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>missed UNI
>missed CAKE

Now are you going to miss the first second layer DEX on Matic?

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Biz likes to lose money. Chads ape into Quick.

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I'm 100% up since like 2 days ago lol and I'm not selling any time soon. this will continue to shit on bsc and any other eth dex competitor.

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quick and matic to the moon

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QUICKSWAP has enormous upside potential, I'm up 300% in less than a week and plan on HODLing till at least the end of march

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$1000 incoming

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elliottrades shill coming soon.

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So fucking bullish. We are gonna make it Quick chads.

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This has to take off, gas prices are to high right now.

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we don't need this fag

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Where the fuck can I buy

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can i use metamask for this shitcoin

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Ya you have to add the custom RPC to your metamask.

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on Quickswap nigger. use this guide https://dappradar.com/blog/how-to-set-up-and-fund-a-matic-wallet

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Buy on QuickSwap exchange. I paid a .00001 Matic fee or something.

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are the quickswap TX really as fast as BSC?

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They confirm in 2 seconds.

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that doesnt look like 1inch

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1inch is for stubby layer 1 boys.

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Provide a full vetting analysis for me and I'll throw in 25 eth.

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is there info on it? what can we buy on quickswap?

i don't understand why people will get on this. even if it sucked your dick. people are already on BSC

also the price is dipping a lot.

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You can buy any coin there mapped to Matic network. Any erc20 can be mapped there.

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I'm a huge fan of 1inch, but I'm not going back there any time soon. Saving on gas and time is a much bigger deal than getting perfect routing.

Transaction time: 2-3 seconds. Transaction costs: <$0.01. Still on Ethereum. Not centralized. That's all you need to know.

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jesus. you better not be lying

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dyor faggot, no one cares about one guy's accumulated neetbux wallet

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Why did I only learn about this yesterday
How long have you guys been aware of this game changing shit

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Nope, this is real.

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Can't wait for the dragon to slay the shit out of the gay unicorn

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I remember this being posted sub-$100 but i ignored it because it had a faggy looking dragon in the pics

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I ignored this because of Polygon's pajeet team. Fucking karma man. There are pajeets in the Telegram chat who have been buying and farming since this shit was $2.

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Too bad about the logo

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Those villages are going to be draped in gold

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dont buy this shit guys unless you want to buy the top and get burned

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This isn't a Binance chinkshit ponzi, moron. We've hit new ATHs every fucking day because there is a working product behind the token. And even if you don't like the token, you can just use the product and be better off for it. Everyone wins.

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Tomorrow I'm gone for 16 hours. Should I put my 10k usds in Quickswap token or Dark.Build? which one will I wake up to with a +30% ? or should I stick with my EGG?

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this is actually legit fren

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probably quick. dark looks like it's just to yield farm a few pools.

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You will remain a typical poor biz poster.

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Durrr I buy projects based on their logo. You will never make it.

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i was called a retard for going all-in on this pajeet coin at $80. meanwhile i've gotten a 3x and the market is bleeding red. the dump didn't affect quickswap.

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These shill threads are the sell signal

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Fellow Quick Chad. WGMI.

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You still hodling shitty bags is the buy signal for this.

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goddammit why do the matic people have to be pajeets

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Actually, using the Matic network is the buy signal.

Because they wanted sensible racists like us to stay poor. One final act of curry revenge on /biz/ is what it is.

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This entire thread smells of curry and paid shillbois.

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bro this is a $30M marketcap dex that is functioning with liquidity on layer 2 at a time when eth fees are ATH

Rubic using quickswap dex for matic liquidity.

We're going to make it bro.

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>Rubic using quickswap dex for matic liquidity.
I hate Rubic but that's bullish as fuck for every party involved

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Refer to the picture in >>29498438

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Checked, brother. Bizraelis will buy my bags at $1000. We are still very early. The moment we get a ponzi staking dapp or a high apy farming dapp we're off to the races.

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what's the token for gas fee for quickswap?

is it matic?

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Can I switch directly from BSC to Matic Network? or I have to pay 200$ in gas fees again? :/

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Yeah, but you get 0.1 MATIC for free if you use wallet.matic.network to connect, which gets you hundreds of transactions.

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There are a dozen of these L2 or side-chain swappers already.
There are some that are even omni-chain.
Nothing special about this one.

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Can I buy Matic on Binance? I still have my DAI on the BSC network I can exchange for BNB.

