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Basically make enough from rentals and staking to be comfy but not live extravagant. Ended a 6 year train wreck of a relationship. I know financially pets are a liability but maybe the calm they bring you helps you mentally make better decisions.

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Yes get a fren.
Just make sure your new fren is from the shelter, don’t encourage breeders.

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Picrel is a St. Bernard mix at local shelter. Told the people there I’d sleep on it and give them my decision tomorrow. We got along very well though. Excellent demeanor

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Women love dogs, any decent woman that is.

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Do you think dogs even care if they're in a shelter or someone's house? I like the think the dog or any animal is happy to just be warm and fed.

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My shelter rescue has a much comfier life than he had before I got him. He was severely underweight with terrible ear infections and burned paw pads from the hot concrete in the play yard.

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Agree. My now ex wasn’t a fan. Glad I left that behind

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I do. It’s basically county jail vs suburban life

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I have a 4 month old pup how do I get her to potty outside?
Other than the pee pee poo poo she's lovely.

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When I had my first dog years ago, I would reward him with praise when he would shit outside and give a mild scolding when he’d shit inside. Within less than a month the problem was solved

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Looks like a good doggo, looks way too young for the big sleep.
Take doggo home.

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take the dog now

money is a means to an end. It won't mean anything if you don't spend it

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Fuck it. Im gonna do it. It’ll be nice to have him around

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You’re right

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k thanks anon, seems pretty straightforward.
best of luck with your future doggo

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at 4 months it's gonna be a lot of work to get them to consistently pee and poo outside.
Just make sure you reward them with treats and praise whenever they do go outside, and try to keep a constant eye on them when inside so that as soon as you see that the pup is about to go pee or poo indoors, you quickly grab them and rush them outside to do their business. Then, of course, rewards with treats. Consistency is key here, but even if your pup seems to finally be getting it, know that there's still a good chance an accident might happen every once in a while.

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Lost a dog recently I had for 10 yrs. was devastated more than when people I knew died. Idk if I can do that again. Just know they don’t live very long if you do it.

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Nothing wrong with a reputable breeder if OP wants specific traits or characteristics. I personally prefer mutts myself though because they’re healthier. OP may want to consider retired racing greyhounds as well.

Please get a labradoodle, OP. Best doggo

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Absolutely correct
No prob and thanks

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Yeah, get a manageable nice little/medium dog from the pound. They're great companions and are pretty cheap, you don't have to go full dog mommy and pay thousands per year on useless bullshit. Food and water and your attention. They fill 50% of the void where a gf once stood, the innate need for companionship.

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Idk anon the St. Bernard in the OP Picrel really seems to have stolen my heart.

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do it. having a dog as a fren is absolutely awesome. don't get overly ambitious when choosing a breed, they can require a lot of work. i have a lazy little shih tzu, but it was enough work in the first year of training her, i'm glad i didn't choose one that requires more. now i'm a wagecuck so you might have more time on your hands, just saying. regardless, you will have a fren for life, who will love you unconditionally and it will be a rewarding experience

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Cheers fren and you’re right

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>wasn’t a fan

I say this completely seriously: if you ever meet anyone that does not like dogs, stay away from any and all dealings with them as you would a serial killer or pedophile. Avoid them lile the plague. Dogs are famously good judges of character, often sensing when someone is a threat to their master long, long before any human can. A human that doesn't like dogs is a complete dead giveaway that they have some deep and on some level dangerous flaw that the dogs can sense.

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You get food and warmth in jail, you should try spending some time there.

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You’re not wrong. She had numerous flaws that led to me eventually breaking up and moving out. While I would not say she’s a “bad person”, I would say she’s a little off mentally speaking

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Been there once. Too much noise. Smelled like feet and ass. Food was kinda shit except for the cornbread. Charges were dropped after a couple weeks tho.

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i think it might be easier to adopt an Asian orphan than a fucking dog at this point. Some mean lesbian is going to look through your tax filings, call all of your teachers from highschool, and personally inspect the insulation your house before granting you the PRIVILEGE of adopting a dog that is at least 1/2 pit bull. If it's not a pit it has some other crippling defect.

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Do it do it! Just be prepared to have the lil fella by your side for quite some time. Treat it like a son and a fren, not a wild animal and you’ll be happy for years to come.

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He looks like a winner

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Fuck shit bulls, find a reputable breeder of a dog with character traits you want. Let the liberal dipshits clean up third world trash the rest of their lives, there will be no end to it.

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Be sure to dog proof your home ASAP. Secure all cords and wires near the floor and low cabinets especially where cleaning chemicals are kept, and be careful not to leave dangerous shit they can chew lying around like batteries. Make sure your fences are secure in your yard, and there are no gaps they can crawl through.

The very first command you teach them should be to come to you when you call them.

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Your dog is literally reacting to you whenever it dislikes someone. Dogs don't give a shit about whether you're a rapist pedo serial killer of children as long as you feed them and give them the attention they want. Some dogs even tolerate black people.

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Similar to you, I ended a 5 year relationship and got a dog. One of the best decisions I've ever made. I got a 5 month old german shepherd from the shelter for only like $200. Thats less than the cost of the neuter/chip/vaccinations, theyre basically giving dogs out for free.

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As a guy who volunteers at a shelter, they absolutely live a more enjoyable life after they get adopted. Not because shelters miss treat them, but its rare for one to have volunteers there 24/7. Dogs hate being alone, and its ever worse if they don't even have a alot of space to roam. Everytime we gotta leave for the next shift to come a few hours later, the dogs start crying. Its sucks but we cant be there forever.

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This. Get a lab, preferably an English lab as they are the most chill of the labrador breeds. American Labs are good dogs too, but way more hyper. A good Lab will be your fren forever.
>Pic related is my 3rd generation Golden Retriever/English Lab/American Lab mix and his American Lab mom.

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>at 4 months it's gonna be a lot of work to get them to consistently pee and poo outside.
Lol what? I literally house broke my dog in less than 2 weeks. If you cant watch them cuz work or whatever then you crate them until you get home. They dont potty in crates.
Sounds cucked. Why rearrange your house to suite a dog? Just wait until they bite a cord then come down on them super hard. Guarantee it wont happen again

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Once you get a dog you have to look after that shit like you have a baby for life. I'd only get a dog once I'm retired. Imagine being young and being shackled to a dog which shits constantly and needs attention all day

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rescue dogs are trash. Fuck having a dog that doesn't listen to me and shits everywhere. There are enough niggers where I live.

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Smart suggestion

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Seems to be the case

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No I'm sorry but dogs and cats are shit tier pets which try to force you to behave a certain way around them and they will forget who's boss unless you beat them up at least twice a day. Birds can be massive cunts too and fish just aren't pets unless you pick an octopus or squid. Reptiles are meh.

Pick a rabbit instead, they know their fucking place. They won't instill wolf pack/communism onto you, won't attack you, can't scratch you with their retarded play fights, won't demand you behave around them and demand you be their slave.

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based and voxpilled

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Sure, because the inbred puppy mill dogs are certain to listen to your every command. Mutts from the pound are genetically superior to the vast majority of purebred dogs from breeders, as most purebred dogs are genetically damaged from generations of inbreeding. I work with dogs as a hobby and if i had to choose a dog to train I would choose the rescue over the purebred every single time.

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Steel is your friend. You should adopt a steel.

(Dogs are based)

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Yeah sure. Pets are cool and they are your friend. It's nice to come home to a doggo who is so happy you're home.

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Do you have to shit up literally every thread with your tranny bullshit?

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