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Are the best projects always this goddamn turbulent?

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I have a turbulent love-hate relationship with this lithuanian scam coin.

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We dumped literally straight back into 1.15 crab territory.
It's not a fucking coincidence. Anatoly is using his time traveling for evil and caused the market crash

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eggman shill and i buy
simple as

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>current price below my avg cost
Thanks for the discounted PRQ!

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The team fucked up. We had 4 very bullish weeks for alts and they didn't do shit with it. Now they come with hype and news when it's too late. Even if binance drops now we wont go over 2$ again.
Good job fuckfaces

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>t. crypto market expert

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What does L337 whale think?

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thats his name now? kek

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That's some solid TA right there
Everyone might as well sell at this point, he's right

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Did you know?

Over 100 applications are using the Pallet SSVM to build scalable applications on the #Polkadot multi-chain

▶ #ParaState’s Pallet SSVM is a leading implementation of Ethereum flavored WebAssembly (Ewasm)


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this is just a correction mate, give it a few days and everything will have settled down

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I can't believe something this volatile passes for a stablecoin.

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We're going back up bro's! Wagmi!

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Its not the best anything, its pretty irrelevant. Relevant is LINK, HBAR , ETH and BTC (because that's future fintech and its indexes) irrelevant is pretty much everything else.

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checked with hope

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It was fun, see you all next cycle

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we ain’t out of the woods yet, i expect this whole week will be quite turbulent

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i'm going to go bald just like that coin metro fag by holding this piece of shit

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It's going up though?

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Anon, literally everything dumped substantially overnight and we're back to 1.3 in a matter of minutes.
1.4+ support with the news should put us back way into the green!

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finally above 10k parsnips, made some bad decisions during the market dip but discounted prq almost makes up for it

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Compare the volume on the dump vs the pump.

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Oh for sure, everyone is terrified right now.
But it's a good sign to me, personally. It means there's still a lot of support.

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im guessing there is a lot of other cuckmetro users here, what do we think of DNA? seeing as volume is so low im thinking of going in hard, what about you guys?

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kev wouldn't list it, if it wasn't a good buy.
Trust in kev but also do your own research, i think if they get the marketing right it will be huge, but if they dont...

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I'm accumulating it soon.
Don't forget to buy the bond (it's literally just free money).

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I trust moneyforehead, but i'm not sure i see it going anywhere for a while
might grab a bag sometime in the bear market

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yeah i got the same feeling, hoping they get the AMA with david and kev going soon so i can listen to them talk about it, vision etc.
bought 10 of them for the free 500 DNA kek
its a very low market cap at 6-7mil rn

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>its a very low market cap at 6-7mil rn
Apparently there are only 50m in circulation which would put the mcap at €4,221,500

I'll also get 10 bonds before march, literally free money

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is there any way to know actual supply?

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max supply is this - 70m

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max supply is this, 70,938,084

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Already in with a comfy 50k stack

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so market cap is roughly 7.1mil$ now?
im gonna get a 50001 stack later just to mog you.

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>so market cap is roughly 7.1mil$ now?
fully diluted, ye

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CoinMetro reports something like a 32mil mcap though. So I don't know.
Exactly what you should be doing. You can dump the bonds whenever. Although who knows, maybe they'll end up valuable one day too.

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>CoinMetro reports something like a 32mil mcap though. So I don't know.
they were made aware of it, didnt fix it yet, cunts

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Why is this terrible logo so popular?

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because it made us rich

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I actually agree about the logo when on the blue background, I put off looking into Parsiq for a while because I thought the logo looked "cheap".
Don't know why I do that

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In a space where fucking food coins exist? And where large projects like AAVE have cute little ghosts? UniSwap Unicorn? I don't necessarily dislike them but they're objectively unprofessional and goofy.

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seems kinda dumb to not get some now then, seeing as volume is so small.
>dump the bonds
we´ll see, maybe i´ll just keep them as a souvenir or something

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This logo triggers me to get more ARPA

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fellow metrocucks be honest, did you really?

