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Seen on twitter
>I'm so thankful I have a job during this pandemic
Fucking hell, are wagies so conditioned to be happy about having to go to work to make someone else more money?

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cringe you are lucky if you have a job right now. unemployed are not going to make it.

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It’s a coping mechanism ingrained into working class people since birth
>if you don’t have a job you are a parasite
>if you only work 40 hours a week you are lazy and don’t care about your job
>you need to work the same job for decades and have loyalty to one company
Just a few “morals” I can think of off the top of my head. I can’t stand waging, having to pretend to work for 4-6 hours a day is torture

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>having to pretend to work for 4-6 hours a day is torture
Then why do it?

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>working more than 40h a week
and burgers call themselves free lmao

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Every time I try to quit they give me a substantial raise and I haven’t made it in crypto yet or paid off enough loans. Fuck loans and mortgages by the way, and the boomers for pushing those ball-and-chains onto the next generation before we were old enough to know better

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>be me
>work landscaping out of college while apply to jobs in engineering
>didn't work landscaping because the woman I worked for stopped during the pandemic
>still applying to jobs in engineering/science
>still haven't found one
>applying to landscaping again
The landscaping jobs I'm applying for pay more than the entry level engineering/science jobs in many cases. Just find a non-soul killing job and make enough to buy land.

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Eh some thrive as NEETs and others suffer in the same situation

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Forgot pic

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I left a landscaping job for engineering myself, landscaping was much more fulfilling but I was paid near minimum wage

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You can't blame generations of people for behaving as you yourself would behave under their circumstances. People do what they do to survive and get on in life and provide for their families. Fiscal government policy isn't the individual's fault. You really show yourself up with that attitude. As if you'd have acted any differently back then.

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I cant imagine making under 60k and working 40hs a week.

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I think I will eventually to, but I need a job asap so getting a landscaping gig is easier than finding a job in STEM without experience.

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I’m a landscaper right now and it’s truly the only work I’ve ever enjoyed doing. I love being outside and creating order from chaos in peoples yards. You can make good money if you study and get certifications too, you’ll stand above the rest easily if you’re clean cut, sober and want to learn the ins and outs

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I was almost fired in December. That would have been horrible in so many ways.
I hate working but very grateful that I am employed.

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It's fucking awful here man, I've been working 2 jobs since last June and I'm so fucking tired. My net worth has increased from $0 to around $100k though so it hasn't been for nothing but the "end" isn't even near

this is literally me. 40 hours at my main job making $48k/year. 10-15 hours on a side gig that probably makes me $15k/year. I do live in flyover nowhere though

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I'm the same way bro. I loved doing it before the pandemic. I applied for this new but fast growing all natural landscaping place really close to me that pays decent. I'd start as a laborer of course but there's opportunities to grow within the company.

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I sometimes wonder why there is so much hate for wagies. Sure, I wouldn’t want to be one, but they make our lifestyle possible. Perhaps they should be viewed as sacrificial offerings to the gainz.

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You make your own choices anon.
I’ve signed the contract on every loan and credit card I’ve had, no one else is to blame but me.
I’m working to pay it off, I run my own business and get by with what I have.

People try to put blame else where for their own appetites.

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>if you don’t have a job you are a parasite
Objectively correct.

>if you only work 40 hours a week you are lazy and don’t care about your job
No one below the age of 40 says this.

>you need to work the same job for decades and have loyalty to one company
No one below the age of 70 says this.

NEETs should be put in labour camps.

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Come to EU and see how good it feels to work 12 hours for 35-40k.

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im unemployed and making bank with minimal effort, kys

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I'm too stupid to figure out how cryptos work, simple as

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Show vagina.

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i have my own company and do fuck all except play games and watch netflix all day while everyone else works for me, including someone else running the company for me. feels good bro

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I enjoy my work and i like my co workers, being a wagie isnt that bad.

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It really is the patricians choice for entry level jobs, there’s way more room for you to learn and grow than retail or food service, plus you stay in shape, get your vitamin D, ride around with your bros in a truck and listen to music all day. Then winter comes and you get to be NEET for 3 months collect benefits and chill. I’m in Florida right now chilling by the pool at an airbnb while my buddy files for my benefits back home to get around IP restrictions. So god damn cozy

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>obviously this is sustainable

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That sounds amazing anon what does your company do?

