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They've solved slippage. They've pioneered single asset pools backed by a corresponding pool of weth to negate impermanent loss. It has a fixed supply of 55,000 and afford holders a share of transaction fees. It offers liquidity mining of a secondary token. They have their own private IoT network that can take transactions offchain and minimise fees.

The real game changer is that it will have hybrid blockchain technology that will technically allow DEXG Swap to be implemented on every blockchain with sidechain functionality.
DEXG provides holders with Passive income

Assuming 10% of Uniswaps existing daily 2Bn volume = 200Mn and Fees of 0.1%

200Mn x 0.001 = 200,000 daily income from fees

55,000 Token maximum supply

200,000/55,000 = $3.63 per DEXG Token per day or $1325 per year

Since income is generally 10-20% APY the token should be between $6625-$13250

Its currently at a discount and available for $200

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I know the bancor deals with IL through higher fees to pay out

Googled but couldnt find anything about dexg and IL. How do they negate impermanent loss?

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>in a month
it was supposed to be early feb, now it's late march? Is this a joke?

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lmao 3/3 posts mentioning bancor but i held DEXG for a month but liquidated into BNT last week. BNT is too much of a sure thing to bother risking anything on DEXG right now

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Fees have already been leaked they will be 0.001% so you are looking at 0.036$ per Dexg.

not awful, but not great either.

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Single asset pools backed to WETH.

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where were they leaked?

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I have a 200 stack, tell me everything will be alright

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Ok but how does that solve IL? That just means when ETH swings wildly then every pool gets IL

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I want to make more memes, do you you have the cube pic I can use for editing?

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no sorry anon

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>They've solved slippage. They've pioneered single asset pools backed by a corresponding pool of weth to negate impermanent loss.
you are talking about another git clone of bancor ya?

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They use a speculative AMM and customized asset allocations
This task requires the protocol to determine the value of a token-based on various on-chain factors. Unlike most market valuation bots, this AMM determines token value off of volatility.

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unironic dead project.

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How? Testnet just finishing tomorrow

Main net launch before Q1. Sure it was delayed but the beta is over.

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I'm still not getting it. It works like Balancer with uneven pools? Do you have a link to a medium post or something that can explain this?

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if the beta is over than why isn't the price rocketing because of it's success that the beta testers witnessed?

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So imagine having an LP with a 90/10 split. More or less similar to holing. But IP reduces to 1-5%. depending on 2x-4x increase in price.

You also save on gas fees, since it automatically converts the 10% and you save on buying and adding to the pool separately.

The telegram has it explained.

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no news, no progress past the staking stage (the so-called "whitepaper" is now FUD because of this), "yet-another-ETH" DEX in an already over-saturated market, no marketing, doesn't do anything that other products don't already do, not sexy at all... just pitiful all around.
uni v3 will cave this thing's head in with a cinderblock.

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Hi guys,

Hope all are well.

From now on I will do community updates as we are nearing launch of DEXG V1.0.

The team has been working hard while of keeping an eye on our community as always and with the market hitting a frenzy, the vibe has changed a lot while people were lamenting the lack of news, lack of early launch or direct updates, as we should “take advantage” of the market conditions.

I will use this notice to clear up a bit the situation we are in now with DEXG and why we are doing this our way. As most know staking has ended and liquidity has been distributed to the participants and now all hands are on deck for a success full product launch. This V 1.0 version will include:

* Token swap
* Single-asset liquidity pool management
* api.dextoken.io API service for direct API control (used for trading, 3rd party tools, etc)
* Our sAMM v1.0
* Governance implementation
* Liquidity farming
* The dividend pool

This is the package that serves as the foundation for the users and LPs that want to take advantage of these unique tools and want to be part of our DEXG ecosystem.

Now as we near G-day, keep in mind there are many elements to a launch that are most people have no idea of, like the legal part, the nonstop testing, the preparations to have our data as up to date as we can and of course the documentation that comes with all of this. Focus is now 100% on the product as the future will depend on its use, not on speculation, as DEXG is “Made for Traders” and we want to offer as much support as we can to those joining our project.

This launch will also shift focus from the direct team communication we have had till now to a more community based model for which we are setting up a Discord server which will serve aa a hub for traders, devs, project implementations (by doing AMA’s for instance) and where we will centralize the communication for the community governance voting to whitelist new projects to farm GEL. We will share the Discord

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This also means we will change how we communicate on Telegram, where we will definitely maintain the official ANN channel but will probably move the official chat to Discord to better serve our ambitions and give a better platform for contributors. Also emojis.

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