like it and like 4 fantom OGs said they thought it was healthy. besides fantom already had a replaced ranking already, the one that had the peasant shitting or whatever

>> No.29526256

>no u
Woah big boy.
Cant wait to see you at the yacht party anon!

>> No.29526283

>stealing chainlink's thing

>> No.29526322

what does 100 people holding 25k stacks equal anon?

>> No.29526409

the rewards weren't gone, they were locked until the price rose to bring your cratio back.

read. the. site.

>> No.29526435

Damn someone call Matt Furie, we just found his long lost brother!

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>> No.29526501

Everyday I wake up and the ranking stacks go lower and lower.

>> No.29526618

I bought a few hundred thousand Fantom a long while ago. Then I started hearing all these other Cronje coins and yearn or whatever but Fantom barely moved. For some reason... I just knew it would all wrap around back to Fantom and never bought any of those other projects of his despite knowing absolutely nothing about tech

>> No.29526647

Artisan reporting in

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basedfren, you're welcome here anytime

>> No.29526701

im confused

>> No.29526761

what about

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followed BTC since summer 2011 and didnt buy. been middling around with some eth, 1k LINK and finally hit 6 figures with 150k Fantom after holding it for almost 2 years. we will all make it.

>> No.29526883

Don’t. Don’t fuck around. I’ve helped Fantom for about a year and a half now. Since the schizo threads. Everytime I went to Reddit ever month or so. Either the top of 2nd post literally everytime I went was someone who got their coins stuck currently or lose completely. I literally almost sold toward the end of 2019 cuz I’m like this must be some pajeet scam since it seemed like everyone couldn’t figure out their platform.

If you have enough Fantom. Sit back. Don’t steak. Wait for 10$. Sell and suck tiggers for the rest of your days

>> No.29526974

Wow anon, you mean to tell me you actually care more about making money than having a higher rank in some goofy meme thats supposed to be fun, but for some reason triggers some fanties jewish heritage?

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based, post your opera address i'll send you some

>> No.29527036

it's extremly cozy in here ngl

>> No.29527096

Fuck I want to sell my band to go into FTM so bad right now...

>> No.29527166

i bought fantom months ago and been in this threads ever since

i used to be an /smg/ fag but its cancer and fuck stocks

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To be honest it makes me feel very grateful for my king stack to see how others are happy to have even 20k or 50-100k. I wish all fantom anons good luck let's hope we hit 5-10 dollars.

And that's weird af for me desu, normally I am completely detached from my coins. I feel nothing its just empty numbers on a screen..

>> No.29527201

how do I swap my mp4 for fantom??

>> No.29527247

apparently im a king now

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>I am completely detached from my coins. I feel nothing its just empty numbers on a screen.
Good problem to have, anon. You're living my dream

>> No.29527312

guys I keep reading these threads and everyone is getting caught in the same mind trap...currently the only way to lose here is to buy high sell low in the funi system...everything else is currently safe and the only thing you risk is locked ftm that you have to wait to touch until the price rises enough pay off what you owe from minting. DYOR and keep your eyes peeled for news about when / if liquidations are going to be turned on. If you can get a decent sized stack...like 20k or more you can pull nice sized gains..plus the way that the system works....you ARE LITERALLY DOING WORK FOR FANTOM...what I mean by this is...you "winning" in the funi ecosystem causes someone else to lose access to their ftm, it is locked for a longer time...this means that more and more ftm, as long as you dont cash out off chain....is being staked and making the trading supply smaller and smaller...the price will skyrocket from us doing this alone I believe.

>> No.29527321


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Anyone have the Fantom picture for king?

>> No.29527408

you have to convert to mp3 first

>> No.29527465

I have about 70k and I am EXTREMELY excited to have it. it seems like such an undervalued project and I can't believe I discovered it so late in Jan. as a December /biz/ newfag I had to take quite a while to figure what scams and what aren't. by the time I started analyzing ftm it mooned lol. I think I'm stuck at 70k but I have really good feelings about this project

>> No.29527548

>keep your eyes peeled for news about when / if liquidations are going to be turned on
are you not afraid that adding liquidations might cause a run of sorts with people rushing to cash out their fanties to fUSD to pay off denbts which would cause a feedback loop of ftm price dropping?