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The message boards will run red and pink with blood and wojak and the shitting streets will be paved in gold when literally Indian people solved ETH and matic becomes a top 10

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He is. Its not on Ethereum, its a layer 2 solution. You still have to pay gas to send your tokens there and pay gas to get them back.

>> No.29501559

Unfortunately I think you can only go from Ethereum to Matic. So you're going to have to stack up on ETH on BSC, transfer it to Ethereum, and then bridge it to Matic. It's the lowest possible gas cost transaction though, so it won't be anywhere near $200.


Here's something special which you can find absolutely nowhere else: https://twitter.com/lemiscate/status/1361391939782860802

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Yeah you can-

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you're killing me OP

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So you can do some very restricted DeFi with Aave. Big deal. xDai and others have even better services available right now.

>> No.29501778

Tell me about them

>> No.29501954

what have i done...

OP what the fuck

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im having a nervous breakdown right now because of this guy >>29501735

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Pajeets are going to save ETH and while midwits are getting scammed on pokecoins and blatant rugs on BSC.

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i should have stayed on binance

>> No.29502419

inidan team means we can get more people on it unlike ur SF hippie female armpit hair patagonia

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You literally just got filtered by curry, nigger. Bow down to Vishnu or go back to playing Russian roulette at CZ's ponzi casino.

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i don't know what im even doing anymore. i just want enough money to not have to work for the year. everything is fucking crashing. including quickswap. i lost $400 on all the transfer fees and downward price action

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Alright bros I capitulated to the pajeets and buyed some quick it looks promising and I guess we are still kinda early.
Everything is better than giving my money to chink scum and buying obvious scam tokens with Pokémon names

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but jeets are just a detriment to all technology, by their very existence. and they smell like BO.

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Everything is crashing because of people like you who want to make a quick buck and get antsy when their "stock" hasn't gone up in the last 24 hours. Cash out and find a job until you know wtf you're investing in.

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how could you have lost money on this... QUICK is at all time highs right now...

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its a $30M marketcap dex on L2 and its gonna fuck uniswap when bitcoin rebounds

im goiin alll innnn this is showbusiness baby

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the pairings don't seem all that either

i was under the impression you could trade anything on ETH...?

>> No.29503754

pairings are growing every day

>> No.29503810

and why use this over xdai, like the other anon suggested?

>> No.29503904

cause this one is legitimately being used and has liquidity in it, and dapps built on solidity can only use matic to scale right now, nothing else works and this is the leading dex for no fees on matic

>> No.29503990

alright then. guess ill snag some quickswap when it dips further down

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ygmi bro

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Still better than chinks

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don't miss it lads

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newb question but is the QUICK in the liquidity pools distributed daily to liquidity providers? and if the pool gets say 100 quick per day, is that shared equally amongst liquidity providers?

>> No.29504833

i looked at a chat with some people smarter than me, and they are interested in the matic network. so i guess i will blindly put money into quickswap.

any predictions when near bottom is?

>> No.29504987

fuck it i bought

is 8 quickswap enough to make it?

>> No.29505145

well hopefully that stimulus will help me survive til i need to go wageslave

>> No.29505340

pro-rated per holding of pool

ya bro all the dapps i know in person are porting to matic cause they have no choice and i work at a fund you certainly know and they are backing projects building on matic/eth and i am excited about l2 cause of that and they need an exchange on L2 and that's quickswap so i shill here so we can all make some money when this blows tf up

>> No.29505822

Imagine once it hits 1k. That’s a good profit.

>> No.29506966

The website itself is a little slowish, whatever

>> No.29507041

$1K? bro thats $100M marketcap

This is going to $1B in a month or two at the rate liquidity is compound growing

>> No.29507770

they clearly weren't prepared for the current rate of exponential growth in traffic

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Dark.Build will have its own DEX, It will be like Quickswap with blackjack and hookers. Single sided liquidity, front running protection, limit orders etc...
Its really a hidden gem atm.

>> No.29508400

at the blockchain level it is fine, it's web traffic. this is a good thing. only the info page is laggy should be fixed quick

you can still swap and pools still exist

>> No.29509813

>why wouldn't people use ching chong centralized exchange
>w-w-what? what u mean binance is shutdown and my funds are gone?

>> No.29510559

look at the circulating/max supply
whales have already entered and are farming the fuck out of this coin, they will dump endlessly for years. unless you're a whale, there's no money to be made here. you're already too late.

