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Bought at $35, do I sell now? I am really worried

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Why the fuck would you sell at a loss?

Just hodl for at least a year.

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bro just hold right now

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>bought at $35

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Because I bought $50k worth of Link and I can't deal with my money being down this much. This is too much to handle and I am feeling super stressed out right now

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30k sats eom

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it'll probably be there again by june/july unless the stock market completely crashes in which case we have bigger problems on our hands anyway

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Hold or buy more. You only lose when you sell at a loss, and it's obvious that link has enough value in its utility to bounce back to at least let you break even.

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just hold it.
I bought litenry at 11 and it is 6. Just hold that shit

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in a year the bull run will be over we will be deep in a bear market you fucking retard

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nvm this must be a larp why would you toss 50k into the top of a crypto that was clearly going to underperform this cycle

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Just wait it out. All this shit does is go back up eventually and surpass old highs. Why throw away 10s of thousands of dollars? Were you planning on selling and making profit in a week or something?

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wow this is fucking cringe. I literally had 122k portfolio yesterday and am down about 1/3rd of it. I'm literally just waiting it out. If you're unable to separate your emotions from your investments, you're NOT gonna make it. Maybe you should sell and cash out, you won't pay taxes on a loss. Go buy a console and start that McDonald's application.

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Just pretend like you don't own it, never heard of it, forget about crypto. Set a reminder in your calendar for sometime next year, don't dare looking at crypto prices until then. At first you'll feel a huge urge to open coinmarketcap, but after a few days your addiction will start to subside. After a month you'll rarely think about crypto. After 2-3 months you'll live happily without ever thinking about linkies or crypto world.

And then a year from now you'll get a reminder from your calendar. You'll be surprised, but immediately you'll feel a rush of emotions. Anxiously you'll fire up your wallet or open coin market cap... and then you will fundamentally Make It.

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you literally don't exist

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dont worry I will make sure your wife is safe

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Weak hands aren't meant for crypto.

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lol what a shit larp, try harder next time

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Why are you guys so fucking mean. All I want is to earn money and people talked about this Chainlink coin and it seemed undervalued due to everything else performing and now all I want is my money back because this was clearly a stupid decision

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Wait until it goes a little lower and then sell

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honest answer: wait till it shoots up to over $60 in the next two to three weeks. You will feel worse at that time knowing you sold for $24.50 than you feel now.

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>misses 1000 ATH

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I bought at $0.35 and I'm not worried. Never sold a single one.
>but you bought it so cheap, how could you be worried
Yes, but having bought them cheap also means I had $350,000 invested in LINK a few days ago. This money is just as real as the $50,000 you had put in. You're only down a few grand, and I'm down $100,000. Yet, I'm not worried. Isn't that interesting.

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Selling would make it a loss. Just hold

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buy high sell low
the biz way

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I have made some bags for link.

But can you tell me about Mochimo I have seen it posted over the board.

I need some advice.

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Yeah don't do this. Maybe if you're finding it hard to deal with don't look at your portfolio for a while. A while meaning two weeks or so. Look through /biz/ once a few days to see if the green has returned, if yes then look at your portfolio, if it's still red then don't worry about it.

Because while this might just be a correction, we certainly will have a big crash at some point and you really want to sell before then.

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>you guys are mean
>earn money
>chainlink coin
>want my money back
2/10 larp. why not at least try?

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Could you wait 1 week before market dumping everything?
I need to wait for my next paycheck to buy from weak hands.

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OP might be larping but I unironically did this but Im not gonna sell at a loss. Fucking give me my money back.

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I hope you're comfy with your bags, you might be holding them for a few years.

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cringe just hodl

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Jesus kid, if you buy anything shilled on the board you are GURANTEED to lose money. LINK is a pump and dump orchestrated by 4chan to scam newfags into dropping a few grand or so while they dump their bags.

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Oh, Linkies...

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you sound like one of them idiots who think link will never reach $81000

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Please nico bully my cock

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>now all I want is my money back
Its over anon. Crypto is dead. Sell your shitcoins.

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Why WOULDN'T everybody here be stressed the fuck out also?
Also, the people who are being mean to you lose or gain half a million in crypto every day or so and don't want to hear whining from lunch moneyfags

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if my roll is green hodl the linkies and stay stinky anons

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you sound like one of those retards who don't believe it's going to 1.5 mil eoy.

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stinky olive colour is still green and stinky bonus. Dont fall for the FUD anons

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I don't think it will, no. But regardless of what LINK will be worth in 10 years, there will certainly come a time this year when selling it is an objectively good decision, even if you only want to buy back later. That time might have been a week ago.

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Now's the time to HOLD

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>Bought at $35

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Relax and just hold your coins

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Based schizo schwabposter

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Well said. It's the BIZ way. KEK

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Keep your chainfag tokens

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>he bought chainlink

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You are a bitch lmao

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The weak do not deserve anything.