>> No.29527649

Which coins did you figure were scams?

>> No.29527698

make sure you periodically take some wftm off of your stack while swinging and turn it into ftm so you make sure you are banking what you win...if you wait too long the price of wftm goes too high and the $500 you made wont buy as many ftm during the conversion...

>> No.29527792
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Maybe a retard question but why is the exchange of wftm to fusd not at the current market price but at .62

>> No.29527852

like I said, DYOR on the liquidations..im really not scared of them...I am making sure I skim off my swings and tuck them away, you also need to set a limit on yourself for how high you want to swing the wftm price away from the ftm price, that is the real risk imo

>> No.29527916

I have 20k and I feel blessed for getting in so early

>> No.29528023

damn i have 35k and suicidal over it

>> No.29528033

fuuuck these wftm dips are brutal, I got in at the middle, back up with you!

>> No.29528539

800k but I've been holding for 2 years so I'm kind of pissed about it

>> No.29528613
File: 228 KB, 646x680, 1611412814074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I only have 5k and despite being sad that I'm a poorfag, I'll take these gains and build myself up. wgmi frends.

>> No.29528719

should I be holding onto fUSD or wFTM at the moment?

>> No.29529044

hard to say since we're kind of in the middle of the price fluctuation rn, I'd personally hold wFTM because then at least you can ride the price, whereas if you hold fUSD you could screw up your stack if it dips - although both situations will just require you to wait until we reach a new ath

>> No.29529195

if it pumps* i mean

>> No.29529212


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That doesn't make me feel any better

>> No.29529797

What's stopping you from selling? That's like 400kish bucks right there

>> No.29529922

is staking actually as dangerous as some people are making it out to be? I'm staked to aBlock's node

>> No.29529935
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Me too, Congrats on the promotion brother.

>> No.29529962

If he sells before 10, he'd be an utter brainlet

>> No.29530154

Because fantom deserves top 10 minimum. Selling a bit at $5 and $10

>> No.29530258

how is staking dangerous?

>> No.29530264

ill buy stocks hoping for a 20% gain but afraid to buy fantom at these prices. whats wrong with me

>> No.29530302

If a validator node gets slashed, there's a governance proposal to refund those who were staked in it.

>> No.29530335

we moonin?

>> No.29530385

that's what I'm saying
I keep seeing people talk about losing everything

>> No.29530603

I'm hearing the countdown in my screenshot is may actually be accurate and Fantom (Opera) withdrawals could be ready in 15 hours on Binance.

>> No.29530753

Man I'm unironically fucking pissed because I cant get on to anything early. I had to buy LINK at $2 and now Fantom at 20c

Seriously fuck me

>> No.29530928

traded my ~17k XLM for some fanties. Feels good to be a part of this brotherhood

>> No.29530942

we're mooning softly

>> No.29530979

Fantomchads, is this a good entry point to put most of my portfolio into this comfy coin or should I wait?

>> No.29531161
File: 325 KB, 425x425, Fantom Girl 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know how you feel bro.
But listen. And believe me when I say this.
You. Are. Still. Early.

>> No.29531224

Now would be a very good time to jump in for a stack. It is super comfy. What are you dumping for this?

>> No.29531345

Well it bounced back pretty aggressively while ETH and LINK are still in hell so I'd say yes. It's pretty much unfuddable at this point.

>> No.29531383

who's the market for in these pumps? biz threads are slow as fuck during some huge pumps, sometimes don't even know it's going on. Asia?

>> No.29531453

exchange buying

>> No.29531522

Afghani freedom fighters

>> No.29531756
File: 2.14 MB, 753x744, 1599266759779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29531890

Saudi spy teams.

>> No.29532249

the mole people who live inside our hollow Earth

>> No.29532291

I’m in bros. Now how do I get my fanties off Chinance?

>> No.29532556

peronally I would just wait until they add ftm mainnet support on binance to save yourself 50 dollars. Should be by tomorrow I think.

