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Who the fuck is buying so much all of a sudden?

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I invested 10 000 000 rupees sir. JAI HIND!

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The make it gang. You gotta buy low ffs, this is why you fags keep going red, because you buy too much in the green.

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Well...it’s gone low enough to where people feel it is acceptable price to buy. They do this because they believe this dip won’t last forever, and they have a potential to make a profit by being patient and not freaking out over a correction.

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You haven’t been? Do you know how markets work?

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Usually a college degree is just a box to check to get passed the HR people and get an interview.

My college didn't even give grades, it was pass or fail. And yeah it is a real college, its on the USA.gov list for accepted universities.

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The fuck type of school was this? Clown school?