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Okay I am a newfag so I don't really get fudding
1)If you are invested then why are you fudding your own project ?
2)If you are not invested then why the fuck are you wasting your time fudding ?

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>If you are invested then why are you fudding your own project ?
No one does that faggot, except they want to lose money.

>If you are not invested then why the fuck are you wasting your time fudding ?
So people drop their coin and buy the coin instead that I'm holding.

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>1. to accumulate at a low price
>2. to btfo retards and also find out their counterpoints to see if you're right or not

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>1)If you are invested then why are you fudding your own project ?
Boredom. Frustration. And my life seems to go better when I expect the worst and try to project that instead of being a naive and overly-optimistic fairy about everything.

>2)If you are not invested then why the fuck are you wasting your time fudding ?
Boredom. Entertainment. Or we legit hate the project.

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to laugh with those taking it seriously

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does this pepe have herpes?

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Most of the fud is done by poor 3rd worlders or poor 1st worlders. They do it to either get people to lose confidence in the token/coin so they can buy it for cheap, cus they have little money to invest, and think once they get their bags then they stop and it will go up. The other Fudders are often competition trying to scare investors away from a similar project as they are involved in. By involved in I mean even if they are hired just to fud. They get paid to come here and other places and fud it up. Mostly these are Indians who work for peanuts cus they live in a shithole and will do anything to earn a penny, They are too stupid culturally to realize most people can see through it, but they are just too dumb to realize that and keep it up.

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fuck off and go home redditor.

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this is the best answer so far

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you are either delusional or straight up retard if you think fudding something on biz or reddit is enough to drop the price

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1) to buy more stacks at a lower price

2) bitter about not investing in the project to start with, or want to buy in at a lower price

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That's why RBC and ASKO got fudded so hard. Very young projects with actual potential. Whatever flaws they show early on will get nitpicked by fudders like the vultures they are. Ignore that and focus on what is to come.

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Our fud crashed the price of FTM early 2019 and know I am a millionaire anon, it works for low volume coins only though

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but shilling does...

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biz has no real purchasing power come on dude get real or do you honestly believe this board is frequented by millioners?

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Umm yeah..for some of these new tokens it damn well is enough to affect price.I am not talking blue chip coins dude. Look in the catalog. Most fud is for Defi tokens now and all the craptastic offerings on pancakeswap and uniswap. The token market if the easiest to manipulate and that is where most of the manipulation is directed. We are talking fud campaigns here not some thread sayin ETH or BTC sucks. Those aren't price affected by the fud here, but small startup tokens on the swaps are. Hell go to TG for the various 'orgs', you can see the effect the fud and shilling has.

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1)So I can accumulate more bags for cheaper. This is a tactic everyone does, even Marc Cuban recently said when he really likes a project he fuds it to everyone so he can buy it for cheaper.
2)Because I like the project and want to get an entry point for cheaper.

Basically if you see any fud posts, the OP simply wants to buy cheaper bags of that project. Now don't tell any other newfags this secret and start fudding your coins too.

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kk dude keep believing that

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this makes the most sense thanks kind anon

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Well I have been in 3 or 4 TG groups today and they seem to be focused on how to counter or redirect these campaigns so the ones offering these tokens fell they are having an affect. You spend any time on TG in the channels for the group of the upstarts? Doesn't sound like you do.

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