>> No.29532873
File: 382 KB, 1079x1070, 1613613244896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well lads, last time to accumulate some more before 50k
see you on the other side

>> No.29532931

50 cents*
absolutely cunted atm

>> No.29533089

t. 200 FTM from test and main

>> No.29533435
File: 141 KB, 608x439, 1613755511555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm very happy I aped into this at ~$0.40

>> No.29533562
File: 1.97 MB, 500x281, animeboob.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You guys are cool so I'm gonna ask a noob question. I saw someone earlier posted a screenshot of him using 4chan with a black background instead of the white one. How tf do I change this.

>inb4 newfag
I've been here over a decade I'm literally just retarded

>> No.29533676

you had 10+ years

>> No.29533805

>bottom right corner

>> No.29533853


holy fuck I'm so stupid lmfao

>> No.29533863

Settings -> miscellaneous-> dark mode

>> No.29533873

holy fucking shit i never knew this either

>> No.29533970

Photon is where it's at desu senpai

>> No.29534013

price prediction for morning boys?

>> No.29534067

how have you two been living without tomorrow style? holy fuck the board colors are so awful except for nostalgia
t.came here in 2005 but the pink and blue hues are fucking eye rape

>> No.29534087

This is going to be a ridiculous price one day isnt it?

>> No.29534122


been raping my eyes for like a decade I guess lmfao

>> No.29534133


Please pin this in the next general. Very reasonable analysis.

>> No.29534136

How does $10000 EOY sound?

>> No.29534182

Antshares all over again

>> No.29534294

The Mujahideen

>> No.29534340


>> No.29534390

People already think Connor rugged or plans to rug, given he moved a fuckload of FTM to a private wallet a few months ago

>> No.29534408

congrats bro.

>> No.29534473


>> No.29534566

fuck, next pump I pay off my debt lmao. connor scary

>> No.29534663

BASED Fantom is powerful and big very large in India most powerful nation upon Earth

>> No.29534678

I had 13k fanties. sold it all for a meagre gain.
im going to off myself tonight.
good luck frens.

>> No.29534705

I've always hated that kike. Fuck Connor

>> No.29534742

Youd have 7k chill

>> No.29534830

>he doesn't know

>> No.29534846


>> No.29534900

Only have 49k stack of fantom. I hope I will have enough for 401k

>> No.29534997

>he doesn't know either

>> No.29535052

soon brothers! soon I will get my very own fanties... I just need to get rid of my bnb, at least it’s going up as btc goes up, meaning I can get even more fanties if I wait a little bit longer :D I’ll probably sell once btc is back at 57k and bnb will be around 300 then

after that, I need to also get rid of my doge in favor of acquiring more fanties... but how the he’ll do I do that? I need it to go to at least 110 sats but it’s never gonna happen it sucks...

>> No.29535116

Just take the hit on doge, why are you holding that shit anyways?

>> No.29535152
File: 16 KB, 299x280, images (10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's settled guys, $1 in 2 days thank you based doctor

>> No.29535253

What should I know

>> No.29535272

You will literally be a millionaire within the year

>> No.29535286

Dude I know what you mean. I get excited about a 10% pump in stocks and could care less when crypto goes up 50%. So fucked up and weird.

>> No.29535343

>absolutely cunted atm
Goodboy, that how your supposed to be when fucking with crypto and making gains.

>> No.29535357

$.50 broken fucking finally. Lets see if it will hold.

>> No.29535366

quickswap is doing way better but i guess its a microcap

>> No.29535367

this>>29535116 don't buy memecoins

>> No.29535381

imagine how it will look like when bitcoin pumps again

>> No.29535391
File: 119 KB, 1000x1000, 1613438378229.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bruh there be doctors buyin up my lil ftm stock mhmm we boutta be rich girl i warn you

>> No.29535442

that ygmi if you hold for the next 2-3 years, and set up generational wealth by 2030

>> No.29535486
File: 30 KB, 500x500, 1613858036826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that id

>> No.29535531

you don't know what you don't know I suppose kek

>> No.29535639

i like the yotsuba b. black one didnt match right when highlighting past posts

>> No.29535653

New ath incoming lads. $1 eom is almost a fud at this point.

>> No.29535674

i wanna keep buying but god damn it.....

