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you are living in the past, things change quickly in crypto.

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i just made $700 since anon made that other thread lmao

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yes you can buy and sell without thinking about fees, traders can focus on what they do best, the more we use the exchange the more coins they will list.

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we're all in this together bro we're hitting $1B mkt cap $10K per QUICK +++++

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honestly beats the absolute schizo tier shitcoins i was trying to make it off of.

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damn i hope so. i was panicking this morning during red, and my only hope was a foodcoin called EGG on BSC. like wtf am i doing...?

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not very many coins available

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> .1 eth

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that will change fast as volume grows the coins will fomo in to get listed

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why not do matic link?

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some coins just started anon, liquidity will come fast, uniswap started the same way

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they do

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cheaper than uniswap

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It’s so depressing because layer 2 solves literally nothing

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i don't understand.... you can trade the wrapped value of the coins. doesn't that solve a problem? isn't that what we want to achieve?

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There's no LINK liquidity yet. Someone in the chat is in touch with the team to add around half a mil.

You are wrong. There's no such thing as Matic LINK. That's Matic Aave LINK. It's interest-bearing and therefore more valuable than regular LINK. The comparison is moot.

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Yes. Only getting these kind of results. Pathetic.

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the appropriate price for chainst*nk

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retard who thinks he thinks spotted

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so if you hold matic wrapped tokens you get interest on them?

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Yeah but you have to pay the fee to migrate onto layer 2.

So if you hold ETH on anything besides the layer 2 of the dex, there’s 0 benefit to using it. You’re still paying retarded fees to use the exchange.

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True. You’ll eat shit on the gas fees alone.

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I don't get it. kinda newfag here is this a bad thing or what?

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Nigger... It solves everything. We can all enjoy this little trading bonanza to keep transactions off Layer 1, and as more of us make the move over to Matic and other Layer 2 solutions, Layer 1's traffic congestion issue will become less and less problematic. Everyone wins.

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the fee wasn't that expensive though. i only payed $24 to get onto matic network

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Ya I get it. Layer two is cool when you’re on it. Except if you hold your eth on layer 2 they are sitting there useless, and if you don’t hold your eth on layer 2 and want to swap it doesn’t change a thing because you still have to pay a fee to transfer it in and out.

It legit solves nothing aside from satisfying a couple retards who trade every day.

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Do I need to migrate all my coins to the Matic chain or just my ETH?

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>Someone in the chat is in touch with the team to add around half a mil.
YEAH fucking RIGHT kek like the link team gives a fuck about providing liquidity to your bullshit and not focusing on node operators which is one of the only things that truly matters to them

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that's literally a screenshot from uniswap. Ngmi retarded pajeet

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with matic USDC/LINK/ETH/YFI/whatever you can earn interest by just holding

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but you get to hold the value of the token until gas is solved. and while you're on matic you can try out some of the features.

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$24 on and off. Solves nothing for people who mostly hold.

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Can I expect a dip in the near future? I'm wary of buying at this price

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Yes, exactly. So by buying ma tokens, you are literally buying something that appreciates over time compared to the regular asset. It's like staking at AAVE except... you don't expose yourself to the risk of losing everything to an exploit. It's huge. I can't thank the AAVE team enough for getting me on this train.

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redpill me on quickswap, i need some gains.

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whats the marketcap currently?

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How do you even get onto that network? What do

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these niggers are doing a pump and dump on a dead project that has 0 liquidity where you pay a 99% fee on most transactions

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im demonstrating that the uniswap picture is more expensive than using the wrapped link.

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Someone in the chat who is a LINK holder is in touch with the Quickswap team, retard. Learn to read.

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based digits
personally i think quick is a bit high but matic is super undervalued

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you can buy and sell without worrying about fees, Ive been buying/selling for days and ive spent 1 cent in fees.

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It's about $35 to cross the bridge to Matic.

And once there, it's $0.00001 per TX.

Keep paying $100 UniSwap Txs, stay poor.

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Matic should be at least 30% of Dot market cap... that coin will explode soon

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it's actually not $35 because metamask overestimates the fees and you actually pay $10

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Nah the problem is ethereums only use case is DEFI and it can’t do it at all currently and these “solutions” are not solutions. Layer 2 might have been the most retarded solution I’ve ever seen

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>a dead project that has 0 liquidity
keep seething retard

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what coins have you been buying/selling?

