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BNT bros, tell me it'll be ok

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it's all over, not just bnt lad...

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No worries adamantium support at 5$ mark.

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i just bought some on coinbase for 4.93

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I bought at $1

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Congratulations you bought the bottom.

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I still reckon this will be more valuable than $6 or $7 this year even if we enter bear market

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Aw yea daddy already made back his coinbase fees

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alright you niggers I see we need to do some financial education.The more the market swings the more you earn from trading fees. BNT is currently undervalued by any fucking standard you can think of. Not only that but market swings ARE ACTUALLY GOOD FOR YOU BECAUSE THEY MAKE BNT THAT MUCH MORE VALUABLE.
So in the end you will be sitting on a fat stack of BNTs that are also worth 10x of what they are worth right now. That is of course, if you stake and don't hold them in an exchange like a retard
You're welcome and you can stop looking at meme lines now and do something productive in your life for once.

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cozy earning insane rewards through ups and downs

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Fuck yeah!

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>bought 15k bnt 3 weeks ago
>still up 200%
This lil dip is comfy af

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Who the fuck cares about the price of this coin? Arent you all holding this for the long run? Cant be a coin thats shittier for swinging than this. Without staking its of no use and it takes 24h to unlock and you get penalties. I have a bag of this and i aint touching it for years, didnt realize people bought this on speculation.

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when do I buy

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I just think they’re neat

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Super comfy watching my rewards grow while my LINK suicide stack (10k) goes to work

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It's ogre anon, it's all ogre now

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Either the price goes down and you earn more BNT in rewards or the price goes up and your BNT are worth more.

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the rest of my portfolio is bled 30-45% and BNT is down 15%

I'd say thats pretty comfy