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This bitch straight up annoying. Always gets in my way

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>>I'm so thankful I have a job during this pandemic
>cringe you are lucky if you have a job right now. unemployed are not going to make it.
>be better
>trust the experts
>____ be like
>s m d h
>t b h f a m
>re d d it
>dude weed lmao

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If I work at one place too long I start to hate it, but if I'm unemployed too long I start to hate it. Maybe I just enjoy hate.

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If you aren't proficient in at least 1 trade skill then you will never make it. Even if you hit rock bottom, at least you'd still have a skill to fall back on. That being said, I get paid jack shit but I like my job and don't have to worry about ever going hungry, my skills will always be in demand.

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I get to do all sorts of fun sysadmin stuff all day long and rake in tons of money while reporting directly to the head honcho so I know where our money is going. I've learned so much during my time there, I would've even done it for free. Not all jobs are awful, anon.

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Someone has to produce the value you steal by investing in bullshit.

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>Always gets in my way
Maybe you're the one getting in his way.

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How do I get a girl like this? The first time I had sex it was with a girl I drastically lowered my standards for.

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What does fiscal government policy have to do with the 40 hour work week being an amount of time that arbitrarily inflates the amount of time I have to sit in a cage each week?

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I work 1 day a week for 4 hours at a cozy resturant, rest is gov $ and now thanks to EGG some passive income. Lifes good at the moment.

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make up stuff online to bait (you)s

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People make their own choices, but people are expected to make tens of thousands of dollar choices at 17/18 when there is little perspective in how the real world works

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>I miss the commute
I will never under stand normalfags

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>no one below the age of X days this
>source: dude trust me

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I'm thankful for the job during the pandemic honestly. The fear mongering in the media has meant that almost every shift is easy, just kinda wasting time - spending most of it either chatting shit with a more based colleague or relaxing and doing nothing because the store is not busy.

I'd say I've got maybe a year or two of working and then I'd be able to just retire and live off NEET bucks which would cover any other aspects I need to afford - and I'm not even 30 yet.

That said, I may stick around till my work is phased out. It's already starting the shift to electronic self-checkouts and individuals effectively scanning stuff themselves - I guess maybe five years before my role is no longer needed.

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I hate working on principle but I'm thankful I have a job during the pandemic too. Even "enhanced" unemployment is less money than I make now. I'm also not stupid and I realize all of this scandemic shit is the reason why so many people are suffering, but there's literally nothing I can do about it. People bought it and they're scared and they don't even want to hear it.
I have probably 4-5 more years of waging and then I'll retire early with my house paid off and completely debt free with a significant amount of investment money as long as the market doesn't crash to nothing. It helps that my job has meaningful purpose as well and it's not for some soul sucking globohomo corporation.

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Be in a place where that isnt a question you feel any need to ask, go from there.

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Especially when people are making the same, if not more on unemployment. I can understand being happy about making money, but being cucked into doing more for less is sad. They should be mad.

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Very based

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why the fuck are there no jobs except for warehouse cagie, grocery store, and sales?

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The same retards in here bragging about collecting benefits are the same retards who are cool with being thrown in the gulag as long as they feed him porridge twice a day. Life isn’t nor has it ever been a free ride. If we were still apes swinging in trees you fucks would have been the first to starve or beaten to death for your incompetence. You fucking vermin need to be exterminated.

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You have thirty seconds to explain why the FUCK I should contribute to this nigger infested system that hates me

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Almost nobody has the money to make enough to not work. Even from investing. It's a only a small percentage of people who can do that, plus a few people who get into a good investment early enough to cash out big. Simply put, the vast majority of people will always have to work for a wage.

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You do realize how unemployment works right? It’s literally your own money that you worked for and was taken from your check

>> No.29502272

What animal doesn’t have to work to stay alive? Why are we the only animal that’s entitled to do literally nothing and continue to survive?

>> No.29502374

I'd live in a zoo like a gorilla if I could.

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Unemployment implies anyone in this thread actually works. Collecting unemployment while being consistently unemployed is not “collecting unemployment”, it’s being unemployable garbage that enjoys paid government vacations.