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Weak brainlet fud

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coin is super undervalued and actually works, and actually has devs and users (every eth maxi will use this, loopring, and optimism/arbitrum instead of using another chain). There is no reason for cuckdano to be worth 30B while this shit is only worth 500M while having more users, dapps, liquidity, and devs. it's also more secure becasue it's security is pegged to the ETH network.

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newfag instructions:
>go to https://wallet.matic.network/
>deposit ETH from layer 1 to layer 2 (matic mainnet)
>pay gas fee once to transfer on/off layer 2.
>add Matic Network to Metamask (instructions here: https://docs.matic.network/docs/develop/metamask/config-matic/))
>your ETH is now on layer 2 and you can use Quickswap and swap tokens for less than a penny. takes a few seconds.
>1 MATIC (about 15 cents) will last you in fees until the end of time (you can swap a little eth for it)

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Lmfao these pajeets have been spamming this board for 2 weeks now yelling about liquidity coming. It hasn't moved shit. Staying at 25million. No one is going to use this shit dex.

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>Layer 2 might have been the most retarded solution I’ve ever seen
retard here, what is the difference between "layer 2" ETH and just migrating to a completely different network like BSC or xDAI?

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>dead project
it looks pretty new to me anon. and a lot of the eth maxi's seem to like it.

see > >>29517219

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$1000 end of month is fud. All in this token.

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just some cash to buy stuff on quickswap, the address is the same, i have Matic integrated in Metamask

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stfu I posted the first matic thread when matic was at 3 cents faggot

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BSC is the real ETH layer 2. Sorry pajeets, you are too late.

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>hurr durr the only reason BSC can do 0.001$ transaction fees is because its centralized
>layer 2 solutions
>literally the same centralized dogshit

eth copers are fucking hilarious

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if I want to sell tokens that are already in my main net ETH wallet can that be done on Matic?
or is it functionally a different network

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this is a quickswap thread anon...

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fuck off chink

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>meanwhile i lost like $300 trying to time the ups and downs from today.

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your matic wallet is the same address you have in metamask by the way just go here, no need to install anything: https://wallet.matic.network/

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imagine being this stupid.
matic blocks are checkpointed into ethereum. that means once the block is checkpointed the state of the network can't be changed without rewriting the entire ETH blockchain. validators literally can't cuck you because of this, unlike the chink validators at bsc.

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how is Matic centralized?

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i recommend you leave some eth behind for transfers. ill have to find out if you can exchange polygon with binance directly

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you can't go to Layer 2 from CEXes... yet


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with your metamask open go here and transfer to matic what you need:

and check some post above Ive posted an image that explains how to add matic to metamask

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Literally copy pasted uniswap site. That's not a good look.

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I probably own more ETH than most people here and I’m fudding it because it’s true. BSC just proved DeFi is fucking amazing when you don’t have to pay $30 per transaction.

What happens when another platform gets DeFi? Cardano is a ghost chain but perhaps they pull it off. Or Dot? AVAX? There are so many platforms with smart contracts now.

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>your eth is sitting there useless
you can fucking buy aave interest bearing ETH on matic.
it's more like $10 faggot. Then you can do infinite trades

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is a different tech anon who cares how the site looks, all exchanges look the same.

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Literally all it has to do to be better than Uniswap is not be a functionally worse DEX.

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BSC and POLYGON can coexist anon. BSC is going to do their own thing to work against Eth. And polygon/matic will work with Ethereum.

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Where the fuck did I even mention Matic? 2 brainlets combined makes 1 hell of a clusterfuck. I'm talking about Quickswap. You guys keep spamming the shit out of this saying liquidity will rise everyday by 20% topkek. Ethereum already won.

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>it doesnt have a new flashy design!!
What are you a fucking woman? Lmao

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Ethereum is competing with ... Quickswap now? I've heard it all.