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Have about 100k stack

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i bought more

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nice, on both accounts. couldnt buy more myself since i dont have any liquid funds rn.
you have some right?

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>you have some right?
a bit

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is that your portfolio?

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yeah why, it's an old pic :)

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nice gains on your xcm is all.

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This shit will come back, it dropped hard, but 15% in 24h Is not the end of the world. All in all, without memeing the project Is too good to tank. Check inj also, that fucker Is in the Green somehow.

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Wtfz the logo is literal swastika. How could you not ape in right in August when it was shilled here for the first time.

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also on friday during the ama livestream with kev can one of you guys ask him about when DNA ama with david? dont have a youtube acc myself, and i know you are probably lurking here chuck sneed so after you are done flexing on eggman with your 7 trillion xcm stack could you ask him?

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>dont have a youtube acc
anon.. what? you have a google acc, right?

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$1.30, just like it's supposed to be.
I was getting nervous, with the whole pump and all, but I can now finally feel comfortable with my parsnips again.

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i do, i lied about not having a youtube account. it has my name on it though so im a bit shy to use it.

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fill me in on free DNA gibs?

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Just change your YouTube name idiot

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How long until an announcement frens?
Anatoly is blue balling us

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but i like my name...

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>i do, i lied about not having a youtube account.
here if you want you can change it https://myaccount.google.com/personal-info

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So stop being a faggot

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Yea didn't that opne whale accumulating yesterday say 6 hours?
When binance sirs?
Or are they waiting for the market to go parabolic again?

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Thats besides the point. The Parsiq team needs to stop with this fucking arrogance of "we do whatever the fuck we want because we are such superior tech hehehehehehehe" and completely neglect market conditions.
People held PRQ strongly for a month while literally every single fucking shitcoin was doing a 3-5x left and right. Watch them drop news now in the bearish market conditions possible, because "we drop news when its ready we dont care about the price hahahahahhaha".
Fuck the Parsiq team they need to show some fucking appreciation for the token holders. They were the reason they were able to start this project after all. This is the worst team I ever seen in crypto in terms of being able to play the crypto market properly.
If they wanted to focus on tech and tech only they shouldve just fucking started their project without a token. Oh wait they couldnt because they didnt have the funds.
Again, fuck the Parsiq team, they're a bunch of incompetent fucks, who made their investors miss out on the easiest gains of their lives.

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I'm sorry guys but the dip is my fault, I bought some yesterday.

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Comfiest hold in Crypto right now

Don't expect an overnight parabolic moon but if you want to buy something, forget about it for a few months, and at least 3x-5x it's a good pick.

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do you know something we dont?

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shut the fuck up you seething idiot. it's not their fault or our fault you didn't buy before 2021.

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I get you, but they can't announce something if it isn't ready

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dont fear the correction. it was necessary. at march we start with a healthy level. my prq are diamond balls.
but i feel the pain with u all. my uft pumped 180% yesterday night and now they are only 40% in +

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not changing it, worst case scenario ill have to ask money forehead myself.
yea im thinking that too, but i think it´ll go higher given time seen as its market cap is so extremely low.

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Either this is bait or written by a 16 year old.

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I bought my first PRQ at 6-7 eurocents on Coinmetro and have been all-in since 10-12c you dumb faggot. You are using irrelevant arguments instead of adressing the point.
We had complete radio-silence from the team during the 4 most bullish weeks for alts. No communication, no hype, no hints, nothing. They made their investors miss the boat, chances like this dont come by often in crypto. I have every right to be pissed off at them.

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I hate bitcoin so much

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they are just trying to paint a nice chart

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Read into the project. I almost exclusively invest in coins that have irl practical applications and there's a substantial usecase for DNA. Also, the fact that the founders are strongly pursuing genomic data from Africa is bullish as fuck if you know how valuable that is.

It's a weird coin to hold because to really understand it's value you have to know a bit of crypto and the genetics industry. Very comfy hold however.

I also think it has the potential to 10x and beyond but I like to give people conservative price estimates.