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fuck off worker bee faggot. there are literally no decent jobs to be had here

>> No.29502624

And that’s why we’re in the situation we’re in because subhumans like you will gladly drop out of society instead of working to improve it. Don’t worry it’s not your fault, your parents failed you so you don’t need to take responsibility. You deserve to enjoy the next 60 years of free government checks at the cost of everyone around you c:

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Thanks for understanding, now get back in the cagie wagie.

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Millennial here. Had a job since I was 14.

Why are zoomers such weak willed entitled lazy faggots?

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I dunno OP I started very humbly in a burger king slinging whoppers and managed to get all the way to the top of the software industry. I can tell you that having that experience made me alot better at managing humans because I understood wagies.

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>t. Retard who can’t be trusted to stock shelves
My city is hiring competent college grads like mad and there’s an enormous need for skilled tradesman as well. Just because you have zero skills or training in either doesn’t mean they don’t exist. How about you learn a skill instead of cumming on your pale fat gut ten times a day before coming back to browse this shithole. You won’t though so since you dropped out of society how about you close the tab to this thread too thanks nigger

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I fucking love taking from normie breeders via legal, parasitic means. They should pay for my existence and all my needs. People like them fucked me into this existence of suffering.

They owe me. Not the other way around.

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Have fun signing nigger welfare checks wagie. I'm going to abandon this craphole the first chance I get and renounce if possible

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working for the benefit of self, family and community is common sense. not working to enrich people who hate you and allow you just enough to come back and do the same the next day and do the same for them is also common sense.

>> No.29503259

>he doesn't like having an income

>> No.29503401

Based and parasite pilled

>> No.29503491

Where in my post did I say you couldn’t run your own business? Do small business owners not pay taxes? The cretins replying couldn’t be trusted to microwave a burrito let alone manage the books of a business they run.

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no one wants to live in your nigger filled city. hope you get stabbed in your asshole during the next blm riots. anyway, go wage faggot. need my unemployment bux for next month.

>> No.29503579

and when that runs out? you wont be able to find a job anywhere and will have 0 income.

>> No.29503597

100% agree. (((Banking))) and (((finance))) should be taught in school so people are at least aware of the pitfalls.

In the meantime if you have children teach them yourself.

>> No.29503665

take your hormones tranny nigger leech

>> No.29503701

I run my own business. I have income but no boss.

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Cope more faggot. The nigger washing my car at auto bell even somehow understands he can’t sit around and eat chicken and watermelon all day. Somehow you can’t figure it out kek. Do us a favor and spend your next tendiescheck on a 12 gauge and paint your cucksheds ceiling with your nigger peabrain

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>I'm so thankful to be grocery bagging at Publix for $8 an hour

Are millennials cucked?

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>dubs and trips
checked and kek'd

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Please tell those metals are photoshoped and no one actually wears them if there real right?

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Wagies are the type of people who need constant stimulations and something to consume
>newest smartphones
>newest tv's
>countless subscriptions of all kinds
>loans on cars
>loans on houses or apartments
>buying alcohol and food 2-3x times the worth just because it's a nice restaurant or bar

>> No.29504283

I had a friend who when I told him I want to retire at 30 he just spewed FUD from his mouth and told me that he can’t imagine himself not working. Like he NEEDS something to do.

>> No.29504292

I would literally blow someone every week if I could just be a NEET the rest of the week

I guess I need a sugar daddy

>> No.29504379

I'm actually philanthropic by nature. I just don't want to give anything to normie breeders via waging. Normies are the real useless parasites who just wage and then produce child after child while living on the bread-line.

When I make money, I'm investing in promising companies and maybe giving some to talented children who are under-privileged.

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We don't all live with our parents faggot

>> No.29504522

>NEETs should be put in labour camps.
Why are you entitled to benefit from the free labor of NEETs?

>> No.29504572

Lmao work smarter not harder

>> No.29504578

This guy gets it

>> No.29504579

Pretty based if that’s how you spend your NEET time. I know myself though I’m not going to be reading philosophy and leaning I’ll just goom and coom and smook until my dopamine burns out and I hate life. I’m genuinely happy for the NEETs that enjoy their life and make good use of their time

>> No.29504587

When did millenials become boomers?

>> No.29504593

I make $600 in unemployment each week ctfu

>> No.29504605

Generally speaking, being able to pay your rent/mortgage is better than starving on the street.

