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Just paid $50 USD for a failed transaction. Ask me anything.

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Yes OP I got a question for you

why are you still using ETH and not BSC like a normal human being?

Are you Jewish perhaps?

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happened to me too. i hope eth dies. what a joke.

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Is this bullish for Cardano?

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>using eth in 2021

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Do you feel your OP image sufficiently describes how you feel right now or is it even more intense?

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managed $650 during the last dump. Painful.

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If he was, he would be mining it and calling the others "poorfags".

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$50 for a uni trade or something else?

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>being this poor

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Yes, uni.

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I know americans have a thing against commies and china but $50 for a failed transaction....holyshit its time to change.

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thanks for your gas, please keep trying.

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Failed trade, still get charged, fuck ethereum, ethereum is a nigger coin

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XDAI featuring 0xBeeeeeTeeeeeCeeeee

Coming soon to a wallet near you

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>bet 80$ on shitcoins because why not
>price goes up
>my gains = my tax fees
I did it with 800$ too. Withdrawing my 2400$ would make me feel bad with gas fees. So I'm waiting for it to drop... And it will. As much as my profit. Fuck eth

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>pay 50 for x2 gains
What are you poor?

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if you guys hate eth so much go buy your shitty BSC and shut up

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>americans sell out irl to china while laughing as the world burns
>americans refuse to sell out eth to china because muh morals

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>why are you still using ETH and not BSC like a normal human being?
because defi is built on eth and not bsc
the number of people flocking to bsc are teh same crowd that hopped on xrp instead of btc

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Why haven't you moved to BSC yet?

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based and defipilled

BSC is a centralised rugpull shitchain

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>still using ETH in 2021

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Because BSC literally only has a bunch of pnd memecoins

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Why did you allow your life to get so cucked that a $50 fee became such a big deal that you felt the need to post a thread on /biz/ about it? Do you have any plans to be less pathetic in the future?

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How does it feel to know yesterday I paid .02 USD for a 4 second transaction using XRP?

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said the nocoiner

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money is money stupid fuck.

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thats what you get for being a jew hating anti semite

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use loopring faggot

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I tried buying prq last night and spent like 80 bucks in fees just to get everything sent and approved. I've never done a uniswap trade. before. Clicked swap. Gas Fee: $180. Hit reject and moved my money back to my other wallet. Never looking back. What a joke.

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If a BTC transfer to another wallet is still unconfirmed after more than a week is my life savings just gone forever? I've accelerated it like 5 times.

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can u swap every erc 20 token trough binance blockchain ?

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Why do you not invest in the solution?

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dont use bsc. there are plenty of other viable layer 2 solutions available. chinks are worse than jews.

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Centralized coins like back are not crypto currencies or a store of value. It’s like a company selling you a securities but not giving you any legal rights. I mean it’s fine if you want to cut in to make some money but it lacks potential.

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>$50 USD for a failed transaction.
Dollar inflation confirmed