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For fucks sake

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the first sell off

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Bought more stinkies, we're going to hit a new ATH in a couple of weeks

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looks beautiful to be honest

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how delusional and retarded do you have to be to think this is the first sell off. one look at any chart will show you this is the 10th massive sell off in a year. you should have sold at $30 and never looked back. that's a 100x return on investment

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I don't do 100x only 1000x not selling bitch

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Wtf bros

[Binance] Your account may be at risk and deposit function has been temporarily suspended. You can submit a fiat deposit appeal to remove the ban via your Email or check Notifications on Binance official WEBSITE. If you did not initiate this operation, please contact Binance Customer Support immediately.

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>august 2020 was the high

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See you guys in 3 years. I'm an idiot and have never sold a link. Been holding since binance listing. Am I retarded?

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I saw Sergey at McDonalds a couple days ago. He was putting in an order at one of those terminals you see in a lot of the newer ones, I was so star struck that I started walking over to ask for a photo.

That's when I saw what he was ordering at the terminal. At first I thought he was just clicking random items absent mindedly until I noticed he was staring very intently at the screen, and he would check various different cheese burgers, almost as if he was making an informed decision on which ones to pick, and after considering each one he would add 1-3 to his order.

I got really nervous at this point so I ordered what I wanted at the counter and took a seat to wait for them to call my name. That's when I heard Sergey's name get called. The woman at the cash (she was super cute) looked at him confused and asked pretty sternly if he was pulling some kind of prank.

"U-um...no that's what I want...I don't see why that's a problem it's just more money for you guys right...?"

The girl at the counter looked at him confused and said "You want 2 double bacon cheese burgers, 3 chicken burgers, 2 junior bacon and cheeses, and 5 orders of Chicken McNuggets?"

Sergey got all red in the face and started shouting about how he solved the Oracle problem and how Chainlink was going to 1000$ EOY. It got so bad that the manager had to calm him down and assure him they'd put his order through and that the girl at the counter just started and that the establishment usually wouldn't be so unprofessional.

When they finally got his food to him he tried to leave without paying and the same girl had to politely ask him to come back and pay. I guess he got pretty scared so he ran back and asked them if they accepted LINK tokens, and when the girl asked him what that was he just dropped his entire order on the floor and ran out the door. I'm dead serious.

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>bleeding sats for 6 months
when will stinky linkies ever learn ?

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>chicken burger
>junior bacon cheeseburger

this pasta suck ass

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Chain link is a good investment

I am checking some alts like $MCM aka machimo $DAO ETC

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We literally alll sold at $36. Our prediction was only $20. Wtf is wrong with you? You unironically thought the price-of-a-cup-of-coffee coin is worth more than 10x the price of a cup of coffee?

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Why is the yellow line going down while others are going up?

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Should I sell? Serious bros I'm losing a lot, freaking out. Are we going back up or should I cut losses?

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flip a coin bro.

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:( please halp

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Looks bearish but could also be bullish. Consider a long but dont rule out a short. Watch your positions. Subscribe for more charting tips

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I mean, we already went way past all expectations, hell even 10$ was mostly just a meme, it was obviously gonna crash one of these days. Sell before it corrects back to a dollar.

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sell please. both fudders and ogs don't want cowards like you

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Damn bro. Holding just for you.

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>holding chainlink

wtf ma you guys don't realize $20 Chainlink is like $30000 ETH? It's already a miracle it even got this high