>> No.29504667

yeah, people be like that.
I don't get it either but for most people it doesn't even matter as without a job you can't sustain yourself. Perhaps it is just a cope we tell ourselves to make waging easier.

>> No.29504692

how much does that leave u with at the end of each month?

>> No.29504816

getting a job during the pandemic was probably the dumbest thing I could have done. I was making 1000 a week in unemployment but I panicked because I thought it would end and got a job after only 2 months on unemployment. Should have milked it for as hard as I could

>> No.29504822

>ad hominen
>doesnt understand Employment Insurance
>being this emotional

>> No.29504939

Are you a jew?
Spend that money

>> No.29504968

>Gee I sure hope Mr. Globoshekelstein at the unemployment offices sends me my unemployment dollars this week he said I need to show work I’m looking for jobs or he’ll take away my bennies!

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>get a car loan because I need to get to work
>15k loan for a decent 2014 subaru
>my payments are $330
>$270 for the car and $60 for interest every payment
WTF is the approach here guys? I make roughly $4k in take home pay per month. Should I just bite the bullet and make triple payments for a year?
How the fuck do they let 22 year olds fresh out of college take on such predatory loans? Fuck

>> No.29505002

Yeah I don’t understand it dude. My friend just dropped 30k last year on a brand new fully loaded Mazda when he’s in ridiculous debt from a degree he didn’t even finish and he works at tj maxx. It’s a really nice car but when he told me how much he spent my heart just fucking dropped. This was right before covid too, he basically just hung a Mazda sized weight around his neck for the next 10 years

>> No.29505079

>meme arrow
>meme arrow
>meme arrow
>meme arrow
Niggers tongue my anus.
There now my post was just as engaging and informative as yours

>> No.29505123

>each week
what the hell what country are you from I want IN

>> No.29505204

In western Europe loans have very low interest rates.
Come back huwite goblino.

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how does it feel to know that you have to wage to provide for thousands of neets who are eating, living, and merrymaking from you slaving for a minimum of 8 hours per day? keep waging nigger kek

>> No.29505265

You pay less interest and more principal after ever payment. APR is determined by your credit score which should be above average if you’ve made your student loan payments on time

>> No.29505351

holy shit this wagenigger is absolutely LIVID right now responding to every post itt. break's over wagie! back to your cage.

>> No.29505420

My credit score is good, it's a 4.5% APR loan
let's say I make a 5k payment right now reducing the amount owed to 10k. I would be wiping out a chunk of my savings but I don't need them right now anyway. Would that be a good move at all or stupid?

>> No.29505506


Someone needs to send out your welfare cheques. Quite literally in my case.

>> No.29505671

Gen x and onwards have been getting more cucked, however since the number of millennials and gen z combined is smaller then the amount of boomers, it would be an interesting satistic to find how many boomers got fucked over compared to the other three.
Most of gen x is still old enough to work, boomers on the other hand.
>little to no retirement plans.
>Their kids are either living pay check to pay check or hate them or both so won't look after them.
>HOA,s turn away most people so they have to sell to mult-nationals meaning all businesses have to do is wait till they become desperate to sell and buy at a relative bargin.
Feel free to add anything comes to mind.

>> No.29505717

Feels good because I own multiple properties that I’m working to rent out to dumb NEET niggers such as yourself. I’ve paid enough into the system, it’s time for the system to pay me back :) Sweet unemployment money from your fellow neetcucks straight from the government flowing right back into my account where it belongs. I won’t be spending it on tvs and steam sales tho I’ll be using it as collateral to bankroll the next acquisition and keeping it rolling. Sucks tho too bad I can’t be living it up like neetchads shitposting all day :/

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>Work for 4 years as a line cook
>Make under 40k a year, still no signs of advancement
>Owner of restaurant has shown his true colors during this flu, everyone is doing the jobs of 2 or 3 people, constant unjustified outbursts
>"You ungrateful fucks should be happy you even have a job!"

Thought loyalty would mean something but clearly it doesn't, how could I have been so stupid.