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You don't have to pay $30 on any of the other smart contract chains either

basically what I am trying to figure out is whether this has similar functionality to a separate chain (need to migrate each ERC-20 token individually) or if it's strictly for gas (I migrate only my ETH to Matic and then I can sell the ERC-20 tokens in my regular wallet)

I'm sure this question is frustratingly retarded to anyone who knows what they're talking about but I feel like it's straight forward enough that someone can answer it

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look i just wanna make some money anon. it seems like a cool project. none of it is newbie friendly yet. i am poor and can't hold anything on ETH yet.

my plan is to hold. take profits. hold take profits until the bullrun ends. and i may want to jump across a few coins until i can achieve what i like. whether on BSC, xDai, or Matic.

right now i'm actually UP. All I need to do is make it to $10,000. And this thing is beginning to develop pumpenomics. Please just stop fudding dude.

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Stop acting like a fucking plebbitor. No one will use fucking MATIC. Ethereum already won meaning they will use Uniswap and 1inch now fuck off.

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Alright you sound like a grateful anon. I hope you make it. But remember to take profits along the way. Don't get left bagholding. Godspeed.

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You're an absolute retard.
You know Ryan Seas Adams, which is like one of the biggest ETH maxis, is supporting the project? It's literally a L2 which USES ethereum for security you absolute moron and it's going to bridge shit like arbitrum and optimism too so people can freely move between rollups and L2s.

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It's a sidechain, which means you have to move each token individually. You have a separate wallet with the same address, except it's on the Matic mainnet. Concretely, this means that you are best off liquidating all of your Layer 1 assets into Ethereum before you bridge over to save on gas fees, especially because you can't just bridge over any shitcoin you like yet. There are multiple bridges btw, the main ones are Matic and Aavegotchi.

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I hold eth but shit nigga u are dumb

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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Normies love the simplicity of uniswap anyways.

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Matic is helping Ethereum, Quickswap is a competitor for uniswap yes because can steal liquidity.

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thank you anon. and i won't i learned my lesson after Asko....

thank god this has a degree of higher degree of competence behind it. so if i miss taking profits, i won't be deadly in fear if being stuck bagholding.

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let's not forget about the other platform that will eat both uniswap and 1inch for lunch.

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>Ethereum Layer 1 will defeat Ethereum Layer 2
This is your brain on /biz/.

>> No.29519231

read who is backing the project. literally all of them are eth maxis. you are fucking deluded if you think ETH L1 will kill ETH L2

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thank you anon

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How do I get the quickswap token for free I want gibs

>> No.29519693

good coins to buy on quickswap


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the coin costs like $300 and the supply is very limited, you are not getting this one for free.

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ok ill write some of those down. the ghst one looks cool.

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>buy USDC
>buy equivalent value maUSDC
>pool both together
>deposit LP tokens at https://quickswap.exchange/#/quick
>enjoy free quickies

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Pangolin essentially does the same but on AVAX and look where it is now. It got BTFO'd.
Sorry but too risky

>> No.29519903

but this is on Ethereum, not avax

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i'm farming the ETH-MATIC pair and I make like $30 a day.

>> No.29520053

>saw quick at 48$
>didn't buy

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cannot compare avax with ethereum anon.........

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What wallet do I need to actually see the coin it’s only showing QUICK and the amount I hold, no price.

>> No.29520186

You can see the price if you go on wallet.matic.exchange, but you can't actually do anything else there but bridge.

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It's fine, just buy it now before it's $4000

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with your metamask open go here and transfer to matic what you need:

to add matic to metamask do this
remember to switch between networks when needed

>> No.29520354

its almost worth as much as matic

>> No.29520416

thats a different subject, but yes Matic will go parabolic soon

>> No.29520460

Nope, circulating supply is ~150k. 45m mcap.

>> No.29520538

all in Fire, it will do just aswell my fren. Just takes longer.
Also Uni v3 is matic with UX so be careful and don't get to o attached with Quick

>> No.29520639

are you saying UNI will partner with Matic?

>> No.29520640

His screenshot was pointing out the price impact dude

>> No.29520730

i understand, i saw that. outrageous, and it absolutely needs to be fixed. but there was also the option of buying the matic wrapped link.

>> No.29520735

Uni v3 is on Optimism, there's plenty of room for both

>> No.29520768

I'm saying something something matic is the go to layer 2 solution and Univ3 will launch in march with L2, rumors but you know, what else can they do?

>> No.29520831

It's not Matic-wrapped LINK dude, it's Matic-wrapped Aave interest-bearing LINK. Big difference.

>> No.29520835

pls explain how, how much are you farming?