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>Only up 200x in six months :(((((

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im not saying "moon 2$ eoy!!!" either, this coin could take 6 months or 3 years. it all depends on adoption but i think it will get there give time.

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I'd agree about DNA except the creator is a gigantic flaming faggot with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Doesn't seem like someone that can turn DNA into something huge. Turned me off the project completely.

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>investing in projects by trusting your "gut feeling" and "emotions"


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I bought into the IEO based on gut feeling and emotion.

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can smell u curry shilling for u dna shit coin.

>> No.29481060

>researching projects instead of just trusting your gut and aping in

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DNA is a worthless shitcoin but there is a case to be made for abusing the bonus you get for buying one hundred euros worth.

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sho sho newfren, every cm coin thread is a place to discuss all the other cm coins

who wants to redpill me on vxv kek

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he is jewish, what did you expect? doesnt mean the project is any worse just becuase he hates zion don, and no i do not like kikes myself either but it wont get in the way of money right now.
dra åt helvete jävla råtta, bara vita människor här som snackar om DNA förutom ett fåtal men det är med oss i själen.

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I have done zero research but since it is listed on Coinmetro It could do well in the future. You should get a job flipping burgers and put all your money into it while it's cheap.

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stop telling me to flip burgers

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fuck this thread is a pajeet trap for all prq holder to convert us to buying some dna pajeet coin.
this animals getting smarter.

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Nice stuff on pic related

didn't read

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the team

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If you didn't buy PRQ because you are part of the Coinmetro cult you bought too high for your opinion to be worth listening to.

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Two more weeks bro

>> No.29482019

also ceo was late like 2h to ama with kev, I expect that from me, but not from a project I would invest into

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lmao staying well away from this

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Nigger barely anyone bought below 3 cents and held. Only 12 people have +500k

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is this really biz? took a hiatus so seems i missed a lot of quality discussion even though a lot of it was shitting on it.
i wonder what eggman thinks of it since he listed it/keeps it listed.

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i bought prq last summer at 0,15$. my bag is deep. but i dont wanna read shillings for others coins on this prq chad thread

>> No.29482586

Kek, are you gonna cry ?

>> No.29482605

dude sami hassan and roshawn terrell are the samde guy. they even did a black/white pic to hide this fact.
literally scam

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>i wonder what eggman thinks of it since he listed it/keeps it listed.

lucky we have the exact answer to that question

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What a dumb comment to make when you yourself are affected aswell lmao.

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Shill me HBAR.

>> No.29482668

People just asked about a new listing and I provided info. Don't be a spastic.

>> No.29482810

>Shill me HBAR.
this guy is a faggot but i think he has a point with it being shit https://youtu.be/hIyL3d68Cg0?t=1025

>> No.29482901

look at the crabbing LINK did from basically july 2019 - jan 2020. We hit a new ATH yesterday and the entire market is dumping today. once people are done freaking out about BTC dumping we'll pump again.

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Reading is for nerds anyways

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yeah, just need to be patient
bit frustrating though

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hearing between the lines he is basically saying
"i did not want to list this but other people, or rather important clients and a large part of the userbase wanted us to list it so i did. shitty investment though"

>> No.29483547

bingo... but it did do 200% not short after listing. haha

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I am not because I am not a whining degenerate gambling faggot that couldn't make x5 within 3 weeks. Go buy fucking cake or some food shit.

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just doubled down

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what about enjin? how long have they been listed at cm?

>> No.29483998

BASED im tempted to go all in
got a big stack of XMR i haven't touched, love the technology, but it's a shite thing to hold in a bull market

>> No.29484173

not sure, they have been listed for quite some time, personally I don't like gaming related crypto, some might say they are a decade too early.
but some anons here have good things to say about ENJ, but every time i ask questions I don't really get far
300m mcap so basically no reason to even look at it while prq/xcm exist

>> No.29484377

>Go buy fucking cake
I wish. It did 20x in 30 days. Wouldve unironically been a better investment than PRQ.

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Mike Muldoon