>> No.29505801

Yes. Wagies would unironically feel at home in a labor camp.
>Arbeit macht frei! So glad I have work. Imagine not working.
>only three more years and I might get a ride on the masturbation machine!
>I take backbreaking labor and stale bread inside the camp over having to work for myself outside the camp like some sort of parasite.
>Mr Shlomonski Krushnovskiberg only needs felatio once a day. The rest of the day my mouth is mine.
>I hate god. I hate freedom. I love labor - t. wagie

>> No.29505916

4.5% is actually a really good rate for a used older car. The interest you’re paying is negligible if you have some investments lined up that would make more than 5% return. I’d keep making the payments and roll the money into something that makes you money. People don’t realize that opportunity cost is such a big part of making money and using that much capital on something you’re not going to use to actively make money is a waste

>> No.29505938

I got into six-fig hell and quit my job.

It's not enough to retire on, but I figure I can brush up on my skills and get another job.

God fucking DAMN does it feel great to be a NEET again. No fucking alarm clocks. No stupid teams meetings. No caring about any of that shit.

>> No.29506008

some of us need money to buy crypto we dont get money from our parents you rich fucking cunt kys

>> No.29506098

oh no i have hundreds of thousands pray for me!! i hope your whole family die

>> No.29506120

Damn that's some ancient meme you dug up there. Neets must have been around for longer than we thought possible. Are they they missing link between wagie erectus and nettus erectus?

>> No.29506179

Jesus one could literally neet for 6 years straight in some places with that amount of money.

>> No.29506346

Neets who earned it by trading or other forms of income are cool
Those who earn throufh state subsidies are the niggers we hate.

>> No.29506368

I literally just sit at home trading and playing guitar while doing the bare minimum of work to get my monthly salary. If you actually have a job this is an alright time for a young person since ultimately you're racking up 'experience' without having to do much work at all. Plus, it feels insane to be living at home and just seeing thousands drop in your account every month with very few outgoing expenses.

>> No.29506371

It’s a tragedy bro. He was probably the least able out of all my friends to afford something like that too. Like just imaging having a 30k car loan and 30-90k student debt and NO DEGREE TO SHOW

>> No.29506461

Sounds like a cozy ass life

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It's only 200 thousand after tax. Not even a quarter million. That's nothing.

>> No.29506668

Dave Ramsey was right in saying the ONLY debt ever acceptable is house/apartment, specially for the average midwit wagie.

>> No.29506747

I actually agree and think the next couple years will be a massive bullrun... Really good advice thanks man. I'll keep my money in ARK/SPY for now

>> No.29506911

I'm happy for you bro, have a nice extended vacation and let the stress melt away.

>> No.29506938


You can make money on many altcoins.

You can check out Mochimo but DYOR

>> No.29507057

get fucked wagie shill

>> No.29507063


>> No.29507192

If I don't get to breed I couldn't give less of a fuck

>> No.29507461

lmao (((they))) will never teach you how to beat them, school is designed to make good drones

>> No.29507495

Honestly, it's nice as hell. I got the job out of 500 applicants, which was quite nice in the first place. They also make a point about how they don't care if you need to be away from your computer to do your own thing like sit outside for a while to just relax. And it's not really that different to what I was doing before when I was unemployed, just that I have more to keep me busy throughout the day. Best thing is that my relationship with my parents is always better when I have a job, or maybe it's just me projecting, but I feel they hold me in slightly higher esteem when I'm employed.

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File: 327 KB, 220x220, 17-44-09-tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dread the fate of being a brainwashed wagie in an office, how do I avoid it?
My team is full of people who've been doing the same mindless work for over 20 years, they're still at entry level pay and talk about the most mindnumbing gossip from day to day
I fucking hate it

>> No.29507890


Thanks bro!

>> No.29508114

you mongoloid FUCK I hope youre trolling

>> No.29508156

There's a few ways out the door:
>A) Invest enough to live off passive income, and reinvest the rest. (Real estate or stocks)
>B) Start your own business.
>C) Continue your education until you get a masters or doctorate, and climb the ladder, this way you will be at the top and won't have to socialize with entry levelers and will earn enough to achieve options A and B faster.
Or enlist in the military.

>> No.29508258

wat job you tryna get anon

>> No.29508472

please tell me what field i need for this

>> No.29508765

Dude same with the parents thing

>> No.29508766

checked green id and trips, i want out of this ponzi govt

>> No.29508874


I'm a "devops engineer", basically was a linux admin/SRE for years while doing programming and managing testing and releases of new software.