>> No.29535766

I actually was able to make nice profits by buying 60k at 98 and selling at 125... the problem is I thought it’s gonna move like that again so I bought back at 105 and sinnverwandt then it’s only fine as high as 115... and I’m greedy so I wasn’t happy with just 115 I wanted at least 120... yeah... shit happens.

lole! can you imagine I finally get rid of this thing and then elon actually goes all in and the stuff is worth we’ll over 1$? that would be bad

yeah but I actually profited pretty nicely... the problem is it only worked once so far :( but you’re right, i’ll be sure to sell asap as it reaches a price I’m ok with... which is... idk when, could take time

>> No.29535867

If this somehow got to 30 I quit my job, get a house and land away from society and live off the interest and staking. please cronje

>> No.29535882

when to start taking profits sirs

>> No.29535889

seemed like $1 would be the absolute high when it was a .015 stablecoin for two years. now its blown through those levels in 3 weeks or something.

>> No.29536009

never this is the NWO coin going top 10 minimum $20 EOY

>> No.29536142

I could make 20 work...

>> No.29536207

whats your fantie stack?

>> No.29536223

>the problem is it only worked once so far :(
exactly bro, that's all they ever do, if you miss that one massive pump you're fucked lol, glad you got something out of it though, just be careful

>> No.29536427
File: 187 KB, 728x542, 1614027590268.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]





>> No.29536435

I would have been happy with $1. But now... I don't know what to expect.

>> No.29536473
File: 126 KB, 208x292, haruhi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1.6k artisan here. I bought this shit on a whim and it feels so good looking into it now. cant wait for gas to go down so I can stack more, this shit is unironically the next LINK

>> No.29536529

Subtle fud, nice

>> No.29536562

I'd cash out some for a small house away from people + some years living expensed. I'm a simple man don't need much, then ride the rest into the future. if it ever crashed forever somehow, well, I'd figure it out then lol

>> No.29536602

stop comparing it to fucking link

>> No.29536637

oh shit

>> No.29536643

what mean sirs

>> No.29536657


>> No.29536666

holy fuck. this is unbelievably bullish

>> No.29536697
File: 219 KB, 512x284, 32F6470B-FA64-4734-8F32-5074BAFA04ED.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.29536710

no more 100 FTM bridge fee and coins getting stuck in the bridge you can just send to Binance directly from the fWallet

>> No.29536716

it wasn’t even much... I made around 600€... can you believe I was expecting > 60k ? :( I was high on hopium it seems...

anyways, seeing as the withdrawal thing happens on the 25th i absolutely need to get done fanties before that.

>> No.29536730
File: 181 KB, 1024x1024, 1604030533443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at this rate I won't be able to buy more below $1

>> No.29536756

$1 eow is now officially fud

>> No.29536765

quads confirm FTM to $66.66 EOY

>> No.29536782

ok binance did a thing, why isn't it 1 buck yet?

>> No.29536786

Called this earlier
Fantom is a Trojan horse. Eth is in danger

>> No.29536858

we all learn that lesson eventually bro, at least you arent playing with any amount that will make you kys lol, but yeah, FTM isn't a pnd, this is a really solid investment and oyu;ll be very happy you bought in

>> No.29536873

coinbase this week screenshot this

>> No.29536876

Kek go cry in your roach thread faggot.

>> No.29536881

zoomer hype bois fuck off

>> No.29536885

fuck it im fomoing all my stock money in fuck this fucking garbage with 20% gains a year and a fucking red day fucking wipes it all out



>> No.29536893

Reminder: swingers get the rope.
Plus swinging now is fucking spastic. $1 floor eom probably. Cooooomulate!

>> No.29536900


>> No.29536954
File: 3.70 MB, 576x324, 1614098888163.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Calm down and ygmi.

>> No.29536964


link and binance? what the fuck is HAPPENING. if this gets a coinbase listing its fucking over

>> No.29537104

yea I make that back easy, but still sucks the meme didn’t work out.
I had about 30k ftm in august last year, i sold it for btc :) heh.. if only I had known this would turn into the next moon coin...

>> No.29537105

FOMO'd and bought more. I never do that. Is this it, fren?

