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Anyone else not really worried at all?

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funny coiner

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Why worry when I can be /comfy/.

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bought btc miner stock today. will add more if we dip again

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yes, me

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Pretty much everyone

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> Never invest what you cant afford to lose
I followed this rule so i m not that worried

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i held through 2018
i feel nothing. never felt more comfy

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I am financially ruined

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not at all. I'm completely tethered

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>put all my money on BSC tokens
>eating popcorn while reading AAAAAAAAAAAAA threads while watching my food tokens go up
its a great life

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nigga what

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Nah. Watching the scotties at my gfs apartment. Think I'm down like 150k or something but idgaf. Held through the entirety of 2018 so this is nothing.

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Yep not too worried

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Checked. This is the buy signal.

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this is the actual crash, bounce already happened. if you dont act accordingly you’re just another bag holder who WILL see -70 soon

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checking in

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Right here anon.

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Of course I'm not worried. I only invest what I can afford to lose. Like I would throw money at a lottery ticket or a night out with the boys (which isn't happening at the moment). I just buy shit coins instead of alcohol other garbage which at least results in a healthier life if all crypto goes 0.

This is a game anon. Treat it as such.

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Not worried but I first got into crypto and stocks at the end of 2020 and I am down a lot of money right now. I have about $20k in and I think I’m at like $13k rn. Link, algo, Tesla, arkk, arkf...just absolute chaos. Bought shit that had a good run and now it’s just shitting the bed. I still feel like they are solid buys. The ways of the future. But then whales are all like “ah inflation and pandemic is over. Gonna rotate into Macy’s and boomer stocks.

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between stocks and crypto i'm down about $1200 in the past 24 hours. yes i am worried.

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I was intending to hold for years to come, that doesn't suddenly change just because BTC sneezes. In it for the long haul, but still taking part in pink wojaks because it's fun.

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I'm not worried because I diversified a lot, but this is 100% the actual crash

Bitcoin will be 15k within the next few weeks, eth will follow obviously

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I mean I invested money I can afford to lose, doesn't mean losing money is fun even if you can afford to lose it lol. I'll probably just time an exit sell and wage cuck like crazy to accumulate during the bear run so I can ride the golden rocket to the moon next bull run. I didn't have a lot of coins this bull run and it sucked.

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N0gga if you got in Nov/Dec 2020 you should be WAY UP in the green still. What did you do? Do you never hold anything?

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Even though I'm down hard and getting out of most positions today, I'm still way ahead of where I started. It's been a party, lads.

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I only invest what I can afford to lose so idgaf

Also I simply stopped watching the tree and started watching whole the forest. Shit only goes up if you give it enough time and be careful of scams.

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I honestly don’t know...all I know is I’m down. Fuck I even bought some gme at $30 and cashed out at $200 before it mooned. That was like $1,500 that I moved into crypto. All I know is all that I saw was red red red red all over the place. I guess I’m just holding at this point. No point in selling at a loss. Going to keep averaging down on algo and eth if it crashes.

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ROFL I got in early February and I'm still x2 my initial investment

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I only lost $12

Being poor as foooooook has it's moments.

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And yes I fucked up on the hold, bought algo at like 0.41 cashed out at 0.80 and traded it to xml that appeared to be a steady investment. Instead it crashed while algo mooned. Then once I could get out of xml at a profit, I bought back into algo at $1.15 and kept dca’ing as funds permitted. At one point I was up around $10k (2 weeks ago).

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What did you do? I apparently am very bad at this.

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I'm not worried that much because I'm not getting rekt but I don't want to be in a really long bear market either.

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I'm pretty comfy. But i still prefer when it all goes up all the tine.l

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Shhhhhh the sky is supposed to be falling

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I am so zoomed out I don’t even know what is going on right now

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After futures close on Friday, we are going to rocket.

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Anyone whose not retarded realizes this is fine and has already bought more if possible. All the new idiots who bought BTC at 50k are getting shookdown for the first time.

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I'm worried it's going to go back up too quickly. I'm not done accumulating.

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>corporate fomo

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I bought ROSE a few days ago, almost the top. I dont like losing this much this early so I sold for peace at mind, put 2000 in, got out at 1400, when the crabbing begins I might get back in with 1000.
Didnt touch anything else, should have waited for a dip before aping into it after a pump.

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Invested what I can afford to lose
So im pretty comfy

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no reason to be
I'm just buying more, because unlike panic sellers I have a target and exit strategy planned out. Hint: it's nowhere near where we are now
Honestly why even buy this shit in the first place if one dip makes you second guess your trust in the technology and future of BTC? that's how I see it anyway

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I’ve been buying back the 10 contracts I sold on MARA last week for a 50% profit all morning. Very cozy.