It's a field that changes rapidly because of fads in the various technologies that are used, amongst other things. Even the word "devops" is kind of a fad. And the whole space is full of chronic bullshitters.

So I'll probably stay on the same course, there's well paid jobs around and it lets me work remote generally. It does mean that I'll have to study up on whatever various new tech comes up. But so long as I can stay more competent than the general bullshitter I should be OK, even excel.

>> No.29509055

And all you can do about it is make pathetic posts like this. Now back to work before your wage gets cut for slacking off!

>> No.29509073

It's not a great job or in a good field in the first place. Literally just some fairly low-paid management job. The fact that there were so many applicants for such a mediocre job tells you exactly the kind of economy we're in and the field it's in.
It's pretty normal.

>> No.29509130

This is a hard lesson to learn, but 99% of the time your company will not give two shits about your loyalty. Take the money where you can.

>> No.29509239

>just goom and coom and smook until my dopamine burns out and I hate life
bro i work full time and this still happened

>> No.29509254

You dont have to do that though?

>> No.29509900

This is retarded. Smugfag on the left can't do any of that shit without money.
Doesn't "date 3d".... ok weeb
Society thinks you're a loser for living in your moms basement bro, no amount of "in this moment i am euphoric" cope will fix that.
Get a job loser

>> No.29510039

you gonna tell me the job or not nigga

>> No.29511506

I used to do site inspections for insurance, self reported hours, I was lying so hard on my timesheets and also submitting photoshopped expense reciepts for hotels I never stayed at and getting “reimbursed” for them. They’d also reimburse your rental car for long trips and I’d get the most expensive thing on the lot every time. BMWs, v8 chargers and challengers. Nobody ever said a word

>> No.29511729

>Marketing degree
>Get a normal landscaping job
>Suggest some marketing stuff every now and then
>You man that idea you had got us a whole lot of new customers
>Get paid more now

I want to see how big I can make this man with two trucks.

>> No.29511733

But i already do that here in the United States.

>> No.29512126

Welcome to hell on earth


>> No.29512276


>> No.29512336

holy based

>> No.29512450

Just buy used, don’t support that industry.

>> No.29512549

Bizarrely this is actually quite based

>> No.29512817


>help the dude with his business
>position yourself as head of advertising
>wait until hes expanded enough to open up a permanent office
>comfy office based marketing job for landscaping firm whilst trading 9-5

>> No.29513030

Was that piss on the floor?

>> No.29513504

It was a good time. We were a third party billing many many different companies so my antics got lost in the paperwork so easily since it was split up between 20 companies paying

>> No.29513615

I was in a pyramid scheme type sales job a few years back:

>be me, 20, practically homeless
>"marketing" job, no exp needed
>turns out to be commission only
>door to door selling loft insulation
>used to work 16 hour days
>weird vibe in the company
>made like 45 bux in my first week
>relationships weren't allowed
>people banging literally everywhere

Once you promoted to 'team leader' you'd make a cut of earnings from people on your team, so with a large enough team you'd make money from doing nothing.

>one guy becomes team leader
>not that good but has bright idea
>recruits like 10 of his buddies who live local
>they walk door to door, but dont knock
>just write down address, find out name from mail or by googling the address
>book them in for new loft insulation
>dont even speak to the homeowner
>company was none the wiser until booking dates started coming up
>insulation fitters were going to houses to find people had no idea wtf was going on
>by this point it's too late
>guy got fired but never arrested
>made like 2 grand, all his buddies made hundreds too

>> No.29513738

So many of my fellow landscape Chads in this thread I’m loving it

>> No.29514070

Door to door?? I did that for a summer too those companies can be so much fun. 10 ppl in the van all of us were homies, boss would let us smoke blunts in the van on the way to the turf and back. My days were basically hang out with friends get high and goof off for 2 hours in the van, Chad up, face my fears and knock doors for 4 hours then chill smoke and talk shit about our sales on the way back. It was a magical time. I got out right before the whole thing imploded when my boss grabbed a female employees ass.

>> No.29514188

When memelords started using the term boomer to discredit anyone who suggests putting forth even the slightest bit of effort into improving their situation.

