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how do people successfully shill on here? I dont get it
I try to promote a legit project that I believe in and everybody just ignores it
meanwhile defi swap dapp bullshit no9001 gets instant attention
what am I doing wrong biz?

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they reply to their own posts.

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>I try to promote a legit project
That's the problem right there. /biz/ only likes shitcoins, rug pulls and vaporwave. I saw some anons desperately trying to shill BUIDL when it was a few cents and their threads got slapped. Now its 5$

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I hope that man had a nice masturbation session

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what's the project then eh?

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shill it here

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They do it in teams of 5-10 people. Go into any of those threads, it's always a team of shills, very recognizable too

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did you name your coin after a food item?
if not there's your problem. this board only cares about BURGERS and CAKE and SUSHI or whatever food of the week.

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They work in teams, it's coordinated in discords or somewhere other than here. You can't do it by yourself.

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teams of 5-10 people combined with IP switching.
Some are pumping while others are fudding to create drama and make the conversation look organic.

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You can't just shill it, you've gotta live it.

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Buidl looks like a scam tho.

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Okay tell us why it looks like a scam?

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Pretty much doing the same thing for Earnbet since $0.03 and I'm getting hard ignored too hahaha.. But bring a based bull shit you get to see 1k replies hahaha.

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its been me, ive been the one pathetically shilling geeq
I need some frens to help me

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I was here shilling OMG on my own in April - June last year
>the fee structure will change

no idea if I was successful but the price went from $1.50 to $4-5. Sorry if any of you anons got burned

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Successful shill here. Sales Engineer in IRL. You have to account for IQ. A majority of /biz/raelis are working class retarded tradesmen who feel left out in traditional financial instruments. Crypto is their vehicle to stick it to the big man. /biz/ has a normal IQ distribution. You don't just throw logic and think theyll automatically draw conclusions and thus invest wisely. For gods sake people in here bought $REEF, $ASKO, $MCDC, even fucking $CHODE. To make something work, come up with a nursery rhyme tier slogan. Prepare your memes. Anticipate potential FUD angles and BTFOd any anons questioning the legitimacy of your project. Compare your project with similar projects; smoothbrains can't into abstract stuff, they need comparisons and examples, look at $RBC for example. Again I say the retards will always drown out the smart /biz/raelis. Focus on getting them to swarm the project you are shilling.

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here how

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You need Jesus instead of the benzodiazepine lobsters

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use bots to bump ur threads

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is your project named after a food or a blatant violation of an established copyright or trademark? does it have an anime waifu mascot? is it promising 1000x in a week?

that's why no one on /biz/ cares

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What's up buddy? I'm a pro-shillster, or "dA sHiLStA" as my clients call me!

The big mistake you're making is assuming that you're mostly dealing with men, when in reality, /biz/ is full of beautiful sex-addicted women who are larping as men. Why do they do this? No-one is quite sure yet, but studies are underway. They appear to spend most of their time dildoing themselves while making poor trades - like a sort of masochistic pleasure.

I digress! The key to shilling your coin is to make sure you include lots of references to kittens, knitting, cooking and general household chores. This is one way to get the interest of the hordes of women who are on /biz/ near enough 24/7.

I was in charge of shilling BTC in 2011 and it turned out pretty well, so trust me, I'm a pro.

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Also how do you guys new coins?

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Once you bring attention to your project. Pajeets start seeing the potential of making it a pump and dump scheme. So they organise in their discords or telegrams and shill for you on Twitter, medium even /biz/. Now this is where you decide what you want to do, because your token will at least 10x. Either, dump together with the Discord trannies and start a new project, or stick with the bagholders and continue developing the project for them.

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>legit product
Cut the crap scam artist. All crypto besides those established as currency for the black market should be purged

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This is amazing, what's the source?

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Imagine writing all that and thinking you're good at conveyed a message to a low IQ crowd

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Just be weird.

Pic related.

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he's talking to op, not to random retards

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>editing existing meme to insert your shitcoin is weird
Literally every shill does that

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>meanwhile defi swap dapp bullshit no9001 gets instant attention
they literally are paid shills

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>why isn't unfinished ETH "killer" #3929 more successful than working projects today like BSC and the tokens competing for the future of defi

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How do you know OP isn't a random retard

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successful people don't shill here

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How do we know he isn't?

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If it get replies, it gets eyes. Thanks.

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If he is*

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I will post for OP if any digits

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These degenerates don't want legit projects. They want chink scams, centralized scams, rug pulls, food tokens etc.

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You discuss real projects during the bear market. Bull market is just gamblers and summerfags.