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All of the tokens were airdropped. All of them. And the jeets who caught wind of the airdrop sold them on day one for 300$, then came back begging when it started pumping. We made them dance and rap for us for fucking pennies. I've never been part of something more based.

>Sub 500k microcap
>deflationar, 630k tokens already burned
>Farming coming this week
>NFTs confirmed by dev
>.org site

This shitcoin held its price better than any other today, probably because the fucking glowies are behind it. If you lost money on recent goddamn rugpulls on BSC, this is the way to recoup those losses, we are unruggable. Largest whale sits at 1% of total, and again, all the coins were airdropped to jeets who sold on day one. Easy fucking money/

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Is the rap contest still live?

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yes, rap and meme contest going on until tonight, 6pm EST

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lmao imagine buying something that was given away for free
top cuckoldry

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Fffffff it's BLOOooOoOmING

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Ha! Excellent.

Already got my bag packed from the airdrop, but been picking up some more flowers on the dips.

Providing the whole marker doesn't go to shit, easy 10x once BULBS are released.

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5k stacklet reporting in

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25k here, am I going to make it? Today tulip is looking way more stable than BNB itself.

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>5k stacklet
Literally gonna make it.

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28k short stack we got this

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market scares me rn, this is all I got, I hope you're right anon

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I'm down like 30%. Should I double down or just hold?

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I'm financially bl000med

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Most of the market is down, including BNB itself. But plenty of larger wallets are accumulating more tulip right now, largest went from 80k to 160k today.

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I'd say double down, one of the mods said there's an announcement coming tonight along with the meme/rap contest, and the BULBS are coming soon which will fucking propel us into infinity. what's fucky about this project is how legit their code is, anyone know what the fuck is up with that?

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I´m not even sure how you are supposed to make money with this. Isn´t it pretty much a waiting game?

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lmao, fuck off I was first

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really gets the noggin' joggin' doesn't it anons

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comfiest hold since wynaut

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What if out of the 800 airdrop addresses the devs have say 300 of them? Actually I have some tulip so ignore this fud thought

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Possible. They wait for big money and create the bubble themselves.

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3-4 cents is the very bottom floor. won’t go below 3 cents because people who have already purchased sizable stacks got in there, and everyone realizes that if it happens to go below that in the first place, it won’t be for long

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People were also waiting for the pajeets to sell their airdrops to lower price. Like I mentioned earlier some whales doubled their stacks to 160k today with the dip.

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Only dumb fucks fall for this one.
Don't be that guy.

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i didn't get my free tulips so fuck that.

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I missed the air drop but I'm hoping that means this is rug proof and i bought a 4k stack this morning.

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where to see tulip prices ?

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In like a week Kektics will be able to track both Sushi and BSC tokens

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>And the jeets who caught wind of the airdrop sold them on day one for 300$, then came back begging when it started pumping

it hasn't pumped at all you fucking moron lmao

they were worth over $400 when they were airdropped, and are now at $366

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Aw no more schizo Gov't mk ultra posting...that was the shilling to get gullible qanon boomers to buy.

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I was referring to when it went to 9 cents, now it's back at 3 after the pump you retarded nigger

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Is there really a rap contest?? Where do I find the info for this

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so all these shitcoins serve no purpose, right? just pump and dump schemes?

they have no product/technology, will never be used as payment for anything, etc

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A FUCKING RAP CONTEST by pajeets? I'm wheezing right now.

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Shitcoins are the easiest x10 or x50 moonshots. That what attracts most people.

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Why would I buy your free airdrop?

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not to mention this is the biggest btc dump in recent history

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you don't have to, you can buy it at $5 next week if you want

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Realistic price predictions? How far do you see it going?

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>$5 next week
It’s done nothing but dump so far.

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Check their telegram t me/TulipBSC

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An airdrop was 1 bnb at the bottom 3 bnb at the top, nothing was released yet besides the main mechanism

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Kinda upset that I missed this one. Saw the airdrop was coming but didn't bother with it because the name makes it seem like a scam rugpull of the tulip bubble. Wish I had done a little bit more research before dismissing it :|

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Lets get real here - first 48 hours, yes lots of profits were to be made. I did so myself. But now, in the middle of market uncertainty - sure, buy a stack low, but lets be honest; even once the bulb farming starts, there is 5-10x MAYBE if you buy now while its low and watch it like a hawk but it won't last for a while. Its not a rugpull but it will be a pump and dump thanks to pajeets and limp wristed faggots. That being said, it does have a great community. God speed.

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Pretty much all BSC coins do that in their first days. Even the x1000 like wynaut(before their fiasco) took awhile to get started.

Given that rugpull is impossible and tokens are constantly being burned, it could easily reach 10c when farming is relesaed. Appears to be a pretty safe x3-5 from this point but could do x10+ if there is enough traction.

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Price is very low! You can still buy it for dirt cheap.

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>tfw only have 1000 stacklet

Am I gmi?

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I joined, but those pajeets flooded the airdrop and immediately filled the sign-up so I didn't get any in time.

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People should be forced to hold airdrops for 6 months before being able to sell/swap. Too many pajeets in this shit for quick gains that sink projects.

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jeesus fucking sell signal

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No sense of humor virgin

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>thinking you aren't getting laughed a

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$10 when?

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$9 when?

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You could maybe make a case for $1 when supply gets heavily burned with time and interest keeps building, but I don't think any BSC coin has went from 5c to $10.00

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I'll take $1!

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i saw wynaut's very first thread when it was being shilled at .002. got in at .008. it went to .5.

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Oh great a thread about something that already happened. I guess I'll invest now like a retard.

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10 EOY is fud. I am financially bloomed.

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possible, but stil, i checked the holders on the bsc contract, and there are still like 400 addresses that havent sold their bags