>> No.29510566

dude you literally dont know shit

>> No.29510673

>i don't understand why people will get on this. even if it sucked your dick. people are already on BSC
Lmao cmon you can't be this stupid

>> No.29511008

Regardless of any FUD I do feel pretty good about this project and its timing. Had YLD 5x for me last week, the pattern here is incredibly similar, we are earlier though

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>> No.29512622

so since i bought it, i am technically in profit now. so that's nice. covered some of the transfer fees and costs.

also just thinking about it. it does seem like a great idea. I've heard about matic in the past couple months. and technically this does NOT compete with BSC. It has it's own services to offer. People might actually use this.

>> No.29512863

Just do BNB stuff. I like SOUL for a moonshot

>> No.29513760

MATIC is a second layer solution to the ETH scalability problem. It is actually much better than BSC.

>> No.29513865

yeah i am no longer unhappy about my investment. there's some cool things on this. the disgusting moonboys on BSC were driving me insane.

>> No.29514072

Nah I'll just keep buying matic and holding with my sweet 14% apy

>> No.29514479

what was that

>> No.29514682

big monies.

>> No.29514893

that's good too, keep our network poppin

some dolphin squads are moving over. first it was some BAT people, now there's a dude trying to add a shitload of LINK liquidity. we're scaling Ethereum bros. it's beautiful

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when $500 EOD was FUD lmao

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$1000 EOM is fud

>> No.29518173

>now there's a dude trying to add a shitload of LINK liquidity
talk dirty to me

>> No.29518823

this will massive

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People are actually buying into this? I dropped a breadcrumb earlier. Grab some bags of legit projects not ANOTHER swapcoin that will fail. UNI is a better buy than this.

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what does "ma" in front of a token name mean?

>> No.29520195

oh no no no

>> No.29521510

Kek shove your breadcrumbs up your ass broke boy

>> No.29522458

>Each day for the first year, 986 QUICK tokens (0.000986% of the total supply) will be distributed via liquidity mining, split evenly among the applicable pools

enjoy getting dumped on every day nerds

>> No.29522936

supply increases by 1% each day and declining
demand increases by 20% each day and rising

96% of all tokens are distributed to the community this way. no faggy airdrops whatsoever.

>> No.29523088

btw, most of the tokens are being farmed by the AAVE team, they've been providing a huge chunk of liquidity for a while now. they're obv not dumping anything, because they're deeply invested in the Matic ecosystem with their unique ma tokens and AAVEgotchi bridge.

>> No.29523479

BSC costs me BNB to use pancakeswap.

But I buy BNB using a CEX which take transfer fees of maybe 10-15%. Less if I can get Crypto for fiat working.

Gas fees to transfer any crypto to the MATIC network currently hover around $30-40 USD. But gas fees are almost nil on MATIC. If MATIC has a cheaper way to transfer from ETH network to MATIC they'll be a good competitor. Most Layer 2's just need a DEX and NFT Marketplace after all.

>> No.29523598

OpenSea is implementing Matic as a Layer 2 solution, so you're getting exactly what you asked for.

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File: 78 KB, 680x412, E7A2A01E-23B4-4B56-804D-AE58DF129C82.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>29519881 (You)
>I-I dropped breadcrumbs in another thread... w-why are you people b-buying this instead of following my trail?

>> No.29524640

Will opensea also solve the issue vice verse in transferring from MATIC assets to ETH? Just saw the plasma bridge for right now will take 7 days to transfer.

>> No.29524898

It's the Matic-Aave version of a token. Pays interest.

>> No.29525084

I see. So once they draw in enough buyers for these "ma" tokens, they pull the rug?

>> No.29525163

Yes, I think that's how it works.

>> No.29525475

at least get a vpn. we have ids here.

>> No.29525750

too late

>> No.29526559

I'm HODLing HODL too fags, and it's outperformed your shitcoin by a mile today. Get fucked. SOUL+HODL the dream shot.

>> No.29526594

$40M marketcap leading L2 dex in ethereum ecosystem is too late?

wait till bsc

We’re hitting $4B this coming pop at the LEAST

>> No.29526638


good luck getting normies to do this.

>> No.29526742

lol it gets worse when transferring funds. It's not even like having a binance account. Also withdrawals to Eth take 7 days kek

>> No.29526792

Good luck getting the normies to use uniswap more than once ever - they can’t afford to

>> No.29526854

3 hours

This fud is stupid and you know nothing about the project, you’re just salty you missed out on 4X gains and you’ll miss out on 20X more now in a month screencap this then anhero

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