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hold buddy. i had a million or so around 34/35. ive probably lost more within 24 hours than 95% of this thread's posters combined have made over the last 2 years. if i can hodl so can you <3 :)

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>at $35

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In all seriousness though I would consider, either at a loss or after a period of hodling, reducing your position to one that doesn't stress you out. If you put $50k in chainlink you are either already financially a-ok or you done fucked up. Just put in something you can forget about and maybe get an app on your phone that can push price alerts so you don't miss any giant pumps you'd wanna cash out on. Good luck you sweet, rich, silly person. I wish you the best.

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You guys are not cool just because you bought 3 years ago or what. Some of us didn't know about this so stop acting like you are superior. Some of us are actually losing money and this is a really difficult situation. I came here to get advice but everyone is really hostile

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Option 1 - Sell and fuck off you paper handed bitch.
Option 2 - Fuck off and hold.
Pretty simple advice, not sure what other answers you were seeking.

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Don't come to biz for advice, I don't have the words for it but you can feel that it is not good lol. I come because I want to hear the fud and fomo of the week. It's better for finding out what is p&d than for finding out what is not.

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Just kill yourself dude. it relieves stress really good

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Seriously link will never be over $30 again. Don’t say I didn’t warn you

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Thanks friend, just sold my stack.

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I went from $650K to like $425K in the last 24 hours. I feel nothing. That being said I started with around $6K so its all the same. You are never going to make it because you aren't trying to envision what the next 2, 5, or 10 years looks like.

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>wow this is fucking cringe. I literally had 122k portfolio yesterday and am down about 1/3rd of it.

Right hes down 17K and tons of people here got hit for 10x that and don't even notice. Some people are just not born to make it I guess.

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>he spent 50k on a anime forum json parser scam coin at the top.

Didn’t think anyone ACTUALLY bought this

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I was down like 200k. I just laughed about it and closed the app on my phone.

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Sounds like you dumped in more than you were comfortable losing.

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I bought in 2019 at $4 and everyone here was laughing at me as we sunk down to $1.60. I held and now I have enough to pay off my house. It sucked at the time but it all worked out.

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LARP. Retail investors for Link do not exist in 2021. So fucking fake.

>> No.29513741

No you don't have enough to pay off your house until you cash out. God if I hear someone quoting their unrealized gains as their net worth again. Fucking 2017 all over again.

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Okay OP, as someone who also bought at .63 cents but was only able to put into $200, I'm somewhat attached emotionally because my stack is within the 11k - 13k range. Why is it that low instead of 30k or whatever? Because I did whay you did and I also tried to swing my tokens because LINK has a pattern of going from high heights to low depths. So, I'm attached enough to see this as my ticket to acquiring a 6-figure net worth but not enough to where my lossess are also within that 6-fig range.

From what I've noticed throughout the years, Link breaks through an ATH and lags a bit before sinking to its depths. It's on the way to its depths where you typically are supposed to sell because it's tough predicting the ceiling. Unfortunately, you bought at the ceiling and its looking like we've reached the floor (may go a little lower).

MY ADVICE -- there's no doubt in any of our minds that link will surpass $35. What you have to do is hold tight on to your coins for dear life until it busts through $35 which we're thinking should be around altseason (this summer). Once it reaches its new ATH, then you can sell and get the hell out of here. But, the likelihood of LINK reaching a 3-fig price is likely within the next couple years or so.

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You didn't reddit space. I know you're a larp but I have literally had conversations with normies like this. You'd be surprised how fast they shake out.

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From reading your replies this is 98% a larp, but if not. You need to chill. I would bet my 50k Link that ChainLink will hit $100 by end of next year.

I'm down half a million over a few days. It doesn't even phase me. If you make it through this and hold you'll be better off for all the future dips that will come. Holding is the answer.

A lot of noobs and fucktards panicked when we crashed from the $20 ATH 7 months ago too. Don't be like those bitches. We'll be back and stronger in a week, month, 6 months. It won't be long.

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Sorry-- my stack is worth $11k (450 tokens).

Yes I'm a linklet, but there's a lesson in every failure that I make. One of those lessons is to pay close attention to the charts; when EVERYTHING is looking red (besides stablecoins), expect a rebound.

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unironically this kek. ive seen my portfolio swing 500k just in the past two days alone and i literally do not care

>> No.29514925

big things coming
hold frends
we're all in this together

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Lies, but just assuming anyone in a similar boat is reading this if you really need to get out just convert it all to Algorand and wait a month and you'll come out on top.

>> No.29515930

what did they mean by this? was it their way of fulfilling their obligation to tell us what they are doing to us? isn't that some gay freemason/illuminati meme: they have to tell the masses what they are doing to them for some reason? or is it just life imitating art?

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I bought in a $3.5 and im late as fuck anon, god are you really this stupid? Yes sell you fucking retard, I want you to lose everything.

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Somebody has to buy our bags, I’m just glad there are fags later than us.

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>Because I bought $50k worth of Link and I can't deal with my money being down this much.
Why is this stressful? Do you suddenly need cash? Did you randomly invest in link or did you dyor first and confident in their vision?

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IS 81000 A MEME OR A POTENTIAL REALITY? Please be honest with me fellow Linkies, I need to know how high to set my expectations.

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Link is unironically going to be worth multiple thousands of dollars per token within a decade.

Sell now so we have less weak handed faggots.

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Proof? And 4 figure thousands? or 10s of thousands?

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