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>Washington Post runs a hit piece on Tesla after the stock begins to correct
>reach out to Elon for a comment
>instead of addressing the comments tell them to “send my regards to your puppet master”
I’m so confused.. is he the Willy Wonka of Plebbit or is he /ourguy/?!

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washington post is owned by bezos

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He's a cringy edgelord faggot. He says things like this to make people think he's based but he doesn't actually have the balls to directly name the jew

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isn't washingtonpost owned by jeff bezos?
i wonder if there is some sort of conflict among the two

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willy wonka 100%

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>he doesn't have the balls to torpedo his entire life

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Musk acts like a kike when it comes to crypto. Stops trying to manipulate the market, cunt

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puppet master means jeff bezos who isnt jewish so.......

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good morning, Tel Aviv!

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They are trading richest man spots week after week

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Lol billionaires piss contest

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I don't think he's talking about Jews anon.

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>implying Bezos isn’t owned by ((them))
Friendly reminder it was announced today Tesla realized $1BN in profits from Bitcoin and plans to reinvest up to $3BN
At this point wouldn’t be surprised if the fucker actually invested in BSV like the schizos keep claiming

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>its a retards fall for vague populism like dirty latin american 80IQ spics episode

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good morning

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Let's see you do it, add me on your goybook and I'll watch you name the jews to everyone.

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Wow, he said something everybody knows! Based!

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"puppet master" isn't calling out the jew. it's just a safe way of looking all edgy and cool without actually challenging the power structure

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Zionist Elder here, Musk is one of ours. We just goyed him up a bit to make him more palatable to the plebs.

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r u saying every jew is a jew

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>Willy Wonka of Plebbit
He is the Willy Wonka of Plebbit.
Stop posting here and go back to your libtard forum. Fuck off.

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fucking based

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reeee why won't people ruin their lives

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thanks for confirming he's just a pussy

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You already know this faggot browses 4chan in his free time.
Hey Musk, if you're reading this, send me a Tesla

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>Saying the media is dominated by rich jews is antisemetic
>99% of high ranking positions at every news outlets is just because jews have a culture of rewarding hard work, goy

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hahaha as if you'd ruin your entire career just for the momentary buzz of being 'based', go back /pol/ literal child

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Watching David lose it over the FBI Elders of Zion drop was 10/10

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keep sucking this pussy's cock, faggot

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I don't even like the guy, now go back to your containment board little twitter immigrant :)

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Fud link in twitter if you read this, since you are at it

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They both have competing rocket/aerospace companies, retard.

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Pls post your linkedin account here and then call out the jews so we all can see how very based you are.

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>did not respond to requests for comment
Why do journalists feel so entitled? They should be happy they are not hanging yet.

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>t. Manlet kike with bad teethe

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Oh yeah?
>Tesla's (TSLA) investment in Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has garnered the electric vehicle company about $1 billion in profits — at least on paper, according to estimates from Wedbush Securities Managing Director Dan Ives.
>at least on paper
No evidence he's sold a single sat.

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Not everyone is a basement dwelling loser with no social interactions and nothing to lose. Talking shit about jews is social suicide. No rational person would do that. It's infinite downside and the only upside is a bunch of 4chan faggots posting memes of you.

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Jeff Bezos is their puppet master. Bezos mad as fuck that Elon is memeing on him.

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all you're doing is posting justifications for him being a pussy.

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>Talking shit about jews is social suicide.
Depends on your workplace. Mine is VERY antisemitic. It helps when you're working exclusively with Eastern European immigrants.

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Still? I thought he stepped down to let a longnose fellow run the empire

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suborbital jeff ain't got shit on the memelord

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>Eastern European immigrants.

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All you're doing is deliberately being a retarded faggot.

No one would want to trade places with you. Especially not the "richest man in the world."

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Elon is risking his neck too much. I think he have a plan B there.

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I think people on here forget that the real world is nothing like this place lmao

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stop defending musk
he is a fucking jew too

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Seeth. Antisemitism is in a bull market globally and you know it.

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Yeah, SpaceX is “winning” the race but Blue Origin is their only competition.

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>he doesn't actually have the balls to directly name the jew
You're so much better than this billionaire, Eric.

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That's just amazon.

WaPo ownership is a different beast as I understand - Bezos owns that independently of Amazon.

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Both Gates and Bezos want to ruin Musk. I believe they will succeed.

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He'd probably get killed idiot , didn't you know they wanted to kill Mel Gibson for doing the passion ?

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Tesla is literally 90% overvalued

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That's easy. Musk is just a hothead, that will eventually cause his fall.

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So is censoring, data monitoring, and other draconian measures. So is negrification of all media and culture, so is feminist bull shit. There is a "bull market" in all data. It is dumb to think that there will be some kind of successful revolt against elites and that the world will become any semblance of how you wish it would be. The West is dead.

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for being the richest man in the world he sure is a pussy

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> Talking shit about jews is social suicide
lmao maybe in jewnited states of goymerica

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Everything is overvalued.

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>plans to reinvest up to $3BN
where you see this

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>he doesn't actually have the balls to have a retarded interpretation of the world

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>Jews Jewwing other Jews

Why do you people tongue Elons anus so much?

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>elon single handedly crashing crypto
All of you ugly kike niggerlovers, go the fuck back.

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Did this schizo forgot to take his meds again?

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Last year after Kanye told the press that God had been speaking to him, a lot of people called him crazy. Elon later tweeted that he spoke with Kanye on the phone and said he sounds perfectly sane.

Elon is simply in the know. If you haven’t accepted God’s love, then you are a puppet.

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I vote ourguy
And I cheated
So I win

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Cope harder fag

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can't we just pit jews v. chinese v. muslims?
would be interesting to see the narrative wars

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every time

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I can't stand retards like you.

Here's the consequences of naming the jew:
1) Media labels him an anti-semetic
2) Stock price plummets
3) Banned off Twitter
4) Replaced as CEO

You're a level 100 retard for not seeing this. Get fucked.

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Most journalists are whorish propagandists for the elite who provide them sinecure.

Their pretensions at being any thing more than that are laughable and contemptable. Actual whores also get indignant at being called what they are (that's why they make up new terms for it), but what escorts do doesn't really matter so there's not much reason to call them out on it.

Journalists, by contrast, actively make the world a worse place with their lies and simping for billionaires, which is all the more reason to twist the knife at every opportunity. They must be repeatedly humiliated and public flogged. Not to force them to admit what they are (they are incapable of shame), but so that they lose any standing with normies and any usefulness to their owners. Then they'll have to go get real jobs and actually contribute to society. Perhaps by learning to code.

Verdict: Based

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holy shit they are like a swarm everytime someone even hints that (((they))) are the bad guys

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someone HAS to be able to answer my question
i really don't see how the children of these boomer puppet masters from different ethnic groups will have the strength to maintain that old world order

millennials and zoomers are magnitudes of orders different

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Washington Post is Fake News.

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He clearly knows the Jew is behind all that is corrupt. If he names the Jew, he'll be mutilated in the press HOWEVER if he doesn't specifically name them, he gets to stay in power as the 1/2nd richest person in the planet and exercise that power to his will.

TLDR: He stands close to the sun without being burned to a crisp.

He's /ourguy/.

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I’ve got seething on the brain

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I'm here for the Bezos/Musk rivalry

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Double digit iq

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Elon is our guy

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he's talking about the bankers.

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>Elon gets full of himself when he tricked people to pump dogecoin
>He goes in on Bitcoin and starts losing money
So much for your Messiah.