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First time?

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Lucky. I'm down about 25k lmao.

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that chart does give me hopium

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based and checked

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The second time Elon tweeted about Doge, I knew it was time to through some money on Doge and it simply went up. Waited until the right tweet that signals that shit will go down, and switched everything to ADA while the price was still on top. A week later ADA broke 1USD.

I'm a total idiot & noob in regards to investing in general so I don't let myself take actions when in a FUD moment (I did this plenty of times in the past and always fucked up my initial investment). This time I came prepared and researched my shit before I put even 1 dollar. It's too early for me to start day-trading, I'm simply HODL.

I diversified my investments and in general, I have gained more than I have lost. I invest only 5-10% my wage, and truthfully, it's not much but it is what I'm willing to lose.

Just don't let yourself act while on a FUD phase and that's it

It worked for me so it's idiot proof.

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I'm down $65k and not worried at all. I was down about this much the last major correction, so this one is milder.

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i bought the dip yesterday and today. i dont think i can not be comfy.

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15k ETH EoM confirmed

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Yeah Im not bothered.
Worst case scenario? All crypto is dead forever
Likelihood? Slim. Consequences? Devastating short term losses. Medium term impact - marginal. Long term impact? Negligible.

2nd worst case scenario? 2/3 year bear market. Likelihood. Possible and plausible. Consequences? More time for accumulation. Short-term impact, minimal, medium and long-term impact - outstanding.

Most likely scenario? Crypto recovers quickly. Short-term impact? I become wealthier. Medium-term impact - I dont become as wealthy as otherwise I could. Long-term impact? We all make it.

Either way, no drama.

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Nope not one bit. I’m fucking broke so I’ve only got like 1k riding on grt and I have like 10k in fiat coming to me in March. If we crash now the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

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Gotcha. I just crunched the numbers and am actually 2x on my crypto still. It’s the stock market that killed my portfolio...mostly blackberry and Tesla. I had a lot less invested into crypto than I thought and a lot more in disruptive tech. I thought blackberry was a solid buy with government contracts and security for basically every coming autonomous vehicle. Didn’t even realize it was part of the meme stock shit. Bought in at $27. Same with Tesla, managed to buy ath. I still have faith in Elon and woods.

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No, that’s like a decent six pack of beer you just lost out on.

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If bitcoin does a 2x to 100k, RIOT and MARA are probably going to do a multiple of that move thanks to the operating leverage meme.

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Feeling comfy anon. Fuck the paper hands.

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>sold the top on Monday, been all in cash since
Straight chillin

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Couldn’t chair less.

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I aint worried

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top is in

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Nothing has changed.

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Can't say I have faith in Elon, I just took the chance he gave and it worked.

$TSLA's current position is partly because of hedge funds, partly because of Elon's immature handling of publicity. You also need to invest some of your time in meme stocks, it is valuable information to have

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As in researching what is and isn’t moving due to it being a meme?

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I learned from 2018, I'm not fagging out again

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I have a feeling Tesla will bounce back. I haven’t heard a lot of good things about Elon, but I have heard he is smart and not afraid to take risks.

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>only invested $300 total in crypto so far
>most of it was blown in gas fees buying retarded shitcoins
nah not really lmao

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Lost $11k over the last couple of weeks.
Cool as a cucumber.

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Exactly. For example, investing in Blackberry is a total loss of your money, given the fact that it was a GME-copy meme

It will, but it is one of those stocks that are too volatile imho

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>only playing with money you can afford to lose

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Mined, so will always be net positive. Had I bought BTC that day (8th) and sold near the peak 21th, I could have yielded $10k.

Fuck me.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ve been trying to do more research since then. And I haven’t been putting new money in. I don’t really trust the forces at play. Is it wrong to feel like my money not only works better but feels safer in crypto / defi?

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im still up 200%, this is nothing. just hodl and be comfy.

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I’m literally an ADAfag (245k @$0.07).

I couldn’t care if everything dropped 70%

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Like in crypto I can understand and research a project and invest in it. And some even give returns for staking. In stocks it seems to be whatever Wall Street feels that particular day. Sure btc is probably overvalued right now, but so it the stock market and economy.

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This. How can plebs be so for something as being the future when green dills. But a little red they run. God bless em. That's where my profits come from

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Just the New Yorkers.

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Not at all, my dude. It helps that I'm not a tranny with my hormones so out of whack I can't hold an investment for more than like 2 weeks lmao.