>> No.29514275
File: 8 KB, 259x194, E66D26F3-4E50-4D43-A1F1-41F64645D959.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only one person I didn’t like was this roastie that the whole team hated anyway. She would freak out when we’d smoke bc she was in the military and didn’t want “contact high”. We were literally doing this to her

>> No.29514286
File: 76 KB, 1024x615, 1614084544068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most based job I had was working for a travel firm in London city, they were all a bit.. "older", and wanted someone to come in and create a spreadsheet of all the travel companies that operate in London.

They paid me £400 a week to add travel companies details into a fucking excel spreadsheet, I found an online directory for every travel firm in greater London on like day 2, and spent the other 4 weeks of my contract just browsing the misc and tinder.

>> No.29514313
File: 787 KB, 1183x929, 014BD511-E443-4B40-A127-6F90E5279474.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wagecucking is just a waste of money however that’s what get you a girlfriend bcs they perceive the job as stability and she gets to brag about how successful her bf is bcs he drive a new financed 2018 Camry and his yugeee $200k house. But a wagie u won’t make SHIT , maybe $400 after taxes and if are an asskisser that moved up u would make $950 after tax a week. All ur credit cards are maxed out and living paycheck to paycheck kissing ur bosses ass fearing that he fire u and u loose it all to the bank. Been there done that just without the gf part though and without the financed car and house bcs my credit have always been bad that I can’t qualify for the loan. But waging is sooo horrible I worked at a co where we couldn’t even get breaks and we couldn’t eat when it was busy.

>> No.29514376

Yeah that's Omega cope. Only reason they're working is because they didn't qualify for UI because they're niggers that didn't work before the pandemic hit. You're not even required to look for a job if you're getting UI for good sakes while getting paid double what you'd make working minimum.

>> No.29514395
File: 114 KB, 400x300, 1611996620673.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Every time I've had sex it was with a girl I drastically lowered my standards for.

>> No.29514663

I work to maintain myself, pay my taxes and not be a fucking leech. It has allowed me to invest in things like crypto and stocks. When I make it i'll quit my job so somebody that needs a job can work. I have nobody but myself, no parents that care for me. I'm a spic born in Sweden, but i'm not ever gonna be a fucking nigger living off welfare like 98% of somalians here, and others. That's for niggers and white incel neets who can't deal with a harsh reality. Neets live off my taxes, but i'll gladly pay them for what this country did for my refugee parents. I'm not going fucking anywhere btw so cry me a river white swedish bitches. Being a NEET is the equivalent of hanging from another man's ballsack. Hate on wagies all you like, you're the ones rationalizing your failure to function in society. You would die first if society collapsed because you're weak. Wagies make it too by investing, and they didn't depend on anyone but themselves to do it, you beta, incel fucks.

>> No.29514795


Nice, mine was a bit stricter, it was more like a programme, where they fed you bullshit about becoming a manager and having your own office, but it was all a ruse just to draw people in to earn money for the owners.

In the end I grew out of the bullshit and realised what I was part of, I did a couple insurance jobs and this: >>29514286

And then joined the army, where I still am.

And I hate it.

>> No.29514907

Move to a real city lol

>> No.29514953
File: 562 KB, 1800x1360, EmK29ytWMAAcwj8.jpg:large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wageslaving is shit, but sadly its a neccessity untill you have a shitton saved up.
Maybe if it wasn't a slave job, but instead all the workers were owners, and everyone got a fair share instead of one guy at the top taking 90% of the profits. I think there was one guy who had that idea, wonder what happened to him

>> No.29514974

wow the society that hates me and wants my race dead thinks im a loser, i guess i better get a job now

>> No.29515050

Can't make unemployment unless you were a wagie at some point.

>> No.29515365

Normies resort to bias, cognitive dissonance and fallacy when confronted with alternative ideas

>> No.29515378

make sure to debt maxx if you have no assets, heres an idea, maxx 20 cards on gold, silver, food, and videogames

>> No.29515587

yeah, he was a stupid neet who sat in a coffee shop espousing flimsy virtues in a social and industrial climate that was very different than the people who suck his dick 100 years later

>> No.29515838

Okay but Co-ops work though, and people don't tend to want to kill themselves there, imagine if the wages were spread more equally at big companies, surely the workforce would be more willing to work if they didn't have a boss who does jack shit and takes most of the profits

>> No.29516289

Kill yourself kike