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I’m a measly 3K FTM holder and I’m feeling great

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Waiting to buy 23k FTM on the next dip

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>tfw only 300 FTM

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0.6 EOD hopefully

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what do you mean the NEXT dip retard? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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1M fanties here and still holding strong.

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Where buy smaller bag with no crazy fees ?

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1.2m here
paying all my bills with my staking rewards alone, i can even restack more each day
also ps5 just arrived through mail, life is good

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The only stack I feel good about bros. How do I resdistribute? All into ftm or do I try my luck with some of these other shitcoins?

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1.6k here. it feels so good and so bad at the same time

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fellow peasant reporting in

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Keep it the way it is, although if you wanted to put half of your GRT stack into something like CAKE or AVAX on this dip (which are sure to bounce back quickly) that might be smart

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Lowend clergy reporting in.

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Only 130k FTM here, i will never make it.

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Why the new ranks? I felt like I cheated

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Baron needs to go to 250k and duke start at 250k

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Shut up shut up shut the fuck up! I go away from the screen for 30 minutes because my gf just HAD to get her cunt stuffed and BTC stops shitting the bed! I wanted to accoomulate, not to coom!

Fucking succubi women are the kikes of genders.

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I only have 15k FTM

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Adjusted expectations (they are much higher now)

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Is clergy enough to make it now? I only need about $400k to be free.

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EOY estimate ranges from a very conservative $2-5 to an optimistic $10-15

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1.2k FTM here, feels cozy because it was 30$ few months ago

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Thanks for holding my portfolio up Female to Male coin.

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I kinda wish it fell, this is the only part of my portfolio I could accumulate a decent amount of anymore and instead it held like a fucking rock while everything else tanked. It's also the only thing keeping my overall performance not looking like garbage, however.

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10k and comfy, I did reach my stack that I am happy with (bought @0,2; @0,25 and @0,31)

we are still early, and I am also happy for those that hold for months or years before pump, crazy autists desu

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You had 2 years.

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im thinking of killing myself because i have a 40k stack. this is the only coin i bought if i was just a few months early id literally have more money then i ever thought possible

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whats a comfy stack ?
also any prediction for this year ?
cant decide if i want to dump some money into fantom or rubic

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Well the bridge and coinbase still has to come so we can be in the dollar range fairly quickly.

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my dick is hard

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How can I leverage this man’s hard dick to make more fanties?

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>Shut up shut up shut the fuck up! I go away from the screen for 30 minutes because my gf just HAD to get her cunt stuffed and BTC stops shitting the bed! I wanted to accoomulate, not to coom!

I know this feel

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how high will this go? I don't plan on withdrawing when it reaches $10

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why didnt i go all in fantom. stocks are so fucking annoying i just lost weeks of gains in 2 days. if i put even half of that in fantom id be rich already


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1600 ftm holder here too, bought @0.027, @0.08, @0.37
Never feel bad about your stack. Feel good because you even have stack and wont miss the opportunity like 99% of the people on planet
>15,808 fantom holders, Etherscan.
5.000$ is nice when it moons, for others its just an investment. Things come and go, you have now 50% to start playing with in new game and leave 50% in ftm for the future.

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I went literally 100% all in two days ago. Best choice I ever made. Dip today was a little bit spooky but I didn’t even come close to selling. It’s now up a fuckton while everything else is bleeding.

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I bought in early 2019. I remember taking this screenshot when it was at its lowest. Told everyone to buy more. It was hard to get a ftm thread going. Always archived after 20 replies and a shizo fudder spammed each and every ftm thread.
Heres your next lowcap gem: Fusion (FSN), andre is part of it and they're very close with Fantom. Dont miss the next 900x

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How much gain you are gonna make.

$MCM aka mochimo


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Ah fuck forgot the screenshot

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are you gonna act like a retard and go to every thread spamming your shit pajeet coin?

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the fud prevented me from buying more but at least I had my 30k locked in staking so I didn't sell

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FSN or ANY are good picks for the Andre Cronje association. Also DJ Quan, the man behind DCRM is another autist (who I think co-wrote some white papers with AC?)

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Ah fuck wrong screenshot

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>tfw only 700k
could i still make it? fuckk i should have gone for the million back when everyone was accumulating for under a cent

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Suck it in exchange for fanties.

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where's FSN?

>> No.29478199

>only 700k
Stop bragging retard.

>> No.29478445

>Fusion (FSN)
Their website is down and looks like another inter-blockchain platform.

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Sweet summer child.. bull run is canceled

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wales are accumulating FSN, go to Coingecko and check the trading volume. they are smart at it. they are keeping the price as low as possible so noone can notice.

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i have 30k and it feels like fucking nothing

i said the same thing about 200k months ago

>> No.29480161

Google Dejun Qian in relation to Bitse and Vechain. Then stay far away from FSN anon. Scam artist.

>> No.29480581

I missed out on .35 because I had .33 stuck in my head....thought it could easily drop those .02...fml

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