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Can we all just accept that this is not healthy pre-euphoria behavior? We can fit all the functions and models we want, but with so many different variables this cycle from last, BTC's behavior can take any direction it fucking wants. This massive decline suggests (to me) that if we have a new market cycle high, it won't be until late this year.

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>didnt zoom out
>didnt use log chart
>didn do nufin


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>until late this year

You mean like everyone was rationally predicting before november when it hit the previous ATH and bear retards began calling every dip "the big dump from the top" before it rallied after a week or two and went to new highs?

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>it might go up or it might go down

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when btc went from 3k to 19k last bull it had like 6-7 30% corrections along the way

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This is wht you call a retard trying to sound smart lol

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>This is wht you call a retard trying to sound smart lol
accurately stated

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Yeah, this is completely unprecedented behavior, surely no continuation of any bullish trend can occur after this.

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i cant wait 50 days to breakeven i have to pay my rent in 8 days

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It's over, pack it up and go home frens.

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"TA indicates it's going up on the monthly for the forseeable future, this is just a correction to a sturdier support rather than the gigadump rugpull which comes later".

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Literally said nothing in your post. You should be a politician.

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The bull run is over.

Sell now or hold for another 3 years.

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it pumps and crashes for the same retarded ass reasons, tl;dr too many morons gambling big/ What you are seeing today is masses of retards getting liquidated on their supremely stupid 10x leverage positions.

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>This massive decline
is this a serious post or an intentionally retarded post? this was not a large decline at all, let alone a massive one. 30-40% corrections are to be expected even in the middle of a parabolic uptrend. they have been every singe time in the past is this your first week in crypto?

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Not to be a negative Nancy, but we're already more than 30% down from ATH right now. What does that mean?
Not that anybody can do more than speculate, and of course any TA flies out the door the moment Musk tweets again.

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Who cares about 30% declines when it's up more than 1000%

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Yes. It's really bad this time. I'm an expert at crypto and have been trading it since the 90's. You kids don't know what this run means and how bad it'll get. My best friend crashed his Lamborghini Countach into a rock after finding his altcoins didn't revert back to their original value from 1988.

My father has always told me to sell when the fruit is ripe. And he died holding LINK since the 1920's.

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That's not how it works, and it's utterly irrelevant short-term for anybody who didn't buy in 1000% ago.
By the way, even if you go 10,000% up, you only need to go 100% down to zero.

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lmfao my sides

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> imagine thinking it could go to 0

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>By the way, even if you go 10,000% up, you only need to go 100% down to zero.

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30% down would be about 40k. Wtf are you on about?

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this is fine

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>By the way, even if you go 10,000% up, you only need to go 100% down to zero.

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these retards talk so confidently yet spill utter shit from their brains. it's rediculous

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Yes we can

Thats why you should sell if you are feeling uncomfortable.

This time its different

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Lol you can see when they knew tether would be banned. Insider trading much?

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this anon is a fucking genius

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All people are talking about a correction and that this bull run will last till the end of 2021, just bc. it happened in 2017 but nothing is happening twice.

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Sire, kindly check the maths. Please sire, don't do any wrongdoings and see: 100 not 10000!!!!

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Never seen such an obvious bought-the-top kek

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You suck at math Nancy

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jesus christ just look at that fucking chart

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>the person behind this dude cant do very basic math.


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Now weigh it by market cap and cry.

Looking at percent is the ultimate cope. A penny stock can swing around easier than AAPL.

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Who says it can't last longer. The stock market ponzi has been inflating since 2009

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It's not just 2017, retard. BTC has a 4 year cycle based on the halvings. Halving occurs. Half a year later it breaks the last cycle's ATH, a year after that it reaches a blow off top, followed by ~2 years of bear market.

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Yeah, the pattern surely will go on the for the next 60 years. Kek

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Terrific argument. I'm not talking about 2081, I'm talking about 2021. I bought back in march last year precisely because this is the consistent trend that BTC has followed for years, and it's played out precisely as predicted so far. Keep coping, I'll see you at 100-200k min.

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Kindly please do the needful sir, thank you.

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>they hated anon because he told them the truth

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>he’s here

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>these retards
dunning kruger on full display

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22k incoming

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we are at 900 right now lol

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>A celebrity tweeted something!

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The motherfucker's tweets affect the markets because people don't understand what he actually is.

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What is he actually, anon?

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In that case I advise you to put all your money into CAKE, it's for sure 10x very soon

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Zoom out

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A lizardman in a human skin.

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I'm not a good trader so I just hold, don't know how to do anything else

I don't care about your boring FUD

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Crypto wasnt mainstream back then, no institutions or companies or millionairs bought it.
This charpattern is a 4chan meme we all created because we didnt know what to do.

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Are those the 50 and 200 week MAs?

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>s2f model was a 4chan creation
Pretty lofty compliment to biztards but ok

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anyone just fucking hate indians so much?
they stink, they have beta male bodies, they are extremely perverted, and all scammers
how do we wipe them off this planet and yes pls include pakis too

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