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BTC: - 7%

ADA: + 1%

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not a shitcoin. buy while its still under 1$

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Honestly idk, ADA seem to be eternally a top 10 coin despite doing nothing, having outdated tech, getting zero adoption, having cuck ceo and being inferior to their competition while being valued x10+ more.

Weird case ever since late 2017.

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>the eternal fud
>still top 10
Sounds like everyone should just buy it then

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And high marker cap protective against peoples Willy pump and dump games

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this coin is consistently in the top 10 while 50% of its features arent done yet. If you arent bullish on cardano you must be smoking crack or buying into FUD because the moment smart contracts start rolling out it can literally only moon

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sold over 1$
bought more again now

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>Outdated tech that out performs speeds on AVAX, DOT and ETH
You were born like this weren't you?

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spotted the mETH head

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BTC is based on a real product
ADA is a vaporware scam

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Even if I make a million dollars, I won't buy ADA because of the African thing and I want to stab this guys face, just look at this dudes face.

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Real niggas know Hashchads will rule the world soon. ADA will never happen

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My prostitute asked me if ADA was a good investment. It's normie money that will be sitting there for years while they think they'll become a millionaire at some point.

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>keeping Africans inside a stable Africa bad
>unstable Africa with Africans fleeing to western countries good
Just think for one fucking second you fucking retard.

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I want a coin that will actively give Africans aids. And imagine thinking any amount of money will keep Africa stable, you bluepilled fucking retard.

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fuck off pajeet

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smart person detected

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i wanted to buy more , but now we cant even have a correction . people please sell !! $5-7 end of this bull market !!!

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You're emotionally entitled here anon
Like a woman
I wouldn't take any financial advice from a woman
Would you anon?

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Emotionally entitled? You seem like a retard to be honest. Just admit that you're wrong and move on.

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this guy sold at a loss :')

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What part on my statement is wrong anon?

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I've never held ADA but my portfolio is down 10k

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The idiots still do not see the Forrest for the trees.

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Not too late, come live with in space.

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I feel you man

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BASED Charles.
The estrochad is the new definition of #BASED
You vill drink ze zoylent

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Smart /biz/ resident. Keep posting more based insights, anon.

Stupid /pol/ user. Go back to your hole, nigger.