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look at market sentiment
>70-80% are still heavily long

a lot of people are expecting a continuation up here, and confidently/arrogantly so

Bull ego is HIGH
Bear ego is LOW

You can literally see this by scanning through /biz comments

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Worried? I bought 7k usd more today.

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>after this massive drop
bulls are starting to feel anxiety
but bulls are still smuggish and expecting this to continue as if they deserve it

i haven't felt this much smug/overconfidence in bulls since aug 2020

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Exact opposite of 2017 for me. I'm extremely upset it's not dipping lower right now.
Do you anons think it'll fall any closer to $42k?

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>Is it wrong to feel like my money not only works better but feels safer in crypto / defi?

I just think that crypto is easier to handle if you are a novice (such as me). It's easier for me to find info for new projects and I already know what to seek in a scam.

Don't get me wrong, crypto is volatile, there are too many scams and whales ready to make profits against you, but there no hedge funds into that game yet.

I simply don't deal with stocks. I follow the news and watch the prices but that's it

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I don't give a fuck about any dumps because I fully believe in the longterm future of my hodls (LINK and GRT). Number crash down? So what, they'll both recover and I can wait. Both of them can crash another 50% and I'm still up bigly. I'm not selling a single linkie before $1000 and I'm not selling a single GRT until $10. Not that either one will go to zero, but I'd hold to zero before I would sell below my price goals because I'm not a paper-handed bitch.
t. invested only what I could afford to lose instead of investing my rent money and grocery money and bill money

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who is even selling to cause this

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I’m thinking I’m basically learning that same lesson the hard way. The scams are easy to sniff out. The parties involved are projects, investors, computer algorithms, and the current surge is fueled by increased attention on btc.

Stocks appear to have expected gains priced in (much more so) hedge funds, trillion dollar investors, politics, boomer sentiments, and almost what seems like a denial of what is coming. Perfect example is Macy’s was having a good day today. A big fucking mall-based brick and mortar store catering to middle and upper class boomers. Sure I enjoy their parade and remember walking around the stores 25 years ago, but fuck man...they can go digital, but Amazon and others will make it hard. I’m not all opposed to physical stores, just some don’t seem practical.

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i wonder how many people are thinking something similar

>> No.29503454

>hedge funds, trillion dollar investors, politics, boomer sentiments

This is why I prefer crypto. I grew up with the internet, I grew up with all that shit, I have an advantage on this game. Stocks are basically for boomers and old money

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It should be your mindset if you're investing in something you believe in. It's a lot easier to resist panic selling when you believe the price will eventually rebound because the project is fundamentally sound and has a promising future. If you're chasing rug pulls and Pajeet P&Ds then your mindset needs to be a little different (I personally got tired of that after being burned a few times so I only stick to projects I believe in now).

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Well nice chatting with you. Best of luck in making it.

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me, I invested all my life savings, 50k into the bitcoin stock when it was 55k. I know it will bounce back and be 1 million by the end of the year, I have browsed biz enough to know at least that.

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market needs to go down so new money can get in its not healthy to have it constantly going up. Really we're just where we were a month or so ago. I only invest in 1yr+ holds to avoid short term taxes so the weekly changes don't really affect me

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blessed trips it's a sign to hold bros

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I’m really looking forward to the coming best market. I fucked up last year chasing pumps instead of sticking to my original goal of establishing my Link, Eth, and BTC positions. A year or two, or even three, of bear will be a godsend to a lot of us who came late.

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I'm not worried but I am concerned

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That's me.

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its not like i would have made it with this amount anyways.

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I’m down $15k with just chainlink but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. These are all long term holds. I’m vibin’.

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I’ve been buying the dip. I’m already positioned into Btc and am up over $100k still. Been leaning into ETH with the little cash I have. Am down ~$180 on ETH which is nothing
I still have an unfilled buy order waiting at $1350

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I enjoy this more than the FOMO when the numbers go up

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Dips are to be expected even in the bull market. Only reason I'm not happy right now is because I am all in and can't buy the dip for maximum profit. Also I bought Aave at the wrong time ($500) but it is a long term hold anyway.
Cashed out my initial investment and it is all house money now. Besides Link will need to go below my average buy at $0.6 for me to feel worried.

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It doesn't matter. Just follow the trend. Targrt for this bubble is 100k but it can dump to anywhere in the meantime. Insittutional interest since the futures were released has made the price more whippy and unpredictable than in the 2017 pump. Unless you have diamond hands I advise against just hodling. Better to just buy the new ATHs and keep a trailing stop loss.

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Oh that chart gets me excited. I want some time to accumulate.

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I have no trust in BTC and its future. I'm only here for the money. I don't want to see red in my trades. As soon as I see red, I'm out.