>> No.29520960

okok, im just saying the prices were similar as stores of value. sorry

>> No.29520977

wait what, source me up then I thought matic was semi confirmed, fuck me.

>> No.29521178

i think uniswap v3 might hurt quickswap in the short term, but it'll be bullish in the long term. There will be a matic -> optimism bridge, and a matic -> zkrollup bridge, so a year from now, users can transact on L2 with all the security benefits of L1 without ever having to pay gas, while the institutions and whales will still use L1 because it's the safest/most secure option.

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Should I be loading up those bags with my alts

>> No.29521260

How much marketcap can we realistically do here

>> No.29521573

Okay I don't have a source, but pretty strong rumors. Especially when none of the people involved with Polygon are dropping hints.

Think about it, literal garbage on Binance Scam Central like Bakeryswap has gone over $200M. We are hitting 4 figures a token easily as long as Bitcoin doesn't shit the bed.

>> No.29521575

I think hes just adding liquidity to that pair, go to quickswap and click on "quick" tab, there you have the pools to add liquidity.

>> No.29521710

Matic should unironically be worth at least 3 billion. they have more adoption than most of the eth killers, they are coming after DOT (and they'll likely succeed because they have the advatnage of not having to care about security as they're on ETH), and a lot of projects are going there. I work for a NFT project (I do solidity coding) and we are porting all of our contracts onto Matic. Opensea just launched a NFT marketplace on Matic. This is the most undervalued project in crypto unironically.
add liquidity and go to the quick tab, and then you can deposit in tokens.

>> No.29521802

What is the current mcap?

>> No.29521804

You can literally buy NFTs on Matic now: https://matic.opensea.io/
The matic opensea marketplace has been open for like 1 day so far so there's not that much to buy, but the fact that the largest NFT platform is partnering with matic should sound super bullish.

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"Opensea just launched a NFT marketplace on Matic. This is the most undervalued project in crypto unironically"

>> No.29521959

>a lot of projects are going there
Yep, this is what got me here as well. Polygon is exactly what devs needed, a quick and easy solution that is readily available.

Circulating supply is 146k or something and increases by 1k every day. Mcap is like $45m.

>> No.29522019

So MATIC is needed for gas fees? So a SWAP between ETH and DAI uses MATIC for gas?

>> No.29522083

yes, but the amount is so small (like 0.01 cents).
you get 0.1 matic automatically when you bridge assets there, that 0.1 matic will last you forever.

>> No.29522099

Yes, but you get 0.1 MATIC for free and you're unlikely to even spend all of that unless you have ADHD, that's how low tx fees are.

>> No.29522266

Ok that sound good. What about the bridge? Not sure how that works exactly. Do I send ETH to the MATIC chain?

>> No.29522336

See >>29517219
And >>29517483

>> No.29522859

So would $1k be a good bag?

>> No.29522904

K I just did it and it kinda goes through a process.

You need to make sure you have a custom Matic Network for Metamask. anons here posted a link.

But in order to transfer from ETH network to MATIC network, it gets deposited via their wallet bridge. Smart Contract fees apply so have at least ~$40 worth of eth for now when depositing.

Took a while (For me) but no major hiccups. They confirm twice in a way. Once on ETH then again on MATIC.

From your deposited funds you can now trade on quickswap with gas fees almost virtually free (as of now).

Cool Idea, not sure how it'll play but get some quick if you did the pancake play for bsc. Just my thoughts.

>> No.29523300

>Cool Idea, not sure how it'll play but get some quick if you did the pancake play for bsc. Just my thoughts.
Yeah, the play right now is to invest in Matic (your BNB) and your Quick (your CAKE). Tthe difference is, devs are launching legit projects here instead of a boatload of copycat ponzi schemes. I

>> No.29523367

I have some MATIC on binance right now, can I deposit them directly without turning it into ETH?

>> No.29523443

i actually don't know
matic exists on both ETH mainnet and on their network

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>QUICK threads lasting longer than 10 posts
>Multiple QUICK threads a day
>biz is finally realizing that the dragon is waking up

>> No.29523658

fast swap is better though and way lower market cap

>> No.29523722

Not yet. The best play is to sell it for ETH, deposit that on your Ethereum wallet and then bridge over. You can also directly onboard onto Matic with fiat through Ramp.

>> No.29524668

maybe this? not sure what you mean

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