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Do I:
1.) Buy more Rubic
2.) Buy some weed
3.) Keep it for living expenses

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With fees, etc I wouldn't spend it on Rubic, just keep $183, you could realistically use it for groceries that'll last a month.

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It's the obvious choice but gas fees will hurt my purchasing power.

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>green id


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buy weed

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rubic obviously

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>Buy more Rubic
>$3600 eoy
>Smok wed and pay for living expenses

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Be cubic

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Can I get a quick rundown on Rubic? Is it the new Link? If so, why?

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Buy weed


Check machimo as well is it good?

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weed going down bigly

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buy weed and get a job you dumb retard

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Youre investing into a 40m marketcap shitcoin. You might as well use that money for a microcap on bsc instead, by the time you 10x your money rubic is still crabbing

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He could also buy some some plants or seeds for this summer. Growing a few peppers and tomatoes is unironically a good investment

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buy cake and stake it

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Do you want rubic but no weed now + enough weed to kill an elephant later and then some or no rubic + a shitty q now?

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I would rather make it with RBC than slave away for 60 years for some kike corporation.

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You get the job to buy more Rubic
You'll work max 6 months

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Rather collect my NEETbux honestly, I'm just short this month due to moving home and having already bought 5k+ Rubic.

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You can't buy Rubic for $183.
Get some LTO or NU instead.
or even ADA

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>dude weed lmao

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I'm NEET with 37k Rubic and 6 months of living expenses.
So if this prophesy comes to pass I'll be very comfy.

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You'll find your answer when you internally decide if you want to commit to delayed gratification.

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Are you me ??? based WAGMI

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part time school part time work dump money into rbc then

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This is a based pic. Are Rubicels really this based?

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Nice just bought 100k

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