>> No.29537145

i dont know fomoing has always fucked me im really scared i bought most of my stack around 4 cents

>> No.29537171

eth is going to run on fatnom

>> No.29537177

isn’t there like a saying once a shitcoin gets listed in binance it dumps like crazy or something? or is it not anymore like that lol

>> No.29537223

do i trade my 69 LINK for FTM right now

>> No.29537231

Think of it as DCAing in anon. It's an investment strategy that only serves to help psychologically, but it sure as hell does help

>> No.29537257

I always thought eth will become a token on bsc because cz a magician with a megacock

>> No.29537266

My average was sub 0.10. Just fucked it by buying the top... wtf

>> No.29537291

You should find a job

>> No.29537303

yeah.... fucking stocks wont do shit its fucking 20% a month if im lucky and were on the brink of a stock market crash any day now too. i wish i put that money in earlier. i could have got a 200k stack for 4 grand and i started it in the fucking face and did nothing

>> No.29537360

Its been on binance for 3 years retard.
The big news is binance is finally using fantoms chain, meaning fees using fantoms chain are something like $0.00000001.
Fantom is eth2.0

>> No.29537365

Ah yea the classic saying

>> No.29537381

i have one, but i live in WA state where i can only use cuckbase so buying ETH to buy FTM right now would make me wait 6 days, only means i got to get more atm is stinkie linkies

>> No.29537462

What is sFTM for? I got them from the wallet and locked them again.

>> No.29537497

theres still non believers in other threads... good lord

im a fucking newfag and even i see basically every coin is shit compared to this. 2 seconds of research. 2 SECONDS

>> No.29537521

you can use it as collateral to mint

>> No.29537554

You should do deeper reading about defi before investing senpai

>> No.29537564
File: 49 KB, 457x494, C57D10C8-1BBC-4A2B-8856-8C84E150E01C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

1.6k stacklet poorfag reporting in @ just under 50c
boy am i excited for my first 2x
based FTM chads

>> No.29537596

there are other threads? just been in here all day

>> No.29537618

I'm a brainlet and english is second language. What does it mean to use as collateral and to mint?

>> No.29537633

fine, my stinkies are safu

>> No.29537675

How does 10x times minimum sound?

>> No.29537676

you guys know what hilarious? i almost pulled out of fantom for good while it crabbed at 2 cents. i said this is fucking garbage it just keeps crabbing and i almost put it in some other shit for shitty 10% gains

then i woke up the next day and it fucking shot up at .21. i cant believe this shit

>> No.29537678
File: 784 KB, 775x775, Fantom Girl 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New General:

>> No.29537701

uhhhhh... I meant to type coinbase actually.... as you can see the dude I was replying to was talking abou coinbase not binance... lol

yeah but with coin base... not binance, mistyped, cz is just so rent free in my mind i always think of him abs binance abs this happened <3

>> No.29537762

>14 posts too early
you people disgust me

>> No.29537844



>> No.29537882

Shut up faggot, I unironically bought 1 million FTM two years ago around launch when everyone thought it was vaporware and felt like a genius because I broke even. I was in college at the time and needed the money bad to survive. Sometimes this game isn't fair, you just gotta keep playing

>> No.29537948


>> No.29538000

I have 500k fanties.. all I can think is I wish I bought more.. I feel like it'll dump at $1 and my chance to be a millionaire will be gone :( Pure greed

>> No.29538133

This is retarded it should stay the same

>> No.29538171

just reinvest your profits into someelse else. In theory all you need is a 2x

>> No.29538199

How would you feel holding 1.6k ETH?

>> No.29538466

114m eth vs 2.5b ftm
divide by 22
its more like have 72 eth

>> No.29538773

how will i generate profit if i mint sFTM and just lock them?

>> No.29538831

how did you find this? this is you isn't it

>> No.29539785


>> No.29539905

you can't buy eth with Wyre through metamask in WA? I'm from oregon and thats what I do, that and using moonpay through trustwallet on my phone, although I don't use that too much if I'm planning to swap because its just an extra step to get it to metamask anyway.

moving to AZ though in a month, fuck this shithole and the paranoid lefties here.

>> No.29540006

rewars on your c-ratio, you can do more than that, but tht's what itll do passively

>> No.29540285

Take the L and go to a Bitcoin ATM, just deposit all in one go so you only pay the fee once

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