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is craig satoshi?

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all he has to do is sign using the original keys
he refuses to do so because he doesn't have the keys
he's a faggot liar

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I have more reason to believe it is Elon Musk, some anons convinced me a couple of months ago, and I've seen more evidence to support it recently.

>Experience working with the financial and tech indistry in conjunction (PayPal)
>Hidden libertarian views on the economy (Has become more outspoken recently)
>His purchase of Bitcoin this year
>Can pull money out of his ass even when near bankrupcy (Tesla/SpaceX 3 days away ordeal)

I don't remember the exact reasons I read, the other anons were nuch more convincing, but I don't see anyone being a more fit candidate for it.

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Dude it really sucks because BCH and BSV are obviously better technology than fucking BTC, but CSW is too shitty of a person to make either of the projects look good. I have 100 BCH and BSV each but there's no shot they'll overtake BTC.

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Yes, but who cares, I just like not having to pay a fee to use bitcoin. BSV makes my cock stiff.

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Why would he buy bitcoin? Satoshi owns over a million bitcoin.

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Hal Finney.

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the thought entered my mind. elon is obviously a genius.

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